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Nation united to
fight against
Rajnath Singh



he State

Number of SC
5 students for
study abroad

Curtains for
Zaheer, Yuvraj 10
Singh, Gambhir,

Published simultaneously from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Prepare new
policy to make
profit oriented:

Govt asks financial

institutions to
invest in infra 8

Vol-03. Issue-11. Bhopal. Monday Page-12 Price-5/Online edition available at wethestate.com and wethestate.blogspot.in

Cops nab 23-yearold waiter who

threatened to kill
Madhuri and her


POSTAL REGD. MP/BHOPAL/4-323/2013-15

Modi sends a powerful message

will travel to India in January 2015 to

New Delhi





participate in the Indian Republic


Day celebration in New Delhi as the


Chief Guest, a statement by the

Republic Day celebrations, Prime

White House read minutes after the

Minister Narendra Modi sends a pow-

Modi tweet. With this visit, Obama

erful message. The Modi government

will become the only U.S. president to

is re-shaping Indian foreign policy in

visit India twice during his term in

some fundamental ways. A self-

office. Modis move is remarkable for

assured Modi and his team have

many reasons. On the surface, an

given up the defensiveness of the

invite for the U.S. President is not

past. India is now confidently engag-

really significant. After all, the U.S. is

ing with all major powers to secure

now one of the closest partners of

the best possible outcomes for itself.

India. Both nations have common

Modi has once again demonstrated

interests in many fields including the

why he remains one of the most inter-

economy, defense, regional security,

esting politicians in the country. By

and geopolitics. Yet the Congress led-

inviting Obama, he has stumped his

UPA government didnt acknowledge





even his


States first Haj House

nearing completion

this openly. The previous government

not only put the ties with the U.S. on
the backburner but deliberate efforts
were made to scuttle forward movement on issues which were clearly in
Indias interest. And now Modi in just
a few months has brought about a
paradigm shift in the relationship
despite having being denied a visa by
the U.S. in the past.
The prime minister decided to
take U.S.-India ties a notch higher
by inviting Obama to the 2015
Republic Day celebrations an
invite that is usually viewed as
a celebration of Indias close


This will be the first time a

U.S. leader will grace
Indias Republic Day celebrations as a chief
guest. How ironic when

How we look it !

one realizes that China and Pakistan

supporters. Last week, he informed

have been part of these celebrations

the nation of his decision in a tweet,

in the past but not the oldest democ-

This Republic Day, we hope to have a

racy in the world. The Congress Party


would never have been able to accom-




Obama to be the 1st US president to

plish such a feat.

grace the occasion as chief guest. The

The Opposition leaders must be

White House was quick to accept the

scrambling at the diplomatic success-

invite, underscoring the importance

es of the prime minister. For years,

Washington attaches to restoring

the nation has been told that the only

dynamism in U.S.-India relations and

way Indian foreign policy establish-

the confidence it has in the ability of

ment can secure Indian interests is by

Modi to deliver. At the invitation of

working within the frame of non-

Prime Minister Modi, the President


Bhopal: Minorities Welfare Minister Antar Singh

Arya inspected ongoing construction works of states
first Haj House and expressed satisfaction over its
quality at Singarcholi here today. Arya said that quality of Haj Houses building should be exemplary.
Foundation stone of Haj House costing Rs. 6 crore 11
lakh 25 thousand on 2.10 acre land was laid by CM
Shivraj Singh Chauhan in April 2013. Arya directed to
complete its construction by March 2015. Secretary
and Executive Officer of State Haj Committee Dawood
Ahmad Khan informed about construction of Haj
House. Arya inspected the halls constructed to lodge
Hajis, luggage room etc. Praising the dormitory constructed for family members of Haj pilgrims, Arya said
that toilets should be constructed on the vacant land
outside the building. Due to this, maximum toilets
could be constructed for the convenience of Haj pilgrims relatives. Arya directed that floor should be
strong in view of luggage carried by Hajis.
Construction work of ground and first floors of Haj
House is complete and 60 percent work of second floor
has been completed. Haj pilgrims will embark on Haj2015 from this building. A grand prayer hall has also
been constructed in the building. Architects are
minutely supervising the building being constructed as
per Mughal architecture. A large luggage room has
been constructed where Haj pilgrims luggage will be
kept in cage as per flights.



(MP & CG)

Nation united to fight against

Naxalism: Rajnath Singh
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh
termed Naxalism a challenge to the
nation and vowed on Tuesday that his
Government would overcome it as the
nation is united in fight against the leftwing militancy. Singh was responding to
the massacre of 14 CRPF men by Naxals
in Chhattisgarh.
said Union Home
Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing
the media persons soon after paying rich
tributes to the martyred 14 security personnel who were killed in the dreaded
Naxal ambush at Sukma.
He reiterated that the Centre would
team up with State Governments to deal
with Naxalism and announced the next of
kin of each of the 14 CRPF jawans killed
by Naxals in Sukma district will be paid
Rs 38 lakh and every injured will get Rs
65,000. Singh said the martyrdom of
these brave-hearts will not go in vain and
the state will avenge their deaths with
vigour. "We've accepted the challenge and
will definitely win," he added. Rejecting
the idea of intelligence failure, the Union
Home Minister said it is not the moment
for allegations and counter-allegations
while adding that "Humans are to ear",
wherever there is human involvement,
chances of errors can't be ruled out.
We are working on a strategy to deal
with Naxals; soon it would start producing results, Singh told reporters in

Raipur. The Minister ducked a question

whether Army needs to be put in red zone
to eliminate Naxals. He spent the entire
day in Chhattisgarh to boost the morale of
paramilitary jawans and chaired a meeting at Raj Bhawan along with CM Raman
Singh to assess what went wrong in the
jungle of Sukma when Naxals opened
indiscriminate fire on a CRPF combing
team by using local men and women tribals as human shield. Sources said that
CRPF officers acknowledged that Naxals
surprised the paramilitary by using
human shield which was a planned move
to blunt a full-blown retaliation by
jawans. Centre and State focussed on
solving insurgency problem: NSAB The
members of National Security Advisory
Board (NSAB) said that both Central
Government are focused to solve the
Naxal problem in the State and both are
working relentlessly for maintaining law
and order while ensuring security and
The NSAB members praised the
development schemes executed for social
and economic betterment of people in
Dantewada and Bastar districts.They
invited suggestions and said that the
Naxal problem is definitely a big challenge for democracy of the country as well
for the democratic governance and both
Central and State Government are putting every effort to deal with the problem.

CTB to create Indias biggest Eco-tourism hub


measures, our aim is to take tourism in

The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board (CTB)

Chhattisgarh to millions of national and

has drawn up ambitious plans to develop

international tourists while grooming the

Indias biggest Eco-tourism hub in the


State. It has already received an Rs 113.5

arrivals.The minister further said, CTB

crores project prioritisation go ahead from

has already been conferred the National

the Union Ministry of Tourism to take its

Tourism Award 2012-13 for the publication

plans forward. The CTB, under the aegis of

of best tourism literature, which we seek to

the Chhattisgarh Government has created a

make a common achievement every year by

blue-print of future tourism plans that will

creating more tourism oriented schemes.

