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November - december 2014

Student Writings from IEI

Today - Right Now

My Weekend Plans

By: Faisal Althumayri (Saudi Arabia)

Today is Friday, November 14, 2014. We
are in class. We are studying writing. There are
5 students in class. Elise is writing on the board.
We are looking at the board. We are studying,
Today - Right Now. We are very good students.
Motaz is talking a lot. Faisal, Abeer, Moayad,
and Hassan are writing now. After class, we are
going home.

By: Hassan Alhendas (Saudi Arabia)

Next weekend, I am going to go home,
eat, and finish homework. On Friday night, I am
going to watch a movie on TV. On Saturday, I
am going to my friends home. After, I am going
to a restaurant to eat dinner. On Sunday, Im
going to play soccer and study.

My Home in Nashville
By: Motaz Hassan (Saudi Arabia)
My home is in Nashville. I love in an
apartment. There are two bedrooms. There are
two bathrooms. There is one kitchen. There is a
dining area. There is a balcony off of the living
room and two sofas. I have a coffee table, floor
lamp, and pictures. There is a bathroom. There
is a toilet and a sink. My home is medium. I like
my home in Nashville.

My Home is Nashville
By: Moayad Almutairi (Saudi Arabia)
My home is in Nashville. I live in a house.
There are 4 bedrooms. There is one living room.
There are 2 bathrooms. There is one kitchen.
There is a dining area. There is a balcony off of
the living room. There is a TV in the living room
and 6 sofas. I have a coffee table, floor lamp,
and pictures. There is a bathroom. There is a
toilet and a sink. My home is big. I like my home
in Nashville.

About Me
By: Abeer Bagafar (Saudi Arabia)
My name is Abeer. I live in Nashville. I
am a wife and mother. I have three kids. They
are boys. Their names are Loly, Dody, and
Hmody. I am a student in IEI. I want to study a
masters degree in Education Technology.

this, my friend waited for me in Portland. Last, I
went to the hotel.

The Best Season

By: Fahad Alalawi (Saudi Arabia)
I agree that summer is the best season
because people can swim, go on a picnic, go to
a lake, play, and cook food. I don't think that
winter is a good season because I don't like the
weather. It is very cold, and the people can not
go to the lake, play, or go to the mall because
they can get in an accident.

My Trouble
By: Amal Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)
First, my family traveled from Indiana to
Pittsburgh. Second, it was a snowy day and it
was very, very cold. Ten we were in the
street. Suddenly, the heating did not
work. Then we felt more nervous with the
baby. This problem was one year ago.

My Job
By: Kader Ozayyildiz (Turkey)
My job is a textile engineer. I make dresses,
t-shirts, wedding dresses, and everything. I
make designs. My job is very good because it is
very exciting, very moving, and very colorful, so I
like my job. It is a good job because people love
different types of clothing. People do not like the
cold. People want to wear comfortable clothes.

My Favorite City
By: Hussain Alshareef (Saudi Arabia)
My favorite city is Meccah. First, because
there are my family and friends. Second, I can
play with my friends. Third, I can eat with my
father and mother. Fourth there are qiblah for all
Muslims. Fifth, I live beside my family. Sixth,
there is the tower Watch. It is the top tower in
the world. Finally, I know everything in Meccah.

The Summer
By: Hamad Altharf (Saudi Arabia)
I like the weather in the summer. The
summer is very hot in Saudi Arabia. Many
people swim in the sea. The summer is the best
season. In Saudi Arabia, there are two seasons,
summer and winter. My birthday is in the
summer. I like ice cream in the summer. It does
not rain in the summer in Saudi
Arabia. Summer in the U.S.A. is not very
hot. But I don't like summer because it is very
hot in Saudi Arabia.

Missed My Exam
By: Eman Alghoribi (Saudi Arabia)
One day, I studied for my exam. Second, I
finished studying for my exam late at
night. Then I went to bed at 1:00 a.m. because I
wanted to sleep. Then in the morning, I did not
hear my alarm clock. It rang at 9:30 a.m., but I
did not hear it. I woke up at 10:00. Finally, I
was sad because I missed my exam.

The Weather and the Summer

My Story

By: Hector Alvarez-Ruiz (Mexico)

I like summer because it is a good time for
people because people can play soccer and run
in the park. The summer is a good time for
children because the children can g to the
school in the morning. I don't like winter
because it is very cold in the night and in the
morning. The weather is a big problem for the
car because there is too much ice in the street.

By: Fathi Saied (Libya)

My story happened 2 years before I came to
the U.S. First, I got a ticket in the business class
for me and my family. Second, we went to
Germany and the U.S. I had trouble in the
German airport. The people in the German
airport did not speak English. The problem was
my family slept in the chairs in the airport. I
waited 14 hours in the airport. After this, I went
to the city Chicago. In Chicago, I had a
problem. I waited 2 hours in the airport. After

The Summer

because people can swim. Summer is the best

season. I think summer is better than winter for
many people. In the summer, I can visit my
family, go shopping, and play in the park. I can
see all the flowers. I love the sun. I can eat in
the park. The summer is beautiful.

By: Ibraheem Alalwan (Saudi Arabia)

I agree that summer is the best season. I like
the summer. The people can get a sun tan
because they can go to the beach. I agree

My Brother

About Home

By: Mashael Alsubaie (Saudi Arabia)

My brother is younger than me. His
name is Abdullah. He is 13 years old, studying in
middle school. He is handsome, smart, funny,
and polite. He likes to play PlayStation, to visit
friends, and to watch football matches. He is
close to me. He sits with me most of the time. I
can remember when he was a baby. I took care
of him when my mother went out. I love him so
much. I am worried about his education and
future. I feel like he is my son. I hope he will
have a beautiful life.

By: Fayez Alruwaili (Saudi Arabia)

My home here has a kitchen, two
bathrooms, three bedrooms, a living room, and a
dining room. Outside are three garages. There is
a big yard. There are many flowers. There are
many chairs on the patio. There are many trees.
There are many small lights in the yard. There
are many birds in the yard.

New Years
By: Ly Nguyen (Vietnam)
New Years is my special holiday
because I like new things very much on New
Years. Everyone in families meet and eat
together. But, Everybody calls New Years in
Vietnam TET. New Years in America occurs on
January 1st, but in Vietnam, New Years occurs
in January or in February and New Years in
Vietnam is very happy. The days of the end of
the year all people go out and buy something for
their house that is lucky and happy. All people
believe that you should not cry on New Years
because they will be unlucky, and you should
not sweep a house on New Years because you
will lose money and wont see a lot of money.
New Years in Vietnam is very important because
that is a beginning of Vietnamese, and New
Years in Vietnam doesnt have childrens gifts,

The Library
By: Maher Muawwadh (Saudi Arabia)
University library or a special library, its
important to people or students. All students and
people who want the library for study and
reading about their major. So I like to study or do
my homework or read in the library because I
feel it is a good study environment. The library
contains many books and computers and all the
services for students or people. Some special
libraries are open 24 hours. So, I think it is a
good place for when I study or read. In the
library I am able to focus when I study.

but adults have little red bags with money inside

for children to get lucky on the first day of New
Years and children congratulate their parents
and grandparents to get happiness and joy. I
love traditional TET in Vietnam.

generous to women. For example, if one of my

family members or close friends is in a financial
issue, I will help her without hesitation. Second, I
am a friendly girl. I always like to talk with my
classmate and my neighbors. I remember one
time when there was a new neighbor who live
next to my house. I sent to them a welcome
basket. After that, we became good friends.
Lastly, I am hard working. I like to do my task on
time. I love to complete my tasks professionally
before the deadline. In short, I have a lot of
personality characteristics that made me a
unique woman.

My Favorite Relative
By KeYin Yang (China)
My favorite relative is my sister because
she is always kind to me. Im a newcomer and
she always helps me.
My sister always helps me in life. She
drives me to school from Monday to Thursday.
My English is so poor. She will help me to
translate. She has also taught me to take the
bus. she helped me to buy some daily
Every Wednesday she takes me out to
activities. Sometimes we climbed mountains and
ate some local specialities. There are a lot of
animals on the mountain. The air is very fresh.
My sister often teaches me English.
Every Wednesday evening we go to the church
to learn English. because my English is not good,
she comes with me. She helped me to easily
understand and practice with me. My sister is
very good. She helped me a lot.

My Hometown: Onezah
By: Othman Almishari (Saudi Arabia)
First, I would like to tell everyone about it.
I love my city so much. My city has a wonderful
desert. My city has good people. In my city, we
have good water, a lot of dates, and beautiful
palms. I always ask myself why I love my city
this much, and the answer that comes is
because my city is the best city in the world.
Most of my relatives live in Onezah. If I
visit any place, I will probably find one of my
relatives. In my city, we have many farms where
you can buy fresh milk, eggs, and vegetables.
We also have many things handmade. We have
many cheap stores.
I miss my city. I miss a wonderful tree
there in my city. I even miss the animals. I have
many beautiful things in my city to describe, but I
dont have time.

Valentines Day in Japan

By: Mihoko Hayashi (Japan)
I am not sure, but maybe Valentines Day
is from Western countries. I think other countries
have different ideas about the holiday. Lasy year
was the first time I experienced Valentines Day
in the USA. Everyone gave chocolate to each
other, but the women give chocolate to men in
Japan. In Japan, the different prices of chocolate
means that it has different qualities. If you
received expensive or handmade chocolate, this
means I love you. However, if you receive cute
or cheap chocolate, that means Thank you very
much, or Youre my best friend.

My Hometown
By: Mohammed Alnuwaysir (Saudi Arabia)
I am originally from Qassem, but Im
living in Dubail city. In my city there are a lot of
trees in the ways. In my city, there are sixteen
companies for oil. There is a big sea and there is
a beach. There are three big malls and
restaurants. The weather in my city is hot in the
summer and cold in the winter. There are
schools and universities. There is an activity
every month for children.

My Personality
By: Rasha Shafi (Saudi Arabia)
I have some unique characteristics that
made me different from other people. First, I am

Al Qatif

it has my childhood and has all my memories,

and times were happy in it. It is very special for
me. Really, this city is a great city.

By: Alawiyyah Alsaeedi (Saudi Arabia)

My hometown is Al Qatif. It is a big and
beautiful city. It isnt modern. It is an old city. My
city is a farming city. It has some features.
This city has different locations. Every
location has a different name. Some of these are
Qudih, Tobi, and Jish. It has old homes. Those
homes are from many years ago. My citys
residents build them with old rock, and by their
hands, without using a machine to help them.
My city is a farming city. It has many
farms and many palms. So, the residents in my
city are farmers. There are dates. They have
several kinds of them. These farms make my
city beautiful.
When I talk about its residents, they are
very nice. They are friendly. The are generous
and love to help each other. These people are
very simple and so cute. When I went to
describe them, I cant stop describing them.
My city has many memories for me. I
cant stop thinking about it. It has my family. Also,

My Hometown
By: Asma Alwehaibi (Saudi Arabia)
My hometown is very beautiful. It has
modern buildings and a lot of universities. It is
the capital city. It has different weather.
My hometown has modern buildings.
They have special design, and they have a lot of
restaurants. My city has a lot of universities. It
has five universities.
My city is a capital city in my country. It
has a lot of people, and it has a lot of famous
companies. You can find a lot of jobs.
My city has hot weather in the summer.
In winter, it has cold and rain.
In the end, my city is wonderful. If you
saw my city, I believe you will love it.

Leaving Your Country
By: Bassam Alruwaili (Saudi Arabia)
There are many different cases about why people leave their homeland. We know no one wants
to leave his country and then make a new life in another place. Because when you grow up in your
country you have your family, friends, cousins, or wife. Anyway you must have something you dont want
to lose or leave, but sometimes there are reasons to leave the homeland. For example, people who have
a war cant stay in the same place and must save themselves. Also, they might lose their job, their car, or
maybe something else; so, they have to leave and go to another place to find a new life.

By: Kener Mahmud (Iraq)
First, I want to say to my God many, many thanks God you save me in this life everywhere.
Thanks God you give me a clean heart and can say to everyone thanks for everything. Second, I want to
say to my mom thanks. I love you mom a lot and I miss you a lot. I hope in this life I will see you one
more time. I want to tell you thanks mom. All the time you are thinking about me and you always help
me. You are with me in my life. And all the time you tell me not to worry about anything because you are
with me. I am happy because you are my mother and I want to give you a big kiss this week. I am
grateful a billion times for you!

