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Dear Sir,
This is in reference to the subject project. We are attaching herewith the
specifications for 1.25 MVA Transformer required for the respective project for
your information.
We hope the above is in line with your requirements and would request you to
kindly let us have your kind approval for the same in the interest of the project
to enable us to proceed further.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times.
Yours faithfully,


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1.25 M V A Transformer Specification

1 Intent

This specification covers the design, engineering, manufacture, assembly and

testing at supplier's works, supply and delivery at project site of the LV Auxiliary
transformers as specified hereinafter, and as required for efficient and trouble free
operation. The equipment offered shall be complete in all respects.
Any material and component not specifically stated in this specification and which
are necessary for the trouble free operation of the equipment and accessories
specified in this specification shall be deemed t o be included unless and otherwise
they are specifi-cally excluded.
2 Scooe of Suoolv

One number Oil 1250kVA Transformer, oil-immersed type, three winding, Cooling
ONAN, three phase, 50Hz, 11000/330/330 volts, with off-circuit taps of +5% to 5% in steps of 2.5% and shall be suitable for outdoor application with D y n l l y n l l
Vector group. The star point shall be solidly earthed. Neutral CTs of suitable rating
shall be provided for restricted and standby earth fault protections. The
temperature rise of oil and winding will be 50deg C and 55deg C over an ambient of
50 deg C.
The transformer shall be furnished complete with:
a) Fittings and accessories
b) Mandatory Spare Parts.
c) All relevant drawings, data and instruction manuals.
3 Codes and Standards

Major standards which shall be followed are listed below. Other applicable Indian
Stan-dards for any component part, even if not covered in the listed standards shall
be fol-lowed:
i. I S : 2026
ii. IEC 726
iii. Publication by Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) on Transformer.
iv. IEC 60076
4 General Reauirements

4.1 The transformers will be used to evacuate power t o l l k V G r i d .

4.2 Losses of the transformer shall be as minimum as possible. The Efficiency of the
Trans-former shall be 99% at rated load and 0.85power factor.
4.3 The impedance of the Transformer shall be 6.25% L V l t o HV and 12.5O/0 LV1 t o

4.4 Power at 330V level shall be transformed to llOOOV Grid level through the
transformer provided.
4.5 Voltage at load terminal 4.5.1 Under full load condition of the L.T. board, the
voltage will not drop below 90% on the load voltage base.
4.5.2 At light load condition, the voltage will not exceed 110% on the load voltage
4.6 The transformer will be installed in hot, humid and tropical atmosphere. All
equipment, accessories and wiring shall be provided with tropical finish to prevent
fungus growth.
4.7 The transformer shall be capable of continuous operation at specified rating
under the following condition :
a) Voltage variation : + / - l o %
b) Frequency variation : +/-5%
c) Combined voltage and frequency variation : 10%
4.8 The transformer shall be capable of withstanding the short circuit stresses due
to a terminal fault on one winding with full voltage maintained on the other winding
for minimum period of three (3) seconds.
4.9 The transformer shall be free from annoying hum or vibration. The design shall
be such as not to cause any undesirable interference with radio or communication
4.10 All temperature indicators, Buchholz relays and other auxiliary devices shall be
suitable for DC control supply. All alarm and trip Contacts shall also be suitable for
connection in DC circuits.
4.11 Marshalling Box shall have a degree of protection of I P 54 as per IS:2147
4.12 for the transformer, normal contacts outputs for remote annunciation/control
shall be provided with two change over contacts each for alarm and trip condition
for the following.
a) Buchholz alarm
b) Buchholz trip
c) Oil Temperature high (Alarm)
d) Oil Temperature very high (Trip)
e) Pressure relief device operated
f) Winding Temperature high (Alarm)

g) Alarm for magnetic oil level guage

4.13 The transformer shall be designed with particular attention to the presence of
harmonic currents, so as to eliminate wave from distortion and prevent any
possibility of high frequency disturbance reaching such a magnitude as to cause
interference with communication circuits.
4.14 The NOISE level shall be limited to the value specified by NEMA standard
publication when measured in accordance in ANSI/IEEE/CBIP publication.
4.15 Terminal of CT secondary shall have provision of shorting.

