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Friday Dec 19, 2014




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December 19, 2014

Dead Sydney Siege Gunman Had Fiji Links

Members of a US Fijian family, with links to Noleen Hayson Pal, the slain ex-wife of the Sydney Siege gunman
An Australian news website has
reported that Sydney hostage taker
Man Haron Monis, an Iranian who died
after New South Wales police stormed
the Lindt Caf on Martin Place early
Tuesday after a 16-hour siege, had
links to Fiji.
The website reports that Monis second
wife, Noleen Hayson Pal was a Fijian
Ms Pal, 30, died a horrific death in
the stairwell outside Monis unit in
Werrington in Sydneys west last year
when she returned to collect their two
children, then aged seven and four,

from a custody visit with their dad.

She was stabbed 18 times, had fuel
poured over her and was set on fire
as she pleaded with her killer to stop,
screaming: No, Ive got kids.
Monis, 50, was charged with being an
accessory before and after the fact to
his estranged wifes murder.
His then-girlfriend, Amirah Droudis,
35, was charged with murder. Both
were freed on bail by magistrate
William Pierce on December 12 last
year at Penrith Local Court.
The website described Monis as
someone who had been married three

times, had four children and a teenage

stepdaughter, but hadnt held down a
job for more than a decade.
It says Monis abandoned his first wife
and two children in Iran when he fled
that country in 1996 and arrived in
Australia on a tourist visa to seek
political asylum.
Ms Pals relatives went on facebook
during the height of the hostage crisis
this week to vent their anger and
frustration at the hostage taker while
paying tribute to his ex-wife.
Ms Pals godfather, Ayuut Khalik, said
she met Monis at college in Sydney

advertise on

after migrating from Fiji with her

parents in 1987. Speaking in California,
Mr Khalik told Americas NBC TV
news that there had been something
about Monis that he never liked but his
goddaughter seemed happy at first.
Then her husband became domineering,
forced her to wear a hijab as she
converted to Islam, banned her from
speaking to outsiders and beat her
after their first child was born.
Early this year Monis was charged with
40 sex offences relating to assaults on

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Friday Dec 19, 2014


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Fiji News

Friday Dec 19 , 2014

Fijian Envoy Presents

Dead Sydney Siege
Gunman Had Fiji Links Credentials At UN Vienna Office
Continued From Page 1

seven people he treated while acting as

a spiritual healer.
Monis attitudes towards women can
be gleaned in a video he titled Victims
of rape are guilty if they have incited
and encouraged people to commit the
Droudis, who dropped her Greek name
of Anastasia when she converted to
Islam and became a follower of the
man who styled himself as a sheik,
has moved in with him as Mrs Monis
number three.
In a video uploaded to his website,
Droudis declared she was a terrorist.
I regret to say I am a terrorist. I admit
and formally confess that for many
years I have been a terrorist but Ill try
not to be any more! she wrote.
A family friend has told the Herald Sun
that they married recently because they
believed that a husband and wife could
not be forced to give evidence against
each other in court. They must not have
known that three years ago, the High
Court found that so-called spousal
privilege no longer existed.
By the time the groom farewelled
his bride at their Belmore home in
southwest Sydney on Monday this
week, packed his shotgun into a blue
sports bag and brought terror to the
heart of Sydney, the black magic expert
and spiritual healer was a religious
fanatic on a course of self-destruction.
He was an intensely conflicted and
contradictory person, his former
lawyer Manny Conditsis said.
He was a loner who had never found
anywhere to fit in since he arrived on
that flight from Iran.
He was on the fringe of the fringe.
No community had accepted him, not
the Iranians, not the Muslims, Mr
Conditsis said.
Born Mohammad Hassan Mantegh,

he changed his name when he arrived

in Australia and in 2001 was granted
political asylum after claiming he was
a cleric whose liberal brand of Islam
had led his first wife and children to be
detained in Iran.
Monis became a spiritual healer
in the early 2000s, advertising his
Wentworthville consultancy in a
local newspaper offering astrology,
numerology, meditation and black
magic services.
Some of his clients were sexually
assaulted. Seven of them came forward
earlier this year and Monis was charged.
By then, Monis had almost 15,000
followers on his Facebook pages and
his own website where he claimed to
be a peace activist but preached hate.
The day before the siege, he railed
online against Australian terrorism
and vowed to fight the oppression and
terrorism of (the) USA and its allies
including (the) UK and Australia.
Ms Droudis appears in chilling videos
posted to YouTube by Monis, claiming
to be a terrorist, blaming rape victims
for their attacks, and expressing
happiness about the Holocaust and
Along with Monis, last year she
admitted her involvement in sending
hate-filled letters to the families of
Australian soldiers who died in Iraq
and Afghanistan.
Mr Conditsis said the actions were
again those of a conflicted man. He
had this passion for men and women
dying in what he saw as unjust wars,
he said.
Referring to Moniss letters several
years ago to the families of Diggers, Mr
Conditsis added: He wrote thousands
of letters to politicians all over the
world and he thought that by writing
letters to the families of dead soldiers
they would assist him in lobbying the
Australian Government.

Credentials with H.E. Ms. Nazhat Shameem Khan, new Permanent

Representative of Fiji to the United Nations (Vienna)
Fijis resident Ambassador to the United
Nations Office in Switzerland Nazhat
Shameem Khan presented her credentials
as Fijis Permanent Representative to the
United Nations in Vienna and the United
Nations Office of Drugs and Crime,
becoming Fijis first Ambassador to be
accredited formally to Vienna.
In presenting her credentials to
Ambassador Khan highlighted some of
the important areas of progress made
in Fiji in relation to anti-corruption and
Ambassador also discussed the
important relationship between antiterrorism laws and human rights, and
the work that UNODC can do within
its mandate on this issue.

The Director-General advised the

Ambassador of important upcoming
events on the UNODC calendar
including the 2015 Crimes Congress to
be held in Doha, Qatar, and the Drug
Commission in March 2015, which
will prepare for the UN Special Session
of the General Assembly on Drugs.
Finally, the Director-General and the
Ambassador discussed follow-up
matters from his visit to Fiji, which he
said was a fruitful visit, and he offered
areas of cooperation that UNODC
could work with Fiji on.
While in Vienna, Ambassador met
with technical officials working on the
UN Convention Against Corruption
and will also meet with specialists in
trafficking in persons law, as well as
the Fijian community in Vienna.

Academic Says Fiji And NZ Must Rebuild Trust

An academic specialising in international relations says New Zealand and Fiji may be taking steps to re-engage but trust still needs to be rebuilt.
New Zealands Defence Minister Gerry eight years, including Russia and China.
Brownlee returned this week from a Herr says Fiji has sent officers to
visit to Fiji and says Fiji has signaled it Beijing, Moscow, India and Malaysia
is keen to resume some officer training for training so they are not necessarily
in New Zealand.
saying it will be at the same level as
The Director of the Centre for intensity where there were only limited
International and Regional Affairs at the training options.
University of Fiji, Richard Herr, says Fiji He says Fiji sees itself as having
has made new political allies in the past multiple training options now.

Provident Fund Launches Bula Wear

THE Fiji National Provident Fund

has launched a new corporate wear
for staff members as a symbol of
identity and a well-cultured working
FNPF chief executive officer Aisake
Taito said the bula corporate wear design
incorporated the fund's logo and other
Fijian artefacts in four different colours.

"The corporate bula wear symbolises a

well cultured working environment and
embrace our key values of teamwork
and commitment towards the fund.
"Having a corporate wear will also foster
a sense of unity among our staff and is
expected to enhance confidence and boost
the quality of service being rendered to the
members," he said in a statement.

Director of the Centre for International and Regional Affairs, Richard Herr

Friday Dec 19, 2014

Fiji News


Fiji Authorities Drop Sex- Border Control Cases Drop


Fiji authorities have declined to

prosecute a resort employee accused of
sexually assaulting a girl staying in the
hotel with a New Zealand family.
Fiji Police Commissioner Ben
Groenewald, Hilton Hotels and New
Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs all
confirmed a criminal case was opened
against a 19-year-old jet-ski operator.
Groenewald described it as "sexual
Groenewald told the family caring for
the high school aged girl that after a
lengthy investigation, the office of the
Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)
decided not to prosecute the case.
"Please keep in mind that the office of
the DPP is independent from the police
and we have no say in decisions taken
by them," Groenewald said.
The DPP refused to comment.
The girl's guardian has complained
about the treatment they received.
The incident late this year involved
an employee of jet-ski company,
Adrenalin, which operates out of the
Hilton on Denarau, near Nadi, with
customers billed by Hilton.
The guardian says they complained to
Hilton immediately after the girl was
"sexually assaulted by the staff".
She said the child was deeply
traumatised by what happened.

"Eventually a tourist policeman The Fiji Police Force's Border Control and Post Fiji to name a few.
arrived, no uniform, no ID, no business Unit has managed to reduce the He also said that since the inception of
card," she said.
number of reported cases at the Nadi the Border Unit in 2009, 2014 has been
No further assistance came from the International Airport by more than fifty a year of success in as far as the early
Hilton or the police.
percent this year.
detection of drugs at the airport.
The Hilton then charged them over Seventy cases were reported in 2013 and This year we have intercepted and
$1000 for the jet-ski.
this year the number has more than halved detected 7 cases of drugs and illicit
The Hilton later wrote to them but with only 30 cases reported to date.
substances at the Airport with the
would not apologise as they say 4 Border Control Unit by Commanding assistance of FRCA and Biosecurity of
Adrenalin was a contractor.
Officer and Superintendent of Police Fiji."
The general manager of Fiji Beach Resort, (SP) Jope Ralulu while briefing the The Minister was impressed with the
which is managed by Hilton, Frederic 4 Minister for Immigration, National approach taken by the Border Control
Lebegue, wrote to the family and also Security and Defence Timoci Natuva Unit in keeping our port of entries
confirmed to Stuff that they were "aware on the work carried out in their area of safe and stressed the need to look into
that an incident occurred between the operations namely the Nadi International upskilling officers based at the unit
guest and an Adrenalin team member".
Airport and the port of entries at the through local and
Adrenalin did not reply to questions Denarau and Vuda Mariners said the overseas training opportunities.
but it is understood the staff member drop was mainly due to the integrated The K-9 capabilities were also an issue
did not lose his job.
approach adopted by stakeholders who discussed considering their vital role in
A Ministry of Foreign Affairs are intent on keeping our borders safe.
the detection of cases.
spokesperson in Wellington said they Crimes such as pilferage, unruly Natuva also emphasized the importance
were aware "of an alleged incident behavior, fraud and drugs have been of equipping the unit with the relevant
of sexual assault involving a young reported at the Nadi Airport and we resources.
woman who was staying with a New have managed to reduce the number The Border Control unit is manned
Zealand family holidaying in Fiji".
of reports by working closely with all by 78 officers who look after the Nadi
Staff at the New Zealand High stakeholders such as Fiji Revenue and International Airport as well as the port
Commission in Suva had been in Customs, Airports Fiji Limited, Air of entries at the Denarau and Vuda
contact with Fiji authorities.
Terminal Services, Biosecurity of Fiji Mariners.
"If the New Zealand family have
concerns about the legal process in
Fiji, we have encouraged them to seek
legal advice or engage a lawyer to act
e-directory www.fijitimescanada.com
on their behalf."

The Fiji Times

Fiji News


Friday Dec 19 , 2014

Nausori Vendors Celebrate Fijian Pastor For Trial On

Underage-Sex Charges
75 Years Of Operation

The Nausori market celebrated 75

years of operation with a new outlook
for the development of a new market
and a bus stand next year.
Market vendors celebrated the day with
the Minister for Local Government,
Housing and Environment Praveen
Bala and other stakeholders.
I can tell you one thing now that
the very place we are standing, the
existing market, we have received very
potential expression of interest for

the development of this site and it is

around 20 to 30 million dollars worth
of investment that will take place from
next year, said minister for local
government, Praveen Bala.
Francis Dausiga, a market vendor for
30 years expressed her appreciation
towards the celebration and future
development prospects.
We feel very great that someone came in
and encouraged us and support us, spoke
to us we feel very great, Dausiga said.

Sigatoka Hospital Renovation

Nearing Completion
Senior Divisional Medical officer for
Nadroga and Navosa, Dr. Sravaniya
Dasi hosted a local media contingent to
a tour of the newly renovated hospital
The media along with various
government officials were also given
an insight into the heavy Government
investment on the facility.
The new extension will house the new
maternity unit, health offices and a
health center.

Once completed, the new extension

will enable the Sigatoka hospital to
provide better services to the people of
Nadroga and Navosa.
The opening of the new center will be
in early January.
$15 million dollars was allocated for
this year alone for the western division
for the upgrading of health facilities.
The investment is part of Governments
bid to improve health services around
the country.

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The case of a Fijian church pastor

charged with a raft of child sex offences
is set to go to trial.
Jone Conikeli, 41, appeared in the Hutt
Valley District Court, where Judge
Peter Butler permitted him to continue
on bail and ordered him to appear in
Wellington District Court in March,
ahead of a trial.
The pastor was arrested and charged
in October in relation to alleged sexual
offending against two young girls. One
was under 12 and the other under 16 at
the time.
He has pleaded not guilty to charges
including rape, assault with intent
to rape, and indecent assault. Police
confiscated his passport to prevent him
returning to Fiji.
Conikeli is a pastor at the Wellington
chapter of the Kingdom Ambassadors
International Fellowship, a splinter
group of the All Nations Christian
Fellowship (ANCF), which originated
in Fiji.
The leader of the ANCF has recently
been freed from jail in Fiji for a sex

SEX CHARGES: Paston Jone

Conikeli outside Hutt Valley District
Epeli Ratabacaca, a former military
officer, was jailed for two years with
a non-parole period of 15 months on
November 14, 2012, after he was found
guilty of sexually assaulting a woman
at a spa in Suva.




