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Volume 3 No. 2

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cadott Village Board

Residents question
new business impact

After an unseasonably warm December with highs reaching near 50 degrees, 2015 came in with an arctic
chill, dropping temperatures well below zero most nights and some days. The Wisconsin Department of
Military Affairs (DMA) predicts dangerously cold wind chills for the week, with high temperatures in the
single digits, and low temperatures falling to -15 degrees. The DMA says bitterly cold overnight wind chill
readings of -20 to -35 degrees should be widespread across the state from Tuesday morning through
Thursday morning. A late January warm-up is expected, with highs reaching the mid-30s for several
days, then dropping back to the low teens.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Lake Holcombe Town Board

Business Development Project discontinued

By Ginna Young
At the monthly Lake Holcombe Town Board meeting Jan.
5, the board voted to discontinue the Lake Holcombe Business Development Project.
A statement from Lake Holcombe Town attorney Brian
Nodolf recommended no action be taken at this time after the
project failed to produce a developer policy, and a dedicated
marketing development team.
I guess Id have to agree thats the best way to go, said
Robert Bayerl, board chairman. Those were two demands
Brian (Nodolf) had talked to them about and they didnt
come up with it. If the new board coming in wants to take it
on, thats up to them.
The project, spearheaded by J.D. Kirkman, and Paul and
Julie Gilbertson, was intended to bring retail and manufacturing to the area.
I certainly would have liked to have seen it happen, but
they didnt come through, Bayerl said. It would have been
up to the town to be responsible for up to $1 million in loans
and grants, and it had to be safe and in order.
The board also acted on the purchase of a floor scrubber
for the Lake Holcombe Town Hall. The current scrubber is
30 years old, and parts are no longer available for repair of
the machine.

On the recommendation of Bruce Jones, Lake Holcombe

Town roadman, the board discussed the purchase of an Advance walk-behind scrubber for $6,135, which includes delivery, set-up and instructional use.
According to reports on the machine, the Advance scrubber
will maneuver closer to the wall and registers, and remove
wax build-up better than older models.
This is what Tom Hayden and the guys up at the school
use and theyve had really good luck with theirs, said Jones.
All in all I think its a very good investment for the town; if
we can get 15 years out of this or better, its a good investment.
I think it sounds like a pretty good machine, said Barry
Hoke, board supervisor. Ill make a motion we buy it.
After a unanimous vote, the board agreed to purchase the
machine from Hill Yard cleaning resources in Eau Claire.
As a notice to the public, there is no February board meeting, and the next monthly meeting will be held Thursday,
March 19.
A town caucus is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 20, with the
primary election set for Feb. 19. All five board positions are
on the ballot, which includes chairman, supervisors, clerk
and treasurer. Chairman Bayerl, and supervisors Hoke and
John Bell have filed non-candidacy papers for their positions.

By Kayla Peche
A Cadott Village Board public hearing Jan. 5, for a zone
change request at 531 N. Main Street, led to some uproar
from surrounding neighbors who said they didnt feel comfortable putting a business in their residential area.
I bought my home in a residential area thinking that it
would continue to be a residential neighborhood, said Jeremy Nawrocki, Cadott resident.
In a previous board meeting, Nov. 17, Melinda Murkley
and Liz Pitsch, Cadott residents, discussed plans to put in a
full spa and salon, including a community room and above
apartments at the vacant lot on Main Street. In order to begin
the initial plans for the business, the area needed to be
changed from single family residential to business.
The surrounding neighbors to the vacant lot, including
Nawrocki, said they felt an increase in traffic and cars would
be an issue to an already congested area.
With all the extra traffic and stuff, its going to make it a
nightmare for everybody, said Jordon Vizer, Cadott resident.
The vacant double lot is 120x120, and Murkley says the
building is going to be 40x80, allowing a 25 foot set back
from the surrounding property lines and alley ways.
Ithink this is going to be awesome for our town,
Murkley said. It is going to bring a lot of business.
Linda Travaglio, Cadott resident, said the nearby Leiser
Funeral Home already has their own traffic and parking issues, so another business would be too much.
Murkley says she assures the neighbors there will be
enough room for parking, and they will do whatever they can
to accommodate the community.
Bart Chapek, board member, asked Murkley if she would
(See Cadott VIllage Board Page 16)

Cornell residents may notice a new face or two

working on city projects around town. Among the
new faces is Derek Braun (left) of Greenwood, who
started his first official day, Jan. 5. On the right, Ben
Modl, city employee since 2013, has just completed
a Merchant Job Training and Safety Program for
power line personnel. John Westaby, Cornell utility/public works supervisor, says the newest employees will be instructed on the workings of the
city to prepare for retiring workers in the near future.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Courier Sentinel
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Discrimination isnt the right way, but its the only way we know
Thursday, January 8, 2015


By Monique Westaby
Managing Editor
Black man shot by
white officer.
Female politician wins
Store accused of racism
after posting sign.
Over the past several years, and especially
the last few months, it seems the world has
become over-obsessed with labeling. Adjectives are used to describe everything from
the color of someones clothes, to a persons
race, gender and lifestyle choices.
Some scenarios warrant detailed descriptions. If a person robs a bank, details are
needed to apprehend the suspect. Listing
things such as race and gender help law enforcement identify the person responsible.
But what about elections? News stories?
Every day life? Is it necessary to make the
distinction if someone is black or white,
male or female?
When Pres. Barack Obama was elected to
office, it not only made headlines that he
was elected as the new president, but rather
that a black president had been elected. Voters checked his box because he was black.
Phrases like, Its time we have a black
president, and We need a black president
to show how far weve come with racism,
were slung around before and after the election. Even John McCain, Obamas opponent, referenced in his concession speech
how far America had come from its racial injustices.
As the impending elections loom in the
near future, the same concept has been said
for Hilary Clinton and other females expressing interest in a presidential position.
Voters have expressed choosing a female
candidate merely because they are female.
While overcoming racism (and sexism)

has come a long way, and unfortunately we

still have a long way to go, making the distinction between one person over another because of something they cannot change, like
race or gender, only drags us back to where
we were.
In the article Racism is the problem, not
seeing colors or difference, E.J.R. David argues that seeing color is not the reason
racism exists.
David goes on to say: Seeing color is not
racism. Racism is when we regard one color
as superior, better, more acceptable, more
desirable and ideal than other colors. So,
pretending or choosing to not see color will
not solve racism; colorblindness will just ignore racism and maintain it.
By definition, David is correct on racism.
But continuing to distinguish someone just
because of their skin color, like recent media
has done with shootings and other stories, is
the beginning of a path weve tried so hard
to veer away from.
No matter their political views, a person
should not be elected merely because they
are black, white, male, or female. When
George W. Bush was elected, did headlines
read White President defeats white Incumbent? Or, when Obama was elected, was the
distinction made he was male? Because it