help establish Chhattisgarh as Indias

We aim to establish Chhattisgarh as the top

biggest Eco-Tourism hub. Based on the fact

tourist destination in the country, and we

that Chhattisgarh is blessed with 80% bio-

are confident that our forward looking

diversity and a mixture of natural abun-

measures will definitely help us achieve the

dance tops in natural tourism where three

same. Today, the immediate need is to pri-

national parks, 11 wildlife sanctuaries,

oritise schemes pertaining to the tourism

go-getting tourism development plans will

a never-seen-before magnitude. With our

more than 30 significant waterfalls, abun-

development and related activities accord-

help in developing the essential eco-tourism

future venture, we seek to see greater par-

dant caves and untouched natural topogra-

ing to the Union Governments National

in the area, and will enable Chhattisgarh

ticipation of the local community that will

phy, the CTB seeks to promote tourism in

Tourism Plan. A major focus of the prioriti-

build up as Indias biggest eco-tourism hub,

be the most focused tool to counter

zation stands in the promotion of the rich &

one with probably the biggest potential in


its ambitious future plans. State Minister

diverse tribal culture, unexplored tourism

South-East Asia, he said. Santosh Misra,

through organised and responsible deci-

for Culture and Tourism, Ajay Chandrakar,

circuits and development of local-tourism

Managing Director, CTB said, Our aim is

sions, our aim is to empower the region and

remarked: Chhattisgarh is a vibrant state

collaboration, with which major milestones

to develop Chhattisgarh as Indias biggest

showcase it in a positive light to the world.

which now looks forward towards develop-

like job creation in tribal sectors and

eco-tourism hub. Thus enhanced tourism by

Our focus will be to increase the tourist

ing Tourism as one of its richest assets.

improved status of living can be achieved,

ways of earmarked tourism plans will

footfall from the 1.5 million in 2012 to near-

Based on quality plans and forward looking

Chandrakar said. Once implemented, the

enable us to develop tourism in the state in

ly 3 million by 2015, he said.

the State at an international level through










6 percent plots to be reserved

for poor by colonisers in Gram
Panchayat areas bordering cities
A state cabinet meeting
chaired by CM Shivraj Singh
Chouhan here has decided
that colonisers will have to
reserve for the poor and weaker sections 6 percent of total
built-up area in saleable residential area in villages under
Gram Panchayats near city
limits. In case of dwelling
units also, 6 percent of total
built-up area will be reserved
on mandatory basis. As a
result of this, families of these
classes will get systematic
houses at low cost. In case
coloniser does not reserve
plots/houses for economically
group, he will have to deposit
shelter fee to concerning Zila
amount, houses will be built
for rural houseless people of
EWS/LIG category. Besides,

the coloniser will also have to

deposit shelter fee for outer
development of colony including roads, water disposal and
sewage systems maintenance.
Coloniser will have to deposit
Rs. 50 thousand as registration fee for construction of
colony in Gram Panchayats.
Earlier, this fee was Rs. 5000.
For development of colony,
building permission fee has
been enhanced to Rs. 10 thou-

sand per hectare. Relief

against damage to houses
enhanced The cabinet has
enhanced relief against damage to houses. Accordingly, in
the districts under Integrated
Action Plan (IAP), compensation
enhanced from Rs. 70 thousand to Rs. 75 thousand if a
house is completely damaged.
According to Union Home
Ministrys Naxal Management

Division, Balaghat, Anuppur,

Chhindwara and Singrauli
districts of the state are
included in IAP category. In
case a house is seriously damaged (damage over 50 percent),
the compensation amount has
been enhanced from Rs. 6,300
to Rs. 12 thousand 600 on
pucca house and from Rs.
3,200 to Rs. 3,800 on kuchcha
house. In case of partially
damaged houses (damage
between 15 and 50 percent),
the maximum relief amount
has been enhanced from Rs.
2,500 to Rs. 3,800 on pucca
house (except shanty) and Rs.
1900 to Rs. 2300 on kuchcha
against damage to animal
enclosure adjoining house has
been enhanced from Rs. 1250
to Rs. 1500.

No death caused due to Pentavalent in state: PS

Bhopal: No death has been caused in

administered thrice to save children from

the state due to Pentavalent vaccine

5 diseases. It is used in most of the coun-

which save lives of children. It has come to

tries in the world. MP is among 14 states

the fore in the investigation into deaths of

where National Vaccination Programme

2 children last month in 2 district

has yielded good results. Since the state

Chhindwara and Ujjain that the vaccine

has implemented mother-child tracking

was not cause of deaths as alleged. This

system, every newly born child is regis-

was informed by Principal Secretary

tered and administered vaccines from

(MP & CG)

stage dharna
in Delhi

Hundreds of Christians from MP recently
staged a dharna at Jantar Mantar in New
Delhi to protest against state government's
approach towards attacks on Christians in the
state. President of Sarv Isai Mahasabha, Jerry
Paul said in the incidents that have happened
in MP where Christians were attacked and
their churches vandalized, police took no
action. Rather they jailed the victims of attacks
on instance of BJP and its affiliates like
Bajrang Dal. Some Christian clerics have also
been sent to jail. BJP government in MP has
not been able to check the right wing activists
in the state, said Paul. "A church was set on fire







September 26. Police filed case against

unknown people and no arrest has been made
so far," said Paul.
Citing another incident, Paul said that a
family from Mizoram, settled in Khargone district, was sent to jail on charges of religion conversion. Ten people, including two women, were
sent to jail under pressure from VHP. A family
in Bilkhiria locality in state capital was beaten
black and blue by the Bajrang Dal activists,
when they were distributing clothes to the poor.
Police, without hearing them, sent them to jail
while the offenders are roaming scot-free. A
similar incident happened at Holy Cross





Health Praveer Krishna here today. From

1205 cold chains where vaccines are stored

time to time. About 15 thousand health

vaccine storage point of view, Jabalpur,

as per prescribed norms. The PS was

thrashed and clerics manhandled, said Paul.

workers have been trained to administer

Former minister Oscar Fernandez also reached

Gwalior and Morena have been considered

addressing a media workshop on regular

Pentavalent vaccine. They were imparted

and participated in the dharna. Members of

as the best at both state and national

vaccination programme here today. He

one-month training with the cooperation

Isai Mahasabha submitted a memorandum to

level. The state has 957 vaccinators and

informed that Pentavalent vaccine is

of World Health Organisation.

the President and the Prime Minister.

Jan-Dhan Yojana bank accounts to be linked with

Aadhar; MP first state to achieve cent percent target
CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan
has said that excellent work has

their bank accounts. Accounts

address people in this regard


under the scheme will be linked

through Akashwani. Lauding

Bank Mitras appointed

with Aadhar.

significant contribution of all col-

under the scheme. He

lectors and bankers,



In a video-conferencing here,

Jan-Dhan Yojana, which is useful

Chauhan directed commissioners

said that collectors and bankers

accounts of BPL fami-

for common people. Target pre-

and collectors that new accounts

with excellent performance will

lies under the scheme

scribed under the scheme has



soon be felicitated at a state level

should also be linked

been achieved in state 2 months



function. Chauhan directed col-

with Aadhar. Rs. 100

ahead of deadline.


Yojana for those who have bank

lectors to ensure financial inclu-

directed all district collectors to

accounts already. Benefit of the

sion work pertaining to accounts

provide direct benefit to account

scheme will be given on their


holders under the scheme by






been done under Pradhan Mantri





each will be deposited

these families. RuPay Card of the

in these bank accounts


beneficiary must be made within

on being linked with Aadhar

existing accounts. He directed for

Dhan Yojana. All accounts should

45 days to help them avail bene-

before January 31. Central gov-

depositing amounts of MNREGA,

a campaign to apprise people


fit of insurance. The CM directed


pension, scholarships etc. in

about the scheme. He will also

Passbooks and RuPay Cards to

that basic material and training

amounts in these accounts.