Sigatoka hospital
nearing completion


Fiji News

Friday Dec 19, 2014

Public Accounts Committee

The Public Accounts Committee has
agreed to decide on issues pertaining
to making final decisions on the
contents of Auditor Generals Reports
by consensus that are to be put before
The Public Accounts Committee have
held their final meeting of the year and
Chairman Dr Biman Prasad expressed
satisfaction that the relevant Auditor
Generals Report pending have now
been made available to the Committee.
Good governance is absolutely
important for any country as part of
achieving accountability, transparency
to the people of a country, Dr. Prasad
With indications from the Auditor
Generals Office that 89 reports are still
pending within it, Dr Biman Prasad
says, the Public Accounts Committee
will look into the 2007, 2008 and 2009
which are already in their possession
when it resumes on February 26.
Theres been a lot of work already
done and what were going to do is use
that report as a basis for our own report
and in fact look at those reports and
if we feel enough work already been
done, we might make some changes to
it then present that to the Parliament,
he said.


55,000 To Benefit From

Cuvu Health Centre

Dr Biman also says, that he now has a

by-partisan Committee who has a good
understanding about their role and
expectations of the people.
As a Chairman I was very pleased
with the comments and the issues and
the contribution of all members of
the Committee including government
members, he added.
The Public Accounts Committee aims
to table its findings on the 2007 to 2009
Auditor Generals Reports by end of 6
February 2015 and table their findings
on the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 by
end of March.
Next year we will also have 2014
report coming to us, hopefully by June
The new $1.3 million Cuvu health centre
or July, Dr. Biman said.
could help save the lives of residents in
the Nadroga-Navosa province.
The health centre which will be in
full operation in the second week of
January will cater for the around seven
thousand people.
Constructed over the last two years,
such an investment will improve health
service to the people of Nadroga and
Nadroga/Navosa has a population
of 55,000 people and there is a need
Biman Prasad
to distribute the health services to the
area that is very populated and Cuvu

is an upcoming tourism destination in

the western division and also growth
centre, said acting commissioner for
the western division, Luke Moroivalu.
A doctor and five nurses will be
stationed at the Cuvu health centre.
We got a got a huge turnover of
commuters traveling on the Queens
highway and those are also our
beneficiaries. We also got our schools,
resorts, our villages. We got 14 villages
and 14 settlements who will be using
these services. So these are going to be
our beneficiaries, said sub divisional
medical officer, Dr. Sravaniya Dasi.


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Fiji News

Friday Dec 19, 2014

New Wellington To Fiji

Flight 8Announced


NZ Rebuilds Relationship
With Newly Democratic Fiji

New Zealand is rebuilding defence "They have been very warm to the
ties to Fiji, with aerial surveillance and approaches we made and are keen to
officer training set to resume early next re-engage but they have also said 'we
were out in the cold for eight years
Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee is in and during that time China, India and
Suva for talks with counterpart Timoci Malaysia filled a gap' and they are not
Natuva and Foreign Minister Ratu going to walk away from that simply
Inoke Kubuabola.
because we are back on the scene," he
8 Sanctions imposed after a 2006 coup, said.
which included a travel ban on Fiji Brownlee said he offered two or three
military, were lifted following elections places at officer cadet school, from
8 in September.
January. "They are very keen to explore
The island nation is strategic to security that. We are looking at some places for
in the region, and as Western nations their people in the command college,
pulled away the military increasingly for post officer training," he added.
turned to China.
Aerial surveillance by the P-3 Orion
Brownlee said rebuilding the strained fleet, out of Fiji, is likely to resume in
relationship is "pretty important" after February.
the military government came to an end. Brownlee laid a wreath at the Fijian
Fiji Airways and Wellington Airport have announced a new route from
"Fiji is very important to the general National War Memorial. He was
Wellington to Nadi.
stability of the Pacific," he said. But accompanied by Vice Chief of Defence
Wellingtonians will be able to fly makers and everyone visiting family Chinese influence in the region is not Force Air Vice Marshal Kevin Short
"a prime driver" for re-establishing and deputy secretary Tony Lynch and
directly to Fiji from June, on the first and friends."
returns tomorrow.
year-round service directly to the The service would provide connecting ties.
holiday destination.
opportunities throughout the Pacific,
Fiji Airways and Wellington Airport as well as to North America via Fiji
announced the new route would fly Airways' new A330 aircraft.
directly from Wellington to Nadi, Wellington residents travelling to Fiji
operating twice a week.
and to the United States have grown by
The new service would add up to more than 20 per cent over the last two
34,000 seats to Wellington's market, years.
beginning from June 25 and operating United States visitors travelling to
on Thursdays and Sundays.
Wellington, meanwhile, have increased
Wellington Airport chief executive by 35 per cent over the same period.
Steve Sanderson said Fiji Airways Mayor Celia Wade Brown said
would be the first airline to offer a year the service would be an excellent
round service directly from Wellington connection to and from the United
to the Pacific Islands.
"We have worked with Fiji Airways for Fiji Airways managing director and
a number of years on the opportunity chief executive Stefan Pichler said the
the Wellington market presents and are new route reflected its commitment to
delighted they have committed to the the New Zealand market.
region," Sanderson said.
Fiji Airways has been operating since NORMALISING RELATIONS: Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee, is in Suva
"This service will be extremely popular 1951 and was previously named Air
for talks with his Fijian counterparts.
both here and in Fiji, for holiday Pacific.

Consumer Council Advises Nabua Mall To Create 100

Consumers To Be Vigilant

Consumers are advised to be extra

careful of misleading advertisements
during this festive season.
Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila
Kumar says, consumers often fall prey
during this time of the year.
Kumar says, sellers must take
responsibility and sell products
according to the price advertised, unless,
prior corrections have been made.
Also, the Consumer Council of Fiji has
recorded a total of 1,921 complaints as
of the middle of last month.
Premila Kumar says, the complaints

have been valued at around 3.2 million

The Consumer watchdog was able to
recover at least $1.6 million dollars
through mediation.
Kumar says, the two highest recorded
complaints received was when Sky
Pacific removed some of its channels
and complaints on mobile products and
The third highest recorded complaints
was related to the quality of electronic
goods where consumers found faults
after purchasing the items.

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More than 100 jobs are expected to

be created upon the completion of a
shopping mall at Ratu Mara Road in
Nabua which was previously operating
as Superfood Supermarket.
Businessman, Charan Jeath Singh said
the construction of the shopping mall is
expected to take 50 weeks.

Singh said the entire three storey

complex will have 17 shops and a
supermarket including a food court and
corporate offices.
Singh said the entire project will cost
more than $4 million.
He added 15 people are currently
employed at the site.

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


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Fiji News


Opposition Questions
Replacement Of Former

The Opposition has called on Prime

Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to look
into the decision earlier this week that
saw major management changes at Fiji
This is after the replacement of Fiji TV
chief executive officer Tevita Gonelevu
and Head of Content Tanya Waqanika.
In a joint statement the Opposition
alleges the pair were removed from
The Prime Minister for iTaukei affairs
must institute an inquiry into the senior
management of Fijian Holdings to
ascertain if there is collusion between
the senior management and any
senior member of his government
because there is clearly interference
in commercial operations of FHL and

its entity Fiji TV, NFP leader Biman

Prasad said.
It is important that if we reflect
ourselves back into our constitution
we can actually identify that there are
conditions that clearly stipulates that
everyone here in fiji has the right to
compete in the commercial sector of
this country but the recent events have
actually doing the reverse of all, added
Opposition WHIP Ratu Isoa Tikoca.
However Fiji FHL Board Chairman
Iowane Naiveli has said that the
decision was strictly a commercial one
aimed at securing a longer term license
for the television company and its 200
odd employees.
Naiveli has also strongly denied any
political interference.

Fiji-NZ Ties Bilateral


Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu

Inoke Kubuabola has reassured his
New Zealand counterpart of Fiji's
commitment to normalising bilateral
relations and defence co-operation
between the two countries.
This after he met New Zealand Defence
Minister Gerry Brownlee early this
Ratu Inoke labeled the meeting
"positive" where he informed Mr
Brownlee that Fiji was looking forward
to the renewal of this co-operation.
The resumption of this co-operation,
according to a statement released by
the Department of Information, will
also signal the full removal of the
sanctions imposed on Fiji.
With the increasing security challenges,
Ratu Inoke believed there was a real
need for enhanced engagement on
defence and security.
He appreciated New Zealand's active
role in promoting disarmament and

The two ministers acknowledged

their shared commitment to regional
and world security by providing
peacekeepers in troubled areas around
the world.
Both agreed that Fiji and New Zealand
are coastal states with vast maritime
boundaries, which needed constant
surveillance, especially with the rise of
illegal fishing.
Ratu Inoke also expressed Fiji's
appreciation on the capacity building
initiatives provided by New Zealand
in areas of disaster relief, humanitarian
co-operation, maritime security and
transnational crime.
He saluted the 31 brave sons of New
Zealand who were interred here at the
Fiji National War Memorial in Suva.
In the statement, he said Fiji and New
Zealand shared a close relationship
dating back to World War I when the
Royal New Zealand Air Force operated
a base at Suva Point until they withdrew
in 1964.

Friday Dec 19 , 2014

Australia Donates 6 New Infant

Warmers Donated To CWM

Six new infant warmers were donated

to the CWM hospital by the Australian
High Commission in an effort to reduce
infant and premature deaths.
During the handover this morning,
Margaret Twomey said many deaths
in babies take place because the
infants cannot maintain enough body
temperature on their own especially
when they are prematurely born.
Twomey said the infant warmers are

designed to address this problem.

Apart from the new infant warmers,
laboratory testing equipment worth
$280,000 was handed to the Hospital
and the laboratory was also refurbished.
Twomey added that with the dengue
outbreak late last year in Fiji, the new lab
equipment such as Media Preparator and
bacteria Alert Chamber will enable the
Ministry of Health to accurately identify
cases like typhoid and dengue fever,
ensuring that patients receive timely care.

Australian High Commissioner Margaret Twomey

Friday Dec 19 , 2014



Create Your Own Menu For Any Parties At A Reasonable Rate

In House DJ For
Karaoke NIGHTS

Family Parties
Small Weddings

Pravin Kumar


e Out
at In










Seatings for

Traditional Fijian-Indian Cuisine

Fijis Exotic Restaurant & Banquet Hall

8653 120th Street, Delta BC
Contact Angie @ Ph: 778.593.0512
Cell: 778.378.6474

Fiji Pine Pays $510,000

Bonus To Employees

Fijian President Receives

New Vietnam Envoy To Fiji

Need a Doctor!!

His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau with the Ambassador of
Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Fiji, Mr Nguyen Viet Dung and Mrs Dung at
Government House

Executive chairman Faiz Khan said the

payment was accounted for the year
end and unused sick leave bonuses.
We are heading towards a record year
of profits, Mr Khan said.
We have achieved most of our targets
and it is only fair that the employees
share in the good and the bad times
with the company.
Mr Khan said everyone had put in a
tremendous effort towards changing the
culture and mindset towards productivity,
cost efficiency, sense of ownership, and
sustainability of the businesses.
This bonus is timely and will go a long

way in making this a Merry Christmas

for our employees, he added.
However, in reflecting upon the year
gone he added: We remind ourselves
that the forest fires brought by the
drought we faced destroyed around
500 hectares of our young plantations.
In a period where our men and women
are working hard to return the pine
industry to sustainability, this has been
a major setback.
Our challenges have just become
bigger, with the help of our team, so has
our resolve against these challenges,
Mr Khan said.

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Call 604.277.0988

The new non-resident Ambassador of

Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Fiji,
Mr Nguyen Viet Dung presented his
letters of credential at Government
House to His Excellency the President
Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.
Mr Dung is a career diplomat and
his tertiary qualifications include a
Bachelors of International Relations
from the Diplomatic Academy, Ha Noi.
He has undergone management
training from the Ho Chi Minh

National Academy of Politics and

Public Administration.
Mr Dung began his diplomatic career
as the desk officer at the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Vietnam and moved
up the ranks.
He has represented his country in
Canada and was the Director General at
Vietnams Ministry of Foreign Affairs
prior to his diplomatic appointment.
The new non-resident ambassador will
be based in New Zealand.


Fiji News


Friday Dec 19 , 2014

Fijian Peacekeepers To Move Fijian Prime Minister Receives

From Syria To Lebanon
Senior USA Army Official
Bainimarama received the United States
Pacific Army Deputy Commander,
Major General James Pasquarette.
General Pasquarette who is here in Fiji
on a 2-day visit is leading a delegation
from the US Pacific Army.

More than a hundred Fijian

peacekeepers serving with the United
Nations Disengagement Observer
Force (UNDOF) on the Golan Heights
will be deployed to Lebanon in the
near future.
Speaking at the RFMF Commanders
Parade, Brigadier General Mosese
Tikoitoga said the troops will join
the United Nations Interim Force in
Lebanon (UNIFIL) as early as the end
of the month.
There are preparations underway to
commence peacekeeping efforts with
UNIFIL. Towards the end of the year
or early next year, we will deploy men
from Golan Heights to Lebanon, he
Commander Tikoitoga added that the
RFMF has had a long and distinguished
history of more than 20 years in
I am grateful for the opportunity that

we have been given to go back there,

Commander Tikoitoga said, but we
will also need to prepare ourselves
physically and mentally as next year
the RFMF will be engaged in peace
keeping operations in Iraq, Egypt,
Syria and Lebanon.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama,
who visited the troops on the Golan
Heights earlier this month during
his overseas tour, commended the
RFMF for expanding its commitment
to international peacekeeping by rejoining the mission in Lebanon.
For more than 30 years, Fiji has
responded to the call of the UN to serve
on peacekeeping missions around the
globe. It is the source of great national
pride that we are able to make a
meaningful contribution to protecting
the vulnerable and securing peace
in some of the worlds most troubled
regions, the Prime Minister said.

$68.7M Increase

THE estimated value of Fiji's export of

services in the third quarter of this year
was $697.4million.
And according to the Fiji Bureau
of Statistics, this was an increase of
$68.7m (10.9 per cent) when compared
with the corresponding quarter last year.
Waqavonovono said the estimated
value of service imported in the same
period was $298m, an increase of
$29.7m (11.1 per cent) when compared
with the September quarter of last year.
"The trade in service surplus for the
September quarter of 2014 amounted
to $399.4m, $39m more than the
September quarter of 2013 surplus of
$360.4m," he said.
Services that recorded a surplus, he
said, included the travel services with
a surplus of $379.2m, an increase of

$25.5m when compared with same

quarter last year reflecting higher
earnings from tourism.
He said government services also
recorded a surplus of $64.3m, an
increase of $23.8m when compared with
the same quarter last year and resulted
from an increase in funds received by
international agencies based in Fiji.
Higher earnings from goods processed
in Fiji recorded a surplus of $7.2m
in the manufacturing services. Data
also showed a surplus of $1.8m in the
financial services.
However, he said, services that recorded
a loss included insurance services with
$21.2m, $13.7m for telecommunication,
computer and information service,
$9.9m for other business services,
$5.6m for transportation, $1.2m for
construction services.

