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Course Information

Internet: HCI content management system

Human Computer Interaction

Fall-semester 2014

LIACS announcement board in central hall Snellius

and on http://info.liacs.nl/liacs
Rule: if an announcement has appeared on either of
these media, there is no excuse for not knowing it!
Email: backup facility only (through assistants)

Computer Science (& Economy), Media Technology, CS-Minor

Fons J. Verbeek
Hanna Schraffenberger
Nelleke Louwe Kooijmans
Lisa Rombout
Remi Alkemade
Marcello Gomez Maureira
+ (nn)

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Announcements & Notes
Links to assignments
Links to resources

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Course material (theory part)

Additional reading

Course book
Designing Interactive Systems (2nd ed.)
David Benyon, 2010,
Pearson-Addison Wesley

Human-Computer Interaction (3rd ed.)

Alan Dix et al., Pearson-Prentice Hall

Human Computer Interaction,

Dov Teeni, Jane Carey & Ping Zhang

Interaction design, beyond Human Computer Interaction,

A 3rd edition is available after 2013-9

All exact ordering info available

via website (http://hci.liacs.nl)
Costs about 50.
Obtain via Leidsche Flesch

Designing the User Interface,

Reading assignments: book

Reading assignments: papers

Human Computer Interaction,

Jenny Preece, et al., Wiley and Sons.

Ben Shneiderman, AWL

The Human Interface

Jef Raskin, AWL

Jenny Preece et al, AWL

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

hci 2014 course organisation, fjv

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Course Setup

CS, MT, Minor: HCI theory

Theoretical part

12/13 lectures

Series of lectures (intentionally till 2nd half of October)

Twice a week 2 hrs (Monday Thursday)
Reading assignment in book
Additional papers, lecture notes

CS, MT, Minor: HCI assignment

Approved, Submitted before deadline

6 ECTS study points


Practical part

Assignment to apply theory

Work with real users
Work in a 2 person team
Multi disciplinary!
Teams composed with administration (Game / Matching)
HCI lab / Assistant discussion
human computer interaction 2014, fjv

6.5*Assignment + 3.5*Exam = Final Grade

provided both grades >= 5.5
65 % assignment consist of number of sub-grades

Presentations (planned for November 2014)

Presentations HCI assignment
Feedback (per group)
human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Topics lectured (concept)


Lecture #


September 01

HCI 01

Introduction, Course Outline

September 04

HCI 02

September 08

Time Line HCI 2014


Human Perception, Cognition, Affective Computing


September 11

HCI 03

Reasoning, Computer Interaction, Outline Practical Part

September 15


Mental Models

September 18

HCI 05

Interaction models

September 21

HCI 06

Mental Models, Scenarios

September 25

HCI 07

Iconic messaging

September 29

HCI 08

Development process

October 02

HCI 09

Task Analysis, Service Design

October 09

HCI 10

Usability & Prototyping

October 13

HCI 11

Evaluation, Measurement

October 16

HCI 12

Augmented Reality, Ubiquitous Computing

October 20/23

HCI 13

Groupware, Social Systems

October 06


Practical Progress


human computer interaction 2014, fjv

hci 2014 course organisation, fjv

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Lecture Location
Lectures #02 #13

Practical Assignment

Today: B03
others: Room 106

3rd week semester team formation

Compution-student + Other-student

3rd week of semester assignment available

Type of assignments now under consideration/study

4th week of semester assignment subject

Check Notice board!

Check hci.liacs.nl (news)

Discussed with team assistant

Approved by administration
Schedule per team

From 4-11-2014 till 27-11-2014 presentations

Final Presentations

Mandatory for all participants

According to schema published by administration
Plan, Product/Idea, Prototype


Check Notice board,
Check hci.liacs.nl

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

January, final deadline (no delay possible)

Presentation final Prototype

Website, Proceedings of last years products/papers

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

Grading - Completion

Questions ?

The deadline for the assignments is the only

option to submit results.
There are no assistants after January 2015
No extension possible!
No practical assignment completed means that we
will see you next year.
Retake exam, in general February/March.
Marks Exam/Assignment only kept for one period
September 2015, there will be a new course

human computer interaction 2014, fjv

hci 2014 course organisation, fjv


Course Administration
Dr. Ir. Fons J. Verbeek
Room 105 Snellius.
Ph. Ext. 071 527 5773
Email f.j.verbeek@liacs.leidenuniv.nl
URL http://hci.liacs.nl

Follow instructions at WWW

human computer interaction 2014, fjv