(MP & CG)

Hundreds participate in
self-employment fair in Bastar
Bastar (Cgarh)
Bastar (Cgarh) Around 70 youths
applied for self-employment schemes while
hundreds of them participated in the selfemployment





Panchayat, Narayanpur here in Bastar

division. The curious youths took stock of
different self-employment schemes offered






Narayanpur Zila Panchayat, Chandrakant

Kaushik advised the youths to become economically self-reliant and provide employment to others also. He said that youths
should start small enterprises and earn
their living.
At local level, the youths can start
small enterprise like preparing dona-pattal ( plates made of leaves), honey production, incense stick production, broom production, brick production, etc. to earn
income. General Manager of District
Industries Center, Executive Engineer of
Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board
(CSEB) and officers of State Co-operative
Development Corporation, Chhattisgarh

the officers also explained them about dif-


ferent self-employment training programs

themselves for self-employment schemes.

Business Plan, Tractortrolley Scheme,

operated under the National Livelihood

dures, etc. GM (District Industry Center)

The representatives of different banks

Goods Career Scheme, Passenger vehicle

Mission like sewing, pisciculture, basic

Ranga explained in detail about small and

informed them about necessary formalities

Scheme, Diesel Autorickshaw scheme and

tractor servicing , bamboo craft, two-wheel-

medium scale industries which can be

and documents to be attached with the

Women Empowerment plans besides indi-

er and four-wheeler repair , basic electrical

established according to local needs. He

application form besides banking process.

vidualized schemes Mahila Swarnima

training , basic welding training, cycle and

informed the visitors about loan, grants

The youths were apprised of different

Scheme, and term loan. Apart from these,

Tricycle repair , Computer training, etc.

Handicraft Board, banks and others

and other facilities. Youths not only keenly


explained the visitors about loan, grants,

listened to the advice but also registered


self-employment training, banking proce-





Field staff imparted

training on better
farming system
Collector SK Sharma said that

and it saves labour and time

Kharif crops would be cultivated

also. He said that with the help

Field staff of the Agriculture

in 2.56 lakh hectares of the dis-

of marker machine, paddy culti-

Department was imparted infor-

trict. As the district has 92 per

vation could be done in a specif-

mation about better farming

cent irrigated area, agriculture


system right from sowing stage



informed about Power Weeder,

to harvesting of Kharif crops

asked the field staff to work

Rodavetar, Paddy Drum Seeder

and the species that provide

along with the farmers and give

machines also. Subject expert

maximum production by experts

them more information about


from Agriculture Science Centre

modern methods of cultivation.

informed about better system of













Deputy Director, LM Bhagat

paddy sowing and selection of

Friday here. As 96 per cent area

informed farmers about the

variety based on the variety of

of Janjgir-Champa is under


soil. He asked the farmers to

paddy cultivation, the field staff

schemes during the Kharif sea-


has been imparted training so



Aditya, Tulsi, Poornima vari-

that they could take the cutting

Sameer Shantaiah said that

eties in unirrigated areas and

edge technology of paddy culti-

mechanised farming has become


vation to the farmers of the dis-

the need of the hour. With farm

Masuri, Kasturi, Chandrahasini

trict. While inaugurating the

mechanization, the production

and mixed varieties in irrigated


increases to 10 to 15 per cent












(MP & CG)

Number of SC students for study abroad increased; guarantee

for power distribution companies; Upgradation of district roads

2250 posts created in School Education Department

The cabinet decided to increase number

of scheduled caste students for study

The cabinet sanctioned creation of 2250 posts in School Education Department. For

abroad from 10 to 50. It has also been decid-

50 high schools to be upgraded during year 2014-15, a total of 400 posts of school prin-

ed to extend their income limit from Rs. 5

cipals, contractual school teacher grade-1, contractual school teacher grade-3, contrac-

lakh to Rs. 6 lakh per annum. Tuition fee,

tual assistant grade-3, entry operator and school manager have been sanctioned and

maintenance allowance and contingency

posts of principal, contractual school teacher grade-1, have been sanctioned for con-

allowance rate under foreign study scheme

tractual school teacher grade-3, contractual assistant grade-3, entry operator and

have also been enhanced. New courses have

accountant have been sanctioned for 100 higher secondary schools.

also been included for studies. Guarantee

Increase in seats

for power distribution companies The cabinet decided to give guarantee of Rs. 1050

The cabinet gave administrative and financial sanction to increase 550 seats in 25

crore short/medium term loans from Power

pre-matric hostels of Tribal Welfare Department below 50 seats where seats could not

Finance Corporation/Rural Electrification

be increased during year 2014-15. According to a decision of Project Examination

Corporation, New Delhi for all three power

Committee, sanction was granted to create posts of 25 contractual class IV employees.

distribution companies in the state for

Recurring expenditure of Rs. 72.54 lakh and non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 38.50

arranging working capital. This amount is

Rs. 350 crore for each company. It was

Development Bank. The cabinet gave

decided to give guarantee on Rs. 100 crore

administrative sanction of Rs. 2157.37


crore for this. Projects total cost is 500 mil-







Generating Company for arrangement of

working capital from Power Finance

lion US dollars, of which Asian

Development Bank will give loan of Rs.


350 million dollars. Burden of remaining

Corporation/Financial institutions. The

150 million dollars will be borne by the

power distribution companies and Power

state government. Under the project, rural

Generating Company will pay guarantee

populace will get smooth roads linking dis-

fee of 0.5 percent to the state government

trict headquarters with places of tourism

against loan guarantee. Upgradation of dis-

and religious importance. This will also cre-

trict roads The cabinet decided to assign to

ate employment opportunities. On the basis

MP Road Development Corporation the

of connectivity and in view of present and

work of upgrading 41 roads measuring

future traffic, 830.603 km out of 1149.836

1149.836 kilometers in the second phase of

km long roads are proposed to be converted

MP District Connectivity Sector Project for

to intermediate lane and 319.283 km long

main district roads funded by Asian

roads to double lane.

lakh are estimated to be incurred on this.

Posts for Vidhan Sabha

The cabinet sanctioned filling up of 7 regular posts of computer operators and 25 of
date entry operators through outsourcing for carrying out office works following computerization of all sections of Vidhan Sabha as well as for sending and receiving online
questions to Vidhan Sabha Secretariat.

The cabinet decided to upgrade 32 posts of district public
prosecution officer and 32 posts of assistant district public
prosecution officer and created 50 posts of additional district public
prosecution officer, 32 assistant grade-3 and 25 posts of peon.
The cabinet decided to give one-time relaxation of 2 years in
provisioned 5 years for qualifying test for promotion from assistant labour officer to
labour officer.

Chalk out strategy to renovate old power

plants and reduce generation cost
CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan
has directed to chalk out a longterm strategy to renovate old
power plants and reduce per unit
power generation cost. The CM
was reviewing activities of
Energy Department here recently. Chief Secretary Anthony de
Sa was also present on the occasion. Chouhan reviewed power
supply situation, revenue recovery and progress of feeder separation work. He directed to
ensure 10-hour power supply
Dysfunctional transformers must
be replaced and remaining work
of feeder separation should be
completed within time-limit.
Power companies should provide
better facilities and conduct of
staff with consumers should be
decent. He said that efforts
should be made to ensure quali-

tative improvement in supply

and recovery. Condition of power
bill no-dues must be made
mandatory for issuance and
renewal of arms licences. It was
informed that 200 million units
of power are being supplied at
present. Short-term power was
not purchased in the state even
for a single day.
The current power supply is
the highest in the history of MP.
Power is being supplied 24X7 in
villages, cities and industries.
Feeder separations 70 percent
work has been completed including 94 percent in Western region
and 80 percent in Eastern region.
Central region is lagging. Now,
feeder separation work in this
region has also gained momentum. Recovery of electricity dues
has increased by 7.6 percent during last 2 months. Preparations
have been made to supply 10

thousand 370 MW power during

December. Power companies revenue has increased by 23.6 percent till November this year.

Three committees have been constituted for chalking out strategy

for power sector reforms which
will recommend about qualita-

tive improvement in metering,

billing and collection, reduce distribution losses and power purchase cost.