5.1 Tanks for oil filled Transformer

5.1.1 Tanks shall be of all welded construction and fabricated from tested quality
commercial grade low carbon steel of adequate thickness. All seams shall be double
welded. All welding shall be stress relieved.
5.1.2 The tank wall shall be reinforced by stiffener to ensure rigidity so that it can
withstand without any deformation
a) mechanical shock during transportation
b) Oil filling by vacuum.
5.1.3 All removable covers shall be provided with weatherproof, hot oil resistant,
resilient gaskets. The design shall be such as to prevent any leakage of water into
or oil from the tank.
5.1.4 Each transformer tank shall be provided with one set of bi-directional rollers
for rolling the transformer parallel to either centre line.
5.1.5 Jacking pads, lifting eyes and pulling lugs shall be provided to facilitate
movement of the transformer. All heavy removable parts shall be provided with eye
bolt for ease of handling.
5.1.6 Manholeslhand holes of sufficient size shall be provided for access of leads,
windings, bottom terminals of bushings and taps.
5.1.7 All the following standard accessories shall be provided
1) Conservator tank with drain plug and oil filling hole with blanking plate
2) Plain oil gauge
3) Silica gel Breather
4) Pressure Releif vent
5) Pocket on tank cover for Thermometer
6) Oil Temperature Indicator Assembly with trip & alarm contacts and thermometer.

7) Winding Temperature Indicator Assembly with trip & alarm contacts and
8) Valves
9) Earthing Terminals.
10) Earthing terminals
11) Rating & Terminal marking plates
12) Lifting lugs
13) Rollers
14) Air release plug
5.2 Core & Coils

5.2.1 The transformer may be of core or shell type. The core shall be built up with
high grade, non aging, low loss, high permeability grain oriented cold rolled silicon
steel la-minations especially suitable for core material.
5.2.2 The coils shall be manufactured from electrolytic copper conductor and fully
insulated for rated voltage.
5.2.3 Bare copper conductors for HV & LV coils shall be covered with Nomex paper
as major insulation. HV coils shall be reinforced by wrapping torridally with glass
tapes to ensure the rigidity of the coils. LV coils shall have spirally wrapped glass
tape reinforcement on the outer surface of the coil over the major Nomex insulation
on the LV conductors.
5.2.4 Insulating material shall be of proven design. Coils shall be so insulated that
impulse and power frequency voltage stresses are minimum. The insulating
material shall be glass fiber reinforced conforming to class 'C". Coils shall be so
insulated that impulse and power frequency voltage stresses are minimum and to
withstand even the severest of temperature variation.
5.2.5 All leads from the windings to the terminal board and bushings shall be rigidly
sup-ported to prevent injury from vibration or short circuit stresses. Guide tube
shall be used where practicable.
5.2.6 The core and coil assembly shall be securely fixed in position so that no
shifting or de-formation occurs during movement of transformer or under short
circuit stresses.
5.2.7 Maximum flux density in any part of the core of rated voltage and frequency
shall be specified.
5.2.8 Cable Box provided on both the sides (HV and LV).
5.2.9 The frame clamps and core bolts shall be electrically insulated from the core
& such insulation shall be capable of withstanding maximum temperature existing
in the core. For this purpose class A or better insulation shall be used.

5.3 T a p p i n g

5.3.1 Off circuit taps as specified shall be provided on the high voltage winding.
5.3.2 The transformer shall be capable of operation at its rated KVA on any tap
provided the voltage does not vary by more than +/- 10% of the rated voltage
corresponding t o the tap.
5.3.3 The winding including the tapping arrangement shall be designed to maintain
electro-magnetic balance between HV and LV windings at all voltage ratios.
5.4 O f f C i r c u i t T a p Changer

5.4.1 The off-circuit tap changing will be effected by a 3-phase gang operated
switch for oil filled transformers. Arrangement shall be such that the contacts are
correctly engaged. A warning plate indicating that switch shall be operated only
when the transformer is de-energized shall be provided. Arrangement shall be such
that switch can be operated at standing height from ground level.
5.4.2 The operating handle can be padlocked a t any tap position. The design shall
be such that the lock cannot be inserted unless the contacts are correctly engaged.
5.4.3 The mechanism shall be provided with a mechanical tap position indicator.
5.4.4 All contacts shall be silver plated and held in position under strong contact
pressure t o ensure low contact drop and avoid pitting.
5.5 I n s u l a t i n g Oil

5.5.1 The quality of oil to be supplied for the transformer shall conform t o the
parameter specified in IS: 335 with latest amendments. No inhibitors shall be used
in oil. Prior to filling, oil shall be tested as per IS: 335 for tan delta, specific
resistivity, breakdown voltage, moisture content etc.
5.5.2 Transformer shall be dispatched oil filled. 10% excess oil for topping up shall
be sup-plied in non-returnable container suitable for outdoor storage.
5.10 G r o u n d i n g

5.10.1 For oil filled transformers two grounding pads, located on the opposite sides
of the tank, shall be provided for connection t o station ground mat.
5.10.2 The ground bus shall be provided with two bolt drilling with G I bolts and
nuts at each end t o receive 50 x 6 m m GS flats.
5.10.3 The core coil assembly shall be directly connected to this ground bus by
removable bolted link for effective grounding.