In response, other online users questioned
how requesting everyone to remove hoodies
was considered racism. The IJReview article
went on to note: Americans have been subjected to dress codes for entering nearly
every store and restaurant: no shirt, no
shoes, no service.
Clearly the store made no direct comments toward one race over another, but
our over-labeling society turned it into discrimination. Regardless of the arguments
surrounding the sign, the maelstrom surrounding the Family Dollar store policy
seemingly forced the local store owners
hands: The signs in question have been
taken down, according to IJReview.
The race/gender debate continues, and
most likely always will. When any newsworthy, or not newsworthy, event happens,
and more than one race or gender is involved, it unfortunately will always be an
If America could get past labeling, past
choosing someone over another because of
race or gender, then maybe we can move
forward into a world without discrimination.
Until then, racism and sexism will remain
the only pathway we, and future generations,
will know.

What would you change for the New Year?

By Kayla Peche
With Jan. 1 come and
gone, a lot of people are
asking themselves: How
do I make this year better? What is something I
need to change?
Asking those types of
questions and making resolutions can go
many ways. It could be about saving more


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sure was big news that female Sarah Palin

was running for a vice president position.
In the TV show Chicago Fire, character
Rebecca Jones attends the Chicago Fire
Academy to train for firefighting. After passing with flying colors, she is assigned to
Firehouse 51. Fire Chief Boden commends
Rebecca for her accomplishments, and says,
Were proud to have a female firefighter on
our crew.
Just one season prior, another candidate
was chosen to join Firehouse 51 Peter
Mills. Not once did anyone on the show say,
Were proud to have another male firefighter on our crew.
Its times like these America takes a huge
step backward in our progress to eliminate
An article came out just after the new year
regarding a St. Louis Family Dollar that
placed a sign on their door in light of recent
burglaries and a shooting. The sign said:
Please remove all hoods before entering
Family Dollar. The store says they made the
request so faces could be seen on cameras.
The sign received national ridicule, and
people accused the store of racism, posting
online remarks like First Trayvon was murdered for his hoodie, now these racists want
to bar any Black folk with hoods from their


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money, getting more organized or quitting a

bad habit, but according to the University of
Scranton, Journal of Psychology, only 8 percent accomplish their resolutions.
The data also found the number one resolution is losing weight, meaning physical appearance is something people most often
want to change.
A short promotional video posted on Facebook asked: If you could change one thing
about your body, what would it be?
The question had several answers from 50
adults and children in the video.
Nearly every grown up answered with a
physical trait. Only one? asked one
In the four minute video, Comfortable, the
adults said they would have clearer skin, a
smaller forehead, bigger eyes, or remove
pregnancy-related stretch marks.
The kids, meanwhile, struggled to even
think of an answer as they shrugged and answered with hmm
One boy said he would like a shark mouth
so he could eat a lot of stuff, another
wanted legs like a cheetah so he could run
faster, and one girl thought teleportation
would be nice.
Yet another girl provided the answer many
adults wish they had the courage to say: I
dont think theres anything to change.
The video is intended to point out how
easy it is to feel self-conscious and insecure
about personal appearances, said Jason Y.
Lee, co-founder of Jubliee Project, the nonprofit organization that made the clip.
We just wanted to make a film that really
encourages you to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, he says in the
I like my body actually, said one child,
who added she wouldnt change nothing
else just having a mermaid tail.
If you were asked this question, would
you answer with more than one physical
trait? When and where do we get our body

image insecurities?
According to dosomething.org, 91 percent
of women are unhappy with their bodies and
resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body
shape. The website also says only 5 percent
of women naturally possess the body type
often portrayed by Americans in the media.
Media, social and peer pressures influence
the way people see themselves. Their mental
perception of what they look like can become distorted, leading them to engage in
risky behaviors when they think they dont
measure up to the impossible goal set in
front of them.
Innocent children become insecure teens,
then worry about their appearance as adults.
What do we do to stop this?
Like the video, we must be comfortable
and confident in our own skin. Dont compare to the bodies on the big screen or even
the next door neighbor.
Appreciate the good in you.
The new year has already begun, and
many of you have probably already chosen
a resolution. But heres a thought, instead of
picking a resolution with unrealistic expectations, or choosing one that changes something about your outside appearance, make
one that will make you a better person, help
someone else or make the world a better
Outside appearance is only one aspect of
a person. If you only focus on a physical trait
you want to change about yourself, is it really going to be helpful?
Volunteer to help others, manage your finances better, take a vacation or get a better
education. The possibilities are endless on
how you can improve yourself in 2015. It
doesnt have to mean changing your looks,
maybe you could just be healthier in other
Its easier said than done, but going back
to only wishing we could run fast like a
cheetah, sounds way better than hating a part
of our appearance.

Letters to the Editor

As of Jan. 1, 2015, all letters to the editor will be published as submitted.

Spacing will be added for ease of reading, but no spelling,
grammar or punctuation changes will be made.

letter to the editor;

I am appalled at the way people have no respect for our police force throughout the country which includes of course our
own Chippewa County.
How many other professions that people have chosen where
they go to work and some one may be shooting at them or trying to run them down?
I have the privilege of having a police scanner. I pray when
the calls come in for the EMTs and the police calls for someone who is threatening to take their life or they have an accident where people are seriously injured.
aside when they deal with these serious situations.
I realize that much of the unrest is caused by communist
agitators in our country who are paid to act the way they are.
Because someone jumps off a bridge does not mean we have
to do the same!
The next time you see an officer tell him THANK YOU as
well as the EMTs. When I see a soldier, I tell him THANK
YOU FOR SERVING. These same people are serving our
communities to keep us safe as is possible to be safe in these
trying days.
I wish it could get better like a bobo is fixed by a band aid
but there is only one thing that will fix America and that is
PRAYER. Pray for our president and the cabinet to have
Godly wisdom.
Janice Craig,
Dear editor;
My name is (Jan)ice Morrow. I have lived in the town of
Cleveland with my family for 21 years. We had always had a
good relationship with the people on the township board until
Our town board started changing a little while ago when
someone new was added. Now every time I talk to the neighbors they complain about what the board is doing.
I think we need different people on our township board. I
would like to be one of those people but I hope other people
would like to join me in trying to run for the board.
In order to do this people need to show up on January 12th
at 6:30 at the town Hall to vote new people in at the caucus.
Lets take it back and change it like it used to be.
We had cattle get out last year because of a hot day. the animals were under a tree and some of the heifers pushed another heifer through the fence knocking it down. Some of
them got out. We were fined $250.00 for having lose cattle.
I went to court and got the fine reduced. A person from the
township board was there and told me that we were trouble
makers. He also said that they had taken pictures of all of our
Does the township have extra resources to take pictures of
all the farmers fences? Why would they do such a thing?
We need new people on our township board that trust people and do things like they used to be done.
Please show up January 12th at 6:30 and make the changes
we need.
Janice Morrow,

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Tow truck operator killed while working on the Interstate.

