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Gospel doctrine Lesson Two

My Soul Doth Magnify

The Lord


Luke 1:5-21

In ancient Israel, childlessness among married

couples was regarded as a serious misfortune; some
even believed it to be a punishment for sin. Indeed
Elisabeth remarked that her barrenness had been
viewed with reproach among men (Luke 1:25)
How did Zacharias and Elizabeth cope with the
humiliation of childlessness? How do you cope when
you are discouraged or dont receive what you

Purpose: To help
class members
develop greater
faith in Jesus
Christ through a
study of the lives
of Elisabeth,
Zacharias, John
the Baptist, Mary,
and Joseph.


Why do we, like Zechariah, sometimes doubt Gods

desire to fulfill our deepest longings?

Theres a difference between expecting God to be faithful and anticipating the specific
ways he will demonstrate his faithfulness. The first attitude hopes in Gods constancy
and wisdom; the second may assume that we know whats best. If we get the two
confused, we are liable to be disappointed with the results.

Why Gabriel/Noah?
The Prophet Joseph Smith (180544) taught
the identity of the angel Gabriel: Noah is
Gabriel; he stands next in authority to Adam
in the Priesthood; he was called of God to this
office, and was the father of all living in his
day, and to him was given the
dominion (Teachings of Presidents of the
Church: Joseph Smith [2007], 104). Why, of all
of Heavenly Fathers children was Gabriel
selected for this mission?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read Luke 1:16-17. What was the fourfold

mission of John the Baptist?

Imagineyou were called to

preach the gospel of peace to a
generation of our Father's
children. And yet, with each
passing year, their wickedness
grew stronger. Finally, the Lord
could tolerate it no longer and he
made plans to destroy the earth.
Imagine the loneliness of the
years spent building an ark, the
feeling of dread as your neighbors
and loved ones spent their time
mocking instead of repenting.
Things only got worse as the
waters started to rise. imagine
the anguish of hearing children
crying from fear, their parents
begging for their safety, the
hardened of heart finally
beginning to pray Imagine the
heartbreak of knowing, that to
reach out and save your best
friend from the swirling waters
would be contrary to the
commandments of God. Imagine
watching all life on the face of the
earth be destroyed---the rustle of
leaves as they become submerged,
the calls of the animals, the
weeping of mothers. Now, imagine
that after witnessing this
terrible destruction, the Lord
announces that He needs someone,
a very special messenger, to
herald the announcement of the
birth of a Savior; a Savior who
would restore life unto all who
would believe on his name. Surely,
Noahs was the first hand up.
Surely, knowing the mercy of our
Heavenly Father, God had been
hoping it would be. I believe that
because Noah had to witness the
destruction of all things, that he
also got to announce the
redemption of all things. Our
Father in Heaven always blesses
us and always makes up for any
pain that our obedience causes.
As Elder Holland said, Some
blessings come soon, some come
late, and some dont come until
heaven; but for those who
embrace the gospel of Jesus
Christ, they do come.

Get Your Voice Back!
Read Luke 1:18-20;
Like Zacharias, has a lack of faith or a lack of action, caused you to
lose your voice? For doubting Gods ability to renew and use an aged
womb Zacharias lost his voice, a key part of his ministry in the
temple. For doubting the seriousness of his Nazarene vow with God,
Samson lost his strength, his key weapon against the Philistines. For
doubting the importance of total obedience despite Samuels warnings,
King Saul lost his kingdom and eventually His life and the lives of his
family. For doubting that Gods commandments applied equally to him,
David lost his first child with Bathsheba, a child who he may have
intended to be his heir. For doubting Gods sovereignty over his
kingdom despite having witnessed miracle after miracle, King
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon lost his mind. For doubting Jesus was the
Messiah and continuing to persecute those who believed in him, Paul
lost his sight, receiving a physical blindness to match his spiritual
blindness. The way we respond when God speaks to us will differ
greatly if we are questioning and doubtful rather than fully trusting
in Him. So today what is it that God is calling you to do? Does it sound
crazy? Maybe the more important question is whats keeping you from
stepping out and doing it? While I would never pray for you to lose you
voice, it was a good thing for Zacharias. Fast forward in the story and
you see once he got his voice back the first thing he did was to speak
blessings of the Lord! What a great lessonsometimes we just need to
be quiet, stop doubting and simply trust the Lord! The wilderness or
time of decision that you are in right now just might be good for you
tooit could just be right where God wants you! Because after we see
His faithfulness we too will have no choice by to speak of the blessings
of God! Max Lucado
compromise, lack of faith, or lack of action, caused you to lose your


What suprises you about

Jesus choice to come to
earth as a baby? What is
encouraging about this
choice? What does it say
about Jesus heart?
When has the Savior
seemed the most real, the
most tangible, the most
near to you?
What lessons can you
learn about submi<ng to
the will of the Lord as you
read about Joseph?

As we commemorate the birth of the

savior nearly two millennia ago, we
offer our testimony of the reality of
His matchless life and the infinite
virtue of His great atoning sacrifice.
None other has had so profound an
influence upon all who have live and
will yet live upon the earth.

The Living Christ

The Testimony of The Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints