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The top bar


Exit the program

Empty doc

Clear the drawing, warning if unsaved work

Open folder

Open a saved model or a sub-assembly


Save a complete model to a file on (hard)disk, or save selected

blocks to a file (useful for sub-assemblies).


Select a part of the current view and save as a .BMP or .JPG file


Print a screen dump (simplistic)


Settings menu

Rounded arrows

Rotate the view


Studs on/off. Redraw is faster when studs are off.

Wire frame

Wire frame on/off. Naturally, redraw is faster with no surface



See through base plate (from bottom). You can look into a model
from the bottom side.

Magnifying glasses

Zoom in/out


Redraw the screen. Might be necessary after playing with the Zlevel cut off.


Cancel insert mode


Transparent blocks


Studded/Flat blocks


Choose any color

Question mark

About BlockCAD - here You can find my address, and who has
helped me make BlockCAD better

The bottom bar

Brick from above

View from top. Does not affect the other angle.

Thin arrows

Select predefined view

Brick from front

View from front. Does not affect the other angle.

Restore view. The current view is saved together with the model
in a file, and can always be restored.

Combobox with

Select the positioning increment. Normal means full studs, Half

means half a stud, and Fine means 1/24 stud.

Scroll bar

Z-level cut off. Using this you can 'build' the model, by showing
(or hiding) one level at a time. Also useful when you need to fix
something after the model is done.

Base plate dimensions

Enter zero to eliminate the base plate. Click in the 'Thick'

checkbox to make effective.

Thick/thin brick

Choose thick or thin base plate

The side bar

Colored squares

Left click to choose color for new blocks (Or for repainting
already inserted blocks), right click to select background color.


Flip the pages with building blocks

Combo box with page


Quick selection of piece selection page


Left click to select, right click to bring up the page/block edit


Mouse commands - note: Ver. 1.5 switched the meaning of the first two!
Shift Left click

Select a block in the model for moving it. Be careful - when Safe
Mode is active (Default), the clicked block is immediately placed
on top of every other block at the same XY coordinates.
Normally you should only select blocks in the uppermost layer.

Left Click

Select a block (or the whole group a block belongs to) without
moving it. Another Left Click deselects the block/group again.
More than one block/group can be selected.

Ctrl Left Click

Select/unselect only the block pointed at, regardless of any


Ctrl Shift Left Click

Cut loose all the selected blocks. You can now move them all and
place somewhere else.

Alt Shift Left Click

Copy all the selected blocks. You can now place as many copies
of them as you like.

Right click

If you are currently placing a block: Turn the block or subassembly.

If you are not placing a block: Change the color of the block

pointed at.
Control-Right click

Turn the indicated block 90 degrees.

Shift-Right drag

Rotate the model. Same as fat blue arrows on top.

Alt-Right click

Toggle the studs on the indicated block.

Keyboard commands

Delete all selected blocks (if any) if no current block, else delete
the current block.


Delete the current block (if any). Same as clicking the Pointer


Deselect all selected blocks.

Arrow keys

Move the current block one block increment in X or Y.

Shift-Arrow keys

Move the current block one stud increment in X or Y.

Insert key

Turn the current block 90 degrees.

Page up/down

Move the current block one block increment in Z (only when

Safe Mode is off).

Shift-Page up/down

Move the current block one stud increment in Z (only when Safe
Mode is off).


Place a block. Same as Left click.

F1 - F10

Corresponds to the View buttons in the bottom bar.