Troopers cruiser hit by out-of-control vehicle.
The Wisconsin State Patrol wants to put an end to tragic
headlines like these, which is why the Move Over Law is in
existence. Drivers must provide a safety zone for stopped law
enforcement and other emergency vehicles
Drivers have a legal and moral responsibility to help protect those who must work on the side of busy roads while
fast-moving vehicles pass by just a few feet away, says Wisconsin State Patrol Captain Jeffrey J. Frenette, Northwest Region Eau Claire Post. To prevent needless deaths and
injuries, drivers must comply with Wisconsins Move Over
Law, which provides a safety zone for workers on the side of
By law, drivers are required to shift lanes if possible, or
slow down when encountering a law enforcement vehicle,
ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, highway maintenance vehicle or utility vehicle with its warning lights flashing.
On Interstate highways and other divided roads with multiple directional lanes, drivers must vacate the lane closest to
the vehicles if safe to do so.
If the road has a single directional lane or you cant safely
move over because of traffic, says Frenette, you must reduce your speed until safely past the vehicle.
A citation for a Move Over Law violation costs $263.50,
with three demerit points added to your drivers license.
During winter months, law enforcement officers, tow
truck operators and others frequently must respond to crashes

State ends 14 with least

traffic deaths in 82 years
Wisconsin ended 2014 with 491 traffic fatalities, the lowest
number of deaths and the first time below 500 fatalities since
1943, according to preliminary statistics from the WisDOT.
State traffic deaths in 2014 were also down approximately
7 percent from 2013, when 527 people died.
There is no single factor that led to this reduction in traffic
fatalities to the lowest total since 1943 when the number of
vehicles and the miles traveled on Wisconsin roads were a
fraction of what they are today, said WisDOT Secretary
Mark Gottlieb. We know that the majority of serious crashes
are caused by bad driving habits and irresponsible decisions.
Therefore, motorists deserve a great deal of credit for saving
their own lives and lives of others by slowing down, paying
attention, buckling up and driving sober.
David Pabst, director of the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety, says one factor that contributed to the reduction was the use of safety belts, which reached an all-time
high in 2014, with nearly 85 percent of drivers and passengers buckling up. However, Wisconsins safety belt use rate
still lags behind the national average of 87 percent and is
below neighboring states, all of which have safety belt use
rates of more than 90 percent.
Although the figures for alcohol-related fatal crashes in
2014 wont be available for a few months, Pabst says deaths
because of alcohol-related crashes in Wisconsin have declined dramatically in the past 10 years, from 348 fatalities
in 2003, to 185 in 2013.
Another major traffic safety improvement last year was
the reduction in motorcyclists fatalities, Pabst said. There
were 74 motorcyclists killed in crashes last year, which was
the lowest number since 2001.

Welcoming Becky Schwetz, RDH To Our Dental Office.

(Formerly from Dr. Lanes office in Cornell.)

220 S. 5th St., Cornell, WI 715-239-6612 or 1-800-682-7721

Move Over Law protects emergency and road crews


Stop in or call Lynda Shimko, Lori Stushek or Ann Thompson

All your protection under one roof
Lori Stushek Agency, LLC


Accepting New Patients

Thomas J. Rufledt, DDS
Gregory A. Mihm, DDS

David J. Irwin, DDS

Christopher D. Goettl, DDS

1502 Main St. Bloomer 715.568.2363

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
website: bluediamondfamilydental.com

and assist motorists whose vehicles have slid off icy roads,
Frenette said. Officers and other workers are in danger of
being hit while inside or outside their vehicles by out-of-control or speeding vehicles that did not move over.
By obeying the Move Over Law, drivers can protect themselves, their passengers, our officers and others who work on
highways from serious injuries and deaths.

Heart Healthy Tips to

Prevent Heart Disease

By Jenny Nereng, physical therapist,

Cornell Area Care Center

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and

women, and approximately 600,000 people in America die
yearly as a result of it. You can protect your heart by
regularly monitoring your blood pressure and becoming educated on how to interpret blood pressure readings.
Normal blood pressure: Systolic (top number) less
than 120 and diastolic (bottom number) less than 80.
Pre-hypertension (pre-curser to being diagnosed
with high blood pressure): Systolic 120-139 and diastolic 80-89.
Hypertension (High blood pressure): Systolic greater
than 140 and diastolic greater than 90.
Blood pressure readings of 180 or greater for the systolic and 110 or greater for the diastolic are considered a hypertensive crisis and emergency medical
care should be sought immediately.
scheduling yearly physicals with your doctor and following your doctors instructions regarding medication.
Also, have your cholesterol checked regularly as elevated
cholesterol can cause blocking of arteries and increase risk
of heart attack and stroke.
eating a healthy diet low in salt, fat and cholesterol,
and rich in fruits and vegetables. Contact your doctor with
questions regarding a healthy, balanced diet.
exercising regularly. Thirty minutes a day of exercise,
five times a week, will decrease your risk of developing
heart disease. If you are unable to tolerate 30 minutes of
continuous exercise, it is OK to exercise for shorter durations, and increase frequency (10 minutes of walking three
times a day, or 15 minutes of bike riding two times a day).
If you have heart problems, contact your doctor prior to
beginning any exercise routine.
stopping smoking. Smoking increases blocking in your
arteries and decreases your bodys oxygen supply, which
your body needs to function correctly.
knowing the warning signs.
Heart Attack: chest discomfort, discomfort in other
areas of the upper body, shortness of breath with or
without chest discomfort, cold sweats, nausea, light
headedness and/or back or jaw pain.
Stroke: face drooping, arm weakness/numbness
and/or difficulties with speech.
Contact 911 immediately if you notice any of these
symptoms. It could be the difference between life
and death.