10-12-2014- Wednesday -Paush Mah
Positive directions -North and West
Bad time
12:19 pm to 1:40 pm
Good time
6:57 am to 9:38 am
and 10:54 am to 12:18 pm an 3:00 pm to
5:41 pm
11-12-2014-Thursday-Paush Mah
Positive directions-North and West
Bad time
1:40 pm to 3:01 pm
Good time
6:58 am to 8:18 am
10:59 am to 1:40 pm and 4:21 pm to 5:20 pm
12-12-2014- Friday -Paush Mah
Positive direction-North and East
Bad Time
10:59 am to 12:20 pm
Good time
6:59 am to 10:58 am
and 12:21 pm to 1:41 pm and 4:22 pm to
13-12-2014- Saturday -Paush Mah
Positive directions-North and East
Bad time
9:40 am to 11:00 am
Good time
8:20 am to 9:39 am
and 12:21 pm to 4:22 pm


(MP & CG)

Amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act for relaxation

in norms for e-Rickshaws and e-Carts

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today gave its
approval for proposal to remove difficulties in granting license to the drivers of the erickshaws and e-carts by amending the Section 7 (1) of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, and
adding the definition of e-rickshaw and e-cart under the Act.

-Rickshaws and e-Carts provide affordable

and clean last mile connectivity in the transport system. The Ministry of Road Transport

and Highways has notified rules under the Motor

Vehicle Act, 1988, to bring the e-Rickshaws and eCarts within the legal framework ensuring tests for
approval of prototype for safety standards before registration of the vehicles. Such vehicles have been
allowed limited power and speed. Under the Motor
Vehicle Act, 1988, no person can be granted a
Learners License to drive a transport vehicle, unless
he has held the Driving License for a period of at least

14-12-2014- Sunday - Paush Mah

Positive directions - South and East
Bad time
4:22 pm and 5:43 pm
Good time
8:20 am to 12:21 pm
and 1:42 pm to 3:02 pm

one year. As most of the e-rickshaws and e-carts driv-

15-12-2014-Monday - Paush Mah

Positive direction-South and East
Bad time
8:21 am and 9:37 am
Good time
7:00 am to 8:20 am
and 9:38 am to 11:01 am and 1:42 pm
to 5:43 pm

posed to amend Section 7(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act,

16-12-2014- Tuesday - Paush Mah

Positive directions-South and East
Bad time
3:03 pm to 4:23 pm
Good time
9:42 am to 1:43 pm
E-Mail: acharya.sarvesh@yahoo.com
Mobile: 9826609192

Vastu tips for

renting/buying houses
Avoid purchasing flats
with cuts inNorth-east
or South-east
Drainage pipes should
have their way in
West, North or
Slope of balcony
should be towards the
East or North.
Check out the
North-east corner of
flat as this portion
must be converted into
worship room or left
Kitchen should be in
the South-east

ers do not have any license, the existing provision will

debar them from operating e-Rickshaw / e-Cart for
the next one year. In order to remove this difficulty,
and facilitate plying of e-rickshaw and e-carts, the
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has pro1988, which will give relaxation to e-rickshaw and ecart drivers only. In addition, the definition of e-rickshaw and e-cart has been included under the Motor
Vehicles Act, 1988.

(Editorial by Dilip Ojha)

Industry body CII to build

10,000 toilets in schools

aking a step forward to

initiate Prime Minister
Narendra Modis ambitious Swachh Bharat mission,
the Confederation of Indian
Industry (CII) has announced
that it will construct 10,000 toilets over the next one-and-ahalf years. Launching its
Mission: Sanitation of Schools
(SoS) in Delhi, the industry
body announced that states like
Bengal and Maharashtra will
be covered in the first phase and
the focus would be on constructing toilets in schools. The estimate per unit cost of construction of separate toilet block for
girls and boys will range from
Rs 25 lakh, depending on the
availability of water and sewerage. Based on the feedback
received and assessments on
ground, in the next six months
it will announce targets for the
second phase. CII has a direct
membership of over 7,200 public
and private sector companies,

and an indirect membership of

1,00,000 enterprises. Rakesh
Bharti Mittal, vice-chairman of
Bharti Enterprises and chairman of CII national council on
CSR said CII will work with
industry and government to
make Swachh Bharat a reality.
Sumit Mazumder, president

designate of CII and chairman

and managing director of TIL
limited said various awareness
programmes will sensitise people and school children in rural
areas, where still 66 percent of
the population defecates in the
open. And through these programmes toilets will be used not

just in schools but also

at homes. He said CII
will support enterprises in construction and
maintenance of toilets
and help them identify
where it needs to be
build. The CIIs task
force will work to promote and facilitate
industry participation
towards sanitation in
government schools. It
will also create a
mechanism of maintenance, periodic monitoring,
and reporting. The CII
Foundation will undertake construction of
toilets, create awareness on sanitation and create
mechanisms for maintenance. It
will also develop innovative
design and technology easily
adaptable to the local needs,
environmental friendly and
cost-effective models in areas
such as water management.

Madhya Pradsh


(MP & CG)

Pustakotsav competition to enhance

teachers interest in text-books
The state government has launched
Pustakotsav competition to enhance teachers interest in text-books and increase their
academic contribution. The competition will
continue till August next year. Teachers of
all primary and middle schools can take part
in it. The government has issued detailed
directives regarding it to all district collectors. Competition will be held at Sankul
level and assessment will be made at state
level. The competition will be based on the
subject-wise text-books taught in classes
from I to V and VI to VIII standards. For the
competition, teachers will have to go
through text-books of their group in accordance with school. Teachers of primary
schools will read all text-books of class I to V
and teachers of class VI to VIII will undertake subject-wise study of text-books of their
respective groups. Science and maths teachers will study text-books of science, English,
teachers of social science group text-books of
science and Hind and teachers of language
group will study concering text-books out of
all languages and those taught in social science group. The competition will start at
Sankul level and culminate at state level.

Collectors have been directed to ensure necessary arrangements at every level. All
Sankul Kendras will seek consent of minimum one teacher from every school by
December 15. They will be registered at
Sankul Kendra where the competition will be
held on June 22, 2015 from 11 am to 2 pm.
Competition will be in writing. Copies of the
teachers standing first, second and third at
division level will be sent to DIET/DRC. Rechecking of copies collected at the district
level will be done by lecturers and senior
teachers posted at the district level and a
merit list prepared. Answersheets of teachers standing first, second and third at district level will be sent to Rajya Shiksha
Kendra by July 15. Answersheets received at
the state level will be re-checked and a merit
list prepared. First, second and third winners will be declared according to merit list.
Every participant of the competition will be
given certificate. Teachers standing first, second and third at every level will be felicitated on August 15. Thus, the second phase of
the competition will come to a close on this
date. Further information about the competition may be obtained from Rajya Shiksha
Kendras telephone number 0755-2768391.

