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The Olive Branch

Intra 2013, Issue 1

Igitur qui

-Meghna Gulati
As we, the members of the

Survival of the Fittest; the

groups planning and executing

World Press, churn out yet

Battle of the Best.

activities that are beyond

another newsletter, a sense of

The fact that it would be easy

criminal. Money laundering,

pride overwhelms me. For-

is not something that I can

drug trafficking, net crime,

this newsletter has been to

say. But what I can and what I

smuggling- the list is endless.

me, what none other has.

do say and believe, is that it

The solutions are not. Widely

Yet, somehow, with the pride

will be worth it.

opposed, you say? Prove it.

still there deep down in my

heart, here I am. Here WE are,
giving you a newsletter in the
making of which, we put our

So go. Debate. Deliberate and

And fight what your country


believes in.

We give you a newsletter, for

Fight against the threat to

MUNQSMUN Intra 2013. The

Inside this issue:

human security. Against the

2: Only the fittest shall survive,

The Executive Board &
Lights, Camera, Action!
3: EB vs. IP & BEWARE.
4: Mother MUNQS &
We the International Press.

Fight, and be at war for

Go today and when you come
back at the end of the second
day, you will be a changed
person. A better person.
I wish you all the best.


The Olive Branch

Only the fittest

shall survive
The battleground is set, the
warriors armed.
Try not to fret; to get away
Delegates get ready to fight,
and to contrive,
for only the fittest shall
The MUN we've all been
waiting for,
Ladies and gentlemen, it has
Make alliances, or declare a
diplomacy shall be revived.
Newcomers, prepare to be
treated to a delight,
in a new world of placards,
formals and points
MUNQS shall dominate with all
its might
Delegates, do not disappoint.
In times of hopelessness and
do not despair,
Come up with something
Do it with a flair.
With an EB that is as
charming as it wise,
the placards will have to rise.
While one charms with his
the other observes you all the
Whether a slip or fall, colossal
or small.
Beware! Prevent things from
going askew,
For as it always has, the IP's
watching you.
-Tanya Dutta

Lights, Camera, Action!

Grunt! The printer rolls,

of individuals working in more

unfurling a pretty newsletter.

than one country to plan and

We pluck it out, and cease its

execute illegal business

folds, like a mother cradles

ventures. In order to achieve

her baby. Tick tock! High heels

their goals, these criminal

clash, hands fumbling with

groups utilize systematic

pen and paper. Stirring our

violence and corruption.

brains like a pair of dye, we

Transnational organized

work like lightning; we caper.

crime is widely opposed on

Welcome, dear delegates, to

the basis of a number of

the place where you'll witness

negative effects. It can

style and glitz at its best;

undermine democracy,

heated up conversations and

disrupt free markets, drain

controversial statements

national assets, and inhibit

leading to arguments; nights

the development of stable

of research will pay off;


decisions will be made;

Buckle up your shoes; pull up

resolutions will be passed,

your socks; button up your

and change will be imposed

suits and be ready to shout

(or not?)

and scream (stick to the

Transnational crime is an

topic, please). It's time we see

organized crime coordinated

how delegates debate their

across national borders,

way to victory, peacefully

involving groups or networks


-Kartik Maini

As delegates and the IP, we are aware what the
executive board wants from us :P
Excluding smart arguments, heated debating,
exclusive chits and presence of mind, the EB does
need a lot more to call a committee the best it has
ever done, because here at MUNQSMUN, when we
say its the battle of the best, we mean it.
Un-moderated Caucus: When two of the finest
MUNers of the school and the circuit chair, they
expect diplomacy to NOT die during the UN-mods but
they wish to see diplomacy accompanied by
exemplary leadership skills. So, delegates, perform
being decent.

Unmoderated Caucus, you say? A few delegates
standing on the chairs, a few shouting derogatory
words, and add a few just loitering around waiting
to be invited. And there you go! Every IPs dream
come true.

The delegate with the nice tie, and the one with the
sea blue eyes...
The hyperactive delegate, sending chit after chit to
the EB, and the one nearly dozing off in the

CHITS: The delegates are expected to write legible

chits, relevant, concise, to-the point. The chits shoot
like arrows, when all other weapons die.

committee, dreaming of a land far away...

We notice, we pass a chit, we comment. The best
part? You wont even know it.


The Olive Branch

Intra 2013, Issue 1

The International Press

Meghna Gulati (Editor-in-Chief)

Tanya Dutta (Reporter)

Kartik Maini (Editor-in-Chief)

Akshat Jain (Cartoonist)

Aman Srivastava (Layout Designer)

Amiti Singh (Reporter)

Sejal Sethi (Cartoonist)

Vedant Puri (Photographer)