Thursday, January 8, 2015


Couriers of the Past

10 Years Ago
The Lake Holcombe
POPS Council holds a book
and aluminum can drive to
collect money and school
supplies for the Warrington
Elementary School in Pensacola, Fla. The council decided to help the Florida
school after it was hit hard
during hurricane season.
Cornell Lions Club President Pat Denison presents
the Cornell Food Pantry with
a $1,000 check to help with
the increasing need to supply
food for the community.
Through their annual
fundraisers, the United Way
Foundation of Cornell and
Holcombe collects more than
$15,000 for local charities,
the first time the local chapter has reached that amount.
20 Years Ago
Kurt Verhulst, 15, wins a
geography contest sponsored
by the Wisconsin Geographical Alliance. His name was
drawn among those who answered the geography questions correctly. His prize is a
National Geographic Atlas of
the World.
Lisa Swaenepoel, Lake
Holcombe School graduate
and Ripon College biology
major, participates in a killer

whale observation program

off the Washington coast.
30 Years Ago
Brett Linskey, Tracey
Rhode and Kirkley Plummer,
Lake Holcombe art students,
are chosen as the artists with
the best homemade Christmas ornaments in their art
Santa makes a late holiday
visit and hands out free
movie tickets at the Cornell
Theater, with a little help
from Cornell Lions Club
members Bill Walters, Marv
Shufelt, Bob Borton and
John Harvatine.
40 Years Ago
Charles and Lorraine
Hagen, of Cadott, and former
publishers of The Cornell
and Lake Holcombe Courier
and The Cadott Sentinel, purchase the Colfax Messenger.
The Hagens owned the
Courier/Sentinel from 196674, when they sold the business to Trygg Hansen.
Cornell resident Al Ramminger has two raccoon pelts
stolen from his back porch.
This is just one of several
thefts that has taken place in
the area over the past few
50 Years Ago

Rollys Store and Station

in Cornell suffers an early
morning fire in their warehouse. The cause is believed
to have been from faulty
wiring in an electrical circuit.
Owner Roland Yohnk says
smoke and water damage is
estimated at $5,000.
Elvera Vasseur, Cornell,
wins a G.E. photoviewer
from the Prentice Brothers
Our Own Hardware Store
holiday prize give away.
Vasseur had her name drawn
out of 295 entrants.
60 Years Ago
The state conservation
committee signs an ordinance to prohibit all-night
ice fishing. Hours are set
from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The act
comes into effect after accidents and acts of vandalism
on the ice occur around the
100 Years Ago
The Cornell Courier calls
upon area residents to aid
them in their Overseas Soldier Boys Tobacco Fund.
People are asked to send the
price of a packet of tobacco
to the Courier office, care of
the fund. When a goodly
amount is raised, representatives of the paper will purchase tobacco products and
ship them to the army/navy.

Neighboring News
Area Times
The Wally Shong Pharmacy procures a building on
Lincoln Street, next to the
Augusta City Hall, after the
building they were in was
The Augusta girls basketball team wins four games in
seven days of play, taking a
54-47 win over Melrose-Midoro, a 70-54 victory over
Alma Center-Lincoln, a 5553 win over Cadott, and a
61-55 defeat over OsseoFairchild.
A horse drawn sleigh
owned by the late Bill and
Alice Olson is restored by
the Bloomer High School
Art Club and tech. ed. department.
After nearly a decade,
RE/MAX returns to Bloomer with a new office, staffed
by Brady and Becky Jenneman, Missy Seibel and Doug
Anderson Accounting donates $500 to the Veterans
Memorial Clubhouse.
Bloomer Art Club students raise money to buy

$300 worth of gifts for the

Bloomer Chamber of Commerces Gifts for Kids.
The Bloomer Blackhawks
Basketball team defeats Barron, 62-50.
Members of the Colfax
22ers 4-H Club meet at Colfax Health and Rehab to
make fruit baskets for families who have had a loss or
health concern the past year.
The first movie shown in
the Colfax Municipal Building auditorium after a
decades-long hiatus is a success with a full house.
A four-day jury trial is
scheduled in May for a man
charged with six felonies
and five misdemeanors in
connection with an accident
on I-94 in October, near Elk
Mound, that killed two people and injured six.
Rural mail carrier Bruce
Anderson retires after 28
years of delivering mail. His
familiar red 1997 right-hand
drive Jeep Cherokee he
drove to deliver mail has
nearly 505,000 miles on the

The Ladysmith Common
Council votes to approve
purchasing a new garbage
truck for the city at a price of
A ribbon-cutting ceremony is held for the new 5R
Retail Store and Rite Price
Appliances in downtown
The Ladysmith High
School Concert Band has
their winter concert, and performs songs by the Northwoods British Brass Band.
A building owner reports
criminal damage to property
in the 200 block of E. First
Avenue, where two windows
have been broken over the
past month.
Operation of aerators on
Otter Lake began Dec. 22,
and will continue through
the remainder of the winter,
with one located near the
county park day-use area on
the north end of the lake, and
one on the south end by the
boat landing.
Sam Denzine is StanleyBoyds sixth grade December spotlight student.

Sentinel Look Back

10 Years Ago
The kindergarten class at
St. Joseph School in Cadott
participates in Classroom
Care, a donation program
run by Scholastic Book
Cadott wins the Division 3
championship in the 38 team
Northern Badger wrestling
tournament. The fastest pin,
as well as the fastest takedown, is done by Greg Sonnentag, who also earns
Champion of the Tournament.
20 Years Ago
The Parents Active in
Cadott Education implement
a book give-away program
at Cadott Elementary School
to encourage students to
The year 1995 is a milestone year for the Village of
Cadott, as it will celebrate its
100th birthday of an incorporation into a village.
The entries of Jacob Arneson and Andrea Burish are
chosen to appear in the NSP
1995 calendar for the electrical safety poster contest.
They also receive a share in
NSP stock.

30 Years Ago
The Cadott High School
drama class will present the
play, They Run in Our Family.
The Cadott Village Board
passes a resolution to change
the insurance carrier for the
village to Laub Insurance, of
Serena and Larry Janssen
are the new owners of
CloverLeaf Farm Supply
in Cadott, after purchasing
the business from Bob
The Cadott Hornets Boys
Basketball team takes a 4856 loss against the Fall
Creek Crickets.
40 Years Ago
Assistant principal teacher
Walter Barker tenders his
resignation from the Cadott
School system to take the
principal position in Tigerton.
Cadott is one of 64
schools in the state to receive a grant under the federal governments Title II
program. The $8,000 grant
will be used to purchase
books and reference materials.

A snow plow from the Village of Cadott collides with

a petroleum tanker as it turns
near Tobola Ford. Both vehicles suffer limited damage.
50 Years Ago
A resignation tendered by
Joe Straka, caretaker of the
village dump, is withdrawn
after he is assured that a
power line will be run to the
dump and electric lights installed there.
Herman Starck, a once-aweek bowler at Komros
Lanes in Cadott, is the 1964
mens state Bowl Down
Cancer Contest titlist.
60 Years Ago
New street lights, increased manpower for the
utility department and the
village dump are among the
subjects discussed at the village board meeting.
Between 250 and 300
farmers attend the Farmall
Open House held at Stanek
Implement, where a new line
of Farmall tractors are on
Walter Brovald attends a
two-day mid-winter meeting
of the Wisconsin Press Association.