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In a courtesy call to the head of

government, General Pasquarette
Bainimarama for Fiji-USA relations.
Environmental Officer, Jason Brenden,
accompanied General Pasquarette.


25 years old
Professional Chef
From Fiji Islands
Well settled Fijian family seeking a suitable
match for their son. He is 25 years old, 5 8 tall,
medium complexion. He is professionally
employed as a chef in Fiji.
Looking for a Indo Fijian girl in Canada between
the age of 20 - 25 years old.
Religion has no barrier as long as can be
For Further information Contact Ragani at:

Fiji News


Attracting and retaining the best

international talent to fill skills
shortages in key occupations is critical
to Canadas economic success.

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Respond to
Canadas need
for immigrants.
Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at www.ashtoncollege.com or
contact a program adviser at 604.899.0803.

604.899.0803 | 1.866.759.6006
Ashton College

we build careers

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Television Draw For First

30 For NZ Seasonal Jobs

The draw for the names of the first 30

people to take part in the Recognised
Seasonal Employers (RSE) Scheme to
work in New Zealand will be televised
The Minister for Employment,
Productivity and Industrial Relations,
Jioji Konrote said it was to ensure
This is Government champions
transparency and we want to televise
the drawing of the names for all Fijians
to witness as this is the fairest way to
launch this scheme, Mr Konrote said.
He said only the names submitted
to the National Employment Centre
(NEC) would be in the draw.
Mr Konrote said NEC was the only
recruiting agent because the RSE was a
Government project and it would make
sure that it was successful.
As of Thursday, he said, they had
completed the set of criteria to be
followed in the selection. New Zealand,

he said, wanted thousands of workers

and so far the NEC had received more
than 5000 applications.
There will be no special treatment
to anyone. All the names will be in a
barrel for the draw.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
will draw the names.
He said the National Employment Centre
was the only official place to register.
I advise the people of Fiji not to
register or give money to any agency
or person for the seasonal workers
scheme because this is unlawful.
For the seasonal workers to Australia,
the Minister said he met a group last
week and they had brought some local
recruiting agents.
I told them that the only recruiting
agent for the seasonal workers is the
National Employment Centre.
He said these recruiting agents usually
levy charges but for the NEC there
would be no charges.

154 Recruits Join The


154 recruits graduated into the Fiji

Police Force.
For these 154 officers, the pass out
parade sees their initiation into the
Police fraternity.
These police officers are now ready to
serve the nation a service that is not
Remember, that Policing has always
been more than just a job and as
a consequence which grants those
commitments to the nation of public
service and safety. It is this self instinct
and dedication to duty that often leads
to Police officers putting themselves in
harms way to protect others, said the
minister for defense, Timoci Natuva.
Family, the Police fraternity and guests,
were present at the pass out.
Six months of training equipping these
officers to meet the demand for better
services from the Force.
Services that will be closely monitored

As you undertake your new role,

however note that every aspect of
your performance will be monitored.
Nothing but the highest of expectation
will be on you to show our nation in an
outstanding manner, said the minister
for defense.
The new recruits will be stationed
around the country.
Wearing a Police uniform makes you
powerful but when you discharge your
duties never take things recklessly or
subject yourself to bad influence,
Natuva added.
Of the 154 recruits, 49 are women.
We have already gone past the 20%
level that we have within the force
and you see that most of the women
officers will now be aspiring to some
of the senior officers such as madam
Unaisi Vuniwaqa who is now the acting
commissioner of Police, added police
spokesperson, Ana Naisoro.



Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Friday Dec 19 , 2014




Canada News

Friday Dec 19 , 2014

New Food Waste Disposal Canada Seeks 50 Millionaire

Immigrant Investors Under
Rules Go Into Effect In
Pilot Program
Metro Vancouver Jan. 1

Metro Vancouver is ramping up its

enforcement on food disposal on Jan.
Residents and businesses will be
expected to separate food waste from
regular garbage.
The organics disposal ban will focus
on large food waste generators, such
as supermarkets, major restaurants
and hotels. Slow decomposition of
food waste in landfills is one of the
largest sources of methane in Metro
Vancouver and the city wants to curb
greenhouse gas production.
Garbage will be checked at regional
disposal facilities and inspectors will
flag loads of waste consisting of more
that 25 per cent food.
Officials will remind haulers of the
organics disposal ban and provide
information encouraging them to
comply with the new rules.
After July 1, waste haulers will be
charged an additional 50 per cent of the

cost of disposal for loads of garbage

with excessive food waste.
Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste
Committee Chair Malcolm Brodie said
far too much food waste ends up in
Almost a third of the food we buy
ends up in the garbage so by simply
reducing the amount of food we waste
and recycling our scraps we can keep
tonnes of food out of the landfill.
Roughly 95 per cent of single-family
homes in Metro Vancouver have
curbside collection of food and garden
Brodie said the biggest opportunity to
reduce organic material in landfills will
come from companies that generate
large volumes of food waste and
residents of multi-family complexes.
We recognize there may be unique
challenges initially for some businesses
and this phased approach is intended to
help resolve any issues, he said.

Canada and the United States have

announced a joint aviation security
measure that allows faster security
screening for Canadian trusted
travellers who are on their way to the
Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says that
in addition to passengers who hold
their Nexus Card, trusted passengers
will now also include members of
the Global Entry program in the
United States, uniformed air crew, and
members of the Canadian and U.S.
Armed Forces.
In Canada, these passengers will be
able to access dedicated Canadian Air
Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
security screening lines. They will not
have to remove their shoes, belts and
coats, and will be allowed to keep their
liquids in their carry-on bags as they
pass through, Raitt said.
The program has already rolled out at
four major Canadian airports: Toronto,
Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.
What these lines do is they essentially
provide a faster screening process
because these travellers have been
assessed as lower risk, Raitt told a
news conference held Wednesday
morning at Torontos Pearson
International Airport.
They go through a very diligent
background check to ensure that they
are indeed trusted travellers.
This dedicated lane will mean that the
whole system will move quicker, Raitt
said, particularly for passengers who
are not members of these programs and

still have to go through the arduous,

timely security screening process.
Having a dedicated lane for trusted
travellers means that all passengers
will then be able to move through
security and to their destinations more
quickly, Raitt said.
Its a smart way of dealing with
Canadian airports are coping with an
increase in passenger numbers of 4 per
cent per year, Raitt said, so dealing with
overall traveller flow is a top priority.
However, she could not say exactly how
much time the travellers going through
conventional screening will save.
Security screeners working those lines,
she added, will be able to focus on
identifying high-risk passengers.
Meanwhile, the government also
announced that upgraded kiosks have
been installed in all Canadian airports
where passengers can travel using their
Nexus card to help those travellers
clear customs more quickly.
More kiosks have also been installed
at some airports to accommodate the
1.1 million Canadians who have Nexus
These upgraded kiosks will provide
faster, more reliable and efficient
service, the government said.
Raitt also announced a new online holiday
toolkit for Canadian families who may be
travelling in the coming weeks.
HolidayTravel, has information for
travellers ranging from border wait
times to vaccination advice.

Canada Opens Faster

Airport Security Screening
To 'Trusted Passengers'

Immigration officials also set to launch pilot program to help Canadians

sponsor their spouses
The Canadian government will give processing times.
permanent residency to approximately "Citizenship and Immigration Canada
50 millionaire immigrant investors and will take the necessary steps to
their families under a pilot program set speed up processing for work permit
to begin in the new year.
applicants in the inland spousal class
Under the Immigrant Investor Venture while maintaining program integrity,"
Capital pilot program announced Kevin Mnard told CBC News in an
Tuesday, each investor will be required email.
to make a non-guaranteed investment "This pilot program will ensure that,
of $2 million over 15 years and have a during the processing period, applicants
net worth of $10 million.
will be able to work, provide for their
"Through the launch of this pilot families and contribute to the Canadian
program, we are attracting investors economy.
who can make a significant investment 'Cash for citizenship'
and who have the education and proven The Immigrant Investor Venture
business or investment experience Capital (IIVC) pilot program comes
necessary to achieve success in after the government scrapped both the
Canada," Immigration Minister Chris immigrant investor program and the
Alexander said in a news release entrepreneur program earlier this year.
Launched in 1986, the immigrant
"The funds will be invested in investor program offered visas to
innovative Canadian-based start-ups business people with a net worth of
with high growth potential."
at least $1.6 million who were willing
Industry Minister James Moore said to lend $800,000 to the Canadian
the pilot program was part of Canada's government for a term of five years.
efforts "to attract experienced business The government said it cancelled the
leaders to Canada while leveraging immigrant investor program which
their business expertise and personal critics had described as "cash for
citizenship" because it had been
The government said it will begin riddled with fraud.
accepting applications under the pilot The program had also been put on
project in late January.
hold in 2012 due to a huge backlog of
This is the second pilot program applications.
announced by Alexander's office this Thousands of millionaires who had
been waiting for permanent residency
The government announced Monday it under the program sued the federal
will be launching a one year pilot project government after it wiped out the
to help the spouses of Canadians who backlog of applications.
have applied for permanent residency. A Federal Court judge ruled against
The announcement came after the the more than 1,000 would-be investor
CBC Go Public team reported that immigrants in June.
thousands of Canadian families are The government promises to have
living in limbo, unable to work and more details once the pilot programs
without health coverage, due to lengthy are launched.

YVR Shows Off Items

Surrendered In One Week

Security officials at Vancouver's airport are expecting this December to be its

busiest on record
Security officials at Vancouver's YVR with friends outside the screening area,
airport are expecting this December to storing or mailing them at airports or
be its busiest on record and are urging surrendering them for disposal.
travellers to follow security procedures.
On Tuesday, they displayed items
surrendered by travellers over the past
week, in a bid to show what is and
isn't acceptable onboard.
The Canadian Air Transport Security
Authority, which is responsible for
screening baggage for banned items,
says on their website that officers do
not have the authority to confiscate
banned items.
Travellers instead have the option of
taking them to their car, leaving them


Canada News

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Average Pump Price Goes Below $1 For First Time

Since Summer Of 2010

The average cost of a litre of gasoline

in Canada has dropped below $1 for
the first time in nearly four and a half
years, according to price monitoring
website GasBuddy.com.
While many locations across the
country have seen prices below
that mark for a couple of weeks,
Thursday was the first time since
Aug. 30, 2010, that the average
dipped to 99.9 cents.
In a statement, the website operator
says Thursday also marked the 77th
consecutive day that the national

average has declined.

GasBuddy says average prices are
about 28 per cent below the peak of
$1.39.3, reached on June 22.
To put that in perspective for the
average motorist using 80 litres of
gasoline per week, the savings between
the June peak price and Thursdays
average works out to between $35 and
$40 weekly.
The milestone may be short-lived,
however, as prices are expected to
increase by up to two cents per litre in
many parts of the country by today.

Edmonton Issues Warning B.C. Wine To Line Grocery

Against Ubers Free Service
Shelves In Spring 2015

The controversial ride-sharing company

Uber is launching in Edmonton by
offering its first rides for free, but city
staff are warning Edmontonians to be
wary of the unlicensed service.
The City of Edmonton has promised to
ticket drivers and the company if Uber
rolls out its regular UberX service
when the free deal ends.
Safety is a concern whether they are
free or not, said Garry Dziwenka, the
citys director of licensing and vehicles
for hire. We consider Uber a bandit
Uber drivers would be fined $1,000
each time they are caught. The
company would also be fined $1,000
under the bylaw governing vehicles for
hire, plus $400 for operating without
an appropriate business licence.
Applying for a court injunction to stop
Uber from operating is also an option,
said Dziwenka.
UberX works by connecting people
looking for a ride with ordinary citizens
using their own vehicles as a taxi. Uber
also has services to flag off-duty taxis
and limos.
Customers sign up with their name,
email, phone number and credit card.
After using their phone to request a ride,
they get a picture of the driver, details of
the car and an average rating from every
person who has used that driver before.
They can also see the drivers location
in real time as the car approaches.
The Uber app is live and free rides
are available which started at 10 a.m.
Jeff Weshler, general manager of
regional expansion for Uber Canada,
wouldnt say how long the free rides
will be available, nor would he say if
Uber will be available for paid rides

Weve done it in different cities at

different times, Weshler said. Its
varied from a weekend to a week,
sometimes more. We want to make sure
people are able to give the platform a
As for when the company will launch
Uber service, Weshler would only
say, were really excited about the
Dziwenka said the citys main concern
is safety.
Uber says it requires a criminal record
check with the Edmonton Police
Service and the RCMP, but the city has
no role ensuring that is done correctly
and any black marks on the record are
taken seriously.
If you want a true safety check, you
dont leave it with the person who has
something to gain, he said.
Uber operates in 260 cities worldwide
but has run into trouble in the past. In
New Delhi, a woman sparked antiUber protests when she accused an
Uber driver of rape. The company was
banned from the city days later for
operating under an invalid permit.
Then on Thursday, police in Boston
announced charges against an Uber
driver for allegedly kidnapping and
sexually assaulting a female passenger.
The companys head office has since
promised to improve driver screening.
Weshler said safety and accountability
are built into the system because
passengers are identified with a
preauthorized credit card number.
Drivers are screened and then rated by
customers after every ride.
There are no anonymous pickups,
said Weshler. You know who your
driver is. Your driver knows who you
are. Theres accountability built into
the experience, he said.