5.10.4 Ground terminals shall also be provided on marshalling box to ensure its
effective earthing.
5.10.5 All internal metal parts of the transformers, with the exception of individual
laminations, core bolts and their individual clamping plates shall be earthed.
5.11 Painting

5.11.1 All steel surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned by sand blasting or chemical
agents, as required, to produce a smooth surface free of scales, grease and rust.
5.11.2 The internal surfaces in contact with insulating oil shall be painted with heat
resistant insulating varnish which shall not react with and be soluble in the
insulating liquid used.
5.11.3 The external surfaces, after cleaning, shall be given two (2) coats of high
quality epoxy base zinc primer.
5.11.4 The transformer shall be finished with two coats of paint (IS shade # 631)
5.11.5 The paints shall be carefully selected to withstand tropical heat, rain etc. The
paint shall not scale off or crinkle or be removed by abrasion due to normal
5.11.6 Sufficient quantity of touch up paint shall be furnished for application after
installation at site.
5.11.7 I f it is considered necessary, the transformer may be given a further coating
at site by the Owner. The Bidder shall therefore indicate the type and quality of the
paint with full specification for this purpose.
5.11.8 Two final coats of enamel paints shall be given to the exterior surface of all
the equipment.
5.12 Marshalling Box

5.12.1 Weather proof type marshalling box shall be provided on the front side of
the transformer tank and not on radiator. It shall be provided with terminals for oil
temperature indicator, winding transformer indicator, magnetic oil gauge and
buchholz relay and other control terminals as applicable. The box shall be complete
with wiring upto terminal box. Whenever the control voltage is specified as D.C ,
the marshalling box shall be complete with D.C contactors & wiring. The gaskets
shall be non deteriorating type and suitable for outdoor installation.
5.12.2 Studd type TB1s shall be use in Marshalling box

6.1 Routine Tests During manufacture and on completion, all transformers shall be
subjected to the rou-tine tests as per IS. I n addition, the following tests shall be
performed on each trans-former:
6.1.1 Oil leakage test (routine):
All oil filled transformer tank with coolers and all oil filled components shall be
tested for leaks with normal head of oil
35 KN/m2 for a period of 12 hours. I f any
leak oc-curs, the test shall be conducted again after all leaks have been repaired.

6.1.2 Vacuum test (type):

One of the tanks for each rating of oil filled transformer shall be tested at an
internal pressure of 3.33 KN/m2 (25mm of Hg) for an hour. The permanent
deflection of flat plates shall not exceed CBIP specified figures on release of
6.1.3 Pressure Test (type)
One of the tanks for each rating of oil filled transformer shall be subjected t o a
pres-sure corresponding to twice the normal head of oil or t o the normal pressure
plus 35 KN1sq.m whichever is lower measured at the base of the tank and will be
maintained for one hour. The permanent deflection of the flat plates after the
excess pressure has been released shall not exceed CBIP specified figures.
6.1.4 After assembly, each core shall be pressure tested for one minute a t 2 KV
A.C. be-tween all bolts, side plates, structural steel works and the core as routine
6.1.5 Excitation loss and current measurements shall be made at 9O0/0, 100% and
110% of the rated voltage as routine test.
6.1.6 Short circuit test as per Clause 16.11 of IS: 2026 (part-1)-1977 and dielectric
test as per IS-2026 should have been conducted and proper valid test report shall
be available.
6.2 Type Tests

6.2.1 Valid test certificates (within five years) of the transformer with same design
shall be furnished for all type tests and Special Tests as listed out in the IS.
6.3 All component parts and auxiliary equipment such as oil, bushings, CT etc. shall
be routine tested as per relevant Indian Standards
6.4 Tests shall be performed in presence of Owner's representative if so desired by
the Owner. The Contractor shall give a t least fifteen (15) days advance notice of

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