The Effects of Weather

By: Saleh Alwehaibi (Saudi Arabia)
I agree the weather affects our everyday on life. The weather could affect on our life by changing
our mood and routine. Even nature could affect us. Some humans and even some animals cant live in
cold weather or hot weather. Some animals are created to live in snowy weather in the mountains. And
some have been created to live in the desert. But humans can live anywhere. And they can adapt to the
weather and live but they need time to adapt.

The Cause And Effect of Smoking

By: Khalid Alabbush (Saudi Arabia)
Have you ever thought why people smoke? There are many reasons why people resort to
smoking, and many of the choices are based on the individuals decisions. Smoking is one of the most
serious problems today. It is killing the people all over the world.
Many people start this bad habit because of stress, personal issue and high bold pressure. Some
people began showing off or some people wanted to enjoy it. One cigarette can result in smoking others,
which can lead to major addiction. When someone smokes a cigarette they are not only hurting
themselves, but others around them.
Smoking does many horrible things to the human body that most people are not aware of. Almost
everyone knows that smoking causes cancer and heart disease moreover can shorten your life by 10
years or more, and that the habit can cost a smoker thousand of dollars a year. So why are people still
smoking? The answer is a hard habit to break because tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly
In conclusion, I would like to say that many sessions with a smoker will carry you to the addiction.
And smoking is only death for everything in your body. We must quit this bad habit and focus on our
fitness and our lives.

A Volunteering
By: Mohammed Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)
A volunteer is a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking. There
are three major aspects of volunteering: Gain experiences, Highlight the humanitarian image of the
community, and develop social relationships.
The first aspect is gain experience. To gain experiences you should try to do new things. We can
learn practical skills to help others such as construction, tutoring, and basic health care.
Secondly, volunteering highlights the humanitarian image of community, which is to promote the
integration of people with each other and service. Projects such as, blood donation, helping the needy,
and removing some harmful objects on the roads promote a good image of community.
Finally, when a person volunteers the social relationships build connections with other people for
instance, the exchange of cultures, intimate relationships and love between people. Show you care
about fellow volunteers as well as those you are serving.
In conclusion, volunteering is important for human life because it is a reward from God. Also,
helping other people become happy makes you feel happiness.

How You Make a Good Future

By: Raed Alzahrani (Saudi Arabia)
Everyone wants find a good life in the future. One definition of the future is something that will
exist or happen in a time to come. A better job could assure you of a happier life. Doctors, engineers,
directors, and teachers- all of these professions involve work. How can you complete that kind of career?
It is not easy to get a better job. You need to work, have patience and know the steps.
First, after you finish high school choose a good University. It is important to select a good major;
for example, Medicine, Engineering, or sciences. If you want achieve higher grades you must be
diligent. Being diligent means working hard and never giving up on your dream.
Secondly, how can you find a good job? There are many ways to achieve your goal. You can
search websites or you could go to companies and give them your resume or your information.
Finally, if you get a good job you can buy a home or car or anything you need. If you are secure
you can find a good wife and marry her. You and your wife can have children. Then you can travel to
new places with your family.
To conclude, if you work as a professional you have the possibility of having a good future, and
you will have a happier life.

English is important for Life

By: Zhi Chen (China)
If you want to live in the United States, English is the most important thing for you. Learning
English is easy for life. Why? Let me give you some examples.
One important effect is the parent-teacher conference. When my daughters school had a parentteacher conference my husband always went and I felt sad, because I could not understand what they
were talking about. Now, I can join the conference, which I do not completely understand.
In addition, when I went shopping and I fancied something, which I wanted to find in another size,
color, or style, I did not know how to describe it. I felt disappointed. Now, I try to ask someone at the
store for help.
Also, sometimes I would like to go out to eat. When I got to the restaurant, I opened the menu I
could not understand the meaning because I did not know how to ask what is this. I havent eaten
chicken, which I ordered that I wasted my money. Now, I am able to order some food that I want.
Finally, when there is something wrong in my home, I didnt know how to call the workers to come
to fix it, I just waited for my husband until he felt free. Now, I can try to do something, which is not very
Indeed, my husband does almost everything. I didnt want him so tired again. I want to share
more with him. So English is very helpful for me. This language helps my life here in Nashville.

The Effects of Smoking

By: Miguel Bejarano (Argentina)
Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. This is
about one in five deaths. For example, smoking hurts all of the organs in your body. Smoking causes
diseases and a variety of problems.
First, smoking damages all the organs in your body. For example, when people are smoking a lot,
they can have problems with their reproductive organs that can cause difficulties such as infertility. It can
also cause problems with your heart like your heartbeats faster and causes heart disease. In addition, it
damages the lungs and the liver.
Secondly, smoking causes diseases; for example, lung cancer. Smoking causes about 90% (9
out of 10) of all lung cancer deaths in men and women. Also, osteoporosis is a disease that affects the
bones, especially in women. It can cause cataracts, which can lead to blindness.
Finally, smoking causes various health problems. One thing it can do is raise your blood pressure
10-15% higher. Smoking can also contribute to asthma and bad coughing. It gives you bad breath and
yellow teeth. Heartburn is another consequence of smoking a lot.
In conclusion, it is very important to know the dangers of smoking cigarettes. This habit is very
bad for all the body, and the consequence could be deadly. Remember the effects of smoking hurt all of
the organs in your body, cause diseases, and lead to many health problems.

Sleep Deprivation
By: Hussain Koraisha (Saudi Arabia)
Dont deplete your day in silly things, or you might get sick. You need your body to be strong, so
the sleep is important for your body to be strong. Some of the sicknesses that you will get if you dont
sleep over a long-term are memory loss, insomnia, and a weakened immune system.
First of all, if you dont sleep well like eight hours in a day this is not good for you and over the
long-term may result in the loss of your memory. For example, when I was eleven years old, I went with
my father to an old mans home. He was a friend of my father, so when I came to his house he asked me
about my name, and when we wanted to go to our home, he asked me again about my name. After that,
I asked my father why did he ask me two times about my name? My father said he has lost a lot of his
memory and I said why? My father said because when he was young he didnt sleep enough, so this is
what is happening to him now.
Second, insomnia is when you dont sleep and stay up all night. The insomnia is mental fatigue
not a tired body. To illustrate, when I was twelve years old my father bought a Sony PlayStation, a kind of
game. He gave me it to me when I graduated from elementary school to middle school. One day I was
playing the game and stayed awake all night I didnt eat well, just played the game. After that, my health
went down, and I didnt know what was happening to me. The doctor said, he has insomnia, also the
doctor said, he didnt eat and sleep. After that, my father then took away the Sony PlayStation.
Finally, you should go to sleep early, so if you dont your immune system will weaken. For
instance, my friend two years ago had a weakened immune system because he slept only two or three
hours daily. He took medicine and ate healthy food because he needed his immune system back. He
has recovered, now he is terrific.
In conclusion, you must sleep eight or seven hours each day to make a healthy body. My advice
to you is dont lose your time and sleep well. Every one needs his memory, his immune system to work
well, also you dont need to be sick with insomnia.

Educated vs Uneducated
By: Hussain Rashed (Saudi Arabia)
The pain of study is only for a moment, but the pain of ignorance is for ever, The education level
represents the income. These mottos are two of many mottos that are written on the wall of the library at
Harvard University. These two chosen mottos tell us that education is very important and crucial to our
lives, but it is obvious that not everybody can have a high level of education, this lets us divide people
into two main groups: educated and uneducated. We will focus our attention on the economic status,

social status, and thinking of the educated and uneducated person.

When we talk about an educated and uneducated person, the first thing we think about is the
income. It is very clear that educated people have many more opportunities than the uneducated person.
Nevertheless, uneducated people dont have much chance of getting a good job. For that they work in
any job and usually they get hard jobs. For instance, I have masters degree and I have many chances in
my country and other countries to work as a teacher and my income is higher relative to my brother who
only has a secondary diploma. Moreover, most global companies require an advanced degree to join
them and sometimes they require study in different majors as well.
The level of income leads us into social status. Educated people usually have the greatest
influence and control in the world, while uneducated are often dependent on others and those with
power. When we take a quick look at the presidents of developed countries we will see that most of them
are graduates from the best universities. For example, President Obama of the U.S. has a certificate in
the law from Harvard University. Nevertheless, we see that most of the soldiers are uneducated.
Finally, social status affects the level of cultural and ones educational level is reflected in the
thinking of the person. Wherefore, educated people are generally more open minded, whereas
uneducated people are often closed minded.
When the person becomes educated, then his income will increase and he will be a worthwhile
person with an open mind and visa versa is true for the uneducated.

By: Mohammed Al Hazeem (Saudi Arabia)
Friendship is the relationship between two persons or two things who are breathing on the earth.
Also, it is the state of being a friend. Human love is affection, friendship, erotic love, and love of God.
When I think about what makes someone a good friend, I think about the characteristics of my
own friend. My personal definition of the friend is someone who is always looking out for me and will help
me if I get in trouble.
We will have to make the right decision when we choose our friend. Otherwise, in the course of
life, we will find some friends who will desert us in our misfortune. Unfortunately some friend will also turn
into enemies for us, such as, Infidelity. However, some friends will be used against us by our enemies.
So, it is not easy to make a choice of a friend. Making a friend warrants our conscience, consideration
and induction. For choosing a friend, we must have a deep insight into the human character. A friend in
need is a friend indeed is a famous saying.
Friendship is no doubt useful. Friends help us in our difficulties. Friends save us when we are in
danger. Friends give us timely advice. We hope our good friends like us from the core of their hearts. We
feel relieved when we tell our sorrows to a friend. When we are in pain and agony our friends soothe us.
They console us.
In conclusion, true friendship is the gift of God. Friendship is like a life boat on the sea, which we
ride and escape the dangerous waves. The fulfilled city is friendships key to a loyal population. Also, we
must protect our friendship and preserve it.

By: Bashaer Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
What country has the most poverty? Africa is the poorest country in the world. The population is one
billion people, and unfortunately all the time the people suffer with hunger, ignorance, and they do not
have real home.
First, they do not have food, and are hungry because they cannot work. For example, this country
does not have any business or farm to motivate people to get a good job or food. Therefore, that is why
African people who suffer are hungry.
Second, they have poor education and do not care, so that why people are ignorant. For instance, if
they learn, they can have a better life.
Third, they do not own their home. They used to live in tents, because their lives are poor . They do
not do the right thing. For example, African people are poor and cant buy a home.

In conclusion, they suffer from hunger, ignorance, and poor housing. They are supposed to learn how
to live better and improve themselves.

Why do people end their friendship?

By: Budoor Zaitoni (Saudi Arabia)
Friendship is a connection between two people like being friends, and that is a very good thing
because nobody can live without friendship, but sometimes things happen, which leads to the end of the
friendship. In this essay, Ill describe some of these causes like lies, arguments about something, and
The first cause is telling lies and not telling the truth in some situations. I think you cant continue
your friendship if you are a liar, even just in sometime or if you banter. For example, one of my
friends disclosed something wrong about myself. After that, I asked her, Who told you that? She told
me the name of one girl who was standing with us. When I asked that girl, she told me, No I didnt say
that. Then, I understood that my friend was telling lies, and I ended our friendship.
Second, when the argument is happening about something, agreement is one of the most things
for a continued friendship. For instance, when I was fifteen years old, quarreling happened between one
of my friends and I because our ideas were different which lead to the end of our friendship.
Finally, money is a big problem for some people even if you will return it. What if this money was
taken for the friendship? Your friend will kill you, maybe. I think that taking money from anyone is a bad
idea even if its borrowed and you will give It back. Also, maybe you will be arrogant when you are rich.
In conclusion, these are the main causes for ending a friendship, but you should maintain your
friendship, and you should also bear with your friends because they are like your sister or your brother. I
always considers my friends like my sister, so I have had a lot of friend since I was in my grade school.

By: Saleh Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)

Have you ever thought about why people play soccer?