The Fiji Times e-directory www.fijitimescanada.com

Grocery stores will be able to stock 100%

B.C. wine on their shelves as early as April
1, 2015, creating new opportunities for
B.C. wineries, supporting B.C.s homegrown economy and addressing calls for
added convenience from consumers.
The second phase of the liquor-in-grocery
model will allow existing VQA stores
and independent wine stores to relocate
or transfer their licence to an eligible
grocery store as long as the licence is
only used to sell 100% B.C. wine. Of
note, these licences are not subject to
the one-kilometre restrictions, allowing
more flexibility and choice of locations
when moving into a grocery store.
In addition, and in an effort to further
support made-in-B.C. products, a
limited number of new licences will
also be made available specifically
for the 100% B.C. wine-on-shelves
model. Details on these licences will
be available in the new year.
To ensure continued health and public
safety protections, all off-the-shelf
wine transactions will need to be done
at designated registers, staffed by
employees who have Serving It Right
certification and are at least 19 years old.
Eligibility for grocery stores that sell
100% B.C. wine off the shelves will
align with the store-within-a-store
model criteria maintaining a minimum
of 10,000 sq. ft. and approximately 75%
focus on food products and service.
Suzanne Anton, Attorney General
and Minister of Justice
Our wine-on-shelves model is unique
to B.C., and strikes a balance between
the enhanced convenience and choice
for consumers and the promise we made
to protect health and public safety.
Supporting B.C.s economy and local
wine producers through the promotion
and sales of made-in-B.C. products is a
driving force for government, and this
model is one of the many ways that
we are changing B.C.s liquor laws to
grow local businesses in this province.
This model focuses on common sense
changes that will give the people of
British Columbia the convenience

of being able to grab a bottle of wine

off the shelf with their groceries
while at the same time supporting the
burgeoning B.C. wine industry.
John Yap, Parliamentary Secretary
for Liquor Policy Reform
Creating a strong system of support for
B.C. wineries is an important move by
government, and including a model centred
on 100% B.C. products when responding
to one of the most popular Liquor Review
Policy recommendations is a winning
combination. This phased-in approach will
give liquor retailers an opportunity to look
at their existing model, to see if this is a
model they want to adopt.
John Skinner, director of Terroir BC
and owner of Painted Rock Estate
100% B.C. grown and made wines have
become one of our provinces largest
and fastest growing industries, and have
garnered attention both at home and
within the international community.
By sharing these wines through our
provinces grocers, we stand to expand
the accessibility of the wines of B.C.
with a new group of wine-lovers. Food
and wine are so closely intertwined and
embraced by British Columbians that this
partnership is a natural progression for our
provinces burgeoning wine industry.
Eugene Kwan, co-owner, Chaberton
Estate Winery
The B.C. wine industry is entering into
a new era of winemaking and offering
B.C. winemakers an opportunity to
shine is a positive move by government
for industry. As a winery using local
grapes, were excited to be a part of this
change, and look forward to seeing this
new market create more places where
we can make our wines available to
British Columbians.
Quick Facts:
Maximum hours of liquor sales for
grocery stores will be the same as
other liquor retailers: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
If independent wine stores choose
to transfer or relocate their licence
to a grocery store to sell wine off
the shelves, the licence will be
restricted to 100% B.C. wine.


Friday Dec 19 , 2014







GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604. 277. 0988


World News

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Bill Cosby Won't Be Charged Northern White Rhino Dies

Over 1974 Molestation Claim At San Diego Zoo; Only 5

Woman accused Cosby of forcing her to perform sex act at Playboy Mansion
Los Angeles prosecutors on Tuesday certain crimes, but found no way that
declined to file any charges against Bill Cosby could be legally prosecuted.
Cosby after a woman recently claimed The statute of limitations for filing a
the comedian molested her around misdemeanour case is one year; the
statute of limitations for a felony sex
The rejection of a child sexual abuse crime committed in 1974 was three
charge by prosecutors came roughly 10 years, according to the prosecutors'
days after the woman, Judy Huth, met analysis.
with Los Angeles police detectives for An email message sent to Huth's
90 minutes.
attorney, Gloria Allred, was not
The Los Angeles County District immediately returned. Cosby's attorney,
Attorney's Office rejected filing a Marty Singer, did not immediately
misdemeanour charge of annoying or return a message seeking comment.
molesting a child under the age of 18 Huth is one of at least 15 women
because the statute of limitations had who have come forward since early
November with claims that Cosby
Days before Huth spoke to police, she sexually assaulted them decades ago.
accused Cosby in a civil lawsuit of Most of the women say they were
forcing her to perform a sex act on him drugged before they were assaulted.
in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion She is one of two women suing
when she was 15 years old. Cosby's Cosby; a second woman is suing for
attorney said that Huth attempted to defamation.
extort $250,000 from the comedian Cosby has never been charged in
before she sued and that she'd connection with any of the allegations.
attempted to sell her story to a tabloid A 2005 lawsuit by a Pennsylvania
a decade ago.
woman was settled before it went to
Cosby is seeking a dismissal of Huth's trial.
lawsuit, arguing it is blocked by the Since the allegations emerged, Cosby's
statute of limitations.
career has unravelled, with nearly a
Huth told police that Cosby molested dozen performances cancelled in his
her and that she had no further contact ongoing standup comedy tour. NBC
with him after the incident, according to has said it will not move forward
a summary of her allegations included with a Cosby sitcom that was under
with the prosecutor's decision.
development, and Netflix indefinitely
In rejecting the case, prosecutors postponed a special that was set to
evaluated the charge Cosby would premiere last month.
have faced in 1974. Prosecutors took Cosby's attorneys have denied some of
into account legislative changes that the allegations and dismissed others as
extend the statute of limitations for decades old and "discredited."

Left Worldwide

A northern white rhino has died at

a San Diego zoo, leaving only five
worldwide and bringing the species
closer to extinction.
Angalifu, 44, died of old age Sunday at
the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced
that Angalifu, one of six remaining
northern white rhinos in the world,
died Sunday.
With Angalifus passing, only five
northern white rhinos are left on the
planet, including Nola, our elderly
female, the zoo said in a statement.
He was one of a handful of northern
white rhinos left worldwide, including
a few at a wildlife conservancy in
Kenya. There are no known northern
white rhinos left in the wild.
Northern white rhinos and southern

white rhinos are different subspecies

Last year, the International Union for
Conservation of Nature declared the
northern white rhino as teetering on
the brink of extinction.
Rhinos are killed by poachers almost
exclusively for their horns, which sell
for tens of thousands of dollars.
Experts say that rhino horn is becoming
more lucrative than drugs. The demand
is driven primarily by buyers in East
Asia, who believe it cures a series of
Organized crime syndicates are using
military-grade helicopters, nightvision equipment and guns fitted
with silencers, taking rhino poaching
to a whole new level and leaving
conservationists struggling to keep up.

Pakistan Massacre - Journalist Describes 'Horror Movie

Scene' In Peshawar School After Taliban Attack Kills 141
A freelance journalist has described
"horror movie scenes" in the classrooms
and auditorium where 132 children
were slaughtered by Taliban militants.
International journalists were allowed
access to the scene of the attack in
Peshawar where 141 people were
killed, and Almeena Ahmed, a
freelance journalist based in Pakistan,
said she had never seen so much blood.
"We were led up some steps into the
main auditorium, there was blood
running all the way up the steps and we
thought that was pretty gruesome but it
didn't prepare us for what was inside,"
she said.
"We were walking around and there
were dark, dried pools of blood, body
parts, books, glasses, remnants of I don't
know what, it felt like it was a horror
movie scene. It just didn't feel real.
"There was so much blood, I can't
recall seeing so much blood before and
the smell is very hard to describe, a
smell of death, which has stayed with
me all day."
Journalists were told that 100 children

were killed in the auditorium, where a

first aid lesson was happening.
It was the first place militants targeted
and they fired indiscriminately at the
They were then taken to a second
compound where it was believed
a firefight took place between the
militants and army commandos.
"I've never actually witnessed the
aftermath of a suicide bomb before
and three militants effectively blew
themselves up there," Ms Ahmed said.
"There was a huge crater in the concrete
walls, it was a sight to behold, the
devastation to concrete is one thing and
the devastation to human flesh another.
It's just unbearable."
The freelance journalist said she was
told the story of the school principal
who ran to the bathroom for cover, but
there was a suicide attacker waiting
"He lobbed a grenade into the bathroom,
blew her up and then subsequently
blew himself up," she said.
Ms Ahmed said people in Peshawar

were still in shock over the attack, with

the usually chaotic and bustling city
virtually empty.
"Shock is an understatement, even for
a country like Pakistan which is sadly

hardened to these sort of attacks," she

"What happened yesterday has deeply,
deeply scarred the people of this



World News

Friday Dec 19 , 2014

India Launches Largest Rocket Tributes Flow For Victims Killed

In Lindt Cafe Siege In Sydney
And Unmanned Capsule

India has successfully launched its

largest rocket and an unmanned
capsule which could send astronauts
into space.
Satellite Launch Vehicle (MK III)
blasted off from Sriharikota in the
southern state of Andhra Pradesh on
Thursday morning.
The new rocket will be able to carry
heavier satellites into space.
India has successfully launched lighter
satellites in recent years, but has faced
problems sending up heavier payloads.
The new rocket is capable of carrying
communication satellites weighing
4,000kg, reports say, meaning India
will not have to rely on foreign
launchers to do so.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted
after the launch: "Successful launch of
GSLV MK-III is yet another triumph of
brilliance & hard work of our scientists.
Congrats to them for the efforts."

K Radhakrishnan, chairman of
the Indian Space and Research
Organization (Isro), said the launch
marked a "very significant day in
India's space history".
The rocket's main cargo was an Indianmade capsule capable of carrying two
to three astronauts into space.
Isro said the capsule has "safely
splashed down into Bay of Bengal off
Andaman and Nicobar Islands" and
that the experiment was successful.
Isro has sought funding from the
government to send its astronauts into
space and the successful launch could
be the first step towards boosting its
claim, correspondents say.
India is emerging as a major player in
the multi-billion dollar space market
and has undertaken several missions.
In September, it successfully put
a satellite into orbit around Mars,
becoming the fourth nation or geo-bloc
to do so.

Lawyer Katrina Dawson (left) and Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson died
after being held by a gunman for more than 16 hours
Lawyer Katrina Dawson (left) and gunman Man Haron Monis.
Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson died Prime Minister Tony Abbott and wife
after being held by a gunman for more Margie laid flowers in Martin Place
than 16 hours
in honour of Ms Dawson, a mother
Hundreds of floral tributes have been left of three, and Mr Johnson, who had
in Sydney's Martin Place for the victims worked at the cafe since October 2012.
of a 16-hour siege which ended when "Our hearts go out to the families of
police stormed the Lindt Chocolate Cafe. Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson.
Barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, and These were decent, good people, who
Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson, 34, were going about their ordinary lives,"
were killed, along with 50-year-old Mr Abbott said.

Woman In China Tries

To Sell Daughter For
Husband's Operation

A Chinese woman was spotted trying

to sell her baby daughter to raise
money for the medical treatment of her
hospitalized husband in Fuzhou city on
Monday. Her husband suffered serious
injuries after falling from a building,
where he was working.
Photographs in several online news
sites in China show the woman,
Ni Qiong, on her knees carrying a
placard with the words, "Begging to
sell child". The placard further said,
"The supervisor disappeared after my
husband's work injury. We have no
money for the treatment. Trying to sell
my child in order to save her father."
"I have no other option," Ni told local
journalists. She was carrying her yearold daughter, and was accompanied

by two other daughters. Her husband

Zhou Guixing needs surgery which she
cannot afford, Ni said.
Zhou fell from the third floor of a
building, where he was working last
Thursday. His supervisor gave him
7,000 RMB ($115) before disappearing.
However Ni's older daughters told
local journalists, "No, please don't sell
our sister."
A reporter from a Chinese language
news site quoted one of the daughters
as saying that Zhou had earlier planned
to sell the baby before the accident.
He faced resistance from his wife at
that time. Now, Ni was trying to sell
the child. Tencent News site published
Zhou's bank account details to help the
couple raise funds.

Several Hurt As Plane Hits


AN American Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing in Tokyo after

several passengers were injured when it flew through turbulence.
The passenger jet, carrying 240 treatment.
passengers and 15 crew members, hit American Flight 280 was headed for
the bad weather shortly after taking off Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday when
from Seoul, prompting an unscheduled the Boeing 777-200 flew through the
landing at Narita International Airport. turbulence.
The airline says 14 people asked for The remaining passengers have been
medical attention and four passengers put up in hotels and continued their
and a crew member needed hospital journey few days later.





Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Increasing Sodium Levels In Intravenous Fluid Given

To Children May Prevent Serious Health Risks: Study

Every day in hospitals around the world,

children are given an intravenous (IV)
fluid to help maintain their hydration a fluid which has been the same since
the 1950s.
But a landmark study published in The
Lancet recommended hospitals change
the fluid, as it may be impacting the
sodium levels in childrens blood.
In recent years, doctors were concerned
children on IV drips were at higher risk
of developing a condition which could
lead to serious side effects, including
brain swelling and even death.
Lead researcher Dr Sarah McNab said the
study found that increasing the sodium
concentration in IV fluid kept the sodium
level in the blood more stable, which in
turn prevented these side effects.
The study, conducted by the Murdoch
Children's Research Institute and the Royal
Children's Hospital, was one of the largest
and most diverse studies of its kind.
"The study that we've conducted
involved 690 children at the Royal

Children's Hospital in Melbourne," Dr

McNab said.
"They were all children who needed
intravenous fluid, or fluid through
a drip, so they were children who
couldn't eat or drink enough to keep
their hydration levels up."
"We gave half of the children one
type of fluid - the fluid that we've
traditionally used for many years and we gave the other half [fluid] that
contained more sodium, or more salt.
"What we found, was that in increasing
the sodium concentration in the fluid,
we could keep the sodium level in the
blood more stable, which we think will
prevent some very serious side effects."
Dr McNab said hospitals had been
administering traditional IV solutions
to children for decades.
"A study back in the 1950s recommended
a low sodium containing fluid, so we've
been using a fluid like that, or a variation
on that fluid, ever since," she said.
"A bit over a decade ago, there was

increasing reports of people being very

concerned about this type of fluid.
"What was being reported in the
medical literature was that children
were dying around the world simply
because of the intravenous fluid, or IV
fluid, that we were giving them.
"That really concerned us, but the
problem was there was no research to
tell us if there was a safer fluid, or a
better fluid that we could use."
Brain swelling, seizures and death
linked in traditional IV drips
Dr McNab said there are a number of
dangerous side effects reported when
rehydrating children with traditional
IV fluid.
"By using the traditional fluid, the
sodium level in the blood can drop ...
and in very rare cases that can lead to
brain swelling and even death," she said.
"Sometimes they'll cause seizures,
sometimes they'll cause bad brain
effects, but absolutely, at the most
extreme level, they're fatal."

