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A Bibliography of Ottoman Archaeology in Israel

and the Rest of the Eastern Mediterranean

Uzi Baram
New College of Florida
August 2014
After completion of my 1996 dissertation employing historical archaeology for an archaeology of the
Ottoman Empire, I kept up a list of publications intersecting with Ottoman archaeology. Over the nearly
twenty years, the field was expanded greatly and the scholarly literature has been organized but this listing
might prove useful for some. The references are to archaeological publications or publications strongly
related to anthropological material culture/settlement pattern studies. This list is focused on the Englishlanguage publications.
If this list proves useful for your research, I will appreciate acknowledgement.
Textbooks that include Ottoman Archaeology, by date
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Publications on Ottoman Archaeology for Israel, by author
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Ottoman Palestine. Near Eastern Archaeology 70(1):43-50. Includes a plea for historic
preservation and a short memoir from the grandson of the last lord of Deir Ghassaneh, and
focused on Kur, near between Nablus and Netanya.
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the Russian Compound!
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