First, soccer is a very popular sport that is played by both amateurs and professionals.
Professionals make the soccer league strong, global, and attracts more number of viewers.In the world of
the professional soccer leagues, you are not confined to the nationality of the local player, but professional
players experience what some leagues need.
Second, amateur players are playing for the spirit of the club . Mostly amateur players play for the
wins and the champions. Amateur players are the ones who practice the sport as a hobby without a goal
to get financial returns and therefore, in principle, dont receive any financial compensation and expense
is incurred for his participation in the game of soccer.
In soccer, we can say there are two types of players, professional and amateur to make the soccer
By: Anh Le (Vietnam)
Haters are the people who hate you, say something bad about you to everyone, do something
behind you, and try to make you hurt. Haters can be your old friends, your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or
maybe they are a person you have never known. Haters affect our daily life. Haters have the weight to
keep themselves down or the power to move forward. Haters never run away from school, social
environments, or social networks.
As long as you are a unique individual, you are a target of haters at school. They hate you just
because you have a special appearance, such as looking different. If you look ugly, have less hair, or are
a beautiful girl,..haters will make fun of you, or try to make people ignore you. They hate you because
you are intelligent and not afraid to speak up. Maybe you are always on top and teachers like you more

than them, so they will hate you. Haters make you separate from everybody and make you feel bad
about yourself. Moreover, they will hate you just because you are yourself. They are jealous of
everything you have, that everybody likes you, or you are popular at school. They will laugh, try to make
you feel upset if you make a mistake, or do anything you like. Sometimes, you didnt do anything, but
they still bully you. These reasons are not only for girls, it happens with the guys too. Especially, they
hate you because the sexuality of you. Thus, some people have an obsession when they were in school.
Social environments are wide, but we can see haters mostly in the workplace. Even if you have
power, haters still find ways to harm your position. Haters envy you when you can earn a lot of money.
Maybe they are your colleges. Salary is the main reason which makes people become haters. They
would harm you, push you down, and do everything possible to boycott you. They will hate you because
you have customers more than them. Furthermore, they try to sabotage your relationship with someone
important. This always happens when you go to work. You know, you cant have anything too simple.
Why are haters on social networks? Because now, everything is modern, and everybody uses
social networks. Social networks have lots of different ideas and different people, so it is a perfect
environment for haters to development. If you are a celebrity, they will focus on your social network,
waiting for you do something wrong, and then they will talk about your mistakes. That is the main way
haters want to do. Even the people in your friends list could be haters. Maybe this is your friend who
hates you until now, and they can tell something behind you like what are things you dont know, and
maybe you yourself could also be a hater. You can comment on everyones social networks; something
is good or something is bad. You can have free speech on the Internet without anyone knowing who you
are. If you could do that, you couldnt blame others. So, haters are everywhere.
Its up to you to let yourself decide whether you can live with those haters and let them control
your life or not. You should live and do what you want, they arent the decision of your life; you dont
need to care about everyone around. You live because who you are, not because what they are thinking
about you; they are just your haters. If they are your haters, they are always behind your back, and they
never can be like you.

Car Accidents
By: Ahmed Alrayiqi (Saudi Arabia)
Why does everybody have dreams to drive a car? First of all, a car is important in our life.
There is one step to getting a car, it's a driver license. However, in this life, we have to focus
when drive because we see a lot of people who made a car accident. These accidents are
caused by the weather, texting, and drinking alcohol .
First, when the weather is bad we can not control the car. Maybe the car is good, but the rood
had black ice or a flood, and a lot of people don't care about that. Most people drive fast because maybe
they have an appointment or something like that. However, we should check on your car, and don't drive
fast when the weather is bod.
Second, accidents also happen when we use the phone for texting or calling while driving. This is
bad because your mind will be focused and worried about the message. When you are in this situation,
you must stop near the road, and complete the texting because maybe you might cause a car accident
or make another driver afraid. Also, when your eyes are looking at the phone, maybe you won't see in
front of you. You have to tell everyone to stop texting on the phone when you are driving a car.
Third, in the United States, some people drink alcohol and drive. This is illegal because you cant
control yourself and the car when you are drinking. Stay at your place and don't drive; just have fun with
yourself. Also,when the police stop you maybe they will take you to the jail because when you drink too
much maybe you could kill yourself or kill anther person when you drive.
In conclusion, we have to check on our car and drive slowly. Also, dont use the phone or
anything, and don't drink in the car if you want live.


Compare between winter and summer

By: Joharah Alshareef (Saudi Arabia)
What do winter and summer have in common? They are both seasons and they both happen
when the earth is tilted toward the sun. I will compare the difference between them such as, weather,
clothes, and food. Even though winter and summer are both seasons, they are also different.
To begin with weather, during the winter season it is extremely cold, gray, and dreary. The winter
season also has short days. The temperature outside tends to drop drastically. Often times the
temperature may drop below a certain degree which may cause pipes to freeze. Unlike the winter, the
summer is awfully hot. The sun is bright and the sky is clear. The days in summer are longer.
Beside the weather, they have a difference between them about what we wear during the time. A
lot of people don't like winter for several reasons. One of them is that people need to dress in sweaters,
jeans, boots, and a coat. As opposed to people in the summer where they wear shorts, tank tops, sun
dresses, and sandals.
Finally, there is a difference between food and drinks. In the winter all people need hot food and
drinks, like soup or coffee. However, in the summer they need cold food and drinks, such as ice cream
and watermelon.
In conclusion, this is the difference between them. Some people aren't like others. Everyone can
enjoy their favorite season.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

By: Alfonso Cabrera (Chile)
How have smartphones positively helped and negatively affected society? Maybe the first item to
understand about the impacts of this innovative cellphone is why we began to use them. These days all
is faster due to the increasing needs of the population. For that reason, technology has also grown.
Smartphones have been created to facilitate people in the development of daily chores all moments. The
second item is whether smartphones have had the desired effect. Its possible to identify that the
advantages of these devices are highly innovative and useful. On the other hand, there are negative
effects due to how people use smartphones. In this paper, Im going to talk about the advantages and
disadvantages of these devices that can be classified in terms of relationships and connectivity.
First, technological advantages that cellphones give us include better hardware and software,
modern operation systems that permit us to do several things at the same time, like to be online, check
your e-mail, play games, take pictures and make video-calls. Besides, you can find and meet up new
people and increase your network by using and enjoying a lot of applications.
On the other hand, according to studies done in 2013 by the University of Harvard, 4 out of 10
people depend of smartphones. This has generated disruption in sleep causing lees than 2 hours of
sleep and increased stress to users. Another problem with smartphones is the amount of technological
waste that accumulates after using a phone in disrepair. In the last 10 years there has been an increase
of 80% of waste in major cities of the USA.
Finally, the most important problem for some people is decreased verbal communications
between people due to the continued use these devices in public and significant moments. Some
peoples children especially dont preferring leave from their homes; its affecting their personality and
communications skills.
In conclusion, the existence of smartphones can have a lot of benefits but its very important the
types of use that the users have to prevent that theses devices are becoming to be a problem.

Cost of living
By: Ahmed Al Falah (Saudi Arabia)
Cost of living means the amount of money required to live in a specific place. A lot of people
suffer from high costs. Some counties have high costs that are not convenient for people. High costs
have a negative effect on people. This paper will contrast the differences in cost of living between Saudi
Arabia and the United States. The differences are in regards to education, transportation, and utilities.

First of all, the cost of education is a huge issue in the majority of countries. In Saudi Arabia,
education is free in all stages including, elementary school, middle school, high school, and university. In
contrast, in the United States there is a tax on education for studying in universities. This cost of
education has a negative effect on people. When the United States puts a tax on education, it affects
people and their budgets. For example, two days ago, I met a person to discuss his education. He did
not have the ability to go to university because of the high cost of education in the United States.
American government has to consider the cost of education because the government can reduce the
cost of living on people.
Secondly, a lot of governments have various modes of transportation. Many people want to
benefit from public transportation. Cost of transportation has a negative reflection on people such as
cars, expensive gas, and expensive bus tickets and expensive subway tickets. For example, I have a
neighbor in the United States who always complains about expensive gas and bus ticket. In regards to
my country, it is inexpensive to use transportation such as cars, car gas, and bus ticket including
subway. American government is responsible about reducing cost of transportation for population to be
available for people
Thirdly, the cost of utilities is a big problem for people. United States is cheap for costs such as
water and electricity. For example, I have lived an apartment for one year, and the water bill and
electricity are always convenient for me. In contrast, Saudi Arabia has a high cost of utility. Actually, I
know many people in Saudi Arabia who do not have electricity and water because utility bills are
expensive. The Saudi Arabia government has to solve the high cost of utilities.
In conclusion, the government of both countries should think comprehensive about benefits such
as education, transportation, and utilities.

By: Naif Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
How do people find satisfaction in life? Its through justice that is defined by maintaining peoples
rights, fostering equality between people, and punishing those who do wrong.
First of all, justice means maintaining peoples rights. These rights are legal, social, or entails
giving people the rights that they cant get on their own. For example, some people suffer injustice,
whether financial or moral with their jobs or in other organization. But with the presence of justice they
can protect themselves and their money form injustice, because justice looks like a sword (its very strict
in its decision). Then, with complete justice there would be more killing or conflict and this would mean
that people will warn others of possible dangers and the result will be the protection of peoples very
Secondly, justice means equality among people even if they differ in ethnic or familial derivation,
affiliation, nationality, or social status. We should remember that time when there were slaves, but justice
annulled those contradictions by agreement with the whole world through the implementation of justice.
With this agreement, justice has helped put all people on more equal footing.
Last of all, justice means punishing those who do wrong. With the presence of government and
laws, criminals become afraid to do something wrong, because they know they will receive justice and
that means a reduction of injustice. To confirm this, look at the number of people who imprisoned
worldwide. We will find that with the existence of the law, but there is still a violation of rights.
In conclusion, justice is important because it support peoples rights, fosters equality among
people, and punishes those who do wrong.

My Life in Saudi Arabia and in US

By: Haifa Aldawood (Saudi Arabia)
Is life the some everywhere? The answer to this question varies from person to person. This
depends on the experience of each of them. Sometimes, two persons live in the same country but they
have different experience then, they have different answers. Thats why l want to talk about my own
experiences. When people move from one country to another country, they live a different life. In this
paper I will contrast the differences between my life in Saudi Arabia and my life in the U.S. These

differences can be classified in terms of transportation, social relations, and childcare.

First of all, transportation is not available in Saudi Arabia. If I want to go anywhere, I wake up in
the morning and find my husband was very ill and couldn't take me to my work. In addition, the streets
are crowded every day. When I want to buy simple things for the house it took a full hour on the road I
think this is because laws and regulations are disregard. But in the U.S. I have multiple modes of
transportation. I can use my own car, a taxi, or a bus. Also, the laws and regulations are followed.
That's why the streets are crowded just in certain times of the day.
Secondly, I have a lot of social relations in Saudi Arabia. I have very little time to stay with my
family, study, and do household chores. I am also forced to spend a lot of money on events and
concerts. If I didn't participate in those, people will think I can't or I don't love them or other wise. But, in
the U.S. I lave only a few social relations. So, I have more time to perform my duties and I can save
Finally, there are differences in childcare. In Saudi Arabia I don't have a place for my children.
Especially regarding my little son during official working hours. So, I need a housemaid or babysitter.
And, it is too expensive. Also, private schools are better than public school. It has better care and better
educational equipment. Such as, projectors, SmartBoards, and other items. But, in the U.S. I have a
multiple childcare options and at different levels. So, I can go to school comfortably. As for the schools, I
think the public school is very good. I saw that in my son's elementary school, there are many
educational and recreational means for students.
In conclusion, my life in the U.S. is easier than in Saudi Arabia. But, it's my country and I love it.

Traditional Study vs. Online Study

By: Fatimah Alabandi (Saudi Arabia)
Did you know that the online study is on the rise? Why is this happening? Is traditional study the
same as online study? Technology has progressed considerably, and has come to every area of life
even in education at present. This means they can study without attending class. Both types of learning
require teaching from teachers and they have similar methods of assessment, but there are many
differences between traditional and online study. These differences are remarkable and can be classified
in terms of flexibility of time and place, relationship, and cost.
First is flexibility of time and place for student. It is clear that studying online is more flexible than
studying traditional curses since in online study there is no limit for numbers of students. They can study
at the same time from different countries and ages. In addition, the student who studies online can study
in any environment. It is not necessary that the college or university be in the same city. Moreover, time
is flexible. They can study any time in the day or years unless required by the professor. There is no
obstacle in the time or place. Nevertheless, the traditional way has limits on the number of students
because it depends on the size of the classroom. Furthermore, the classroom requires a fixed place or
environment for learning and teaching. Also time is not flexible, as it requires the student and teacher to
attend at a specific time. Traditional students have a responsibility to show up for class to meet
attendance requirements.
This leads us to talk about relationship. Online studying can help make international relationships
and they can exchange experiences and knowledge. My sisters husband studies online and has many
relationships with internationals and he has learned a lot of information about customs and tradition from
many countries. In contrast, in traditional study communication with others is face to face. This allows the
teacher to interact directly with students and they can make groups with other students inside and
outside the class to exchange experience, knowledge, and help each other.
Finally, I will talk about cost. It is clear than not everyone can go abroad, because studying
abroad is expensive due to the need to pay for many things, for instance, airline tickets, apartment, and
cost of living. A solution for this problem is joining online programs. Know that that in online study we
need fewer teachers so the cost must be less. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier in this paper,
students of traditional programs need a specific place to study. This means they need more teachers and
this costs the university more money. For this reasons the university requires high price from students.
Moreover, they need to pay money for transportation.