Dr McNab said while there had only

been 50 reported cases of the serious
side effects in children, her research
should change the management of
hospitalised children around the world.
"We think that a simple change to the
composition of intravenous fluid in
children around the world should be
able to save many lives."
Dr McNab said it would be an easy
switch for hospitals to change the IV
solution to a new isotonic formula.
"Practically, it shouldn't be hard at
all. Both fluids are made by fluid
manufacturers around the world, so
we think that that should be a pretty
straightforward undertaking," she said.
"Of course, translating research into practice
is always a challenge for researchers and
doctors, but we're very hopeful that given
the exposure this study's been given, by
being published in The Lancet ...we should
be able to reach many, many doctors
treating children around the world, and
hopefully they will change what they do."

Have you experienced an unpleasant,

burning feeling that wells up from the
pit of the stomach into your chest and
throat? It's known as reflux, but do you
know why it happens?
Reflux is the regurgitation of stomach
contents back into the esophagus,
and is the cause of heartburn - that
unpleasant, burning feeling that wells
up from the pit of the stomach and
travels to your chest and throat.
Food travels a long way on its journey
from entry to exit points in our bodies.
And it has a way of reminding us
exactly where it is at certain stages of
its journey. Just ask anyone who suffers
from heartburn!
Heartburn can last anywhere from a
few minutes to several hours after a
meal. It creates a burning sensation
that is often accompanied by nausea, a
bloating feeling in the stomach and a
bitter taste in the mouth.
The symptoms are caused by the
regurgitation of your stomach contents
(acidic digestive juices) back into the
esophagus a phenomenon known
as gastro-esophageal reflux. As the
name is a meal in itself, this is often
shortened to 'reflux' or "GOR".
The stomach is a bag designed to store
food while the breakdown of protein
is started. This is in preparation for
breakdown into smaller units called
amino acids further down the gut.
The enzyme responsible for protein
breakdown in the stomach, called pepsin,
requires a very low pH - a very acidic
environment to work. To maintain this
pH, specialized cells in the stomach lining
secrete hydrochloric acid. Nasty stuff!
Normally, this acid would destroy any cells it
came into contact with, so other specialized
cells secrete mucus to protect the stomach

lining from its corrosive effects.

But the esophagus the tube that
leads from the throat to the stomach
(also called the gullet) has no such
protection. There is a sphincter that
acts as a valve where the esophagus
meets the stomach, but it isn't perfect
and some acid does escape back into
the esophagus. This may irritate and
sometimes damage the esophageal
lining, which we feel as heartburn.
Reflux tends to run in families and
is more common in people who are
overweight, smoke, and drink alcohol.
It also often occurs during pregnancy.
It is also more common in older people.
This may be because they are more
likely to develop a hiatus hernia, a
condition in which a portion of the
stomach moves up through a hole in the
diaphragm into the chest. Hiatus hernia is
a harmless condition, but it does disrupt
the functioning of the sphincter and is
therefore often associated with reflux.
Some foods seem to aggravate reflux,
either by irritating an already inflamed
esophageal lining, or by interfering with
the proper workings of the sphincter. These
include acidic foods (i.e. tomatoes and
citrus fruits), coffee, chocolate, onions,
garlic and foods that are high in fat.
For most people reflux is an occasional
nuisance, but for 15 to 20 per cent of
the population it's frequent enough to
be debilitating. And in about one-third
of reflux sufferers, the acid can actually
damage the esophageal lining. In rare
cases, this can produce scarring and
even cancer of the esophagus.
Symptom relief
Unless your reflux is common, severe
or is troubling you, a trip to the doctor
is not usually necessary. Fortunately,
there are some things you can do to
relieve symptoms:
stop smoking

lose weight (even a small amount of

weight loss helps)
avoid the foods that trigger heartburn
leave a couple of hours between your
last meal at night and going to bed (this
allows time for digestion)
elevate the head of the bed about 15
centimeters (reflux of acid into the
esophagus is less likely when it's going
against gravity).
If these measures don't work, you
can try taking an over-the-counter
antacid. These mostly contain calcium
carbonate, an alkaline preparation that
helps neutralize the effects of stomach
acid. It helps, but it won't get rid of the
symptoms completely.
Antacids can have side-effects so talk
to your doctor if you are taking them
You should also see a GP if you have
any of the following:
unexplained weight loss
severe pain in the chest which worsens
with exertion
difficulty swallowing
vomiting blood.
These symptoms may indicate that
something more serious than just reflux
is going on.
Chronic reflux can also lead to a
condition called Barrett's esophagus,
which in turn can increase the risk of
developing esophageal cancer.
Studies have shown that people with
heartburn are at increased risk of gastro
esophageal cancer; however, that risk is
very low. What it does mean though is that
someone who is found to have esophageal
cancer will probably have heartburn.
A doctor can usually diagnose reflux
easily from your medical history. You
may also be sent for further tests if
the diagnosis is uncertain or if the
symptoms are severe and/or haven't

responded to treatment.
The test most commonly performed is
called endoscopy. This involves passing
a flexible fibre-optic telescopic tube,
with a tiny camera at the end, through
the mouth and down into the esophagus.
Through the endoscope, the esophageal
lining can be inspected for inflammation
or other disease. Endoscopy is usually
done by a gastroenterologist as a day
procedure with light sedation.
There is also new technology called
capsule endoscopy. This involves a
disposable camera in a capsule. After it's
swallowed, the capsule transmits images
of the esophagus to a receiver pack worn
by the patient for a number of hours.
It's much more comfortable than traditional
endoscopy and doesn't require sedation. The
pill is excreted in 24 to 48 hours. However,
the patient will still need to have an endoscopy
and biopsy if the capsule endoscopy reveals a
condition like an ulcer or a cancer.
If the simple measures mentioned
above don't work, there is a range of
prescription drugs to treat reflux.
Some reduce the amount of acid the
stomach produces, thereby reducing
the quantity of acid refluxing into
the esophagus. Others are muscular
stimulants that act by tightening the
lower esophageal sphincter.
There is a third group that sticks to the
lining of the esophagus to help protect
it from the acidic stomach contents.
While these drugs give relief, they
don't cure the condition, so people with
chronic reflux may need to be on these
drugs continuously.
In severe cases, surgery is an option.
This involves a surgeon tightening the
lower esophageal sphincter. However,
most people who have surgery still
have to take drugs. Surgery is usually
only recommended as a last resort.

When Your Insides Burn




Added Sugars Worse Than

Salt For Heart Health

Added sugars in processed foods are

likely to have a greater role in high
blood pressure, heart disease and stroke
than added salt, warn researchers.
Dietary guidelines to lower high blood
pressure have historically focused on
cutting salt intake but most salt in the
diet comes from processed foods which
also happen to be a rich source of added
sugars, the researchers pointed out.
"Sugar may be much more meaningfully
related to blood pressure than sodium
as suggested by a greater magnitude
of effect with dietary manipulation,"
the authors stated in an analysis of
the published evidence in the online
journal Open Heart.
Researchers from St Luke's Mid
America Heart Institute and Montefiore
Medical Centre in the US reviewed
a selection of evidence from basic
science experiments, animal studies
and human research.
They found that the blame, in particular,
goes to high fructose corn syrup which
is the most frequently used sweetener
in processed foods, particularly fruitflavoured and fizzy drinks.
"Compelling evidence from basic
science, population studies and clinical

trials implicates sugars and particularly

fructose, as playing a major role in the
development of hypertension [high
blood pressure]," the study emphasised.
The evidence suggests that people
whose dietary intake of added sugars
adds up to at least a quarter of their
total daily calories have almost triple
the cardiovascular disease risk of those
who consume less than 10 percent.
A daily intake of more than 74 gram
of fructose is associated with a 30
percent greater risk of blood pressure
above 140/90 mm Hg and a 77 percent
increased risk of blood pressure above
160/100 mm Hg.
A high fructose diet has also been
linked to an unfavourable blood fat
profile, higher fasting blood insulin
levels and a doubling in the risk of
metabolic syndrome.
Even moderate doses of added sugar for
short durations may cause substantial
harm, the authors warned.
Worldwide, sugar sweetened beverage
consumption has been implicated in
1,80,000 deaths every year.
Naturally-occurring sugars found in
fruits and vegetables are not harmful to
health, they concluded.

Drinking alcohol can significantly hinder

your weight loss efforts. Even if you are
drinking in moderation, you are likely
to put on weight with regular intake.
This is because alcohol contains a high
amount of calories. Moreover, it does not
provide any feeling of satiety so there are
chances that you drink these calories in
addition to the calories you are eating.
Furthermore, the sodas and sugar syrups
added to make cocktails does more harm
as they too are loaded with calories.
When you drink a large amount of
it, you release a chemical called
dopamine from your brain. The release
of dopamine lowers your inhibitions
making you more susceptible to indulge
in food that you would otherwise avoid
while you are trying to lose weight. It

is for this reason that after a couple of

drinks you find yourself ending up with
a pizza, some French fries or nachos.
Besides, alcohol consumption also
comes in your way to burn fat effectively
as it interferes with your bodys
metabolism. The liver metabolises the
fat allowing you to use it as energy.
When you consume alcohol, the liver
engages in burning the calories from
it instead of burning the fat for energy.
This can hinder weight loss and lead to
fatty acid build-up in the body.
Limiting your consumption of liquor
and making smart choices is vital for
weight loss. Opt for low-calorie drinks
like light beer or wine. Also, eat a
healthy meal before so that you are less
likely to drink too much.

Cut Down On Alcohol

Friday Dec 19 , 2014

Drinking 3-5 Cups Of

Coffee May Reduce
Alzheimer's Risk By 20Pc

A new study has demonstrated that

drinking 3-5 cups of coffee might help
in lowering the risk of Alzheimer's
disease by up to 20 percent.
The study showed that the number of
people aged over 65 was predicted to
rise and, with an aging population,
neurodegenerative diseases such as
Alzheimer's Disease were of increasing
Epidemiological studies have found
that regular, life-long moderate coffee
consumption is associated with a
reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's
Disease with the body of evidence
suggesting that coffee drinkers can
reduce their risk of developing the
disease by up to 20 percent.
According to the study, caffeine helps

prevent the formation of amyloid

plaques and neurofibrulary tangles
in the brain - two hallmarks of
Alzheimer's Disease. In addition to
this, both caffeine and polyphenols
reduce inflammation and decrease the
deterioration of brain cells especially
in the hippocampus and cortex, areas
of the brain involved in memory.
Dr. Arfram Ikram, an assistant professor
in neuroepidemiology at Erasmus
Medical Centre Rotterdam,said that
the majority of human epidemiological
studies suggested that regular coffee
consumption over a lifetime was
associated with a reduced risk of
developing Alzheimer's Disease, with
an optimum protective effect occurring
with three to five cups of coffee per day.

Exercise The Right Way

It's important to take precautions while
exercising as it can lead to significant
damage to the muscles and the joints.
Let's find out what moves exactly are
doing this.
Just because the body can perform
certain exercises does not mean that
they are good for it. An expert takes
a look at some popular exercises and
explains why they're bad for us and
offers an alternative.
There seems to be an epidemic, at the
moment, of people in gyms and parks
on a mission to totally destroy their
First up, sit ups or crunches; posture is
something that we all need to be aware
of and for those who sit hunched in
front of a computer all day at work,
the worst thing that can be done is
crunching your body forward even
more for a abs workout.
Crunches and sit ups only perform 50
per cent of the natural movement of the
spine if you are performing them lying

on the floor. If you are going to perform

this exercise then at least crunch over
a stability ball to get the full range of
Deadlifts or single deadlifts are the
safer alternative.
Unprepared running is harmful, says
the expert.
Over 3 times the bodyweight goes
through each leg during every stride. In
order to absorb this kind of shock the
body must have good alignment and
core strength.
The core stabilises the pelvis to provide
a solid platform for the legs to operate
under. Sadly most people have very
weak core muscles due to inactivity
and due to excess sitting most people
also have bad joint alignment and
stabilisation from head to toe.
Hence, it's important that if you want
to start running, losing excess weight
through diet and bodyweight exercises
to improve core strength and joint
stability would be a safer starting point.

Citrus Juices Richer In Antioxidants Than Earlier


Orange juice and juices from other

citrus fruits could be much healthier
than previously thought as researchers
found that these are ten times richer in
antioxidant content than what current
methods estimate.
Orange juice and juices from other
citrus fruits could be much healthier
than previously thought as researchers
found that these are ten times richer in
antioxidant content than what current
methods estimate.
High content of antioxidants in one's
diet help reduce harmful free radicals
in our body.

"The antioxidant activity is, on average,

ten times higher than that which
everyone thought up until now," said
Jose Angel Rufian Henares, professor
at the University of Granada in Spain.
The new technique to measure
antioxidant content called 'global
antioxidant response' (GAR) shows
that this property has been undervalued
in other food as well.
The results suggest that tables on the
antioxidant capacities of food products
that dieticians and health authorities
use must be revised.
The method includes assessments

of various physical and chemical

fluorescence and the relationship
between the concentrations analysed
and compounds indicators such as
Upon applying the technique to
commercial and natural orange,
mandarin, lemon and grapefruit juices,

it has been proved that their values

greatly increase.
With the help of this method, scientists
have also created a mathematical
model in order to classify juices
according to their natural and storage
conditions, which ensures that the
correct raw materials and sterilisation
and pasteurisation processes are used.

