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G4 Mission Annual Report for 2014. Updated on 4 January 2015.

January 2014: Tract Distribution, followed by road-side fellowship! Duke brings a Bible Lesson
from Esther Anuhya story.
2014 was indeed a blessed year in the history of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna
Mission a ministry to presentday people, supported by Indians, founded by Duke Jeyaraj in
February 2006. What a joy it is to look back at what God has graciously done in 2014.
Lets begin with a few testimonies we received this year:
Hello Duke anna, in the 1st session in the camp, your teaching led me to peace of mind. I find hope
which Jesus gives to me. I am not an Aishwarya with empty heart (I am talking about the tracts you
gave in Delhi). Especially, that 3 kinds of Bible passages concept you introduced in the message on
Bible-reading: 1. Apple passage 2. Banana passage 3. Coconut passage. It answered my questions
on how to read the Bible. In my past Christian life I just read the Bible, just for name sake.
Some of your words from that message still I remember:
Prayer is the greatest beautician (think of Moses atop the mountain).
Scientist fail to predict the future (but Bible predicts it with 100 percent accuracy).

God spoke to me clearly: Read the Bible. Pray. And walk with me.
Duke anna, you end up your first session in the camp.
I feel a peace But I have not yet fully surrendered to Jesus.
Evening session started.You preached from Song of Songs 8. The Climax of the Worlds Greatest
Love Poem. That was the message title. I sat with my Smartphone, open my Bible App and roll it
around Songs of Songs. Nudity.. Porn. You talk about all that in the light of that passage. That
message kicks me in my face. And something says Hello (my name), you porn-watcher...? I say
Yes, Jesus I am watching porn with friends and even sometimes with my worshippers (in youth
meeting they conduct worship sessions). I confessed my sin to Jesus. He cleansed me Amen.
I tried to talk with you that evening Duke anna.. But I couldnt??
I got in to bed I simply pray I am yours...Help me out Lord.. and slept zzzzzzzzzzz.
The second day of the camp, was the day which made my life, full of God and redefined my
relationship with Jesus.
You talked about being fruitful for Jesus in your final talk.
You give points one by one.. about walking, kneeling, talking, acting, writing, operation of Holy Spirit
and submitting..from the book of Ezekiel.

February 2014: Duke taught on handling Romantic Rejection to Google Genners at his
That message shaped me. What is my next step in life for Jesus? What is my ministry? What is the
purpose of this situation I am in? What Jesus needs from me? (He expected more actions than my

mere words from lips, I understood from your message). What is the way to preach gospel? How to
reach different kinds people through gospel? How to write for Christ?
I am a good vernacular language poet. Not in the class of Javed Akthar or Vairamuthu, though. I used
to write poems for my ex-girlfriends. Your challenge to write for Jesus in that final message still
echoes - I decided to write for Christ, post the camp! How to operate the gift of the Holy Sprit?
I did not receive the tongues gift, but Jesus asked me to use my skills I have and said that He will give
me more spiritual gifts. How to behave, as gospel preacher? Your messages answered all these
questions I had. Your messages clearly direct me to do ministry. But I ask How Jesus?

March 2014: Duke receives the Doctor of Ministry degree from Dr. Ivan of Southern
Asia Bible College.
Am I called to be a full time minister? Or How? How? How?
You lead us into prayer you ask, Who all are coming for full time ministry? I stand up with eye full
of tears. I say, Here I am Jesus! Here I am Jesus! Here I am Jesus! Here I am Jesus!
You say that, in beginning in your career. you can do part-time ministry. Then the right time will
come. That minute you may feel the need to quit a job and do full time ministry. On that time you
decide a ministry. I cry out. Cry
Excuse me where is my emptiness??? Where is the empty suitcase???
Oh thank Jesus my heart is full of love, love, love of Christ.
Now God show the next step to me in my life? Thats job with part time ministry.
That I concluded from your final message.
(a testimony received from one of the campers part of a camp that Duke preached in, in 2014).

They dont come forward that easily for an altar call. But to see the altar full of youth was
something amazing!. That was the testimony of a youth leader of a church with uber-cool Google
I'm spellbound....Awesome work Duke Anna. Very very interesting. Very creative....most needed
for the current generation. That was one of the testimonies that we at G4 Mission received in
the year 2014 from a TCS techie.

May 2014: Fighting Hyper-grace false teaching through sound teaching of the Word!


Duke shared a presentation on the wrong teaching of hyper-grace in a seminar in NLAGChennai which saw over 700 people from 100 churches take part.
I praise God for all that He is doing through you and Evangelin. So wrote a Mission Leader of a large
missionary organization to Duke Jeyaraj this year.
My children answered the altar call when you preached in the Bible College
I teach in. What joy! a Bible College Professor.
I have received some feedback about your message in our church last Sunday. They said, Duke,
doesnt mince with words a senior associate pastor of a large Church.

Testimony 7:
I copied your (Dukes) article titled, A Believers Future Sins: Are they auto-forgiven? from
Facebook and sent it as a email to myself as part of my preparation to address the hyper-grace
controversy! a Senior Associate Pastor of a large Church.

2014 was a historic year for the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna
Mission, the G4 Mission. In March of this year, Duke Jeyaraj finished his doctoral
program in Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore. He wrapped up his Doctor of
Ministry Course (D. Min.) thanks to Gods grace. It was a double delight as he was
asked to speak on behalf of his graduating class as well to a graduation audience from

world over. His doctoral project was on strategies to make disciples of Jesus of Indias
Google Generation the Modern Young Working Professionals. Becoming a
doctor a few months before he turned 40, gave Duke immense satisfaction.

July 2014: Duke addressed students of Lady Doak College in their annual
retreat. Several holy decision made.
It was also historic in another sense. Duke finished the practical summary study
EACH of the SIXTY SIX BOOKS OF THE BIBLE this year 2014. The last book
that was summarized was 2 Timothy. In the year 2007, Duke started off this process
in the home of Daniel-Magdalene in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. It may be that close to
300 different people from working pros to housewives have taken part in this
once-a-month study. About 15 people attended each study, on an average, with the
highest being 30 and the lowest being 4. Many of these studies are online at Dukes
Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/visitduke) and SoundCloud account
(www.soundcloud.com/shoutaloud). One message given by Duke this year to less
than 20 people on the Bible character Zipporah has been listened to via soundcloud
over 200 times! In this year, Duke began the process of re-teaching those books the
Bible Studies of which had not been recorded. In the home of Arpan Paul and

Hepsibah, Duke taught the book of Ecclesiastes. Around 15 people were there in that

Duke finished summary study of all the 66 books of the Bible to small groups
of Google Genners in the month of July 2014. This process took 7 years.

study where Duke summarized the message of the book of Ecclesiastes using the
name of that book as an acronym. In the home of Sajeev-Shalini, Duke brought two

reasons for showing feverishness in doing evangelism from the last verse of Jonah. In
the home of Airforce Wing Commander David, he summarized the message of the
book of Joel in the year-end, a book where we read, I will give back the YEARS the
locusts have eaten! Dukes message, Little Boys of the Bible blessed those who
gathered for a childs birthday party this year set in a home. This way our ministry was
a blessing to some HOMES.

God used Duke among COLLEGE STUDENTS this year. The Lady Doak College
management had him fly into Madurai and back to speak to their student body.
Several students who heard him over two days about 500 atleast recommitted
their lives to Jesus. Frank, fresh, finely-crafted messages that remained long in their
hearts were preached. Duke also preached the Gospel to a small group of African
Students living in Hyderabad in a home during Christmas time. Six of them came
forward and gave their hearts to Jesus following his message, Popular Philosophies
Questioned By Christmas.

Aug 2014: Duke answered from the Bible questions asked by youth in a retreat
at Bethesda Church, Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar.
It pleased the Lord to open doors for Duke to speak to CORPORATES. Duke spoke
to several corporate professionals many from different religious persuasions in the
Revival Center AG Churchs Christmas Gospel meet in Gachibowli, this year. A few

of them, placed their hand over their heart and prayed Christ into their lives after
Dukes Gospel presentation. Duke taught Gods Word to a Corporate Professionals
of a Corporate Fellowship (Potters Clay) this year in a beach-side resort.

September 2014: Dukes twin messages shared in over twin Sundays in FGAGs
NGS in Bangalore was given with power and with authority on hot topics.
Duke counted it as a privilege to minister in BIBLE COLLEGES in 2014. Duke
ministered in Andhra Pradesh Bible College in their Spiritual Emphasis Week, this
year. It was a sight for sore eyes to see Bible College students who hear message
after message come forward, kneel down and rededicate their lives to Jesus,
following anointed, apt, arrow-like messages that Duke preached to them. Duke
spoke to the distance learning students of Southern Asia Bible College in Hyderabad
thrice this year. His lectures on the Prophets of the Old Testament, On Preaching
Effectively, were appreciated by the students who were professionals from various
What a joy it was for Duke to preach in an Indian state he has not preached in, so far
this year the state of Goa. Dukes message of encouragement from the Ananias-

Saphira story in New Creation AG Church, Panjim, was a blessing to the church
believers who heard it.