Thursday, January 8, 2015



Holcombe Happenings

of the
Heather Frisingers
First Grade

To end 2014 Heather Frisinger said her first grade Cadott class enjoyed an all-school sing-along in the
new gym, a class party with book exchange, as well as other activities with the Cadott High School Student Council. The students returned to school the first week in January, and said they are excited to start
learning about interesting and funny penguins in science. Frisinger says in language arts, the class
has been learning about what makes a community. If you ask the class what their favorite part of the day
is, they will probably say recess. Students say they are hoping for more snow in the new year to build
forts and make snowmen. The first graders wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015.

Gulich receives Tanks of Thanks for volunteer work

Jim Gulich, Holcombe, was selected to receive a $50 fuel
card from Tanks of Thanks, a program that rewards people
who do good deeds in their community.
Gulich was nominated for coaching community teams, assisting at the Lake Holcombe School, and helping with the
Lake Holcombe PRIDE Committee, which raises money for
school and community projects.
There are people doing good things in every local community, and these acts of kindness do not go unnoticed or unappreciated, said Akhtar Hussain, CHS refined fuels brand
marketing manager. Congratulations to Jim Gulich and
thank you for your contribution to the community.

Recent Births
Layne Daniel Link
Paul Link and Coree Burish, Cadott, announce the birth of
a son, Layne Daniel.
Baby Layne was born Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, at Sacred
Heart Hospital in Eau Claire. He weighed 7 pounds, 6
ounces, and was 18 1/2 inches long.
Grandparents are Samuel and Vicki Link, and Kurt and Sue

To make a nomination, visit TanksofThanks.com and

briefly describe why someone deserves a Tank of Thanks.

By Janice Craig 715-595-4380

I hear reports of great fishing at the mouth of the Jump
River. I cant imagine with minus 20 degrees anyone out in
an ice shack. Whatever happened to all the global warming?
Many are sick with colds, flu and strep throat.
Janice Craig had the pleasure of ministering to the residents
of the Cornell Area Care Center Dec. 31. Her pastor was sick
and didnt want to give it to any one. It is easy to sing the old
hymns they all like and everyone knows. It was such an
honor to give back to the residents as she knows having been
in a nursing home two times what days are like.
The next monthly meeting of the Holcombe Seniors Club
will be held Jan. 14. They will meet at the Holcombe United
Methodist Church at noon, with potluck. The theme this
month will be snowball and snowmen. Come and join them;
they have so much fun.
The Holcombe Helping Hands Club will meet at 1:30 p.m.,
Jan. 15, at Ruby Gettings home to tie quilts and discuss their
plans for the year, and how they can be of a greater benefit
to the county.

To Advertise Call
(715) 239-6688 or (715) 289-4978



Thursday, January 8, 2015


Church Listings
1/2 mile east of Lake
Wissota State Park on County O,
Anson Township.
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 11:15 a.m. Worship Service.
Fall Creek (L.C.M.S.) Ludington, WI
10 Mi. N. of Augusta,
10 Mi. S. of Cadott on State Hwy. 27
(at Ludington Bend)
Pastor Cal Siegel 715-877-3249
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. worship service
Sunday School 9 a.m. (Sept. - May)
Pastor Lucy Schottelkorb
27095 120th Ave. Cadott
Sunday service 10 a.m. Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays of month.
Maple & Ginty Streets
Pastor George Olinske
Sunday: Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Holy Communion first Sunday of each
month; Potluck fourth Sunday each
month following Worship Service.


20588 Cty. Hwy. X,
Chippewa Falls, WI
Pastor Deborah Nissen
Sunday: 9 a.m. worship;
Wednesday: 4 p.m. live homework
help; 5:30 p.m. light supper; 6 - 6:45
p.m. study time all ages.
724 Main Street, Cornell
Pastor Mark Williams
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School for
the entire family; 10:30 a.m. Morning
Worship Service. Other ministries vary
with age groups. Call the church for
4th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
9:30 Adult Education Class; 8:45
a.m. Worship Service at Hannibal
New Hope; 10:30 a.m. Worship
Service at Cornell; Holy Communion
1st Sunday each month.

Holcombe, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Church Phone: 715-382-4191
Food Pantry: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
715-595-4884 or 715-595-4967
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship Service
107 S. 8th St., Cornell, Wisconsin
Father Peter Manickam
Deacon Dennis Rivers
Masses: Sunday at 8:30 a.m.,
Tuesday at 5 p.m., Wednesday at
8:30 a.m., Thursday at 8:30 a.m.,
First Friday at 8:30 a.m, Saturday at
4 p.m. Confessions 3 to 3:45 p.m.
on Saturdays.
County S South at 139th Ave.,
Jim Falls, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship Service
Pastor William Turner
Co. Hwy. W, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 10 a.m. Morning Worship.
318 S. 7th St., Cornell, WI

Holcombe United Methodish Church Holcombe, WI

Pastor Dan Gilboy
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship; Nursery and
childrens church Sunday mornings;
Youth group Wednesday nights 6 p.m.
1 Mi. W of CC on Z, Cornell, WI
Pastor Jim Brandli
Sunday: Sunday School for all ages
9 a.m.; Worship Service 10 a.m.;
Sunday evening prayer meeting
7 p.m.; Mid-week Bible studies at

These weekly church messages are contributed by the following businesses:

(715) 239-6341
Appliance Sales Equipment Rentals
Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Courier Sentinel
Your Hometown Newspaper
Cadott Office
(715) 289-4978
Cornell Office
(715) 239-6688

Schicks Bowl & Brew

106 Main St., Cornell (715) 239-3825

(715) 723-2828
or 1-800-828-9395
Serving The Entire Chippewa Valley!

Celebrating 10 years
with ABC Supply Co.

(715) 289-5148
24/7 Towing call (715) 271-0731
224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, Wis.
Marty Sorensen

by the Creek Boutique

(715) 239-6800


Radisson, WI 54867 PH: 945-2217
Holcombe, WI PH: 595-4896

Funeral Home

Funeral Home

Cadott, WI

Cornell, WI

Pre-planning, funeral and cremation options.

5939 210th St., Cadott

(715) 723-8316

Cost is $6 per week.