The Fiji Times e-directory www.fijitimescanada.com



How To Handle Bedwetting:

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Bedwetting Causes Stress

Know that bedwetting is often a normal
part of growing up. Most children don't
stay dry at night until about the age of
3. And it's usually not a concern for
parents until around age 6. There are
ways to work toward dry nights as a
A Bed Wetter Needs Your Support
Reassure your child by being
supportive. He isn't wetting the bed on
purpose. And bedwetting isn't typically
a sign of an emotional or physical
problem. Explain that it is normal, very
common, and that he won't always wet
the bed.
Talk and Share Your Experience
Bedwetting often runs in families. If
you or your partner wet the bed as a
child, talk with your child about it. It'll
help him see that people do outgrow it.
And it may help him feel less alone and
What Causes Bedwetting?
Many things can lead to bedwetting.
It could be slower development of
bladder control or heavy sleep. There
may be hormonal issues. Stress and
anxiety can be a cause. A child who's
been dry and suddenly starts wetting
the bed may have an infection, or a
big life change such as a move may be
bothering her. Be sure to speak with
your doctor if this is a new problem.
Let Your Child Help Find Solutions
If she's 4 or older, ask for her ideas.
What might help her stop wetting the
bed? Brainstorm together. Drinking
less in the evening and cutting back
on caffeinated drinks may be worth
trying. You can also offer options like
disposable underwear or waterproof
sheets. By keeping it positive and
involving her, you'll help build her
confidence and encourage good
bedtime habits.
Praise and Reward for Staying Dry
When your child has a dry night, praise
her for it. Some families mark wet days
and dry days on a calendar. Stickers or
stars can make it fun. If your child stays
dry a number of nights in a row, offer
a small reward like a fun breakfast or
small book. If she wets, be supportive
and remind her that results will come if
she keeps up her efforts.
Provide Simple Reminders
Make using the bathroom just before he
gets in bed part of his bedtime routine.
Also remind him that it's OK to get up
during the night to use the bathroom.
Nightlights can help him find his own
way when he needs to go.
Does Waking During the Night
Resist the urge to wake your child
a lot during the night. If you use this
approach, waking once a night should
be enough, perhaps right before you

go to bed yourself. Keep in mind that

if you deprive your child of rest and
sleep, you may increase his level of
stress. Stress can be a bedwetting
Involve Your Child in Cleaning Up
When he wets the bed, he can put his
PJs in the hamper or help you change
the sheets. Make sure he understands
it's not a punishment, just part of what
has to be done. The idea is to make
him more aware of his bedwetting
without scolding him or making him
feel ashamed.
Clean Up: Removing the Smell of
Accidents happen. And when they
do, urine can leave a stubborn odor in
clothes and in bed linens. Try adding
a half cup to a cup of white vinegar to
your wash to remove the smell.
Cleaning a Mattress: Step 1
If you need to clean urine from a
mattress, first use towels to blot up
as much as you can. Keep blotting,
but don't rub, until no more moisture
comes to the surface.
Cleaning a Mattress: Step 2
Once you've blotted up as much of the
urine as you can, saturate the entire area
of urine stain with hydrogen peroxide.
Let it stand for 5 minutes, and then use
towels again to blot the area dry.
Cleaning a Mattress: Step 3
Once the mattress is dry, sprinkle
baking soda over the entire area and
let it stand for 24 hours. The next
day, vacuum the baking soda away. It
should be clean and odor free.
Easing Sleepover Stress
If your child is nervous about
sleepovers, remind her of the steps she
uses to stay dry at home. Giving her
disposable underwear and extra clothes
in case of an accident might put her at
ease. A sleeping bag with waterproof
lining may also help.
Beforehand, notify the adult host that
your child may have some worries about
bedwetting. Discuss your childs plans for
handling it so everyone feels prepared.
Some medications (desipramine,
desmopressin, or imipramine) may
help for special occasions when your
older child wants to stay dry, such as
at camp.
Be Patient About Bedwetting
Scolding or losing your temper won't
make your child stop wetting the
bed. Dont bring up bedwetting in
front of others to try to shame her.
Embarrassment will only increase
her stress and anxiety. Meanwhile,
remember that bedwetting eventually
does stop. Try practicing patience and
providing support while you wait.
Dealing With Teasing in the Home
Bedwetting can make your child an
easy target for teasing. To help him

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


How to Breathe When


Ever wonder why some days you feel

like you can keep running and running,
while on others you have zero stamina?
Certainly the amount of sleep you got
the night before, stress levels, and diet
play a role in how you perform during
your runs, but how you regulate your
breath during your jogging session
also effects your energy levels. Here's
how to power your muscles with fresh
oxygen on each stride.
Learn to breathe deeply: Your
lungs are just a bit smaller than your
ribcage, but most people tend to use
just the top third of this powerful
organ. When you take a deep breath,
you are expanding the lungs, pressing
down the diaphragm, and causing your
abdomen to expand as your lungs fill
with air. Learning to breathe this way
while running helps you take in lots
of oxygen, preventing dizziness and
nausea. With a little training and some
stretching you can breathe to your full
potential and increase your endurance.
Cross-training with yoga and Pilates
can also help you learn to breathe
from your diaphragm. Here are some
tips for how to conquer diaphragmatic
Match your breathing to your steps:
For an easy-paced run, inhale for three
or four steps, then exhale for the same
amount. Count the steps in your head
while you adjust to breathing on tempo.
If you are running more intensely,
your breathing tempo will increase to
support your increased energy output

and become faster a breath in for

one to two steps and out for one to two
steps. If you can't match your steps to
your breathing tempo, then you are
trying to run too fast; slow down, and
get back into your rhythm.
Breathe differently in cooler temps:
It's important to breathe through your
nose while running in chillier weather
because cold air is dry and breathing
through your mouth increases
the dryness while decreasing the
temperature of the air. Since your lungs
do not like dry air, you can experience
asthma-like symptoms, like wheezing
and coughing, when breathing cold
air in through your mouth. Breathing
through your nose not only filters out
air impurities, but also warms cool
air to body temperature, creating less
shock for the lungs to decrease those
asthma-like symptoms.
Learn to breathe through your nose:
If nose breathing is difficult for you,
start experimenting with the technique
now before the temperature drops
drastically. Breathing through the
nose helps you breathe more deeply
and efficiently, which will ultimately
help your running no matter what
the temperature is. If you plan to run
in cold temps and have yet to master
nose breathing, you can try wearing a
bandanna (or a shirt that can be pulled
up far) over your nose and mouth to
help trap the moisture of your breath
and humidify in the air before it reaches
your lungs.

handle it, make your home safe for him.

Don't allow anyone in your family to
tease about it. Explain to siblings that
bedwetting is something their brother
doesn't have control over and that he
needs everybody's love and support.
Bullying at School About Bedwetting
If your child avoids other children or
comes home with unexplained injuries,
she may be being bullied. Listen to
what your child says. Talk with her
and let her know that you know it's not

her fault. Then talk with people at her

school and ask what they've seen. Be
proactive and work with the school to
find ways to make the teasing stop.
When to Call the Doctor
If your child is still bedwetting at age
7, consider setting up a doctor's visit.
While there may be a medical problem,
most of the time there isn't. Also, see
the doctor if your child suddenly starts
wetting the bed after being dry for 6
months or more.


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Fijian Food & Vegetables
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For Women/ Relationship


How To Get Model-Perfect

Skin At Home

Whether you're walking the catwalk or

down the high street, there is always an
urge to look good but it requires a great
skincare routine, says an expert.
Experts of skin research company have
teamed up with make-up artist, who
has worked with models and celebrities
and shares tips on achieving model
perfect skin at home.
Luminous, clear skin is an essential
base for any make-up look so I
always tell my clients to invest in an
appropriate skincare routine. You don't
need to over complicate things, just
find a couple of staple products which
cleanse and protect the skin.
Start with deep cleansing

When working with models on shoots

or catwalks, I always start by doing a
deep cleanse. With as many as three
shows per day during fashion week,
the make-up gets quickly scrubbed off
for the next show and applied again
and again.
I always suggest using a product which
exfoliates, reducing the buildup of dead
skin cells, which can leave the skin
looking dull and prone to outbreaks.
Protect skin from sun
It is important to protect the skin. Sun
damage is the main cause of skin ageing
and it takes time and a lot of layers to
conceal the signs of UV damage, which
is why I always preach prevention.

During the winter, your skin needs a lot

more attention than usual. Things such
as cold winds, harsh chemicals and
of course the change in temperature
will all have a direct effect on your
sensitive skin. But there are ways you
can take better care of your skin when
the cold weather hits. Read on to see
how you can winterize your skin and
have a beautiful glow all winter long.
Take Short Showers
By shortening your bath/showers you
not only conserve tons of water but in
the winter it is much better for your
skin. So instead of lingering on for
hours in there, just take a quick 4-5
minute shower using lukewarm water
and stay away from the hot water it
will only dry out your skin.
After youve showered, there is a
crucial 2 minute window that you
have to slather on some moisturizer.
So make sure you hurry and apply a
thick cream to your skin, rather than a
lotion which may not be up to par in
the winter months.
Use a Jar
Moisturizers and creams that are
contained in jars are much better than
those that are contained in pumps.
Heres why: pump and pour bottle has
a higher water content and PH base
that can dry out skin.

Its completely pointless to moisturize
unless you exfoliate because youre not
getting rid of all the dead skin cells. So
while youre in the shower make sure
you exfoliate using slow, massaging
circular motions.
Use a Winter Toner
Put away your regular toner for the
summer and switch to a milder version for
the winter. Since the temperatures drop,
your skin will dry out faster than usual so
youll need a good toner to keep that at
bay while also getting rid of impurities.
Use Rich Products
Unless youre prone to breakouts or
have oily skin, take out your good, rich
products. Any light creams should be
put away. Instead, take out the super
hydrating ones since theyll work best
during the winter time.
Dont Forget About Sunscreen
Even though summer is far away,
you should never forget about your
sunscreen since the sun still shines.
Since the snow reflects sunlight, the
ultraviolet rays of the sun during the
winter are just as intense.
Like every girl you should know that
chapstick is a key product to have
during the winter because it keeps your
lips hydrated. Without chapstick, you
know very well what happens!

Skin Care During Winter

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How To Be Back With A

Bang After A Split
Here's everything you need to know on getting your groove back after a split
Admitedly, one of the most painful
things in life is loss. Losing contact
with someone we love is heartbreaking.
However, many couples decide to call
it quits after months and sometimes
years of emotional and physical
intimacy, and then find it hard to deal
with the break-up. It's rare that people
see it coming most of us live in
denial until it's too late.
Though relationships take a long time
to come undone, counsellors explain
that the final destruction, with each
individual picking up the pieces and
beginning to lead their own lives,
takes a much longer time. And a lot of
You may never be prepared for a breakup, but there are ways to soften the
blow and manage the painful months
that follow.
Think, but don't obsess
It's completely healthy, and natural to
replay a recently-ended relationship
repeatedly in your mind. Thinking it
through might mean understanding
your role in the relationship, and
perhaps what led to the break-up. But
relationship experts insist that you
keep your emotions in check. When
people go through a break-up, they
let their emotions get out of control,
and the process becomes much more
painful and difficult than it already is.
And there's a difference between
'thinking through' and obsessing
over a failed relationship. The latter
is a negative way of dealing with a
heartbreak as it always brings the finger
of blame. And more often than not, you
blame yourself or the other person. But
it's not healthy to place all of the blame
on yourself or your ex. If he/she were
completely responsible for everything
toxic in the relationship, wouldn't you
have been the person initiating the
So, it's important to think about what
happened but, over time, it's imperative
that you stop dwelling on mistakes of the
past and allow yourself to continue living
your life, so you can have new emotional
experiences and make new memories.
Unfriend, unfollow
A constant reminder that should be
removed, however albeit for the
time being is your ex. There are
some couples who can walk away
from a relationship, and not only
remain friends, but continue to spend
time together. It's fine to be friends,
but take that friendship very slow and
be sure to set boundaries. It's hard to
get over a person when you are still in
touch with him/her. And while you are
doing that in the real world, try it in the

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virtual one, too. Like it or not, we live

in the time of social media that makes
it hard to move on, as we are always
surrounded by constant reminders of
your former lover. Unfollow, unfriend,
block, do whatever it takes to delete the
ex from your memory. Although he/she
maybe only enjoying a cup of coffee
with an old friend and posted a picture
of the two, the fact that you see him/her
out and about, leading a life, will make
you feel awful about yourself.
Likewise, it's imperative to remove
what are known as memory triggers
that remind you not only of the good
times, but also the bad. You don't have
to burn the photos and play tickets, but
it's time to take the physical objects
that serve as perpetual mementos of
the life you once shared and put them
away. Sometimes, where you won't see
them every single day. Also, refrain
from watching movies, listening to
music, reading books or visiting places
the two of you both enjoyed.
While a cleanse is therapeutic,
relationship experts advise against
completely ridding your world of all
memory triggers, too. Each of our
relationships becomes a part of who we
are and removing that piece from your
memory also takes away a part of your
own identity. And if you become too
focused on ridding your life of them,
you'll end up spending more time
thinking about that than you'll spend
actually moving on.
Set a 'move on' deadline
A grieving period is permitted, but
spending too much time sobbing
about what happened not only slows
the process of closure, but also affects
future relationships. It sounds odd,
but setting a firm deadline on the time
spent wallowing in self-pity helps bring
an end to the process. If people are
allowed to set deadlines like 'starting
May I'll join the gym', why is it so odd
set a firm date stating the first day you
will refuse to dwell on the past? And
stick with your deadline.
Turn it into a lesson
So the relationship didn't go the way
you imagined, but surely the higher
forces had a purpose. So, don't grudge.
Instead, apply what you've learnt from
this break-up to your next relationship.
What lessons can you carry forward
so that you reduce the potential for the
next relationship to end the same way?
No one can completely predict the
outcome of a new relationship, but you
may be able to detect patterns early in
the new relationship. Perhaps, it won't
lead you to despair like the previous
one did.