October 2014: Goa became the new state in which Duke preached in 2014 for
the first ever time. His message from the Ananias-Saphira Story blessed the
church congregation (New Creation Church).
In CONFERENCES that drew audiences from far and wide, this year, it was Dukes
happy privilege to speak in. In the Karnataka-Goa Assemblies of God Youth Leaders
meet in Bangalore, Duke preached this year. The young leaders were trained in what
Duke called as Jesus-Driven Youth Ministry. In the GRACE AND TRUTH
SEMINAR in Chennai, Duke was invited to do a presentation on the dangerous
hyper-grace movement a movement that shown cultic tendencies to an audience
of over 700 from over 100 churches. Duke kept receiving WhatsApp messages of
appreciation for that presentation long after he finished speaking them. An album
with articles by Duke titled, Bible Answers to Hyper-Grace was opened this year on
our Facebook account (www.facebook.com/googleduke). These picture-wrapped
articles exposed the brazenly unbiblical but immensely popular doctrine of hypergrace the no.1 false doctrine among Google Gen believers. Some of the posts saw
over 500 reads.
We at G4 Mission hosted a Bible Study this year that taught young people how to
handle romantic rejections. Bringing fresh teaching from the Bible in a practical way

on the ignored topics of SEX, LOVE, MARRIAGE from the Bible remains our
priority. A bunch of college girls were taught what the Bible taught about sex and
called for a pure life, this year, by Duke. In a leading church, during the Sunday
Morning service, Duke brought a message on overcoming sexual temptation the Jesus
way, this year!

Dukes writings blessed the Google Genners in 2014. Here is a student with his
book, Goodnews for the Google Generation.
In the ministry of COUNSELING the Google Generation, God used both Duke
Jeyaraj and his wife Evangelin. Duke hosted a FACEBOOK chat at various times this
year to answer questions of modern youth. These questions ranged on topics as
diverse as pornography to partner-choice, petting to investing, hyper-grace to hell.
They were answered without beating about the Bush from the Bible. Duke also used
WhatsApp to host a question and answer time, this year. Young women got on the
phone with Evangelin Duke this year and received some solid biblical counsel. Akka,
I am in love with this unbeliever. questions that began that way were given a
patient hearing and a patented biblical response.
In this year we at G4 Mission went to the highways and the byways sharing the
Gospel. In colleges like St. Anns Mehdipatnam, like Loyala College, Suchitra, etc
Duke joined the volunteers of G4 Mission to give out the Dhoni/Bubbly Gospel
TRACT (which can be read at

http://issuu.com/dukejeyaraj/docs/bubbly_tract_2013 and http://issuu.com/dukeje

yaraj/docs/dhoni_tract_in_pdf). In road-cross-sections like that one near Bowenpally
police station, we stood and gave out Gospel tracts. Duke and his son gave out tracts
outside a bar this year. During Christmas time 2014, we gave out New Testaments
along with cake and tracts to folks like our tailor and the photo-copy man! We
received orders for our tracts from places such as Gurgaon and Chennai. One
corporate professional in Hyderabad paid 500 Rupees to buy the Bubbly tract to be
given out to her contact this year.

Dec 2014: African Students came forward and accepted Jesus after Dukes
Christmas Gospel message in Dr. Spurgeons home in Hyderabad.
Our ONLINE ministry has expanded like never before. Our youtube channel
(www.youtube.com/visitduke) featuring Dukes video messages has now over 180,000
hits! A young man from Singapore found youtube videos of Duke so useful as he was
on the verge of choosing his life-partner. When he got married this year, he compelled
Duke to send him a wedding greeting video that was eventually played in his wedding
as a mark of his gratitude for the sound counsel he received from Dukes videos! Our
soundcloud channel (www.soundcloud.com/shoutaloud) has over 14,000 hits! Our
ministry Facebook page (www.facebook.com/googleduke) has nearly 1000 likes! Our
WhatsApp (attached to number +91-8886040605) Gospel presentation team attracted
60 new numbers from world-over (USA, Gulf, Philippines, etc) in no time! Using his
twitter handle @dukejeyaraj, Duke Jeyaraj has tweeted Bible truth wrapped around
contemporary events (including World Cup Football 2014, Airline Disappearances,