In brief, both types have some advantages and disadvantages. We can see several distinctions
between traditional study and online study. Like flexibility of time and place, relationships, and the cost.

Domestic Differences Between Men and Women

By: Jiemei He (China)
Are men and women the same? There are not the same answers in different countries and from
the different sexes. My answer of course is no, because inequality is in my life. There are also some of
the same things, for example, equivalent education or income. But in this paper I will focus on different
things, such as raising children, household chores, and social life.
First, in raising children, men like to play with children. But men do not help children take a bath.
Also, they do not need to feed the baby. Every day, the man spends a little time playing with the children.
Why does not the man seem to like spending a long time together with children? Maybe men are
focused on their careers. Traditional culture to them is to make money to support their families. But
women are the opposite. The woman must help children bath and eat. of course the mother is always
together with their children. So the woman has a particularly close relationship with the child. Women
focus on childcare. Careers for women become unimportant.
Second, in regards to household chores, men are lazier than women and they make messes.
Men usually do not clean up the house. But men repair things by themselves because men learn to
repair things. They have been learning to repair things from their fathers since children. Cleaning rooms
seems to be a womens job. Women clean family and learn this from mother. For repair things women
are powerless. Women just know how to buy something because the woman takes home economics
classes at school just to learn to cook and clean.
Third, social life is different. Men are often with their friends and go outside to drink, play cards,
eat, and do a variety of activities. Men in marriage dont want to give up the freedom of living. Such a
way of life makes them feel relaxed. They like to party, but dont like shopping. Shopping for the man is a
trouble. Women are opposite. They spend time taking care of their families. Their duty is to do
housework and always like shopping. They enjoy their shopping time. Perhaps this is a good way for
them to relax, repeating each day happily.
In conclusion, the difference between men and womans domestic roles can be classified in terms
of child care, household chores and in social life.

Having a Lot of Money

By: Carlos Carvajal (Chile)
Having a lot of money can have many effects on your life and the people around you. Those
effects can be good or bad depending on how you look at money. In this essay I talk about three
common effects of having a lot of money: you always want more money, you can pay for anything you or
other want, and you have many false friends.
First of all, when you have a lot of money you always want to have more. Money is similar to
drugs since most people want more all the time. That is a big problem because many people make more
money become workaholics and dont have time for their families and also dont have time for example to
buy a boat and use or traveling with your family. For that when you have money you need a perfect
harmony between the work and free time. When other people want more money a lot of them make
illegal business deals since businesses whit higher risk have more profit, and feeds the money addiction.
Secondly, if you have a lot of money you can pay for anything for you and others want. When you
have a lot of money it is easy for you to pay for the education for your children also you can buy for their
many things for example: a new and expensive car, pay a big travel for their, or whatever they ask. But
be careful if you buy a lot of things for you children you need to teach them that money doesnt grow on
trees and they need to work for it. Also you can buy a big house but you can help others outside you
family. I think it isnt good to spend all the money on yourself. When you have a lot of money you can
help many people that dont have enough. That exercise is good for the soul and with this action you
can teach others to do the same.

Third and finally, the money makes many false friends. Be careful because many of those are
your friends when you have money, but if you lose it all, it is possible that many of them will leave you
side. That happens because the humanity is only interested themselves. You will discover real friends
when you need help and they dont ask questions and just help you without expecting anything in return.
For this reason you need to carefully choose your friends and always stay alert.
In conclusion, having a lot of money has problems and benefits. The important thing is to always
stay grounded on the Earth and never forget where you come from. You need to have three clear things:
always have a balance between work and leisure, never forget those who have no money, and help and
choose your friends carefully.

Social Media
By: Meshaal Algreesha (Saudi Arabia)
Have you ever imagined that you can be connected with all of your friends at the same moment? Or to the
news too? The dictionary defines social media as websites and other online means of communication that are used
by large groups of people to share information and develop social and professional contacts. For the purposes of
this paper, social media means connectedness, obtaining information, and making new friends.
Before social media came into being, connecting with others was challenging, but now networking with
others is more easily accomplished because we have many programs to use. These include Twitter, Facebook, and
Tango. These programs facilitate connection at any time. I remember 8 years ago when my cousin came to the
USA. At that time I could not connect with him easily, only about once a month. However, now I live in the USA and
I can connect with my family or friends anytime I want. This means connection is easier than before. Also, people
can connect with organizations such as IEI. IEI has a page on Facebook and students at IEI can know many things
like trip and test on IEIs page on Facebook.
In addition, social media facilitates access to information, such as the news on social media is faster than
TV. If you want to travel to another country you can get information about your destination on social media sources
and you can see many pictures about the places you want to visit.
Finally, you can make new friends on social media. You can benefit from them culturally if they are from
different cultures. For example, I have made many friends through my account on social media. Those friends are
from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, and the USA.
In short, social media is an important tool in our lives. Also, you can maintain connectedness, make friends,
and get new information. In addition, social media is a good tool if you use them the correct way.

By: Nadia Bourini (Jordan)
Facebook has become one of our biggest interests, because it represents us in the technology world,
the statistics show that 84% of internet users have Facebook. Facebook is also an easy way to replace
the outside world.
Some people think Facebook makes us lonely because you don't speak and connect with other
people in real life because you spend a lot of time by texting and sharing. On the other hand Facebook
can help you to keep in contact with people because you can know a lot of things about your friends on
Facebook like the places where they go or how they feel. Sometimes they say things like "going to the
mall" or "it's finally the weekend! " Also you can make new friends on Facebook from lots of countries
and keep in contact with them to know their culture and lots of other things.
Some people think Facebook leads students to have low scores at school. Sometimes this statement
is correct because it depends to the parents and the students in the same time, if they process their time
it will not be a problem and they can study enough. Facebook can help students to learn, they can share
education pages, it can be useful and they can ask people to help them in their projects.
There are many negative effects on emotional health. The brain feels tired and can't think very well or
fingers hurt because of a lot of typing. Sometimes that happens but you take care that will not happen. If
a person is happy he post great and happy things on Facebook, but if he is a sad person he post and
say sad things which can describe his feelings.

By: Nhi Houng (Vietnam)

Some people say that Facebook is an exploit environment, is consider as fertile soil to make friends end
and enjoy more fun. Notwithstanding, the opponents say that facebook easily make people feel lonely.
The activities like posting image associated with jot down several messay on Facebook to get empathy
of all everyone. It could be say that people who write comment on your own page haven't really feel
sharing. Moreover, it can hurt you. Since then, lonely is the worst thing most people who use facebook
have. Indeed, people pround up because of ample friends on facebook. Are you really got the concerned
from them. This is a query worth to conceive

By: Rehab Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)

Facebook is a social networking service and website,it was launched in 2004 by Mark
Zuckerbery,Eduardo saverin,Andrew Mc Collum ,Dustin moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Alot of people in
the world,nearly 864 million,use it daily.It has pros and cons on the personality and society.Actually, in
my opinion i disagree with this service but it isthe most popular social network for both business and
Some people think it helps us learn a lot of things in many ways with many people,especially
those who are curious to know new things.Some of them use it to make college student groups and
learning certain subjects.That's wrong because inhibits the ability for some people to think.Lower grades
and less knowledge can be examples of diminished ability to think.
Many people say Facebook is can help us connect with people and talk with many kinds of
people.Also,we can build friendships and text to friends and relatives.But it's incorrect because it makes
us feel more alone.It's bad feeling for kids and teenagers and it's dangerous on their minds and
thinking.It makes them want to be alone and be blunt.
Also,people think it propels knowledge in many ways.It helps our minds improve the skills and
helps participating in groups.This thinking is false because sometimes it makes users feel negative
effects on their emotional health when they're abused by cyber bullies and tormented by peers.It hurts
the personality and they can't trustin them selves.
There are a lot of social networking services and each one has different effects on
people.Facebook is a popular one and has positive effects.Every thing in the world has good and bad
effects on people and society.Society can't change those effects,every person has to think and try to be

By: Faez Alshehri (Saudi Arabia)

Facebook is the most popular social network on the internet. It is quite a young phenomenon, which
begun in the 21 century .Now there are about 350 ill ion active users on the internet. Facebook is keep in
touch with all your friends around the world how has Facebook. Wikipedia said 350 million users on
Facebook 67% of them are between the age of 13-25, more than 35 million users update their status
every day. Most of the naysayers talk about waste of time. If you check Facebook for 15 minutes three
time, then count will lose at least half a day every wake .The amount of time spent on face book is not a
problem. If the use of time worthwhile for example, you can follow your school and teachers. Also you
can take an online class. There are many ways to spend good time on face book.
Some opponents say it is better when teens do their homework by hand, play sports, and hangout
with friends. Today most teens only speak to their friends on Facebook, but Facebook is useful for
finding long lost friends and help in education. For example some professor at universities put a link to
online class in his web pages. Do not ban Facebook completely because i also agree you should log in
sometime. I recommend rouse Facebook in the right way and only for 15 minutes a day.


By: Liliana Biliak (The Ukraine)

There is much progress going on and this is creating new and interesting matters everyday. One
of these technological things is Facebook. But do people know how this social network affects human
life? Facebook is an awful murderer and thief of the world. It steals our time and kills our opportunities.
Some people suppose that Facebook is a good opportunity for a person who is shy. Those people
can improve their communication skills with Facebook, because its easy for them to find friends. They
are not embarrassed when they dont contact face to face. Also it seems that Facebook helps people
that live far away from other people. They can get friends even at a big distance and will not feel lonely.
On the other side the negative effects are stronger. Facebook provides an opportunity to make
some thing too easy. We know that making strong relationships in real life takes efforts and time.
Sometimes we cant understand each other and argue a lot. Real love requests patience and
forgiveness. On Facebook communication doesnt create strong problems between friends, if you dont
like somebody you ban him and connect to another person. It looks like lite version of the relationship.
Due to this easiness of connections people try to prolong this effect more and more, find more
friends, share more information etc. Facebook users forget about real life, real family, and real friends.
Although they need the attention and want to spend time with relatives, its no wonder that friends and
siblings find other people for relationships. Facebook ruins the family because a wife and husband dont
want to condone with a virtual rival, they want to be near real person in real life.
Opponents also insist that Facebook is very good way to get information. Its easy to get news
when you dont need read magazines and newspapers or watch TV. Also we can get interesting
information from other places like blogs or live journals. But on the other hand there is too much
information. You want to know something interesting and new all the time and spend a huge amount of
time trying to achieve that. So, we foolishly spend the time that we could use for our private business or
pleasure, for studying something new or getting better job. People are sinking in the information that is
interesting but general useless. As a result, Facebook users become losers. Because other people go
ahead and make efforts to reach great goals in their lives.
Facebook is evil. It corrupts our lives and wastes time. It doesnt give us what we need indeed.
Facebook has cheated us it says it is our friend but it is our worse enemy in fact.

By: Medo Qerisha (Saudi Arabia)

Facebook has saved the world !. Facebook helps people who want to keep in touch with friends
and families. Its a great site and we have to keep it.
Some people feel that Facebook is bad because it makes you lonely and feel more isolated and
will lose the capacity to feel content with other people's company. For example, if you are sitting on
Facebook alone it makes you isolated. People are wrong because Facebook makes you more more
conscious of others. For example, you can share a lot of information between people and you can learn
other culture. Thats great when you share your culture with other people. Some people would say
Facebook is bad because it will affect the brain. You will lose the ability to think your own thoughts. Also,
Facebook can cause cyber bullying. Facebook is good site for health, when you feel stressed you can
connect with your friends. After that you will feel comfortable. Also, Facebook is a good way to
communicate with other people and you will not feel isolation.
It may be true that Facebook makes students have lower grades in their school. Students check
Facebook while studying and they are chatting during study. On the other hand, the fact is that Facebook
is a good site which you can connect with others. Students can connect with their teachers and
collaborate online with other students.
In conclusion, Facebook is a great site which is used to connect around the world. Also, it helps
you to keep in touch with friends and families. Facebook has saved the world.