Tansen Samaroh at Gwalior Setback for bigwigs of state

from December 12 to 15 politics in state civic polls

Globally famous Tansen

Samaroh will be held from
December 12 to 15 on the
Samadhi, Hajira in Gwalior.
The prestigious event of MP
Culture Department will
commence with Hari Katha
at 9.30 am on December 12.
Five musical sittings will
mark the inaugural day.
Besides, a debate competition will be held on music on
December 14.
The first session of
Tansen Samaroh will be
inaugurated at 7 pm where
Minister of State for Culture
and Tourism
Patwa will confer Tansen
Samman to
Karekar of Mumbai. The
session will begin with
Dhrupad rendition by students of Madhav Sangeet
Mahavidyalaya, Gwalior followed by performance of
(Kolkata) will also perform
in the same sitting which
will conclude with Dhrupad
rendition of ram Kumar
Malik. In the morning of second day December 13, the
sitting will commence at 10
am with Dhrupad rendition

of students of Maharudra
Mahavidyalaya Gwalior followed by vocal performance
of Su Sanhita Nandy (Delhi),
Anupriya Devtale (Delhi)
and Dhrupad rendition of
Udai Bhavalkar (Pune). The
session will conclude with
Alankar Singh (Patiala).
Night sitting will commence
with Dhrupad rendition of
Noted vocalist Iqbal Khan
(Delhi) and Sarod maestro
Aslam Khan will also perform during the sitting to be
concluded with Dhrupad
rendition of Phalguni Mitra
In the morning of third
day December 14, the session
Dhrupad rendition of students of Shankar Gandharv
Gwalior followed by vocal
performance of Su Geetika

(Gwalior) and Su Manjusha
Kulkarni Patil. The evening
sitting will commence with
Dhrupad rendition of students of Tansen Sangeet
Rashid Mustafa (Delhi) will
give solo Tabla performance
and Su Manju Mehta,
Ahmadabad sitar performance.
The sitting will conclude
with rendition of Vinayak
Torwi of Bengaluru. In the
morning of 4th and last day
December 15, the morning
session will begin at 10 am
at Behat near Gwalior with
Dhrupad rendition of students of Sadhna Sangeet
Mahavidyalaya Gwalior and
Committee followed by
Dhrupad rendition of Su
Ashwini Morghore (Gwalior)
Dharmadhikari and Jagat
Narayan Sharma (Gwalior).
The session will conclude
with recitation of
debate competition based on
Sangeet ke Saudaharan
Vyakhya will be held on
December 14.

It was a clean sweep by BJP in the urban
bodies elections, but the outcome was unexpected in some pockets. The big wigs of state
politics BJP state president Nandkumar
Singh Chauhan, Congress chief Arun Yadav
and Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Laxmi
Sadho suffered setbacks in their own
areas. Party sources feel that whether in the
Congress or the BJP, it was mostly the distribution of tickets that could be held responsible for the defeat.
Among senior leader of the Congress,
former MP Sajjan Singh Verma could not
save Dewas municipality. Verma was chief of
the urban bodies election committee and the
candidates in the municipality were of his
liking. Probably, this was the reason that
other factions of the party got annoyed and
worked against the party nominee.
Following this, the Congress failed in wresting neither Dewas municipality nor any
nagar parishad. Former Union Minister
Jyotiraditya Scindia could not succeed in
winning in Gwalior and his constituency
Guna-Shivpuri. His candidate in Gwalior
Darshan Singh was defeated, while the
Congress could register victory in
Mungawali nagar parishad of Ashok Nagar
district. In Shivpuri, the BJP and the
Congress wrested two parishads each.
Similarly senior Congress leader Ajay Singh
also failed in winning any local body.
Particularly in Bundelkhand, the Congress
faced problems by annoying senior party
leader Srinivas Tiwari by not fielding any of
his candidates. PCC Chief Arun Yadav could

not succeed in any local body in his constituency Khandwa-Burhanpur, but he could
be satisfied with Badwah and Sanawad
municipalities in Khargone district, where
Congress emerged victorious. However, it
was face saving for former Union Minister
Kamla Nath by registering victory in
Chaurai municipality and Neuton Chikhli
nagar parishad of Chhindwara district. The
Congress lost both the municipalities in
Leader of the Opposition Satyadev Katares
home district. Similar was the situation in
home district of Congress leader Digvijay
Singh in Rajgarh, where the BJP won all six
nagar parishads. Some of the BJP leaders
also faced problems in their home districts.
The BJP lost in Ashta municipality
that falls in Sehore, home district of CM
Shivraj Singh Chauhan.Senior Minister in
the State Narottam Mishras candidate lost
in Datia municipality. Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP) Ratanlal Saraf registered victory in Datia. Even in the ward 30 of Datia,
where the minister is a voter, an independent candidate Harwansh Kumari emerged
victorious. Similar was the case with
Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya in
Damoh district.



Govt asks financial institutions

to invest in infra projects
New Delhi
Union Minister for Road Transport,
Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari
has invited financial institutions, both
domestic as well as global to invest in the
countrys infrastructure projects including highways and inland waterways.
Speaking at the inaugural session of the
Infrastructure Finance-Building for
Growth organized by ASSOCHAM here,
Gadkari outlined the governments focus
on promoting world class infrastructure
as a part of Indias growth strategy and
called upon all the stakeholders to join in
this endeavour for making the country a
global power, according to an official
release. The Minister promised private
investors that the government would

make their investments in infrastructure

projects as a force multiplier by strengthening policy frameworks wherever necessary. The government, according to him
is committed to making India a social
welfare state striking a perfect balance

Government Plans to
Launch GuwahatiDhaka Bus Service

Govt to develop IIIT as

Indias key IT varsity
A meeting of the
Board of International
Institute of Information
Technology (IIIT)
Naya Raipur was held in
Mantralaya here recently. The IIIT has been

Government plans to introduce regular passenger bus services to Dhaka from Guwahati in Assam
via Shillong in Meghalaya. To study and finalize the
routes and start the bus services to Dhaka from
Shillong and Guwahati, a joint technical
survey/trial run is being organized on 10-11th
December, 2014 from Guwahati to Dhaka.
The trial run/route survey will be carried out
jointly by delegations from India and Bangladesh by
way of a dry run of the service to assess route conditions and other technical parameters. The trial
run will conclude at Dhaka on the 12th December,
2014 and delegations are expected to submit the
report on the details and feasibility of starting of
the regular bus services. To study and finalize the
routes and start the bus services to Dhaka from
Shillong and Guwahati, a joint technical
survey/trial run is being organized on 10-11th
December, 2014 from Guwahati to Dhaka.
The trial run/route survey will be carried out
jointly by delegations from India and Bangladesh by
way of a dry run of the service to assess route conditions and other technical parameters. The trial
run will conclude at Dhaka on the 12th December,
2014 and delegations are expected to submit the
report on the details and feasibility of starting of
the regular bus services.
This will be in addition to two passenger bus
services to Dhaka already operating from Kolkata in
West Bengal and Agartala in Tripura. Negotiations
with Bangladesh for starting the bus services from
Guwahati and Shillong have been underway for the
past several months and have gathered momentum.
The proposed bus service covering approximately
500 kms starting from Guwahati will be taking the
(Bangladesh)-Sylhet-Dhaka route.

established as a
University, under a
Partnership (PPP) model between

board decided that, going forward,

the Government of Chhattisgarh

M Tech and Ph D programmes

and the National Thermal Power

would also be initiated in IIIT,

Corporation (NTPC).

arrangements made for teaching

The meeting was chaired by

over 1,000 students, and courses

the newly appointed chairperson




allied with IT commenced. It was

founder of Indias leading IT com-

decided that IIITNaya Raipur

pany, HCL. The IIIT Board set a

would establish an identity for

target of commencing B Tech. pro-

teaching and research in some

grammes, with 60 seats each in

such specialised areas of IT. The

computer science and information

board also decided that IIIT

technology, from academic session

Naya Raipur would give particu-

2015-16. For this, the board set a

lar attention to tailoring the pro-



gramme to the needs of the IT


industry, so that students passing

Block of IIIT by August 2014, and

out from IIIT may be employed

completion and commissioning,

directly by leading IT companies,

inclusive of 415-seater hostel

without further skill development.