Rajinis Lingaa, Uber Cabbie Rape, etc), faithfully. Folks from world-over have

Dukes messages were translated into Nepali in a church leaders training in

the Indian side of the Bhutan border this year. The delegates were blessed.
become his twitter followers, this year. For the first time, in 2014, Dukes English to
Kannada video messages, English to Nepali video messages and English to Bengali
audio messages were uploaded online. We created issu and flipsnack accounts as well
this year, keeping in mind an increasingly online
audience: www.issuu.com/dukejeyaraj andwww.flipsnack.com/dukejeyaraj. These two
links, apart from www.scribd.com/duke_jeyaraj carry our PDF publications like mags,
books, tracts in full, free of charge! Freely you have received, freely give! Jesus
said! Duke, the Vineyard worker for the Vine (short video sharing site)
generation! this phrase was given to Duke by the Spirit this year!
Our literature ministry continued to impact the Google Genners! We published two
issues of our magazine, The Days of Your Youth, this year. One issue promoted the
creation of small group fellowships in workplaces. Another issue called working pros
to use their off time to be on for God, through the example of Nehemiah. A
corporate professional ordered 100 copies of our magazine that wraps Bible Truth
around contemporary events to be given out in a Corporate Christian event after
paying 2000. One Facebook post of Duke which taught the Google Generation that a

believer should only marry a believer starting with a story of Amala Paul, saw over
Xerox-book that Duke Jeyaraj released this year. Plans are on the anvil for the book,
IF DANIEL WERE IN DELL, in the year 2015.

In the home of Arpan-Hepsibah, Duke led a Bible Study this year from the book of Ecclesiastes.
Duke also took time for PERSONAL EVANGELISM this year. One night, he was
on the phone talking a senior professional from a respected field, sharing the Gospel
answering his questions. Yet another time, Duke, led a young Engineering grad
without a job for a long time into the sinners prayer after an evangelistic conversation
with him at the G4 Mission base in Hyderabad. While on the flight during his ministry
travel, he continued to share the Gospel. The ESV BIBLE Smartphone App Psalm
119:165 method of evangelism is his latest short-swift method of Gospel-sharing.
When Duke was with his family in trains this year, he gave out Gospel tracts to
several passengers going from bogie to bogie.
God graciously sent signs and wonders that accompanied the preaching-writing
ministry of Duke and Evan. Jobs received!, I am pregnant!, My US visa is

stamped!, My long-pending marriage is fixed!, My marriage has received a fresh

lease of life! etc were some of the testimonies received this year. While praying for
miracles and healing, Duke has faithfully taught not only this year but also over the
years that healings and miracles are subject to sovereign will of God and there are
times when they can be delayed or even denied on this side of eternity for our
ultimate good! One young man who heard Duke in a 2012 youth camp told Duke this
year, My life became changed after I heard you speak on taboo topics (porn, petting,
pre-marital sex, homosexuality, etc) in that camp! Yes, lives changed thats the
greatest miracle! Miracles were particularly reported among those who took time to
join our event which we called FOUNTAIN OF TEARS AGAINST MOUNTAIN
OF FEARTS FASTING PRAYER. This prayer time, conducted during certain times
this year focussed on a time of intercession for needs in THE WORLD, first up and
needs in MY WORLD at the end.

To preach in Sunday Mornings, God used Duke this year, in prominent

Building up believers during the SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE is one of the
priorities of G4 Mission. G4 Mission does not run a church and Duke Jeyaraj is not a
pastor. But he gets invited to address Church believers on a Sunday morning. In 2014,

he addressed congregations in Full Gospel Assembly of God, Bangalore (New

Generation Service), the New Life Assembly of God, CSI Wesley Church,
Musheerabad, Pearl City Church, etc. Each time Duke spoke on a Sunday morning,
he sought to serve believers SOLID MEAT and not WATERY MILK. It reminded
believers not only about their privileges but also their responsibilities. Duke, this year,
got to speak to a small group of believers from a rural background in North West
Bengal. His message-story from Amos greatly energized them! Duke crosses all
denominational barriers when it comes to Sunday Morning Message Preaching. He
was invited to speak in a Lutheran church, one of the Sundays of this year. His
message on procrastination was translated into Bengali. In a church setting not used
to altar calls, people came forward without procrastinating to accept Jesus!
Duke was invited to be part of a three-member MISSION team to train church
leaders and youth leaders in North West Bengal this year in the Indian side of the
Bhutan-India border by the NLAG Church in Hyderabad, this year. Dukes training
talks (on How to Interpret the Bible, on Sexual Temptation and the Christian Leader,
etc) greatly built up the trainees.