By: Jaber Ali Alamri (Saudi Arabia)

Life without Facebook is hard! Facebook is the most popular social media app in the world. It
helps us and makes our lives easier. On Facebook we can lean and know about the worlds news faster
and easier than without it.
Some people say using Facebook may make your grades lower. If you have Facebook you will stay
on it without studying. So, that can make you have low grades. Thats not because Facebook helps us a
lot. When writing an essay, search on Facebook about the essays topic to make the homework easier.
Also, the news is easy to find on Facebook.
Some people say Facebook can effect the brain. If you use it a lot, it may make it harder to think.
Thats not true because I have been using Facebook for two years. Facebook doesnt make me stupid
and I still have concentration. On the contrary Facebook makes your life better. Everything has bad
things and good things. Use Facebook with the good things like searching about the news, texting
friends, or scientific information that makes your brain and life better.
Opponents say, using Facebook too much will not make you feel happy if we are alone. This is
false because if we were writing alone and using Facebook, we can have friends who are texting us on
FB messenger and that will allow us to talk with them even if they are far away from us. So using
Facebook too much will keep us in touch and we are not going to be alone.
On Facebook we can learn and know about the worlds news easier than without Facebook. It
hwlps us and makes our lives easier. Also, Facebook is the most popular social media app. So life
without Facebook is harder.

By: Abdulaziz Azeez Alrasheed (Saudi Arabia)

Facebook takes away your privacy !There are millions of people who use Facebook daily.
Facebook can be abused and it is negative, using Facebook can be dangerous, it could jeopardize your
mental health and effect your brain. However, some people would say the opposite. You will be aware of
what happens around you and you can learn other peoples can culture.
Another aspects that can contribute to the issue is your future, Staying up all night chatting with
your friends on Facebook will not do the homework for you, your grades will decrease. Also, chatting
during the class and not paying attention might result in bad paper.
Finally, research shows that Facebook could make you lonely. Not only does it takes your free
time but it also takes time you could be spend it doing something else like reading, observing, or meeting
someone face to face. You will be isolated from your social life and you might lose the capacity to
communicate with other people. In short, with Facebook good bye to your social and private life because
it does not belong to you anymore.

By: Sonia Ochoa (Mexico)

Facebook is an exceptional utility that connects people around the world, and if used properly has
the quality to help us keep in touch with family and friends. It also helps us find information for
homework, and offers support to lifes problems. On the other hand, many people think Facebook is a
tool to waste time, makes us lonely, and even affects our abilities.
Many people have the belief that we are wasting our time using Facebook, because if we use
Facebook as a substitute for a face to face time, at the end we lose that time and the opportunity to
create memories together in real life. In a different way, if a social network is used in the right way it
helps us stay in touch with our loved ones, especially when we move out of the city or if they move. This
is an effective and cheap way to keep in touch no matter the distance that separates us from them. In
other words, we cant say we are wasting our time if we are using to keep in contact with those we love.
Being in constant connection may result in loss of capacity to focus on one thing for long time.
Statistics show a student who is being connected all the time has lower grades. The truth is technology
can be our best friend and doesnt cause damage to our abilities if we use it moderately, and take
advantage of all the information that we can find to help us to do homework, cook, fix things or solve lifes

problems. We can find financial advice as well as beauty advice, and all of this for free. This is more
positive as mentioned before if used properly.
Another belief is that Facebook makes people lonely, because they think if we are in constant
connection we lose the capacity to think by ourselves. Consequently we are not ready to establish a real
conversation or develop our capacity to be alone. But the reality is different. A recent study shows that
the students who are more active on Facebook are more active on extra-curricular activities. Then also
we can say the people who feel lonely are lonely everywhere because this is part of their personality. We
cant blame Facebook for this.
In conclusion, a lot of people think the abuse of time on Facebook may have consequences on
life and abilities and can be wasted. But we cant blame Facebook for the time that we spend using it, but
as mentioned before, Facebook, if used properly, is an amazing tool to stay in touch with our friends and
family, and make our lives easier.
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The Effects of Harmful Dental Habits on the Mouth

By: Qasem Al Humais (Yemen)
How many times do you do dental habits each day? Bad habits are harmful actions that are
repeated without awareness. There are a lot of brief actions that you might do each day without being
aware. These affect your teeth and surrounding tissue, and include thumb sucking, using tobacco and
cigarettes, not brushing and flossing enough, using your teeth as tools, and sipping soda.
First, thumb sucking is a bad habit that causes many effects on the teeth, especially among
children. Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for children. Sucking on thumbs, fingers, pacifiers or other
objects may make babies feel secure and happy and help them learn about their world. Young children
may also suck to soothe themselves and help them fall asleep (ADA). However, after the permanent
teeth erupt, the main effects of thumb sucking on the teeth are misalignment and protrusion of the teeth
especially in the upper jaw. This affects the growth of the jaws bones especially, the upper palate.
to solve the problem, discuss the problem with your child and promise to give him/her a gift if he/she is
stops. For an older child, involve him or her in choosing the method of stopping. Your dentist can offer
encouragement to your children and explain what could happen to their teeth if they do not stop sucking.
Lately, use of a mouth appliance to prevent the child from sucking has been useful.
The second bad habit is tobacco snuff and cigarette smoking and their effects on the teeth and
surrounding tissue. Tobacco snuff and cigarette have many effects on the mouth, including, halitosis,
tooth discoloration, inflammation of the salivary gland openings on the roof of the mouth, increased build
up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, increased loss of bone within the jaw, increased risk of developing
gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss, delayed healing process following tooth extraction,
periodontal treatment, or oral surgery, lower success rate of dental implant procedures, and increased
risk of developing cancer. Therefore you should stop using tobacco and smoking cigarette to save your
mouth healthy.
The third bad habit is not brushing and flossing enough and their effects on the teeth and
surrounding tissue. How many times do you brush your teeth each day? Dental decay, halitosis, gum
bleeding and teeth discoloration are disease that affect the teeth and surrounding tissue due to the lack
of teeth brushing and cleaning. The most dangerous dental disease that may affect the mouth due to
irregular cleaning is mouth cancer. To avoid dental diseases you must take care of your mouth by
brushing three times daily, dental flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months (webmed).
The next bad habit is using the teeth as tools to open a package of cookies or twisting the cap of
a bottle. Every time you use your teeth as a tool, you risk breaking them, moving them from their normal

position and destroying the protective enamel, leaving them susceptible to decay. Therefore do not use
your teeth as tools.
Finally, sipping soda is a famous habit that has had many poor effects on the teeth and surrounding
tissue. Soda has high acidity and sugar. The acidity causes decalcification of the teeth, and the sugar
leads to dental decay. Thus you should drink water instead sipping soda (Laura).
In conclusion, bad habits are an involuntary repeated actions such as thumb sucking, using
tobacco and smoking cigarette not brushing and flossing enough, using the teeth as tools and sipping
soda. All of these have many harmful effects on the teeth and surrounding tissue. To have a healthy
mouth should stop these bad habits, contact your dentist, and always keep trying to build healthy
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Social Media
By: Yasser Alassaf (Saudi Arabia)
In our lives there are a lot of people who use social media. However, some people don't know
how to use it. Therefore, the people who don't know how to use will get a lot of issues, and a lot of effects
including: health, personality, and social community.
So, most people who use it a lot of times will become addicted about it, and it will affect their
brain, eyes, and mind. It will make you maniac because when you use it you will focus on it more and
more. First, when you use it a lot you will not sleep early, and you will spend a lot of time in social media.
Day after day will ensure an increase in negative symptoms caused by social media. In addition, it will
affect your education because you will sleep late; you can't wake up early in the morning. Thus, when
you go to school you will feel sleepy, and you can't understand anything at the school. You will not get a
great grade or an ideal education for your life. Second, the light of your cell phone or computer will cause
pain in your eyes because its not healthy to focus on the light. It will affect your eye membranes. So, if it
affects your eyes you will not see clearly and you may need surgery in your eyes. Third, it will affect your
mind. You will think a lot maybe you will a maniac of social media. Therefore you will be mentally
handicapped because your mind is affected by it. Furthermore, it will affect your brain cells if you will use
it too much because your brain works a lot and doesn't get it any rest. In my opinion, when you want to
use electronic devices, just turn down the light don't use it a lot. Let your body, eyes, and your brain get
some rest.
Another effect of social media is changing your personality or be coming an introvert because
some people when they use it don't like to go anywhere with anyone because they like to chat or make a
friend from the internet, and stay at home. Its not great to spend all your time with it because it will make
you lonelly and not like to speak with people in real life. You will just connect with the other people
across social media. Therefore, your personality will be depleted when you just stay at home with your
programs without going to see your friends, your family, and all the people around the city at the mall,
coffee shop,street, and park.
Will the social media affect the community or relationships in the world? Yes, it will affect our
community and relationships around the world because the media will make you separate from the
others. It will affect your relationship with your family, friends, and community because when you will use
it every time you will be distant from people.

In conclusion, you must know how to use all of the electronic devices, so that you don't use it in
the wrong way. So if you don't want to fall in issues you must know the great way to use this electronic
devices, so as not to fall into a risky situation.

Cause and Effect of the Education System in the KSA

By: Mohmood Almahasnah (Saudi Arabia)
Why is the education system in Saudi Arabia weak, and why do they not have strong policies?
Some people in the world think the education system in Saudi Arabia is prefect, but in fact, it is average.
In addition, experts attribute the collapse of education in Saudi Arabia to several reasons, the most
important of which is the economic situation faced by the community for decades, and the lack of budget
allocation for a powerful renaissance in education. There are many other reasons that follow the
economy, including pedagogy, respect for instructors and quality of instructors.
First, the economy has supported and tried to improve education. Also, the education in our
country is poor. There are many things that have caused this such as; some officials do not have
confidence to manage education system. Many teachers in school do not feel responsible for students,
and they do not care whether their teaching if perfect or horrid. For instance, some teachers instruct
students to get only salary it is only a job and they are not interested about their talent.
In addition, some teachers do not have a good technique to explain to students who are studying
in schools. Some students are confused in some subjects due to the fact that teachers do not have
perfect technique to teach them. If teachers do not an ideal method to explain a subject, they will only
read a book. The students will have many questions about the subject, and they cannot answer them.
Because of this, some students do not have respect for teachers, so teachers cannot help them
without mutual respect. Some students think that if they say to teachers terrible words, students will be
strong, and the teachers will be afraid. Thus, they cannot gain an ideal education. For example, one of
the students may hit a teacher who teaches him. The teacher will be afraid about his life and job, so the
teacher will ignore him.
Furthermore, quality of instructors is terrible due to the fact that teachers are chosen by the
ministry whose theory about teachers was not ideal. Those responsible have only thought about their
family or friends to get jobs for them in education. Although, they do not have ability to teach students,
the ministry of education officials only think about their relatives.
In conclusion, poor education has affected students who are studying in schools, colleges and
universities. Students cannot understand courses that are taught, and they will have poor information
about education. Also, a community which has poor education will become a horrible community.
Furthermore, the education system must have a group of specialists to improve skills. Education and
they must be chosen by teachers who have good abilities. In fact, these problems can be solved by
choosing teachers who have strong abilities and a sound pedagogy to work in teaching. In the end, we
can make a great plan to improve these issues from weak to progressive.

Do People Need Much Money to be Happy in Their Lives?

By: Hassan Almutawa (Saudi Arabia)
Can money become a real factor that people need to be happy in their lives? Can they be happy
by using their money in every situation? Although most people can be happy in their lives by money, and
can get benefits from freely disposing money, other people think about other aspects that can give them
happiness without needing money. For instance, people can get education, their relationships can be
strong, and they can get opportunities.
First, education can be gotten by people who study in school, college or university. Although some
people who have much money can study in an ideal place where they can get a prestigious certificate,
other people can get education such as in public school, public college, or public university. For instance,

Ahmed who studied in public university does not have much money that comes from work, family, or
friends. Nevertheless, he got a respected degree from, a public university which has an acceptable rank
in the world by working hard.
Furthermore, although a lot of money can give peoples relationships more support that can help
them in their lives, sometimes relationships can be strong without financial influence. A valued aspect of
people are those who can respect each other. For instance, if people respects their friends, they can
save their relationships. For real instance, Mohammad, who has many friends from many countries, can
create strong relationships by respecting them in how he speaks, treats them, and believes. In addition,
by helping his friends, this can supply them with more responsibility together.
Moreover, some people who have a lot of money have many opportunities to solve their problems,
but other people who do not have much money can also solve their problems by having strong
relationships which can help them in their lives. For instance, Ali, who does not have a lot money, can
not solve his problems by himself, and his family can help him by meeting together. So by strengths
relationships and has many benefits for his familys relationships.
In conclusion, can money make people happy? Much money can give people more information
about happiness, but some people who do not have a lot of money can be happy with little money. There
are many ideal options that people can use to be happy in their lives. For instance, Ahmed, Mohammad,
and Ali create happiness that comes from special aspects that they do without much money. Indeed,
every person has many talents that can help him in his life. Adult people can think about controlling their
problems in their lives, even though they may be difficult to solve. However, they can do it, and it gives
them more experience between people.

