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December 11, 2014

District Declares Impasse

Despite incredible organizing efforts from our members, the district chose
to end regular negotiations
Today PEA received a message from the district that essentially said they no longer feel like
bargaining with us. PEA had a strong desire to keep meeting with the district until we reached
an agreement, but the district decided that dealing with us face-to-face no longer works for
So, what happens now? The district files papers with the Public Employment Relations Board
(PERB) and the state will appoint a mediator to help us get to an agreement. Once a mediator
is assigned, PEA and the district will no longer meet face-to-face, but will negotiate through
the mediator, who will make proposals on behalf of each side. We are confident we will get a
fair agreement with the mediator, but teachers must continue to stay united.
PEA appreciates all the members who came to the board meeting on Wednesday and spoke
so eloquently to the board about how teachers simply want a fair settlement.
What is a fair agreement? PEA and the district are at odds on three items:
1) PEA wants reasonable time limits on how long teachers can be held without pay in
extended staff meetings.The district refuses to put any time limit whatsoever.
2) PEA has asked the district to agree to adhere to the K-3 class size reduction law which
gives them funding to lower class sizes. The district refuses to commit to using the money to
lower class sizes.
3) PEA wants the district to either dig into their sizeable unrestricted ending balance and
increase their contribution to medical benefits in the second year of a two-year agreement or
settle for this year on the numbers the district has already offered.The district refuses to
increase the proposed contributions to medical benefits.
Your Bargaining Team is going to need your help! Some of you have asked to step up the
organizing actions, and we will! When we all come back from the holiday break, your
Organizing Team is going to let you know what the next steps are needed in order to put
pressure on the district to settle. It might mean taking some time away from the unpaid hours
on nights and weekends you spend on common core lessons and other district business, but it
is for a good cause - your livelihood!

It is time we show the district we will not be treated with such disrespect anymore! We
have had to push the district before, and with your help, we will push them to a settlement
again. Your Bargaining Team will keep you up to date as the impasse process moves along.
Thanks for standing in solidarity with your fellow PEA members and supporting your PEA
Bargaining Team! We hope you have a great holiday!
In unity,
Your PEA Bargaining Team

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