Duke got to speak in different settings this year. He preached in the wedding of Jason
and Sharon this year. Jason is one of the youth leaders of a CSI church Duke
ministered in. Duke spoke in the thanksgiving meeting that Jethin Noah held this year
before he moved to the US to work. Each time, he dug deep into Gods Word and
brought out relevant messages that refreshed hearts of the listeners. When Jesus
Chose To Repeat Miracles, was one message that God gave Duke when he preached
in such occasions this year.

Duke also addressed the YOUTH of the churches based on invitation from LOCAL

CHURCH PASTORS. He addressed over 300 youth of the Bethesda Church, an

independent church in Hyderabad, this year. He addressed the Youth Alive of New
Life AG Church, Hyderabad, this year. He addressed the youth of the FGAG Church
Bangalore, this year. Duke addressed the youth of Revival Church, Uppal, in their
youth camp. His messages from the book of Proverbs, the Saul-Conversion story, on
Conscience-compromising Pilate, greatly blessed youth. The altar was full of youth
who gave their lives to Jesus, with some fighting back their tears. In one church, they
placed their cell-phones on the altar as a mark of absolute commitment to Christ.

Duke founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4
Mission) in 2006. It is funded by individual Indians who read Dukes articles
and hear his messages.
G4 Mission remains not only an inter-denominational organization, but also an interorganizational organization. This means we take up preaching assignments from other
organizations as well. Duke addressed a Youth for Christ meeting at the end of which
youth were kneeling on the stage with him, praying.
Like it happens every year, Duke was NOT ABLE to take up ALL the PREACHING
INVITATIONS that came to him even in 2014. He takes up only about 60 per cent
of the invitations that come to him. He says to no to certain preaching invitations
for reasons such as date-clash, to make time for writing, to make time for family,
when the Spirit of God would not let him go.
Prayer remains our life-breath. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Evan and Duke spend

the forenoon fasting and praying invariably. Also, in the months of May and in

Altar call time in Sewa Bharat Camp Site. Duke preached from Sauls
Conversion story.
November, they spend a week-long fasting time. During these times, they listened to
Gods Word preached by select servants of God. We do not know it all. We have
miles to go before we sleep. The Fountain fasting prayer was organized in 2014
during select times to encourage the Facebook Generation to seek Gods face!
Duke was humbled and honoured to be the ONLY ASIAN YOUTH MINISTRY
LEADER to be asked to review a new Youth Ministry book by an American Bible
College Youth Ministry professor published by IntervarsityPress this year. His review
was published on the books cover! He was consulted by the RZIMs chairman on the
material used for teaching teens the basics of apologetics, this year. Duke was glad for
these avenues to impact a large audience, graciously given him by the Lord.
The G4 Mission is run by a BOARD with non-relatives of Duke in the board. The
board meeting was held in Chennai this year as well. Annan Silver Ramesh was among
others who was part of the board meeting. Accounts of the ministry were submitted.
After an audit by an external auditor, the accounts were submitted to the
Government. Duke and Evan live on a salary that the Board allots to them from the
offerings the G4 Mission/Duke Jeyaraj receives from Indians who read/hear Duke

Jeyarajs writings/messages. We regularly give away more than a tithe of what we

receive to other servants of God/other ministries/to our local church. Those
supported this way by us, include those in need, those who serve God in North India,
etc. We did that, by Gods grace, this year. Yes, it is more blessed to give than to