P&B Lumber
See us for all your building material needs!
249 N. Main St., Cadott, WI
(715) 289-3204

(715) 723-1701 jsaiden@fuelservice.biz

Your Hometown Community Bank

CORNELL Member FDIC (715) 239-6414

Attorney Kari Hoel

220 Main St P.O. Box 742 Cornell

(715) 202-0505
To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Propane: 715-723-9490 Fuels: (715) 723-5550

Propane Diesel Gasoline Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

Bar & Grill

Stop for breakfast after church.
116 Main St., Cornell
(715) 239-6677

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688

Cadott Color Center

Cost is $6 per week.

(715) 289-4292 - Cadott, WI

Carpet Vinyl Ceramic


Y Go By
Cornell, Wis.
(715) 239-0513

Mary Joy Borton & Joe Borton

Cornell - (715) 239-0555
Cadott - (715) 289-3581
Fall Creek - (715) 877-3005

317 S. 8th St., Cornell 715-239-3862

Bringing High Speed to the Back Forty!

Quality Service Reasonable Rates Vintage

High Performance ATSG Certified Technician
111 Hwy. 27 Cadott, WI ~ Joe Rygiel - Owner

(715) 447-5557

Sheldon, WI (715) 452-5195


4th & Thomas, Cornell
Pastor Greg Sima 715-289-3780
Services: Sunday Morning 10 a.m.
Wednesday: Bible Study for adults &
kids 6:30 - 7:30 p.m., nursery provided
6th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Pastor Andy Schottelkorb
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship, Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of each
month. Visitors are always welcome!
CHURCH Jim Falls
Father Peter Manickam
Phone: 715-382-4422
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Mass; Friday: 6
p.m. Mass w/confessions before.
719 E. Patten St., Boyd, WI
Father William Felix
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. mass;
Thursday: 8:30 a.m. mass.
P.O. Box 92, Sheldon, WI
Pastor Micah Minton
Sunday: 9 a.m. Sunday School - children ages 4 to 12, teens and adults;
10 a.m. Service. Wednesday:
6:30 p.m. Life Groups.
Jct. County Hwy. S and 250th St.
Father Peter Manickam
Saturday: 7 p.m. Mass.
On The Flambeau, Holcombe, WI
Father David Oberts 715-532-3051
Father Christopher Kemp
Saturday Mass 4 p.m.; Friday Mass
8 a.m.
Rt. 1, Sheldon, WI 715-452-5374

Father Madanu Sleeva Raju

Sunday: Mass 10:30 a.m.
(Missouri Synod) - Cadott, Wis.
Pastor Raymond J. Bell, Jr.
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 10 a.m.
(Wisconsin Synod)
700 Thomas St., Cornell, WI
Pastor: Patrick Feldhus
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship;
10:15 a.m. Sunday School.
Rural Gilman, WI on Hwy. H at S
Sunday: 10:45 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Communion every 1st and 3rd Sunday.
Cadott, Wisconsin
415 N. Maple St., Cadott, WI
Corner of McRae & Maple Sts.
Father William Felix
Saturday: 4 p.m. Mass; Sunday:
8 a.m. Mass; Tuesday: 8:30 a.m.
Communion Service; Thursday:
8:30 a.m. Mass.
(Non-denominational Church)
Pastor Larry Etten
230 W. Main St., Gilman
(Old Gilman Theatre)
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Worship;
Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Bible Study;
Saturday: 7 p.m. Free admission
(Missouri Synod)
Main St., Sheldon, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: Worship service 10:15 a.m.
Sunday School: Sunday 11:30 a.m.
(Missouri Synod)
5th Ave. & Crumb St., Gilman, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
8:30 a.m. Worship Service.

(715) 289-4665



Let your hair fly

Corner of
Cty. G & 64
Wisconsins newest
full line dealership.
29097 State Hwy. 27
Holcombe, WI


Office: 715-239-6601 Fax: 715-239-6618

Big Ts North
14950 81st Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI


Greener Acres

Commercial Farm Residential

DJs Cadott now serving Home
Cooked Meals 7 Days a Week!

Lake Wissota

Chippewa Valley

Fuel Service
& DJs Marts
To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688

Chippewa Falls

Bar & Grill

Cornell, Wis. (715) 239-6424 339 N Main St., Cadott (715) 289-4600 Chippewa Falls, Wis.
(715) 723-9905
Dry Felt Facer Plant



Member FDIC


various times and locations.

641 State Hwy. 27

Cadott, WI
(715) 289-4435

(715) 595-4300

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Cadott Tax &
Financial Services SUPPER CLUB
Aaron Seeman, Financial Adviser
345 N. Main Street, Box 303
Cadott, WI (715) 289-4948

Rusk Countys
Daily Source
of Local News,
Weather, Sports
& Obituaries


(715) 382-4656

off County Hwy Y,

South of Jim Falls

Greatest Hits of the
60s, 70s & 80s

Harriet Grace (Guthman) Allard
Harriet Grace (Guthman) Allard, 83, Holcombe, passed
away peacefully Dec. 31, 2014,
at St. Josephs Hospital in
Chippewa Falls.
Harriet was born Sept.12,
1931, to Carl Papa and
Gertrude (Kellogg) Guthman,
in Holcombe.
Harriet graduated from Lake
Holcombe High School.
She married Jack Allard June
16, 1951.
After they married, they lived in many different suburbs of
Chicago, Ill., while Jack worked as an operating engineer in
Local 139.
They moved back to Holcombe, in June 1969.
Harriet worked at the Lake Holcombe School District as a
head cook for many years, and enjoyed talking with, and
watching, all the children grow through high school.
Jack and Harriet loved traveling with family, including trips
to casinos, Las Vegas, Nev., Alaska, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Branson, Mo., and many places in the middle.
Harriet loved playing cards and spending time with her family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
She will be greatly missed and survived by daughter, Loretta
(Howard) Johnson, Eau Claire; sons, Joe (Kay Walters) Allard,
Holcombe, and Steve (Darlene) Allard, Chippewa Falls; grandchildren, Maria (Sean) Narveson, Keith (Dana) Johnson, Kevin
(Laura) Johnson, Marisa (Travis) Tainter, Todd (Claudia) Arts,
Melissa (Leon) Ledbetter, Jon (Becca) Cynor and Travis (Brittany) Cynor; 14 great-grandchildren; and brothers, Carl (Iona)
Guthman Jr. and Edward Pete (Gert) Guthman.
She was preceded in death by her husband of 55 years, Jack;

Pastors Corner
Words of inspiration for these modern times from
members of our Religious communities
By Pastor Dan Gilboy
New Hope Assembly of God Cornell, Wis.