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Bula Mai Fiji




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Sunil Sharma

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How To Roast A Leg Of


What You Need

5 to 7 pounds lamb leg, bone-in
3 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and freshly-ground black pepper
6 cloves garlic
3 stems fresh rosemary
Roasting pan, with rack
Aluminum foil
Sharp chef's knife or carving knife, for
Take the lamb out of the refrigerator
an hour before cooking. Take the leg
of lamb out of the refrigerator about
an hour before cooking so it comes
to room temperature. This promotes
faster, more even cooking.
Rub the lamb with olive oil. Set the
lamb in a rack inside a roasting pan.
Drizzle with olive oil and rub into the
fat and meat.
Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle
liberally with salt and pepper.
Broil for 5 minutes. Turn on the broiler
and position a rack below so that the
top of the meat is a few inches from
the broiler element. Broil the lamb for
5 minutes or until the top of the lamb
leg looks seared and browned.
Flip the lamb over and broil the
other side. Flip the lamb over and put
back under the broiler for 5 minutes or
until the other side is seared.
Top with garlic and rosemary. Take
the lamb out of the oven. Turn off the
broiler and set the oven temperature to
325F. Reposition the oven rack to the
middle of the oven. Mince the garlic
and rosemary leaves. Flip the lamb
leg over again and rub the top with the
chopped garlic and rosemary.
Cover the lamb loosely with foil. Tent

the pan loosely with foil to keep the

garlic and rosemary from burning. Put
the lamb back in the oven and cook at
325F for one hour.
Remove the foil after an hour and
take the temperature. Take the
lamb's temperature and remove the
foil. The lamb is ready (medium-rare
to medium) when the temperature is
135F (or above). At 135F the lamb
is cooked to rare, but it will continue
cooking as it rests, so we recommend
taking it out of the oven at 135 for
medium-rare to medium.
If needed, continue cooking the lamb
until done. Continue cooking the
lamb (uncovered) until it reaches your
preferred internal temperature. Check
the temperature every 20 minutes until
Let the leg of lamb rest. Let the lamb
rest for at least 15 minutes before
Carve the lamb: Turn the lamb so the
bone is parallel to the cutting board.
Make perpendicular slices to the bone,
angling straight down until your knife
hits the bone.
Carve the lamb: Cut the lamb off the
bone by slicing through the bottom of
the slices with your knife parallel to the
Recipe Notes
To serve: We highly recommend
serving the lamb with this mint pesto.
To store: Leftover lamb can be stored
in the refrigerator for 3 days.
Freezing tip: Jamie recommends
freezing leftover rare to medium-rare
lamb in slices wrapped in foil. Then,
to warm them, she puts the frozen
slices, still wrapped, in a 350F oven.
This will warm them and not overcook

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Cornstarch Butter Cookies

cup butter
cup sugar
cup cake flour
cups cornstarch
Cream butter and sugar, work in the

flour and cornstarch, which have been

sifted together.
Roll or pat out on floured board to
about 3/8 inch thickness.
Cut cookies 1 inch in diameter. Put on
cookie sheet.
Bake 1/2 hour in a 300F oven.

1 cups butter
1 x 397g condensed milk
400ml water
3 cups flour
8ml.baking powder (about 1 tsp.)
8ml.baking soda
1 cup chopped pecan nuts
2 cups fruit cake mix
cup chopped glace cherries
5ml. vanilla essence

A pinch of salt
Melt butter, condensed milk & water.
Allow to cool
Sift dry ingredients together & add with
remaining ingredients, plus the melted mix
Stir and blend well
Turn mixture into a lined 10" diameter
round cake tin
Bake at 160 (325F) for approx. 1

Egg-Less Fruit Cake

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We all know someone who has been affected by critical illness.

The good news is that survival rate from heart attack or cancer has
increased considerably in the last few years.
Would you have the financial means to take care of your family
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Critical Protection pays out lump sum and gives you the freedom to
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This week make your dreams come

true by being courageous youre able
to improve not only your personal life,
but also your working life and may well
become a role model for those around
you. Its important you find time to let
off steam in order to de-stress. Devote
free time to recreational activities and
ensure you don't lose sight of your all
important goals. A long cherished wish
is forcing itself into your consciousness
and onto the agenda. You sense an inner
pressure to invest all your energy in
fulfilling this desire. Work out why this
wish has suddenly become so strong,
check if it's really about your wish, or
if its a result of what others expect. If
its the latter, its time to work out your
own desires. Circumstances seem to
be stacked against you. Take your time
to consider and weigh up your options
before embarking on anything too
hastily, otherwise mistakes occur and
unnecessary arguments follow which
are far better avoiding.


This week you are capable of being

extremely productive and making a
success of whatever you do. However
be careful of over-reacting if you feel
threatened; you tend to respond badtemperedly or even insensitively. Hold
yourself back if confronted and refrain
from making enemies or from the
temptation to deliberately provoke others,
behavior like this is very unproductive
and likely to cause you unwanted
problems. Step back from time to time
and use your energy both purposefully
and thoughtfully. Liable to overreact for
the slightest of reasons, your offhand
behavior gets you into trouble with
anyone who holds a position of power
over you. The basic watchword you need
to adopt is caution, the same holds true
in relationships be careful about exactly
what you say and the manner in which
you say it, if possible find a quiet place to
be on your own. Health would be normal
in all aspects.


This week make sure you think of

creating outcomes that are of benefit
to you once in a while. Look out
for opportunities that may be on the
horizon, if single romance is more likely,
who knows; maybe new prospects in
love open up. Your path to success
is blocked, even though previously
even with your original approach, you
were always on the right track and
made good progress. With too many
obstacles in your way its necessary to
re-evaluate the situation and look at new
possibilities. Change your approach
and focus on the main task, then you
are much closer to reaching your goal.
Quite effortlessly youre able to deal
with activities you normally experience
as being much more challenging. You
are poised and confident, able to avoid
everyday petty squabbles that normally
hinder progress.


This week the maxim to follow is;

to think twice before you act and
precede one step at a time with extra
caution. Don't let yourself be so
easily provoked, consider situations
sensibly before you finally make a
decision about the most effective way
to proceed. Your nerves are on edge,
its imperative you put a stop to your
impulsive behavior, or youre likely to
get into trouble. Your overwhelming
sense of dissatisfaction leads you to
demonstrate your displeasure. Take the
time and let off steam by performing
some recreational activities. This has
a calming effect and lets you to view
things in a more relaxed way. Wanting
to achieve is okay as long as whenever
possible you include others and
satisfactorily deal with their concerns.
Dont resort to angry outbursts if
youre criticized but consider if there
is a benefit to be gained from the other
persons point of view that you can
take into consideration and is likely to
improve the outcome of your activities.


This week everything you work

towards is likely to be positively
received and youre extremely satisfied
with what you achieve. Similarly your
relationship is extremely gratifying
for you both. If single, you receive
advances from people you find
appealing and enjoy these but dont
get too carried away, instead take up
a recreational activity to use up excess
energy. You inspire others with your
ideas and plans, your cool, calm and
collected approach wins people over
and they have little reason to refuse
the advances or suggestions you make.
Proposals you put forward at work are
also met with a favorable response
and colleagues, previously difficult
to deal with, are willing to listen.
Take this opportunity to develop new
strategies you can implement in future,
that provide you with a foundation to
overcome any tough times that may
possible lie ahead of you. Its almost
guaranteed - you feel repeatedly
provoked; don't take it too seriously
even though you notice how easily you
get annoyed refuse to give in to it.


This week you remain calm in the face

of turbulent circumstances. Sometimes
the things you attempt to resolve dont
turn out so well, often you discover its
the people you encounter on the way
who cause problems. Don't overreact,
instead, recover your composure,
impress others with your confidence
and you emerge unaffected by any
slightly disagreeable experiences. Your
increased self-confidence helps you to
establish important ties with influential
and good-natured individuals. What
you have to say endears others to your
way of thinking and encourages them to
support you in your endeavors. In both
your professional and private life your

company is sought after and appreciated.

As a guest you are likely to cause quite
a stir with your encouraging and level
headed approach to life. All who have
the pleasure of meeting discover you
are stimulating company. Don't be too
disappointed with how events turn out.


This week your high self-confidence

makes you rather ruthless in certain
situations and you show little regard
for those you leave behind as long
as you get what you want. Lacking
in self-confidence its difficult to be
assertive. Avoid the temptation to
compensate for your indecisiveness
by being so pompous and displaying
authority over others. Instead if
appropriate, show some strength of
character, admit your mistakes, people
prefer honesty. Distance yourself and
consider why youre experiencing
your current uncertainty. You are a
bundle of energy. This can turn out to
be either positive or destructive. Think
thoroughly about your approach to
new situations, especially if important
decisions have to be made. Knee-jerk
reactions may have adverse effects
and being so assertive may upset your
partner, bear in mind that if you argue
its with the person you love most.


This week unusually high energy levels

are rather overwhelming and difficult
for you to harness in a constructive,
sensible way. Hold back or stay in the
background, importantly dont alienate
the people you care about most. Those
you know are intrigued by the way you
behave, but if you blow your top, do it
in private and dont create unnecessary
unpleasantness. Prospects are good,
take advantage of any opportunity you
get to let others know how committed
you are. Youre able to state and define
your point of view convincingly in
every situation that occurs. Try to deal
with as many outstanding issues and
plans for the future as you possibly
can. As in all things a healthy balance
is required, take a break when you
can, going out for a jog in the evening,
riding your bike or long walks in the
country help you relax and unwind
after a time of intense deliberations.


This week the thorough approach you

take is complimented by the strength of
purpose that is apparent to all who know
you. Your intuition is strong, you're in a
relaxed mood and have a good feel for
any promising opportunities that arise
and consider them carefully. Youre
ready to venture into unknown areas,
for new experiences not previously
considered. With new acquaintances
your casual and playful way of dealing
with complex situations makes you very
appealing. Healthy self-confidence and
high physical stamina make it likely
that you experience a very productive
period. Its important for you to let
others know your plans and make


it clear youre willing to show the

necessary degree of compromise that
insures everyone is satisfied.


This week ease up on the talking and

avoid putting others on the defensive.
If you require help from others be more
patient and diplomatic in the way you
approach them. Even if you personally
feel on top form, be prepared to
take things at a more leisurely pace
otherwise you may suffer setbacks from
unnecessarily taking on far more than
you able to handle. Feeling somewhat
invigorated, you feel able to take on
more responsibility both at work and
on the home front. At the same time,
take care not to become overwhelmed
by the number of additional demands
placed on your time. Make people aware
of your limitations and boundaries.
If challenged adopt a position of
conciliation and dont dominate others
with an unnecessarily assertive stance.
Health would be somewhat disturb you
during the week.


This week you rid yourself of any past

problems; youre able to deal with
existing uncertainties or any unclear
issues in your life. You provide yourself
with a stable foundation for the future.
You don't come up against any new
obstacles, others show you respect and
you take more seriously. What you sort
out helps you later when circumstances
arent so advantageous. Where ever you
go and whoever you meet youre able
to imbue others with your good mood
and enthusiasm, as well as assist them
in any way that is required. You find
nothing is in the least daunting take
this opportunity to deal with outstanding
issues both past and present. Make sure
you think of creating outcomes that
are of benefit to you once in a while!
Look out for opportunities that may
be on the horizon, if single romance is
more likely, who knows; maybe new
prospects in love open up.


This week regardless of how much you

try, your customary problem solving
strategy isnt improving matters. The
approach you normally adopt fails and
leaves you in an awkward situation.
An alternative strategy is to drop your
usual tactic and try something new.
Plans you try to implement require
your focused attention, more than ever
its important to accept that you cannot
change certain things and you dont
allow your disappointment to stand
in your way, instead concentrate on
things which lie ahead. With the correct
amount of patience and persistence,
even if it takes a longer you reach
your goal. Just by doing this alone you
possibly find a way out of what seems
like an unsolvable state of affairs.
Although you feel confident and ready
to make improvements both at work as
well as on the home front in ways you
have not attempted before.


Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Ronit Roy Creates Trouble When Jeetendra Surprised

For Itna Karo Na Mujhe
Pallavi Kulkarni
Pyaar Co-Stars

He is one the biggest televisions stars and by nature is a perfectionist so

shouldnt that be a good thing?
Well the senior cast members of deadline and in most cases episodes
Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar seem to have to be delivered on time to make it
have some problem with Ronit Roy. to the daily slot.
Apparently, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay Rumour has it that a few actors are
actor keeps going over scenes again and miffed with Ronit for continuously
again making changes in the dialogues. making changes, which compels them
Obviously, what Ronit does only to stay late on the sets and work late.
improves the scenes and makes it look Guess after rubbing shoulders with the
better on screen. The actor, however, crme de la crme of B-town, Ronit
forgets that daily soaps work on a likes being perfect at everything.

Actress Pallavi Kulkarni was pleasantly

surprised when she had a celebrity
visitor on the set of her TV show. It
was veteran actor Jeetendra!
The 32-year-old, who plays the
protagonist Ragini in "Itna Karo Na
Mujhe Pyar", was surprised earlier
when she heard that the actor had
arrived on the sets to meet her.
"As a routine, I was sitting in my vanity
van going through the script when I
was told that Jeetendra-ji has come to
meet me on the set. For a moment, I
was confused and when I went, I was
taken aback to have a superstar like
Jituji wait for me. He appreciated me

and Ronit for our work. It was the most

memorable and unforgettable moment
of my life," Pallavi said in a statement.
The 72-year-old 'Jumping Jack' is
said to have been so mesmerised with
Pallavi that he even expressed his wish
to act opposite her.
Further talking about his visit, Pallavi
added: "During the conversation he
mentioned that seeing me on the screen
he wished he was 30 years younger
and I replied 'He's still dashing and
handsome.' It was a once in a lifetime
opportunity for me."
"Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar" is a
weekday show being aired on Sony.