The Causes of Car Accidents

By: Abdullah Alshaikmubarak (Saudi Arabia)
Many factors affect the drivers behavior and this can be dangerous for their life. According to
some of figures in Saudi Arabia, 17 people die every day due indifference.
First, road condition if weather is so bad you should take care and reduce your speed so you can
see everything on the street. Be careful when you drive your car keep your phone away from you. You
shouldnt use the radio when you drive if you want to use it you have to pull over or when you stop at the
Second, the causes of Mechanical malfunction you must make sure everything in your car is okay
especially the tires. You should examine your car at the auto mechanic every 3 months. When you feel
something abnormal in your car you have to pull over your car immediately to avoid any risk.
Third, Driver condition for example if you feel tired you have to stop and take a rest then you can
complete safely. If you have travel to other country or state you have to make sure to sleep enough.
Dont be drunk when you drive because this is contrary to government policy and buts people in your car
and other at risk.
Fourth, the causes of Distraction for example If you argument with the passenger you have to pull over
and find solution then you can complete driving. You must notify the passengers to not bother you when
youre driving. Do not be preoccupied with anything except driving.
In conclusion, the car is most important thing in our life and its dangerous, so please dont make
it a tool to kill you.


Women Can Drive

By: Manal Alwohaibi (Saudi Arabia)
Why are women not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia? Every country wants to develop their
people. The government is trying to give more opportunities to expand education and the standard of
living. At the same time they are against any ideas that do not match their religion or their tradition or
affects public health. In the news media we saw or read about the women asking for their rights in each
part of the world. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have an action if a woman does it she will be
breaking the law. What is it? It is driving a car. It maybe true that driving is dangerous but, why aren't
allowed to Drive? Many claim the reasons are religious, social and health-related.
The First reason women are not allowed to drive is due to religion. The Islamic religion is based
on peace. We follow the Islamic law from two sources :the Holly Quran and Sunnah. Many think that
women driving is sinful (haram). They believe it leads to evil consequences which are well known to
those who promote it, such as being alone with a non-mahram (marriageable).In fact there is no
evidence in the holy Qur'an or Sunnah that say specific ally that women cannot drive. Prophet
Muhammad's (our messenger) wife was leading camels and horses. It is true that there are provisions
about a woman and stability in the house, but in necessary situations such as school and work she has
to go out. If you (a man of the house) are responsible for her do your duty: do not employ a driver .How
can they say a driving woman will be alone with men when she goes with her driver to her work alone!
According to the Islamtoday website, "In Saudi Arabia, the state considers it to be in the best interests of
the people to enact laws restricting driving for certain sectors of the population, and that it falls within the
states jurisdiction to do so. The law in Saudi Arabia that prevents women from driving is considered one
of these laws. It is therefore not to be understood as an Islamic teaching."
The second reason women are not allowed to drive is social. Many people build their argument
based on a strong traditional theory. They prevent women from driving because the society is against
that. They list unwanted consequences such as going out from the home with need or without need, or
meeting with a strange man without Mahram (her brother or husband). Also, they think spending a lot of
hours out of the home will reduce the woman's shyness which will lead her to take off her head address
(Hejab). But, I believe these are unreasonable excuses to be against women driving. If the woman wants
to do all this she will find another way to do it without persuasion. Why do they only see the negative side
without paying any attention to the bright side of driving? The society can shift to a beneficial path. Let's
think in the right way to make woman driving have many benefits. For example she will self-dependent
she will not wait on her brother or her husband to do all her needs. In addition, she will share the
responsibility with her husband such as: going to school, working, traveling, and receiving medical care.
Furthermore, life is full of surprises if an emergency situation happens in the house and there no man,
what will she do?
The Final reason women are not allowed to drive is health-related. They believe it affects a
woman's womb and her virginity. They argue without scientific evidences and proofs. In fact, the factors
which affect the female system are pregnancy and childbirth, Psychological problems and hormone
levels. People should ask them about the sources for this information before they believe what they
heard. We have to be more clever.
In conclusion, this argument is more important than the other issue in my country such as
unemployment, an increase in divorces, and domestic violence. On October 26 Women's Driving
Campaign has so far garnered more than 16,000 signatures on its online petition. Manal Al-Sharif and
Lojane Alhzlol are active supporters of the campaign. I agree with their opinion, but not with their path.
We need a democratic solution for both sides.
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Should Employers Force Employees to Take a Vacation?

By: Aracely Castellanos (Mexico)
Many people work hard everyday, but how many people take vacations? According to CNN.com,
a new survey has found that U.S. workers...took less vacation time than any point in the past four
decades. (Americans Taking Fewest Vacations). However, in my opinion, employers should require
employees to take vacations.
Opponents say that some people cannot afford to take time off because they need to make
money. Instead of staying at home doing nothing, they argue, they could be making double than what
they usually would. Some people have too many bills, are in debt, or do not make enough money to
support their family. Nevertheless, there are many ways for people to afford a vacation. They can put
away money each week to save up, make a plan to pay off their debt, or plan a vacation that does not
require a lot of money. If they have a larger family, everyone can get together to pool their money
together to afford the vacation, or get a second job to save some cash. People need to take time off so
that they can spend time with their family.
Furthermore, some think that they have too many responsibilities at work to think that they can
take time off. Often, if they are in a managerial position of some sort, some people feel like the company
cannot run without them, or that their work will accumulate while theyre gone. In contrast, taking time off
can actually make employees more productive, so that when they come back from vacation they can
come with fresher ideas and a more positive attitude. It can prevent employees from burning out, which
is an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things,
resulting in a decline in their job performance (Ten Signs Youre Burning Out).
Still others want to look dedicated in front of their superiors. They think that if their boss sees
them working hard and doing long hours that they will get a promotion faster. In actuality, people who
take more time off actually tend to get more raises and promotions. (Americans Taking Fewest
Vacations). Again, people who come back from vacations tend to perform better, and ultimately that is
what employers value.
In conclusion, people who dont take time off get laid off just like everyone else. (Americans
Taking Fewest Vacations). In my experience, when I take a vacation, I feel free to forget about work for
a little while, and enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing. Therefore, in my opinion people
should take time off to spend time with their families so that they can come back to do their work more
efficiently.So that people lead balanced and healthy lives, employers should strongly encourage their
employees to take time off.
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Why People Are Interested in Plastic Surgery and Consequent Results

By: Juhui Cho (South Korea)
When you hear the words plastic surgery, what do you think? Plastic surgery in the medical field
relates to the rectification or reinstatement of structure and function of the bodys features. Cosmetic or
aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery. However it is not necessarily cosmetic and
includes many types of reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the
treatment of burns (Plastic surgery). Have you ever thought about plastic surgery? If you have the
experience, what are reasons that made you undergo of it? And what would you make different now after

Causes of Plastic Surgery

There are many motivating factors that make people choose to have plastic surgery. These
include accidents and diseases, birth defects and birthmarks, desiring beauty, and reversing the signs of
aging. For instance, in Korea, it is dreadfully trendy for everyone who wants to change their features to
be more beautiful. So, they go to a place where they can have plastic surgery.
Accidents and Diseases
Assume the situation that your appearance is changed due to having a car accident, falling,
getting burned, becoming injured in sports, etc. Perhaps or you have undergone a mastectomy for
healing cancer. These events ravage your body and you need reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
Birth defects and Birthmarks
If you have birth defects or birthmarks as skeletal deformities, it can make plenty of social and
emotional handicaps. What can you do to figure it out? You would like to obtain a chance to change your
appearance (Smith). Therefore, it is natural to desire cosmetic surgery.
Most people have wanted to be a nice person from the past until now. This mind makes us to
think about cosmetic surgery. Of course we can be an amazing person by possessing an excellent
character or wearing superior clothes. However, it is not enough for us due to our insatiable desires.
These days, we are exposed to media and what society views as fascinating. If you do not satisfy your
appearance, you may feel unattractive and your emotion and mind will suffer as a consequence. These
are reasons we choose plastic surgery (What Motivates People).
Reversing the Signs of Aging
When we are younger, we have an appetite to get old as soon as possible to be mature.
However, with advancing years, we hope to go back to our earlier years as we strongly desire younger
faces. Of course, they cannot turn back the time. Fortunately, plastic surgery makes it extremely
successful in reversing the signs of aging (What Motivates People).
Effects of Plastic Surgery
Why we are anxious about cosmetic surgery? What are we looking forward to in the results?
Have good self-esteem
Most people take care of the way one looks to gain favor with others. If they have a new, beautiful
face, they will feel better and more confident when going out with their friends or spouse. Plastic surgery
helps them show off as an excellent person.
Make a New Start in Life
After plastic surgery, you can feel exhilarated as when you just drank a soda after being
extremely thirsty. It is a wonderful time to make a new start in life with the novel you (What Motivates
People). According to executives, optimal appearance relates judgment when they interview employees.
For instance, there are several people who have similar careers, skills, and capacities. In this situation,
the executives prefer completing appearance.
Side Effect
After operation, not all people feel satisfied with their results. Failed surgery makes them become
worse than their original figure. In the worst case, they cannot function in their social life, even daily
tasks. It may make them consider suicide.


In conclusion, in spite of great peril, plenty of people want to do cosmetic surgery nowadays. It
has plenty of risks, but it has value due to it enabling better results through the route in your life. So it
makes you have a hard time making a choice about cosmetic surgery.
In my opinion, whatever reasons and effects, you can do plastic surgery whenever you want
since its a personal selection. However, you should ponder over plastic surgery. This process is a vital
element to you. Before you make a decision, remember that plastic surgery is not changing your inherent
value. It only addresses your appearance. One choice could bring unfortunate consequences and it
could ruin your future.
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Do Exercise
By: Karen Cretier (Chile)
A lot of research has mentioned how important it is to do exercise for health, mood and avoiding
disease. But people do not have awareness about that and do not do exercise. However people who do
exercise can be healthier and understand why it is important to do exercise.
One of the reasons people do not do exercise is because they are lazy. They think it is always
better to stay in on bed, watch a movie and spend time with friends instead of exercising, but this is
because do not know what benefits you have when you do exercise. According to research if you do
exercise there are many benefits which include controlling weight, combating health conditions and

diseases, improving mood, and also boosting energy (Exercise Benefits). Also it is contradictory to be
lazy and not do exercises because when you do exercise that with boost your energy. However a lot of
people think if you do exercise, you will be more tired and this is not true.
Another problem from some people is they do not know how to do exercise. Although they do not
have any personal trainer or have never done exercise in their life, today in our life we have luck
because we have something we the INTERNET so this technology system is really helpful if you do not
know how to do exercise. According to website ace.fitnes.org they show you in pictures how you can do
your exercise and they give you many exercises that you can do without machines and equipment. One
exercise for example is SUPERMAN - - you can see this exercise on the website; they show you each
step you have to do like starting position, upward phase, and downward for this exercise (Ted Vickey). At
that time we can see how easy it is to do exercise with the internet.
The last reason people do not do exercise is because they do not have money. It is expensive
sometimes to pay for a personal trainer, or gym, or crossfit. But the people do not know what the longterm cost is. If you do not do exercise today you will pay more tomorrow and that means more expense.
Because if you do not exercise today, it will be more detrimental tomorrow because you might have a
disease or be overweight and when that happens, paying for and treating your illness will be much more
expensive than paying for a gym today or for your life. According to research physical inactivity causes 1
in 10 deaths worldwide. There are many risks from smoking and obesity and they suggest the public
health officials see this as a pandemic (The Lancet British Medical Journal). Therefore it can be more
expensive tomorrow you can lose up to your life.
In addition, doing exercise also might be fun, because when you go to the gym, or run in the park,
you can go with your friend, or you can listen to music and this will be super fun. Another benefit
aforementioned is losing weight; you can look good and feel good with your body. When you feel fit with
your body you will be more enthusiastic and have increased self-esteem. In the end exercise makes you
a healthier person.
In conclusion, doing exercise is the best way to be a healthy person. You do not have to be lazy;
on the contrary, you have to get up from your bed and do exercise because if you do it you will have
more energy. Use the internet to your advantage and do not waste your time using it the wrong way, take
the opportunity. You can look for easy exercise on YouTube and save money. It is not necessary to pay
for a gym if you have your own workout in your home. Think about that and get up; it is never too late to
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Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Students and Work Performance