After tract distribution in the General Bazaar area, the G4 Mission volunteer
team has snack in a KFC where Duke shared with them a message,
Motivation for Evangelism from an unlikely source: false teachers!
The New Life Assembly of God remains the LOCAL CHURCH that Duke and
Evan, and their kids attend on Sundays when they arent preaching elsewhere. They
are grateful to God for the rich spiritual food they receive from the preachingteaching ministry of Sister Arlene Stubbs-Pastor Valson-Pastor Younus there. Duke
was honoured when this church used one of his World Cup Football Bible
meditations in one of their weekly news bulletins in 2014 and an article title, Sharing
the Full Gospel Starting With The Christmas Narrative, in the churchs annual
souvenir. Dukes daughter Datasha was part of a Jewish Choreography during this
churchs annual Christmas program that blessed thousands. You can watch that
choreography here: http://www.newlifeag.in/node/3445 (from 00:15:10 till 00:17:20).
Dale, Dukes son was part of the choir. The G4 Mission, is not a substitute for the
church its only a supplement to the local church; its not there to replace the local
church but there only to help revive it!
Duke and Evan stay in a fairly large independent house in Hyderabad which they call
as BASE. This facility serves not only as their home, but also as a meeting place for

Bible Studies, venue for Fasting Prayers, get-away for counselling sessions for youth
and a store house for G4 Mission literature. Duke is trying to stock a library for his
research work here. Duke and Evan are grateful to Mr. Paul Pulla and his wife Sis.
Usha Paul for allowing them to stay for rent in this place for the past five plus years.

Duke preached in a Lutheran church in North West Bengal this year. Some
youth accepted Jesus during that Sunday service!
G4 MISSION is a ministry run on a day-to-day ministry with the help of volunteers.
Prathusha Nakka, helps in sending Facebook event invites. Sunil Babu helps in video
and audio uploads. This year, Sunil converted audio cassette tape vintage messages of
Duke from the 1990s into digital format and uploaded it onto our SoundCloud
account. It was pain-staking work and he did it! Arul Johnson, Nagaraj Pandu and
others were Tract Outreach regulars. Sharon Daniel designs our event-invites.
Florussel Satya-Pracchino takes care of our ministry
blog,www.purposespot.blogspot.com which hosts Dukes gospel presentations which
wrap Bible Truth around contemporary events. Fenella Nirmal takes care of our
ministry news blog, www.g-4mission.blogspot.com. Eugene Pandian took care of our
main website, www.googlegeneration.in. He also designed the wrapper for our mags,
very creatively. Ravi Alamothu deftly designed the magazine cover and Gospel tracts
layout. Joel Joseph helped us with the cool design of the Bubbly tract in color and its
printing at a concessional rate. When it came to our magazines Text Editing
Stephen Jothiraj, Bro. Christopher Tharalla, Rachel Niveditha, Deborah
Gladys, Beulah Herbert and Katuri Sushmita all helped out. This list of

volunteers is by no means, an exhaustive list. We are looking for more volunteers to

take Gods Word to the Google Generation. Write to us if you are interested
at emailduke@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +91-8886040605.

Duke got to speak in weddings, homes, churches, corporate fellowships,

streets, etc. this year!
EVANGELIN DUKE, deliberately turned down preaching invitations this year, so
that she could spend time with the children. When Duke went to Bhutan border to
preach, Evan was alone taking care of the kids for six straight days. Both Duke's and
Evan's parents do not stay with them - they stay in Vellore. And so one of us have to
be with our growing kids, Dale (11 years) and Datasha (7 years). Evan, has put her
hand up, cheerfully to do this. This ministry would not have been possible without
her cooperation. She also coordinates Duke's itinerary from this year.
We call ourselves the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4
Mission). Alternatively we call ourselves the Grabbing the GADGET Generation
from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission, again!) as well. The Lord moved His peoples
heart to give so that some gadgets were added to help us in effectively executing
Gods call upon our ministry. A IPAD MINI (Wifi-only), a NOKIA LUMIA 1520,
NOKIA LUMIA 630, etc, were all added for our ministrys use this year thanks to
the generous giving of Gods people (all Indians, incidentally). Some furniture which

would help folks to sit comfortably and listen to Gods Word was received at our
base, this year.

The Bubbly tract of Duke was released in color this year. It was given to
thousands in airports, roads, colleges, corporate houses, etc.
Thank you for your sacrificial, supplication-soaked, smile-sealed partnership with us in
this year -2014! We look forward to 2015! 2015 will mark the 10th year of Duke and
Evans ministry based in Hyderabad.
If you are led by the Holy Spirit to send an offering to G4 Mission/Duke Jeyaraj
ministry you may use the bank details found
in www.googlegeneration.in/donate.php and send the details (your name, your postal
address, etc) by email to emailduke@gmail.com or WhatsApp to +91-8886040605