Salman Khan has made it to the top slot

with Rs 244.5cr earnings beating Shah
Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in
the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list of
The 48-year-old actor grabbed the
number one position both in terms of
revenues and fame, which was a first,
the Dawn reported.
Whereas, Big B was second in overall
ranking and third in the money rankings
with earnings of Rs 196.75 crore
and his fame rank was 4 which was
not surprising since he has nearly 12
million Twitter following, the largest
for anybody on that platform in India.
While, King Khan's ranking this year
dropped to number 2 with earnings
of Rs 202.4 crore and his fame rank
dropped to seven, leaving his overall

ranking at number 3.
Emraan Hashmi, Pritam, Amit Trivedi,
Sajid Khan, and Jeev Milkha Singh are
amongst celebrities who could not hold
on to their spots.
Celebrities are ranked on two counts,
money and fame to calculate their
overall ranking.
The top 10 from the list are the
1. Salman Khan - Rs 244.50 crore
2. Amitabh Bachchan - Rs 196.75 crore
3. Shah Rukh Khan - Rs 202.40 crore
4. MS Dhoni - Rs 141.80 crore
5. Akshay Kumar - Rs 172.00 crore
6. Virat Kohli - Rs 58.43 crore
7. Aamir Khan - Rs 80.47 crore
8. Deepika Padukone - Rs 67.20 crore
9. Hrithik Roshan - Rs 85.00 crore
10. Sachin Tendulkar - Rs 59.54 crore

Salman Khan Tops Forbes'

Richest Indian Celebrity
List For 2014
When Mika Made Kareena

It was unintentional, but guests felt

that Kareena Kapoor Khan appeared
a tad uncomfortable while dancing at
the sangeet of her favourite designer
Manish Malhotra's niece wedding.
Several stars went on the stage to
shake a leg with Manish as Mika Singh
crooned his chartbusters. When it
was Bebo's turn, Mika began singing
'Mauja Hee Mauja' from her film 'Jab
We Met' (2007).
The video has found its way on
social media and Bebo is visibly
uncomfortable dancing to the song.
Remember who matched steps with
her on that track? Kareena ex-flame

Shahid Kapoor, but must give her full

marks for being sporting enough to
groove on Manish's request.

Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Lifetime Achievement
Award For Subhash Ghai

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai will receive

the lifetime achievement award at the
third edition of the Delhi International
Film Festival (DIFF), starting Dec 20.
Also, a special honor award will be
given to actor Biswajit Chatterjee,
while Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar
will be given Minar-e-Dilli, said a

To be inaugurated by Mahesh Sharma,
minister for culture, tourism and
civil aviation, the eight-day Delhi
International Film Festival 2014 will
open with the screening of Ilan Yagoda's
Israeli film "The Neighbourhood" and
director Thansis Neophotolistos's short
Greek movie "The Sun and The Wind".
As many as 250 films from more than 45
countries will be showcased at the fest.
Director duo Meenu Gaur and Farjad
Nabi's critically acclaimed film
"Zinda Bhaag" from Pakistan, starring
Naseeruddin Shah, will be the closing
Other highlights of the festival will be
"Infinite Justice", directed by Pakistani
filmmaker Jamil Dehlavi, Bangladesh's
"Glow of the Firefly" by Khalid
Mahmood Mithu and Nepalese film
"Talakgunj vs Tulke".
A seminar on transgender and cinema
will be organised with more than
300 people from the community
participating in it. It will also have a
three-day art camp and an international
kavi sammelan.

SRK And Kajol Visit

Maratha Mandir

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is the

only film in the world to run in a
theater for 1000 weeks. To mark the
1000th week, both Raj and Simran
came together to revive the magic of
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.
Both Kajol and Shahrukh Khan visited
Maratha Mandir for the last show.
The actors were greeted with a huge
crowd waiting to see them. The actors

came in the theater during the interval

and interacted with the audiences on
their experience of watching the film.
Shahrukh Khan entertained the
audience by doing some dance moves
and even went on the terrace top to greet
the crowd who was waiting outside the
theater for just one sight of them. Kajol
could not go up on the terrace due to
her fractured leg.


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Passion For Acting Helped Me Rise From Bankruptcy:

Big B

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has seen

highs and lows in his journey from
being Bollywood's "angry young man"
to its "Shahenshah". The actor says his
determination and focus helped him
emerge from the brink of bankruptcy.
For the actor, things didn't turn out as
expected with his Amitabh Bachchan
Corporation Ltd. (ABCL) landing him
into financial mess.
"It was a difficult time. ABCL went into
debt. I was bankrupt. The people who
expressed desire to work with me at
the peak of my career came and hurled
abuses at me," Amitabh said at a session
of Agenda Aaj Tak here Saturday.
The 72-year-old, who has consistently
proved his mettle with films like
"Agneepath", "Don", "Black", "Paa" and
"Cheeni Kum", says his focus and passion
for acting helped him overcome that phase.
"When you are in such a problem, you
don't sleep at night. On one such night,
I asked myself 'Who I am' and realised
that I came here to act and should stick
to it," he said.

"Next morning, I went to (late filmmaker)

Yash Chopra and explained my problem
and told him that I neither have money
nor work. It was then he gave me a role
in 'Mohabbatein' and then I started again
from that point," he added.
Amitabh played the role of a strict
father and professor, who doesn't
believe in love, in the musical romantic
drama, which released in 2000.
At the session, he also recited his late
father Harivanshrai Bachchan's poem
"Madhushala" and reminisced about
his father. The actor says his lessons
are his driving force.
"My father was in a government job
and he went for another job at night
due to which he came home late. When
I opened the door for him, I often asked
him 'Why is he so late?' and to which
he replied 'Paisa badi mushkil se milta
hai' (You don't get money easily)."
"So, when I entered show business,
I used to do two to three shifts and
reached home late. Then my father
asked me the same question and

complained about my late arrival.

My answer was the same: 'Paisa badi
mushkil se milta hai, babuji'. This is
one of the many teachings that helps

me in my life," he said.
Meanwhile, the actor has wrapped up
shooting for "Piku" and is currently
busy with "Wazir".

this Bollywoodian cine chronicle is

about two conjoined sisters Anjana
and Sanjana who lived by one
promise made to each other about
not separating in any case. But the
circumstances lead to the death of one
while the other survived. Years later,
the ghost of the dead comes back to
haunt the surviving sister for breaking
the promise.
Anyhow, though the movie is slated to
release in 2015, but in-spite of that it has
already started stirring the grapevine,
because of the rumors alleging brewing
romances between Bipasha and Karan.
And probably in order to supplement
the potency of this hype the makers
have recently unveiled the sensuous
'Katra-Katra' song of the movie where

movies leading protagonists i.e. Karan

and Bipasha can be seen getting
naughty with each other.
Though this directorial venture of
Bhushan Patel which also stars Zakir
Hussain is scheduled to release in
Januray next year.
But we guess if more such prurient
micro visual chunks will keep on
surfacing in the virtual world then,
by the time movie will reach the
multiplexes it will have enough hype
circumscribed around it.
So till the time final products comes
out in open, you can either quench your
quell with this scintillating song of
the year or wait for the arrival of next
prurient spectacle pertaining to 'Alone'
in the virtual world.

Bipasha Getting Intimate With Karan Singh Grover

Well there is no denying the fact
that when it comes to fiddling with
prurience then no one in the tinsel town
can match the ability of dusky beauty
Bipasha. And this we have seen a
number of times in the past too, where
Bips literally made many men feel the
heat of her hotness.
Be it her Jism stint with ex-beau John
Abraham or the one where she went
naughty with Serial kisser Emraan for

Raaz 3. Every time when this bong

babe has ditched her coyness, she has
made everyone go gaga over her.
And this time its newbie Karan Singh
Grover who has got an opportunity
to closely see the spell of Bipasha's
oomph in recently released Katra song
of their upcoming movie 'Alone'.
'Alone' reportedly is an Indianised
version of Thai horror saga with same
name. And just like original even

Ex-Flames To Team Up For

'Udta Punjab'

If reports are to be believed, ex flames

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor
are all set to share screen space in the
upcoming movie 'Udta Punjab', which
will be helmed by 'Dedh Ishqiya'
director Abhishek Chaubey.
Shahid and Kareena were last seen
together in the 2007 movie 'Jab We
Met', shot exactly during the time of
their break up. The movie became
a blockbuster nonetheless with both
Shahid's and Kareena's performance
being appreciated.

The former real life couple, who dated

for more than four years before a much
public break up in 2007, however, will
not be a couple in the movie, as it's
Alia Bhatt who will play Shahid's love
interest in the action thriller.
The movie is reportedly being made
under Vishal Bharadwaj's production,
who has earlier worked with Shahid
in 'Kaminey' and 'Haider' and with
Kareena in 'Omkara'.
Ayushmann Khurrana is also said to be
a part of the movie.

Friday Dec 19 , 2014




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Friday Dec 19 , 2014


B.C. Lions Hire Jeff Tedford

As New Head Coach

Jeff Tedford
The BC Lions name Jeff Tedford as Earlier this year, Tedford was hired
their new head coach.
to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers'
A league source says Tedford has offensive co-ordinator but left the
agreed to terms to become the new team during the pre-season to undergo
head coach of the B.C. Lions.
a heart procedure. That ultimately
Tedford played six seasons as a resulted in the two sides mutually
quarterback in the CFL with Hamilton, agreeing to end his NFL deal, making
Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg Tedford available to join the Lions.
from 1983 to '88. He replaces Mike Tedford also served as the head coach at
Benevides, who was fired following the University of California ('02-'12) and
B.C.'s 50-17 loss to the Montreal twice was named the Pac-10's top coach,
Alouettes in the East Division winning the conference title in 2006.
Tedford was the offensive coordinator
Tedford, 53, will be reunited with GM for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this
Wally Buono with the Lions. Tedford season, but dealt with some health
served as an assistant under Buono issues and went on a leave of absence.
with the Calgary Stampeders ('89-'91). Jeff Tedford is returning to the CFL.

Suva Seeded As Fiji 2

National League champion Suva was
seeded as team 2 from Fiji during
the group draws of the 2015 OFC
Champions League in Auckland.
Fiji Football Association chief
executive officer Bob Kumar said
that it has been clarified that Ba being
a semifinalist during the last OFC
Champions League was seeded as Fiji
1 whilst Amicale being the finalist was
seeded as leaders in Group C at the
pool draws.
representative clubs in the 2014 edition
of the competition, the 12 teams
were seeded for the draw, which was
conducted in the presence of the OFC
Executive Committee.
According to the draw procedure
outlined by the OFC Competitions
department, the teams ranked 1-3
were seeded into Groups A, B and C
respectively, in Position 1.
Teams ranked 4-6 were drawn by
lots in the following order; Group A
Position 2, Group B Position 2,
Group C Position 2. The same rule

applies for Positions 3 and 4 in each

group with Position 3 filled by teams
ranked 7-9 and Position 4 by teams
ranked 10-12.
Redrawing of lots only occurred in the
case where two teams from the same
national association were drawn in the
same group.
Suva is in Pool B with New Zealands
top club, Vanuatus second club and a
team from Solomon Islands.
Ba is in Pool A with Tahitis number 1
club, a team from New Caledonia and
preliminary winner of Samoa.
Fiji is set to host the event in 2015 with
matches to be split between Govind
Park in Ba and ANZ Stadium in Suva
in April.
Each group will play each other
in a round robin based on a league
system; the teams finishing first, as
well as the best-ranked runner-up, of
all three groups will contest the semifinals.
The winner of each semi-final will
progress to the 2015 OFC Champions
League final.

Michael Garcia Resigns

From FIFA Role

The man tasked with investigating the

World Cup bidding process for the
2018 and 2022 tournaments resigned
Wednesday, plunging world football
into turmoil.
Michael Garcias resignation followed
world governing body FIFAs decision
to throw out his appeal after he
complained about the way his report
into the bidding process had been
summarized by German judge HansJoachim Eckert FIFAs independent
ethics adjudicator.
I disagree with the Appeal
Committees decision, said the
American lawyer Garcia the
chairman of the Investigatory Chamber
of the FIFA Ethics Committee in a
public statement.
It now appears that, at least for the
foreseeable future, the Eckert Decision
will stand as the final word on the 2018
and 2022 FIFA World Cup bidding
committee, investigator, or arbitration
panel can change the culture of an
FIFA president Sepp Blatter said he was
surprised by Garcias resignation but
that the work of the Ethics Committee
will nonetheless continue.
Pending the election of a new
chairman of the Ethics Committee by
the FIFA Congress, the FIFA Executive
Committee will appoint an acting
chairman to serve as a replacement for
Mr Garcia, added Blatter, who will be
at FIFA ExCos meeting in Marrakech
on Thursday and Friday.
However Jerome Champagne, who is
standing against Blatter in the 2015
FIFA presidential election, said Garcias
decision was a step backwards.
We need to know what happened
before and after the 2 December 2010
vote, added Champagne, referring
to the date Russia and Qatar won the
right to stage the 2018 and 2022 World
When will the facts be known fully,
transparently and above all without
suspicion? When will we be able to
start rebuilding FIFAs image? And we
need to protect the World Cup.
Garcia said his decision to resign had
also been in influenced by FIFAs lack
of leadership.
Now even FIFAs very own lead
investigator has recognized what many
of us have warned for months: its self
investigation process is neither valid
nor credible, said U.S. lawyer David
Larkin, who has been a campaigner for
greater accountability from FIFA.
It has been a difficult few months for
In September the American said for

the first time that his report should be

made public with redactions.
FIFA rejected his request on the
grounds that witness confidentiality
for his work could prove difficult to
sustain if the report was published.
Then Eckert published his summary,
prompting Garcia to respond by
saying the German judges 42page report contained numerous
materially incomplete and erroneous
In his resignation statement Garcia
went even further.
A brief I filed with the FIFA Appeal
Committee on November 24, 2014,
outlined the Eckert Decisions most
serious failings, said the American
Among other points, the brief
explained why, when viewed in the
context of the Report it purported to
summarize, no principled approach
could justify the Eckert Decisions
edits, omissions, and additions.
After Eckerts summary was published,
Garcia also faced pressure from two
Phaedra Al-Majid and Australian
Bonita Mersiades gave evidence to
Garcia and claim he broke his promise
over an offer of anonymity if they
helped with his investigative report.
The two women insist that
assurances were given to them both
in private and public that they would
not be compromised after agreeing
to give evidence through a sense of
natural justice and a desire to bring
closure to a long running chapter in
our lives.
The women were not identified by
name, but they contend they were
clearly identifiable in the summary
of Garcias report.
committee said Tuesday there were
no grounds to justify the opening of
disciplinary proceedings given the
breach of confidentiality claim had no
Responding to Garcias resignation,
Mersiades welcomed his decision,
given he agrees with what many of
us have long stated that FIFA is
incapable of reform or cultural change
with its current leadership.
Al-Majid described the Americans
departure from FIFA was one more,
emphatic exposure of FIFAs selfprotecting corruption.
She added: FIFA has no ethics. Its
rules are a farce. Not even an extensive,
purportedly independent, two year
investigation and report could affect its
Why would anyone believe or trust
anything it says?


Friday Dec 19 , 2014


Friday Dec 19 , 2014


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