New year, New plan

Do you ever feel like you go through life spinning your
wheels? You are barely surviving, much less getting
ahead. As we enter a new year, its a good time for reflection and planning. Ask yourself, What are some areas in
my life that I could focus on and improve? If we never
set any goals then we probably arent going to improve
in any areas. We dont accidentally get better at something or accidentally work through a problem we focus
on an area and overcome it. What are your goals for
2015? We should all have something we are working toward. Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish.
Most of us make New Years resolutions. They are
some sort of vague ideas that will help us, but usually
they are too lofty and we give up on them by Jan. 3. Be
specific. Rather than saying I want to exercise more or
I want to spend more time reading the Bible set a specific goal like I want to exercise twice a week for 30
minutes or I want to spend at least 15 minutes a day
reading the Bible. Whatever you are doing now, increase
what you are doing today or did in 2014. Maybe your
goal is to stop doing something that is hurting you or
those around you. Tell someone. Find a friend or tell your
spouse, I dont want to keep doing ___ and I see that its
hurting our family. I want to change. When we tell
someone it really helps solidify our decisions and can
help us bring change into our life. They can encourage
you and check up on you. Pray and ask God to help you
change. With his help we can overcome any obstacle in
our life. He can help us overcome or accomplish things
we never could on our own strength. (1st John 5:14-15)
May 2015 find us passionate about the things that will
outlast this lifetime.

her parents; sisters, Helen Uhler and Lorraine Hon Thon;

and brothers-in-law.
Services were held Saturday, Jan. 3, at 3 p.m., at Holcombe
United Methodist Church, with a visitation held at the church
prior to the service from 1 to 3 p.m. Interment was in the Holcombe Cemetery.
Borton-Leiser Funeral Home in Cornell, is assisting the family.
Online condolences may be expressed at bortonleiserfuneral
John Mike Michael Roth
John Mike Michael Roth,
60, Cadott, passed away at
home Dec. 31, 2014, with family at his side after a two year
battle with cancer.
Mike was born April 29,
1954, in Cadott, to John and
Patricia (Lessard) Roth.
He graduated from Cadott
High School in 1972.
Mike married Carol Carlson
Sept. 16, 1972; they later divorced. Mike then married
Roxanne Shakal Aug. 12, 1989.
He was employed at AMPI Dairy in Jim Falls, for 18 years.
He then took over the family farm and farmed for many years,
and the last few years Mike worked at P & B Lumber in
Mike enjoyed watching NASCAR, fishing, trap shooting,
and spending time at the lake with family and friends.
He is survived by his parents, John and Pat Roth, Cadott;
wife, Roxy Roth, Cadott; children, Trampas Bubba Roth,
Chippewa Falls, Dominic (Anna) Roth, Omro, Jessica (Adam)
Cummings, Carver, Minn., Danielle (Kurt) Winchell, Cadott,
Andrea Roth, River Falls, and Jacob Roth, Cadott; grandchildren, Derrick, Corey, Emily, Keegan, Riley, Killian, Lukas and
baby Winchell, due in July; sister, Jane (Greg) Prosecky,
Cadott, and Pete (Dawn) Roth, Cadott; numerous nieces; and
a nephew; father and mother-in-law, John and Annette Shakal,
Boyd; brother-in-law, John (Sue) Shakal, Boyd; and sister-inlaw, Patty (Joe) Semanko, Cadott.
He was preceded in death by son, Benjamin; nephew, Luke;
grandparents; aunts; uncles; and sister-in-law, Cathy.
A Service of Christian Burial was held at 1 p.m., Monday,
Jan. 5, at Leiser Funeral Home in Cadott, with Deacon Ned
Willkom officiating. Visitation was from 4 to 8 p.m., Sunday,
Jan. 4, and one hour prior to services Monday at the funeral
home. Inurnment will be at a later date.
Online condolences may be expressed at leiserfuneral

Cadott/Crescent News
By Shirley Vlach 715-289-3846
The community says deepest sympathies to the families of
Gloria M. Kernan, Ellen M. Gudmanson and Edward M.
There was a nice crowd that attended the steak and buffet
dinner at Halfway in Cadott New Years eve.
Two cousins called Shirley Vlach during the holidays, it
was good talking with them.
A group of people enjoyed the New Years eve buffet at
Crescent Tavern.
The music of A.V. Live disc jockey entertained the crowd
at J&Js Sports Bar and Grill.
A number of people at Drywood Tavern listened and
danced to the music of Drywood Creek Band.
Some families got together in their homes, celebrating the
new year.
There were people still celebrating Christmas on New
Years day, when the families could come home.
Quite a few people spent New Years day resting after
being up all night.
Coming Jan. 6, there will be pork steak and dumplings at
Dukes Drywood Tavern.
There were other New Years activities at other places too,
such as B &S Tavern on Hwy. 27.
Now its back to work and the old routine.

Thursday, January 8, 2015



Coming Events
Chippewa County Milk
Promoters Inc. Annual
Meeting Friday, Jan. 9,
11:30 a.m., with a noon
lunch provided, Bresinas
Hometown Bar and Grill,
north of Chippewa Falls.
Cadott Future Business
Leaders of America Blood
Drive Monday, Jan. 12,

7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.,

Cadott High School small
gym. To register or for more
information, call Shari Gunderson at 715-289-3795, ext.
Rabies Shot Clinic Saturday, Jan. 17, 9 a.m. - noon,
Lake Holcombe Town Hall.

Lunch Menus
Cadott Elderly Program
Jan. 12 - 16
Mon. Egg salad sandwich,
soup, fruit.
Tues. Sausage gravy with
biscuits, pudding.
Wed. Chicken patties, tater
tots, baked beans, apple
Thurs. Spaghetti with meat
sauce, garlic bread, applesauce.
Fri. Fish, hash browns, ice
All meals are served with
bread and milk. For reservations or cancellations call 715579-2893 by noon the
previous day. Senior dining
will be served at Kathys
Diner, 304 East Mills St.,
Hwy. 27, Cadott, from 11:30
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To register
for Meals on Wheels, call
715-726-2590. If schools are
weather, meals will not be
Cornell Elderly Program
Jan. 12 - 16
Mon. Classic pot roast,
mashed potatoes with gravy,
baked squash casserole, fruit.
Tues. Chicken supreme,
steamed rice, peas and carrots, fruit whip.
Wed. Baked ravioli, garlic
bread, seasoned broccoli,
cottage cheese and pineapple, bread pudding with
lemon sauce.
Thurs. Baked ham, au
gratin potatoes, steamed cabbage, gingerbread with topping.
Fri. Spaghetti with meat
sauce, green beans, fruit
For reservations or cancellations, call 715-579-2910 by
noon the previous day. Senior
dining will be served at 11:30
a.m., at Our Saviors Lutheran
Church, 201 South 6th St.,
Cornell. To register for Meals
on Wheels, call 715-7262590. If schools are cancelled
because of weather, meals
will not be served.
Cadott School Menus
Jan. 12 - 16 Breakfast
Mon. Mozzarella dippers,
fresh fruit, bread with jelly.
Tues. Breakfast pizza,
whole grain muffin, Mandarin
Wed. Cereal. HS: Hash
brown, bread pudding, fruit.
Thurs. Sunrise flatbread,
animal crackers, fruit.
Fri. Pancakes, strawberries.
Mon. Chicken sandwich on