For this, IIIT would establish

dences, laboratories, LAN and

strong linkage for course develop-

library by April 2015. The IIIT

ment, internships and collabora-

Board reviewed in-depth all activ-

tion with leading IT companies

ities being carried out by NTPC to

and educational institutions of

this end. After the meeting, the

national importance located in

board members visited the cam-

Raipur, among which are included

pus under construction over an

an IIM, an AIIMS, a National Law

area of 25 acres, just 15 minutes

University and an NIT. At the

away from Swami Vivekanand

same time, IIIT would make spe-

Airport, Raipur. It also initiated

cial efforts to attract reputed fac-

the process of appointment of

ulty from academic institutions

Vice-Chancellor and Director of

and experienced Adjunct faculty

the University. Moreover, the

from industries.



Prepare new policy

to make agriculture
profit oriented:

between progress and development.

Environment preservation and socio-economic emancipation of all underprivileged sections of the society by creating
jobs are high on the agenda of the government, he added.


New Delhi

(MP & CG)

Raipur: In order to make Agriculture more

profit-making business in the State, Agriculture
Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, asked the officers
to prepare a draft of a new Agriculture policy.
The Minister recently held a meeting of senior
departmental officers, while reviewing the
schemes and programmes of Agriculture
Department. He instructed the officers to bring
practical changes to make schemes more successful and farmer-oriented. He said, for the
preparation of the new Agriculture policy,
Chhattisgarh could be divided into three sectorsSarguja, Bastar and general sector,
according to geography, monsoon and weather
of the particular areas. The districts of Raipur,
Bilaspur and Durg divisions will be included in
the General Sector. The Agriculture policy
should be prepared, while paying attention on
the type of soil and
rainfall of the area, Agrawal said. He said
that mainly the departmental schemes and programmes were cultivation based on weather
and centred on single crop. The Minister said
that innovation in Agriculture sector is needed
to make farmers of Chhattisgarh prosperous.
The Department has to work according to the
changed environment. Agrawal said that the
Department should have clear policy and
thought for make agriculture more profit oriented in Chhattisgarh.
By encouraging farmers, areas of cash crops
like pulses and oilseeds have to be increased. In
spite of depending on monsoon, it is necessary
to increase irrigated area through small irrigation schemes, he said, adding, the officers
should prepare action plan of the Department
for the next five years. The Minister, giving
practical suggestions regarding various
schemes, instructed to bring changes in the
rules and procedures of schemes and said that
for crop insurance scheme, in spite of tehsil,
Phasal Aanavari units should be formed by
joining 8-10 villages.
With it, the farmer would get proper benefit
of the insurance scheme. Agrawal discussed
with the officers about establishing departmental fund for dealing with the loss to the farmer
caused by non-sprouting of seeds supplied by
the State Government. He instructed to open
Krishi Seva Kendras in the naxal violence-hit
Bijapur and Sukma districts and to arrange
seeds and fertilizers at the centres already



(MP & CG)

Unsuspecting Indians lose billions to bogus investments

"When he realised he'd lost all our
money, more than Rs 5 lakh in savings,
he had a massive heart attack," says
Gita Mandal tearfully. She pauses as
grief chokes her throat mid-sentence.
Gita, 55, is recounting how her husband Sunil died suddenly last year,
leaving her penniless with six mouths
to feed. Gita's family is one of 300 in
Daspara village, an hour's drive south
from Kolkata, which were swindled in
a variety of unregulated "investment"
schemes that have swept across India swallowing up the life savings of some
of the country's poorest citizens. Some
estimates suggest that such Ponzi or
pyramid schemes have already cost
unsuspecting Indian investors several
hundred billion rupees. West Bengal,
where investors like Gita's husband
were caught up in the biggest schemes

were based, has been dubbed the

"Ponzi capital of India". As she sits surrounded by other victims, including
farmers, labourers and milkmen, all of
whom lost the modest sums they'd
scrimped to save, Gita struggles to
articulate how angry she feels. "That
money was everything to us.
It came from selling our land and it
was supposed to be for our granddaughters' future. Now it's all gone the land, the money, my husband,
everything," she says. The scale of
India's Ponzi schemes reveals the enormity of the task of protecting the country's vast illiterate, financially vulnerable population, as well as the epic
loopholes in enforcement of existing
law. Ponzi schemes work by pooling
money from new investors to pay off
existing investors. The seemingly good
returns fuel new business, but eventu-

ally most schemes collapse, leaving

ruin in their wake. India's biggest
Ponzi scheme uncovered so far
involved more than Rs 150 bn in losses
when the Saradha Group, a consortium of about 200 companies including
factories, newspapers and television
channels, was shut down two years
ago. The name Saradha played on messages of religious good fortune and the
company used images of popular politicians and movie stars to build trust. Its
company structure was so complex
that regulators took years to untangle
it. It offered agents, recruited from
local communities, up to 40% commissions - making them crucial evangelists for the company. So far, according
to media reports, at least 80 people
linked to the scam have committed suicide. Its chief executive and other officials are in prison.

Jan Dhan: Duplication of

accounts remains an issue

CII meet to reopen

stalled industrial
projects in Cgarh

New Delhi

hile the government is highlighting achievements of the

scheme over 5.5 crore
accounts were opened under the scheme
across the country till October 8, according to the department of financial services, with SBI leading the drive many
stakeholders feel the purpose of the
scheme is not aptly served due to a large
amount of duplication of accounts.
Among those apprehensive of
account duplication or people already
having a bank account opening another
only to get the freebies Reserve Bank
of India governor Raghuram Rajan,
who, on September 15, cautioned
bankers that the scheme would be a
waste if duplicate accounts are opened.
He also warned that the scheme would
come to a naught if the newly opened
accounts were not used to their capacity,
and if there was no full coverage.
Commenting on the issue of account
duplication, Anurag Jain, joint secretary, department of financial services,

said: It might have happened because

some people thought that by opening an
account under PMJDY they would get
additional benefits being offered under
the scheme like overdraft facility and
insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh. But we are
educating people that all these benefits
will be available to existing account
holders as well.
To get the insurance claim, all they
have to do is apply for RuPay card.
Once people (with prior accounts)
understand that all benefits under the
current scheme are available to them
also, there will be no reason for opening
additional accounts, unless needed.
A senior bank official on condition of
anonymity said, According to my estimates, around 70 percent people who
have opened accounts (under PMJDY)
already have an account. They have
opened the account only to ensure they
can avail of the benefits provided under
the scheme. Confusion, lack of information While most agree that despite the
shortcomings and implementation-relat-

ed challenges the scheme offers the poor

services like free insurance cover and
over draft facility, there is confusion, too,
as is the case for any new scheme, especially one rolled out purportedly without
adequate homework. People come to us
asking for the overdraft facility, said
Goel of SBI, Ambedkar Nagar. We have
to tell them that they can avail this
facility only after (operating the account
for) six months from the date of opening
of the account.
Besides, the over-draft facility would
be subject to transactions of the account
holder. While the overdraft amount
would initially be limited to Rs 1,000, it
will be raised to Rs 5,000 only after
observing satisfactory performance of
the account.
Another concern that needs to be
addressed, as an official said, is on an
average Rs 45 is spent on opening each
account, which becomes huge if one considers the total number of accounts
opened and would go waste if people do
not use their accounts properly.