By: Nawal Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia)
Sleep is essential for all humans in order to survive and for normal brain development. Everybody
needs sleep whether they are rich or poor, young or old, more educated or less educated. Humans on
average spend a third of their lives sleeping. More people, especially workers and students, are getting
much less sleep than before, it is necessary to recuperate from the days activities. What are the effects
of not getting enough sleep?
Sleep is often one of the most important factors for student success. Many students will neglect
sleep in order to work or to complete school projects; they think they can manage even when they do not
get enough sleep at night. A sufficient amount of sleep has extremely important implications for physical
and mental health, as well as for quality of life. Sleep is also important is psychological and physical
growth (Pilcher, & Walters, 1997). Enough sleep is necessary for memory consolidation, also, it helps the
brain to develop and maintain its skills, which include thinking, memory, speech, and motor skills.
The relationships between sleep and the academic performance have been studied in many
approaches such as human science and education. Various studies have been conducted all over the
word on this issue and show that sleep deprivation affects the academic performance of student and
their grades.
According to the National Sleep Foundations Sleep in America Poll, U.S. sleep requirements
vary from person to person but 7-8 hours of sleep in adults is considered normal (National Sleep
Foundation, 2005). Inadequate sleep such as sleep deprivation can cause emotional instability, memory
loss, daytime sleepiness and decreased concentration, which influence performance of workers and
students (National Sleep Foundation, 2008; Pilcher, 2010). Many recent studies showed that sleep
deprivation has a direct affect on learning tasks such as memory, attention, and solving problems, and
finally projected in their grades.
Pilcher and Walters in 1997 concluded that sleep-deprived college students had lower scores on
cognitive tasks than non-sleep-deprived participants. In addition, there are significant relationships
between a lower GPA and lack of sleep among college students; focusing on this relationship, the
researchers found that, GPAs were strongly affected by physical factors, such as amount of sleep
indicating the GPA of short sleepers was 0.5 points lower than that of long sleepers (Trockel et al.,
According to Harris Health Sleep Disorders Center, at the end of the semester the majority of the
students pulled all-night study sessions to prepare for final exams. Obviously, the loss of sleep during
these all-nighters could actually work against them. For healthy performance, it is recommended that the
student instead study throughout the semester, set up study sessions in the morning (the optimal time of
alertness and concentration), and get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before exams. "Memory recall
and ability to maintain concentration are much improved when an individual is rested, by preparing early
and being able to better recall what you have studied, your ability to perform well on exams is
increased"(Harris Health Sleep Disorders Center, 2010).
In addition to study performance, sleep deprivation can directly interfere with work performance
and negatively affect its quality and productivity. The Job performance has been defined as the level of
productivity of an individual employee, relative to his or her peers, on several job related behaviors and
outcomes. (Babin, Boles, 1998). Many people do not get proper sleep at night and feel tired throughout
the daytime, which interferes with their daily activities. A study in 2008 reported that reported that 29% of
Americans said they had fallen asleep or became very sleepy at work many times, and 12 % were late to
work in the last month because of sleep habits.
Without an adequate amount of sleep, employees have more difficulty in communicating with
each other, which increases stress levels. That in turn projects on the quality of work productivity and
indirectly influences the entire organization. Also, it causes difficulty in concentrating and learning
abilities that may cause an increase in difficulty with memory; that results in a decline in the ability of
solving problems (Mulgrew et al. ,2007).
In conclusion, clearly, sleep deprivation has become an important issue over the past years all
around the world. Lack of sleep usually causes serious problems in both one's personal life and the
workplace. It is often cited as a primary or secondary cause of the majority of the problems at work or

school. People who are sleep take longer to finish tasks have a slower reaction time, and make more
mistakes. Many people are not aware of the risks of sleep deprivation. In fact, they may not even realize
that they are sleep deficient. Even with limited or poor-quality sleep, they may still think that they can
function well. As a result, sleep deficiency is not only harmful on a personal level, but it can also cause
serious damage. Getting enough amount of sleep at the proper times will help people to function well
throughout the day.
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Bonnaroo Music Festival
By: Oussama Tayeb (Morocco)
The Bonnaroo Music Festival is held in Manchester, Tennessee at the beginning of the summer
season each year and is produced by Superfly presents and A.C. Entertainment. Festival organizers
select performers for the event based on their ability to perform live on stage, and not based on the latest
pop hits or studio expertise. The Bonnaroo Music Festival is one of the countrys largest music and arts
gatherings that pays tributes to up-and-coming artists, music legends and world-renowned comedians.
The festival is four days of live music, dancing, food, entertainment and networking.
The first Bonnaroo music festival was held in 2002 to showcase the talents of emerging and
popular artists, performers and comedians. Since then , the festival has grown to become one of the
largest music and camping events in the country and is the only round-the-clock music festival in the
United States.
The Bonnaroo Music Festival is held in Coffee County, Tennessee, in june 2005. It has created a
significant economic impact for Middle Tennessee. Manchester and Coffee county enjoyed both tangible
and intangible effects of the festival, including substantial economic and fiscal impacts.
Bonnaroo festival organizers spent a total of $3,057,921 in Coffee County for the 2005 festival. State tax
on tickets accounted for $1,155,692 of the total, still leaving $1,902,229 spent in Coffee county by
festival organizers. As the table below shows, the largest portion of that figure went toward site related
expenditures, including rental, preparations and site operations.
According to the survey results, more than 55 percent of visitors were male. 44 percent were
females, an overwhelming number of attendees were young adults , age 18 to 29, representing 84
percent of the festival attendees. Thirteen percent of the festival fans were adults, age 30 to 44, and
three percent were age 45 to 65.
When you arrive at Bonnaroo, you'll notice a palpable sense of excitement thick in the air. Even
before the real party begins, before anyone gets chemically bonkers, the spirit of adventure is prevalent
as tens of thousands of campers setting up their tents and get acquainted with their surroundings. It's an
electrifying sense of welcome, and security in isolation and commitment to whatever may come over the
next four days of music and mischief among so many like-minded adventurers.
The atmosphere is everything at a festival. Comparatively, other festivals choke out any sense of organic
fun with corporate-branded promotions at every turn and a downright intimidating police presence, when
set against the freedom of the Bonnaroo experience.
Whether it's topless girls wearing body paint instead of bikinis, health-conscious hippies serving
up alternatives to the standard festival food, or just the tens of thousands of music lovers ecstatic to be at
an amazing festival in the middle of nowhere, it's really the people that make Bonnaroo so special.
Positive attitudes are infectious. Generosity is abundant. Free hugs are everywhere.

The middle of nowhere has never been a more perfect spot for a festival. Bonnaroo organizers
bought the 700 acre farm on which the festival is held each year, ensuring many more years of the
nature-surrounded goodness. Over an hour's drive south of Nashville, the isolation only aids the
atmosphere of an escapist celebration. As a result, people seem generally more inclined to look out for
one another, and the lack of emphasis on the over-the-top corporate-branded PARTY!
Sure, getting in can be a pretty intense process every year the stories of cops searching cars
and drug-sniffing dogs at the main camping entrance seem to get more and more scary. But rarely is
hype matched with reality, and as long as you're not bringing in glass bottles or rocket launchers,
chances are you'll be just fine. Once inside the campground, the people charged with keeping the peace
are, for the most part, geriatrics on horseback. They don't have guns, batons, tasers or even slingshots.
They're there to help, and there's no grey area about that.
Sure, you've got the standard festival fare in both food and merch, but there is also a great deal
of local cuisine to dig into hot dogs and funnel cakes are matched by offerings of crepes and veganfriendly salads. Around the campground, stands selling band t-shirts and Bonnaroo memorabilia were far
outnumbered by hippie merchants, many of them local, selling some highly impressive (and affordable)
gear, blown glass and more. In fact, some even offer workshops on how they make their wares.
Thus, a high quality tent and camping gear is recommended. Activities like these, along with great
food vendors and unique shopping, provide an easy and fun way to hang around the festival in between
music performances. I've been there once, However, I will be going there every year.
"Economic Impact of Bonnaroo Music Festival on Coffee County." (2005): 2-12. Web.

A Custom In Saudi Arabia

By: Majed Sunbol (Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Arabia has a great custom that I would like for the entire world to adopt or do like what
people do over there. Saudi Arabia has a lot of customs, but the best one I like the most and I would like
to see it everywhere is when you have a guest or someone comes to your house, we take care of
everything and give everything to that guest.
In Saudi Arabia, we give our guest everything. We begin with Arabic coffee, after that tea and in
the end we make or bring a big meal for the guest. The guest is treated like a king in Saudi Arabia. I
know that sounds like it might be weird, but that is real and true. I hope that it could happen everywhere
around the world. I wish for no one to think about where you are from or you follow whom. The guest is
the most important thing and when you have a guest in your home, you should treat that one like a
queen or king. It would be really nice and great if all people around the world did like that. People are
going to be closer to each other where ever they from, and they are going to have peace inside them.
Imagine if people took care of their guest and treated them as a queen. When that guest invited
those people to his/her house, they are going to do the same thing or maybe better. That will let people
become closer and more understanding of each other.


By: Ahmed Almusslam (Saudi Arabia)
Are you interested in watching movies? If you are interested in the cinema and movies, you must
see the greatest movie in history. It was created in 1972 and still achieving a high number of viewers up
to this time. Definitely your imagination recognizes the name of this movie, The Godfather.
The Godfather simulated the mafia story and showed how they controlled the country and helped
each other in the black market. Al Pacino was the star in this movie beside Marlon Brando. The story
gives us a picture about the life of mafia like how they protect each other and how to get revenge on
enemies. Also, the story talks about the general life of the mafia. Marlon Brando was playing the
character of Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather), the head of the most powerful family of mafia in New
York. Al Pacino was his son in the movie with the character of Michael Corleone and was the right hand
for his father. The movie started with a big wedding party to introduce other important characters such as
Sony Corleone, the first assistant for the godfather and some members of the Godfather family.
Mario Puzo is one of the most amazing writers of the past. When he finished his novel, no one
conceive that it would succeed and achieved a lot of benefits. At that time, Francis Ford Coppola who
was working as director, decided to convert this story to a movie. The work started to portray the film on
March, 24, 1971 and finished on 1972. When the film saw the light it made a sensation in the US streets
like no films did before.
Indeed, I have never seen such an amazing film as The Godfather, even though it is an old
movie. The director was fantastic when he directed this film which is the best movie in Hollywood history
with old cameras and equipment. He produced the film in high quality. I challenge any director to do like
what he did. However, when I talk about the music I need to stand up and applaud for Nino Rota who
created the Godfather music. The music was chosen very well. The composer succeed to create the
tracks to attract the attention of the viewers smoothly. In addition, when you listen to the music, your
mind will imagine like you are living in Italy and sharing with other members of the mafia.
In fact, I learned a lot from this movie, but the most important lesson I learned from movies was
the importance of family. However, I like how the movie showed the significance of the relationship
between all the members family and, how they were ready to give their life to protect each other. If any
one tried to touch any one of their families, he or she could die.
The film completely is suitable for all strata of society. However, the movie should be censored by
parents and do not let the children below 18 watching this movie Because it displays of violent clips
which it will effect on the childrens behavior. In addition, it is compatible with researchers who are
interesting in studying the history. It will be a good source to collect information about USA in the past.
The Godfather achieved several awards. It received three Oscar awards besides receiving two
Golden Globe Awards. I saw the movie four times, and I did not feel bored at all, so my rate for this
movie (9.9 out of 10). I recommend it to any one who is interested in watching movies to see it .If you
have not seen the movie, you might miss a lot. Go a head and dont be late.

Legal Systems
By: Trang Pham, Tracy (Vietnam)
Comparative law is a science and an approach to comparative studies of different legal systems
in order to find similarities and differences and to explain the origin in the legal system. Law of
comparative reasoning was, or is a legal science to study and compare the laws and legal systems.
Moreover, legal scholars want to try to compare the norms of international law to clarify the similarities
and differences and identify trends of overall development of the law. One of the biggest major legal
traditions is common law, which is a legal system very difficult to understand. This research paper will
highlight the definition, history, and principles of common law. Furthermore, the paper will provide the
difference between common and civil law.

According to Justice Kenyon, the common law cannot be found in any one paper or source, but
all people have known about common law for a long time. It developed with a civilized society, and was
established from time to time by the prudence of humans (quoted in Duhaime).
Most people in the world know that common law is permitted under judicial precedents (case
law), a form of law, under which the government recognizes the judgment or settlement of court cases in
the case law journals that mold the basis for making judgments for the incident or event of circumstances
or similar issues later. There is legal precedent in the legislative process of the court in the recognition
and application of the new rules in the proceedings (Wikipedia).
In addition, because common law is not written by lawmakers who have a power from people, but
more, by judges who give equal it to people, it was called to as unwritten law or lex non scripta
(Blackstone in Duhaime).
At the glance of scientists of comparative law, the civil law system is most often contrasted with
common law. When you know civil law, you can know common law easily. It brings the morale of the
community and could be formulated and crystallized by our forefathers (quoted in Duhaime).
When scientists delve into understanding common law, they created a patchwork of definitions for
common law from the ancient science and gave a short definition - common law is living and human.
Statutes have neither humanity nor humour (Allen 302).
In McFaul v Ramsey, Justice Grier of the U.S Supreme Count wrote, common law is a hierarchy
which is full-grown by the wisdom of ages; it was founded on the principles of truth and sound and has
been denounced in several states who had hastily replaced their place with the suggestions of sciolists,
who invented new codes and a system begging to order. But this effort to remove all the species and
establish a single detail is found to be beyond the power of the legislative omnipotence (quoted in
A contrastive analysis of the common and civil law system
Common law and civil law are the two biggest legal systems in the world. However, common law
and civil law are the antithesis of each other. Common law is generally uncodified and in contrast, civil
law is codified (Lawberkeley).
Common law

Civil law


Common law originated in England in

the 11th century. Now, common law is
the legal system of the UK, USA,
Canada, and some other countries
which were the colony of England
between the two World Wars.

Civil law has a long history. It was

derived before BC and developed the
ancient Roman law. Civil law is a
popular legal system. France and
Germany are two countries which took
it to the colonies.

Type of
and role of

Opposition. Lawyers ask questions to

witnesses and give evidence against
the opponent.

Inquisitorial. Lawyers make questions

based on the evidence that the
prosecution showed before the court.

Role of

The judge decision is based on the

evidence of both parties before the
court and they consider the previous
precedent to make a decision. The
decision of the judge in this case is
regarded as a rule that the parties
must comply by.

The judge decision is based on the

existing law which is written in the
book. Then judges search and
compare the valid laws and make
decisions. The argument before the
court has no effect.


Sources of

Common law comes from three

(1) statutes, enacted by legislatures,
(2) precedents, drawn from court
opinions in prior cases, and
(3) administrative rules promulgated
under authority of statute.
Statutory (code) language is often
open to broad interpretation, and is not
as extensive in reach as in civil law

The rules are built by a separate

legislature. The decision of the court is
pursuant to the law. The judge did not
give their personal opinions when
making decisions, instead they use
the specific wording of the legislation
to apply to every case.

Common law is a complex legal system. When you understand everything of common law, it is
very helpful for you. Common law is not old; however, almost all people from the world do not have
enough knowledge and cannot understand common law. Understanding the common law can help you
not be afraid of the law or feel nervous when you travel to a new country. The concept, history, and basic
principles of the common law are very easy to understand. Besides, the obvious differences between
civil law and common law are easy to find. Understanding the law will make you think you have more
power and confidence in all activities.
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Business Proposals
By: Anne Claire Floquet, AC (France)
Imagine you are an entrepreneur and you have your own business, what do you do to sell your
products or your services? What do you need to support your sales? What is your key to push the
customers to buy them? The principle of a business proposal is to be a tool for sales, but also to
introduce and support your company and its products or services during a business appointment. There
are particular types and different manners to build a business proposal. First we will study the definition,
then the types of business proposals and we will finish by the best way to build it.


I. Definition of Business Proposal:

A business proposal is a written paper that helps the seller to build an offer to sell products or
services. Moreover, it is a tool for sales, which is useful and helpful to persuade the buyer during the
period of reflection and negotiation. A business proposal is a support that is able to give more
information about the selling company and its products or services that are sold, but also to show this
firm has understood the needs and requirements from the buying company in their context, and the
pricing of them. This part of a business proposal is the most difficult to undertake because the buyer
should take into consideration why it should invest in this purchase and why it should choose this seller
company over others (Wikipedia).
II. Types of Proposals:

There are two kinds of business proposal: informally solicited proposal and unsolicited proposal
A) Informally Solicited Proposal
Informally solicited proposal is the logical continuation after an appointment between the selling
company and the buying company. Often it is the summary during the presentation and the negotiation.
Usually the buyer company is very concerned about its products or its services; as a matter of fact it
needs them. It is the reason why this buying company requested for a proposal. Generally the buyer
does not establish an open competition, meaning it does not challenge other companies to compare their
proposals. Thus, this type of proposal is of moderate importance; the selling company does not need to
make a formal proposal with a specific focus on the requirements (Wikipedia).
B) Unsolicited Proposal
An unsolicited proposal typically like a marketing brochure. Usually this writing paper is universal
because there are not implicit ways between the buyers needs and the buyers requirements. The selling
company tries to present its company and what it sells. Its primary goal is not to close the sale, but just to
imply the needs for the necessary purchases. This part of this proposal is crucial because it will influence
on the next steps of the sales. The selling company should use detailed
and accurate arguments like a kind of stratagem. For concerning the buyer, the selling company
undertakes some leave-behinds and some giveaways during the trade show (Wikipedia).
III. How do you build a Business Proposal?

A) The essential points that must be included in a business proposal

According to Carl Dickson, the most simple approach to build a business proposal is to answer
different questions: who, what, where, how, when and why. This technique is really constructive for the
selling company because it forecasts and replies to all future questions of the buyer. The selling
company must think as the buying company for writing a business proposal. Oftentimes the buyer
forgets to ask about additional information, and with this technique the selling company differentiates
itself from the competitors with a productive sense. It goes beyond the buyers requirements and
provides a quality business proposal. Moreover, it is very useful to memorize your business proposal and
organize the next step to convince the buying company (Capture planning and entrepreneur).


B) Some infographic advice for a business proposal

Everywhere, there are many infographics in the world. It is crucial to make a paper easily
readable. Thus, you should use a popular infographic. According to Victor Borge, there are many ways to
render fun in your infographic:
Understanding the main points of business proposal with just a glance
Adding some fun to a business proposal, helping to hook the buyer
Avoiding the information overload on a business proposal
Enumerating some actions that are better than some words
Putting many expressions or words in bold, which allows us to remember
A business proposal can contain different approaches but in addition a little humor is always appreciated.
Obviously, the hyperbole is an enemy because it will be misinterpreted by the buyer and will be a lack of
credibility (Blog quoteroller and entrepreneur).

A business proposal is a paper frame, which contains some information about your business. The
role of a business proposal is to captivate the future buyer but also implying for him, the need for
services or products. It is fundamental for a business proposal to be readable, short but precise, and
easy to remember. Besides, it is considered to represent a positive and credible corporate image in its
industry market.

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Scent of a Woman
By: Aki Ichikawa (Japan)
What was your first part time job? What did you learn from it? Having a part time job may make
your life different, and fortify and give you a view of the outside world. In the US, baby sitting is common
job for teens, which is allowed from 12 years old. It could be the first chance to earn your own money and
to get an unforgettable experience. The movie Scent of a woman starts when a young guy takes an old
man-sitting job during Thanksgiving weekend in order to buy a plane ticket to go home at Christmas
time. Unlike a baby, an old man is difficult to deal with. However, the old man and the young guy, both at
crucial points in their lives, affect each other greatly. The movie shows us the necessity of learning
lessons and creates a nostalgic, bitter and heartwarming mood.

In this movie, there are two main characters, Frank Slade, a blind, retired army colonel and
Charlie Simms, a scholarship student of an exclusive prep school where a lot of affluent peers go.
Charlies job should have been taking care of Frank over Thanksgiving weekend when his nieces family,
who takes care of Frank, is out of town. At the beginning of the weekend, Frank takes Charlie to New
York, where he reveals to the student that he intends to finally do the things he wanted to do for a long
time: visit his family with a limo, drive a Ferrari, and so on, even commit suicide. On the other hand,
Charlie has a problem. He was pressured by his schools headmaster to state who pulled a prank on his
new car, or else, he would lose his recommendation to Harvard. The film follows the mis-matched pair
over the course of the weekend, as they learn about life through their series of adventures.
Martin Brest, the director of this film, is from New York City. He is known for Scent of a Woman
(1992), Meet Joe Black (1998), Beverly Hills Cop (1984) (IMDb). His directing formulated the characters
to be real and attractive. Especially, Al Pacinos performance as a blind man was pure because of
Martins directing.
The old man is excellently played by Al Pacino, one of the icons of Hollywood. He earned his
first Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in this film. As you know, one of his most famous
films is The Godfather, which made him popular all over the world. He is not a big guy, but his existence
is much more than his appearance. He outstandingly acts as a blind, mean, angry, sarcastic, lonely, and
worn-out man.
The prep school student is played by Chris ODonnell. Currently, he plays the main role in NCIS.
He has a great range in his acting, from a sensitive and nave teenager to a strong and tough guy.
Id like to focus the on the supporting actor of a student who is summoned for judgment. The
student is named George and is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. He is known as a great supporting
actor. He played greatly as a miserable boy hiding in Big Daddys pocket. After that, he played many
types of roles from main characters to supporting roles such as a good, gay, ruthless, and disgusting
person. Im very sorry we cannot watch his acting anymore because he passed away in 2014.
Two men show us good contrast clearly; its obvious that they are complete opposites. Frank is
tired of his life because of his blindness; has no family, and no hope in his life to come. Charlie is honest
and hopeful for his future even though he is not a wealthy student and has some problems.
I have two favorite scenes, one is the tango with Frank and a young lady in the restaurant. The
actress who plays the young lady is afraid of making a mistake in the tango. He said not to be afraid of
making a mistake. It is just tango not life. Just do it, itll be easier than you think, move forward and you
can mend it if you make a mistake. They dance perfectly and elegantly. Everyone who is sitting in the
tables watches them with smiles on their faces. It was a beautiful moment for all of them there. Always, I
am reminded of their dance when I hear this song Por Una Cabeza. Al Pacino acts perfectly as a blind
man because his eyes never move to catch something even while they are dancing.
The other scene is in the court of the school while the students are being judged for their prank.
The cornel supported Charlies position; in contrast, George is protected by his affluent father. Franks
speech is tremendous. The quote became one of the greatest speeches. I sometimes think of the phrase
about the crossroads of life. Here is part of it:
Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was; without
exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too...damn...hard. Now here's Charlie, he's
come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path. It's the right path. It's a path made of principle that leads
to character. Let him continue on his journey. You hold this boy's future in your hands, committee! It's a
valuable future. Believe me! Don't destroy it protect it, embrace it. It's gonna make you proud one day,
I promise you (Wikiquote).
Some critics said this movie ends in the usual conclusion of an old age-movie and that the
ending was ruined. However, I really like the ending because that implies their bright futures with
romantic lines. Another opponent found this movie too long, but I enjoyed every minute and didnt
recognize how long the movie was.
I learned from this movie a lot of things including integrity, justice, and choosing the hard way
even though it might end in failure. Everyone could overcome hardships and fix it no matter how old you

are. I was inspired to keep motivation to challenge and enjoy everything in life. Choose the hard way and
work hard in that way. It will develop us.
I also learned that life is a kind of art work and looks like a patchwork, in which you can put the
pain, regret, happiness, sadness, excitement, tears, etc. Every patchwork is absolutely different. The
patchwork becomes your experiences and exactly you, no one else.
Finally, I recognized the virtue of opening yourself up and being with people with different personalities
because you can learn valuable life lessons.
This film is rated R for language and won three major awards at the Golden Globe Awards: Best
Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Motion Picture Drama. I think this film is good for every
generation. Young people could learn about friendship and fighting for the integrity. For adults, they can
learn how to get older. If they regret their lives, they can undo it anytime by themselves and still support
the next generation. Especially for students, the court scene is terrific. Franks speech has impact and
persuades people. The tone of his voice, volume, and posture show his passion to save his friend. His
charisma touches everyones hearts. They could use this skill to study effective debate and presentation.
So, businessman can also get something from this film valuable for their job, such as persuading
customers, co-workers, or their boss.
Even though Al Pacino sometimes uses bad words, misbehaves, performs illegal actions, I believe this
movie has a great life lesson.
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