of Indian
Industry (CII),
organised an
with Anil Swarup, IAS,
Additional Secretary and
Chairman, Project
Monitoring Group,
Cabinet Secretariat here
recently. Chhattisgarh is
among the 14 States in
the country to have their
own Project Monitoring
Groups to fast track
stalled projects between
Rs 100 crore to Rs 1,000
crore. There are a total
of 437 stalled projects
nationally. Of which 152
have already been
In Chhattisgarh,
there are a total of 42
stalled projects worth Rs
2.15 lakh crore. Of
these, 20 projects worth
Rs 90,630 crore have
been resolved and 15
projects are under consideration. After all, our
collective aim is to
remove bottlenecks and
get the stalled projects
get off the ground. As of
now, more than 40 per
cent big projects are
awaiting clearances from
the Forest, Environment
and Mining Ministries.
As to the State PMGs,
we will take up their
cases with the Ministries
concerned. Our job is to
get the projects going

that are stuck at the

Government levels, the
PMG chief explained.
Manish Gupta,
Immediate Past
Chairman, CII
Chhattisgarh State
Council and Co-Chair,
Infrastructure Sub-committee, CII Eastern
Region said, Delays
give rise to disruption of
work, loss of productivity, delayed completion of
projects, escalated costs,
and abandonment or termination of contracts.
Delay in projects lead to
time and cost overrun
which raises cost by
even 20%, making
investment decisions
commercially challenging and even unviable,
he said. Ashish Jain during his concluding
remarks said,
Chhattisgarh is one of
the fast emerging destinations for investments
in a number of sectors
like infrastructure, manufacturing, trade, insurance, healthcare and
renewable energy. Focus
on implementation of
project on a time-bound
manner would make
Chhattisgarh a preferred
destination for




(MP & CG)

Curtains for Harbhajan, Zaheer,

Yuvraj Singh, Gambhir, Sehwag!

hile picking the list of 30

Here is the complete list of 30

probables who have been
picked for the 2015 World Cup

probables for the forthcoming



World Cup, India national selectors

MS Dhoni, Shikhar

dumped all the five discarded sen-

Dhawan, Rohit Sharma,

iors Virender Sehwag, Gautam

Ajinkya Rahane, Robin

Gambhir, Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj

Uthappa, Virat Kohli,

Singh and Harbhajan Singh who

Suresh Raina, Ambati

played crucial roles in the victori-

Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav,

ous Indian team four years ago.

Manoj Tiwary, Manish

Though in recent past, most of




Pandey, Wriddhiman Saha,


Sanju Samson, R Ashwin,

Sehwag to Harbhajan, were quite

Parvez Rasool, Karn

vocal and hopeful about making

Sharma, Amit Mishra,

the cut in the world cup probables

Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel,

list. However, no one performed

Ishant Sharma,

consistently well at the domestic

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohd

level to impress Sandeep Patil-led

last edition of the ICC World Cup in

have been struggling to make a

30s and are certainly well past their

Shami, Umesh Yadav, V

five-member panel.

2011, too looked out of sorts and

return into the Indian national side

prime. Besides the World Cup snub-

Aaron, Dhawal Kulkarni,

Yuvraj, who won the Man of the

failed to score big in first class

for quite some time now, in any for-

bing, another thing which looks

Stuart Binny, Mohit

Series for his outstanding perform-

cricket. It was certainly a D-day for

mat of the game. When it comes to

inevitable here is that their inter-

Sharma, Ashoke Dinda,

ance with both bat and ball in the

all these ageing cricketers, who

age, they fall on the wrong side of

national careers are seemingly over.

Kuldeep Yadav, Murali Vijay

Ton-up Gambhir leads from

front as Delhi score

kipper Gautam Gambhir

led from the front with a
gutsy unbeaten century
while the others floundered as
Delhi struggled to 260 for six at
stumps on the first day of their
opening Ranji Trophy fixture
against Saurashtra, here today.
When the stumps were drawn,
Gambhir was undefeated on 123
off 270 balls, having shared a 88run stand for the fifth wicket with
another veteran Rajat Bhatia
(47). While Virender Sehwag was
run out for 9, Unmukt Chand's
(28) downfall came due to atrocious shot selection while Vaibhav
Rawal (9) was cleaned up playing
to a wrong line.
Varun Sood (14), who was
surprisingly promoted to No. 3,
was done in by a short ball onto
his rib-cage.The day's highlight certainly
was Gambhir's 38th first-class century as
he showed his fighting qualities on a sporting Roshanara Club track that didn't have
lot of grass but was of firm, even bounce
nature. The left-hander played safe during
initial overs where he looked a bit uncomfortable against Saurashtra pace duo of
Sudeep Tyagi (2/45) and Abhishek Bhatt
(2/52), but grew in confidence with passage
of time. His six hour vigil included 14
boundaries and two sixes. The only chance
that he gave was on personal score of 27,
when he jumped out to off-break bowler
Kamlesh Makvana and missed it completely but Sagar Jogiyani failed to carry out an
easy stumping. The 50 came in the post
lunch session with a square driven boundary. But before that Sehwag was run out

Cook captain as England name

provisional World Cup squad
named a provisional 30-man squad
E ngland
on Saturday for next year's one-day World

Cup with Alastair Cook as captain. Cook

is under pressure following a poor run of
results and is suspended from Sunday's game
against Sri Lanka due to the team's slow overrate in the last game. Fast bowlers James
Anderson and Stuart Broad were included in
the squad after missing the current sevenmatch series in Sri Lanka due to injury. A 15man squad for the Tri-Series against Australia
and India and the World Cup is due to be
announced after the Sri Lanka series which
England trail 2-1 with four matches to play.

More records as Ronaldo's

23rd treble cheers Real
Ronaldo grabbed
C ristiano
a record 23rd La Liga
when he called Gambhir for a third run. It
was Sehwag, who was coming back at striker's end but his desperate dive couldn't beat
Sheldon Jackson's direct throw from the
deep. Rawal was out quickly and Delhi
were in a spot at 145 for four before
Gambhir found perfect partner in Bhatia.
Both were hardly bothered by Makvana
and left-arm spinner Dharmendra Jadeja.
The drives started to flow and both
stepped out to spinners for maximum.
Gambhir was unbeaten on 98 at tea. His
century was completed when he tried a
heave off Makvana but it went towards fineleg as Gambhir reached his landmark.
Bhatia was playing well as he dispatched
Jadeja for two boundaries before was
bowled playing to wrong line. Puneet Bisht
(17) was victim of second new ball when
Bhatt edged one to Jogiyani.

hat-trick to guide leaders

Real Madrid to a 3-0 victory
over Celta Vigo at the
Bernabeu on Saturday. It also
helped the European champions extend their club record
winning streak to 18 matches
in all competitions and equal
the record run of victories set
October 2005 and January
2006. Elsewhere, a ferocious
drive by Jose Maria Gimenez
set Atletico Madrid on the
way to a 2-0 triumph at Elche
that lifted them into second
place. With his latest treble
he overtook greats Alfredo Di
Stefano of Real Madrid and
Athletic Bilbaos Telmo Zarra

and he has three

more hat-tricks
than his present
day rival Lionel
Barcelona. The
statistics he is
madness, team
reporters. To be
honest it is a privilege to play at
Real Madrid with
a player like him.
invent words to define him.
He is beating all the records
and is possibly in the best
form of his career. Ronaldo,
the inspiration behind Real's

blistering form this season,

struck the opening goal from
the penalty spot nine minutes before the break after he
was felled by Jonny Castro.



Paa celebrates fifth

anniversary, Big B
thanks R Balki


(MP & CG)

Cops nab 23-year-old

waiter who
threatened to kill
Madhuri and her kids

mitabh Bachchan-starrer
'Paa' is celebrating it's
fifth anniversary
and the megastar
thanked the film's helmer
R Balki. The 72-year-old
actor won Nationalaward for beautifully
portraying a Progeriaaffected child in the
2009 film, which
starred Abhishek
Bachchan and Vidya
Balan as his parents.
"'PAA' released today
5 years ago!!! Thank
you Balki for this
'innovative' creativity... NOW...
Booommbaa!!," Bachchan
posted on Twitter along
with stills from Balki's next
'Shamitabh'. Amitabh, who is
currently in Ahmedabad shooting
for his upcoming movie 'Piku',
posted a picture of him touching
his mother's feet. "Mother and
child are the greatest blessing of
life... It is the most powerful symbol of love, of affection, of care...Of
continuity... There would be no
world without Mother...," he

23-yearold man
who allegedly
sent threat
messages to
Bollywood actress
Madhuri Dixit on
her mobile phone in
a bid to extort
money has landed in
police net.
Pradhan, a waiter by
profession who threatened to kill the popular
actress' children and
claimed to have links
with the underworld,
was arrested yesterday.
The mobile phone he
used to send offensive
messages has also been
recovered, police said.

Madhuri's personal assistant on

28 November approached the
cyber cell alleging she had
received four threatening text
messages on her mobile phone
from an unidentified person at
about 3 am on 25 November. "The
messages were addressed to
Madhuri Dixit and the sender
threatened to kill her children,"
said another officer. More threat
messages were sent on her phone
in the next three days. "In one of
the messages, Pradhan claimed
he was associated with the gang
of underworld don Chhota Rajan.
The accused said he had trained a
15-year-old boy in handling
weapons and bombs and this
teenager would barge into Dixit's
home to extort money," said the
officer, who did not wish to be
named. The leads collected during
the probe took police to Pradhan,
who was picked up and ques-

"The accused was today tioned. Pradhan, who works in a

produced before a court restaurant, has confessed to the
which remanded him
in police custody till
tomorrow," said Sunil
Ghosalkar, Senior
Inspector at Cyber
Police Station in
to police,

crime, police said. He told inter-

rogators he would have demanded

the exact amount he needed if
either Madhuri or her PA would
have made phone calls to him,
police said. Police were verifying
if he was actually associated with
any organised criminal gang or
was simply bragging. The accused
claimed to have made threatening
phone calls to some film personalities in the past, police said,
adding further probe was on.

The Ajay Devgn starrer made Score! Priyanka takes back 'Sexiest
Asian Woman' title from Katrina Kaif
only Rs 19 cr in 2 days

c t o r - f i l m m a k e r

is known for making massy films

Prabhudhevas latest direc-

like R... Rajkumar and Rowdy

torial Action Jackson will





touch Rs.20 crore soon but trade

Nahta tweeted: #ActionJackson is

experts figure the numbers are not

too routine and hackneyed. Meant

overwhelming for the "routine and


hackneyed" movie. Starring Ajay

"Sulemani Keeda", an indie comedy,







also hit the screens along with the

Gautam and Manasvi Mamgai, the

star-packed Action Jackson, but it

action film hit approximately 3,000

also failed to earn big at the box

screens on Friday. It earned Rs.19

office. #SulemaniKeeda is cute.

crore in two days. It was made on a

Meant for people looking for differ-

budget of about Rs.75 crore and con-

ent cinema. Commercial prospects

sidering that, the film shouldve

are weak, Nahta tweeted. Thadani






also has doubts about the films

Prabhudheva kind of films have



performance at the box office. The

mostly gone for it, but not every-


one, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia

earned around Rs.25 lakh. It is for

Combines told IANS. Prabhudheva

select audience, he added.




ollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has won

back the crown she lost to Katrina Kaif last
year to be named the world's sexiest Asian
woman here on Thursday. The 32-year-old actress
and singer topped the top 50 list in an annual poll
conducted by UK-based weekly newspaper 'Eastern
Eye'. Popular TV actress Drashti Dhami, who had
led the voting at one stage, narrowly missed out on
the top spot to come in second. Fellow TV actress
Sanaya Irani came third with last year's winner,
Kaif, slipping to fourth place in the race. "Someone
once told me, sexy is what sexy does and you do it
best when you are yourself. I don't know what I did
to deserve this but I'll happily accept this title,"
said Chopra. "I am very flattered to have be named
'Eastern Eye's' Sexiest Woman once again. The fact
that this is decided from a public poll across the
world makes this even more special to me. Lots of
love to everyone who voted and here's to always
being yourself," she added.




(MP & CG)

Rights cut: thousands

protest proposed changes
New Delhi

housands of farmers, pensioners,

anganwadi workers and MNREGA
beneficiaries held a mass rally and public
meeting in Delhi recently to protest the
NDA government's proposed changes in
legal entitlements to labour rights, employment under MNREGA, healthcare and
pensions. The protest, at Jantar Mantar,
was led by activists including Medha
Patkar, Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and
Kavita Krishnan. They came on the same
platform, with the rallying slogan of Abki
Baar, Humara Adhikar(this time, our
rights). Political leaders such as D Raja of
CPI, Mani Shankar Aiyar of the Congress
and Prashant Bhushan of the AAP also
extended solidarity.
Terming the proposed cuts as inhuman
and preposterous, the protesters said any
such reduction in funds for social sector
programmes would hit the poor and vulnerable population most, given their
dependence on public provisioning of
essential services.
Protestors contended that the National
Food Security Act has not taken off till
date, with the deadline being postponed
twice now to April 2015. Protestors also
demanded the need for universal pensions
for all aged, single women, disabled and
simple procedures to avail them. They
called for resisting any attempts made by

the government to target or restrict

MNREGA. Protestors alleged that BJP, in
its election manifesto, had promised to provide free medicines to people but now the
government led by it was changing its
stance by calling for providing only 50 medicines free of cost, that too only at the primary health centres. Social activist Aruna
Roy said that Given the numerous ways in
which the rights of the most marginal people are being attacked, rolled back, diluted
and in many ways trivialised without due

process of consultation, we are all here to

first and foremost demand the right to be
heard, engaged with and conferred on any
policy decision that impact lives of ordinary people. Speaking about the many
ways in which the new government had
revealed its intent to undermine peoples
rights and entitlements, Nikhil Dey asked
why there has been no appointment of
information commissioners in many
states. Clearly this inaction cannot be
explained or justified as part of the econo-

my measure of the new government, he

said. The participating organisations
included the All India Agricultural
Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, All
India Democratic Women's Association, All
India Progressive Women Association,
Chhattisgarh Kisan Majdoor Andolan,
Ekta Parishad, Greenpeace, Pension
Parishad, Jamia Teachers' Solidarity
Campaign, Jan Swasth Abhiyan, Pension
Parishad, and Right To Food Campaign.

Proportion of overweight children increases

New Delhi

n an Indian Council of Medical Research

(ICMR) sponsored study, conducted among
24,000 school children in South India the proportion of overweight children increased from 4.94% of
the total children in 2003 to 6.57% in 2013.
Prevalence of incident hypertension in normal
weight, overweight and obese group of children was
10.1%, 17.34% and 18.32% respectively. The
Government of India under National Health
Mission has launched Rastriya Bal Swasthya
Karyakram (RBSK) in February, 2013 in order to
improve the overall quality of life of children and
provide comprehensive care to all the children in
the community including school children. This programme involves screening of children from birth
to 18 years of age for four Ds - Defects at birth,
Diseases, Deficiencies and Development delays
including disabilities. Children diagnosed with
identified health conditions will receive follow-up
care including early intervention services at the
district level including surgeries at tertiary level,
free of cost under National Health Mission. As per
Ministry of Human Resources and Development,
KendriyaVidyalayas which are under the adminis-

trative control of Government

of India provide for a staff
nurse on the school premises
to handle medical emergency
including administering first
aid. These schools also provide
for services of a doctor on part
time basis. The Guidelines
issued to States/ UTs emphasize the safety and security
aspect of children. In addition,
the Mid Day Meal (MDM)
Guidelines also envisage that
Government and Government
aided schools are to be covered
under RashtriyaBal Swasthya
Karyakram (RBSK) in convergence with the National
Health Mission. The children
are screened by the medical
teams of the State Health
Department on half-yearly
basis. Under RBSK, height
and weight of the children is
also measured by the medical

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