a bun, black beans and rice,

fresh broccoli, banana, strawberries.
Tues. Spaghetti with meat
sauce, celery, steamed carrots, apple, fruit cocktail,
bread with butter blend.
Wed. Hot dog on a bun, potato wedges or tots, baby carrots, peaches, fresh pears.
Thurs. Taco meat on tortilla
shells, with cheese, lettuce
and salsa, vegetables, applesauce, orange juice, bread
with peanut butter.
Fri. Chicken in gravy,
mashed potatoes, corn,
pears. HS: Melon, bread with
butter blend.
Cornell School Menus
Jan. 12 - 16 Breakfast
Mon. Assorted cold cereal,
Tues. Pancakes, warm cinnamon apples.
Wed. Warm soft pretzel
with cheese, fruit.
Thurs. Fresh baked cornbread, hot ham, fruit.
Fri. Donut, hard boiled egg,
Mon. Chicken nuggets,
parsley potatoes, carrots,
Tues. Build your own nachos with all the fixings, refried beans.
Wed. Hamburger gravy,
mashed potatoes, peas, fruit.
Thurs. Spaghetti with meat
sauce, garlic toast, corn.
Fri. Build your own sandwich, chips.
Lake Holcombe
School Menus
Jan. 12 - 16 Breakfast
Mon. Oatmeal, toast,
cheese stick, pineapple.
Tues. Waffles, yogurt cup,
fruit choice.
Wed. Cinnamon roll, cottage cheese, grape juice.
Thurs. Breakfast pizza,
Fri. Breakfast on a stick,
fruit choice.
Mon. Chicken and gravy,
biscuits, glazed carrots, fruit
Tues. Taco Tuesday, featuring hard shell tacos, assorted vegetables, apple
Wed. Hot ham and cheese,
tater tots, pickles, peaches.
Thurs. Tomato soup with
crackers, grilled cheese, fresh
vegetables with dip, chilled
Fri. Scalloped potatoes,
ham slice, broccoli, fruit



Thursday, January 8, 2015


Life On The Family Farm

A Disappointing Surprise Under the Christmas Tree


Dumb and
Dumber To

gifts under the Christmas tree. So as the days go by in December, more and more gifts get put under the tree.
Since I had a blower bought, and Joshua was so looking forward to the new blower because of all the troubles he had had
with the old one, I decided to put a picture of it into a box.
I put a note in with it telling him it was for him to use and
then wrapped it up. I knew this would really bless him. Then
over time, I put more gifts under the tree for him.
The pile of presents under the tree continued to grow. Now
a lot of the gifts under our tree dont cost a lot, but its the love
with them that counts. We all love to give gifts and we all love
to open them.
Everything was going fine, until a few days before Christmas.
The dealer called me on the phone early one morning and said
he couldnt sell me the blower at that price. I was shocked.
I said, What? We had agreed on the price and you told me,
Yes, he said, but I cant keep that deal. You see I cant get
that blower for the price I thought I could. Somehow theres
been a mistake in the computer and its going to cost me more,
so I have to have $400 more from you.
I was shocked that he wouldnt keep his word and said,
To my amazement, a few hours later he drove into my yard
with a bunch of invoice sheets. He told me he thought he had
better stop in and explain the situation to me.
With that he showed me on the papers that the blower was
costing him $400 more than what he originally figured. As I
quickly glanced at his sheets I was absolutely amazed.
He told me originally that he was only making $200-$300
over the invoice price. Now, as I looked at his sheets I saw that
he was making well over $1,000 more.
I quickly pointed this out to him and his face turned color.
He realized in trying to justify himself, he had made a big mistake in showing me his paperwork. He said a few more words
and said he had to have the extra money. I sternly said, Good-

Crescent Tavern

15506 State Hwy. 27, Cadott, WI (715) 289-3631

Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. to close


Mon. - Fri. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday Night: Burger Night
Wednesday Night: Wings or Pizza
Thursday: $1.50 Tacos and Pizza Specials
Friday: Fish Fry Saturday: Steak Night $12.95

By Tom Heck
For many years, we had a forage blower we used to blow
chopped hay into our big silo. Over the last several years, we
had a lot of problems with it.
We finally decided it was time to get rid of it and get a new
blower. All four of us were in favor of that, especially Joshua,
since he was the one who used it the most.
Joshua had already been looking at machinery advertisements
and reading up on the different blowers on the market. He had
his selection narrowed down to two different ones.
So with that, I got a lot more information on the two and
priced them at local machinery dealerships. Men from the dealerships came out to our farm
last year in early December,
and looked at our old blower
that we were trading in and
gave us price quotes.
The one that we liked best
turned out to be a little
cheaper than the other one,
which really surprised us. But
its OK to be surprised that
way once in a while. So we set
our focus on getting that one.
I called that dealer up a few
days later and told him I
would take it for the agreed
upon price. He said, Sold.
Well deliver it in the spring.
Rated PG-13
So we were all really happy
here that we were getting what
Friday, Jan 9 through
we believed to be the best forMonday, Jan. 12
age blower on the market for
7:30 p.m.
a good price.
131 N. Broadway St. Stanley, WI
Now, in our family, we love
to give each other lots of good

bye. With that, he left.

Now I couldve paid the extra money, but I refused to do so.
The man had outright lied to me and he broke his word. The
Bible says a man ought to keep his word and not break it, even
if its to his own hurt.
Needless to say, I havent done any business with him since,
nor do I intend to in the future. For if a man will lie and break
his word over a little bit of money, how can you trust him at all?
So now I was faced with a problem: in a Christmas present
under the tree, I had a note to Joshua telling him that I had gotten
a new blower for him to use this next year. And I had no idea
what present it was in. So I couldnt go under the tree and get
rid of it.
Well, Christmas came and we opened our presents. When
Joshua opened the blower present he was surprised and super
happy. He had no idea that I was going to put that under the tree
for him. But then I had to tell him the whole story.
The expression on his face just fell. I went on to tell him I
was going to try and get that model blower from some other
dealer. I told him I couldnt guarantee that I could get one, but
that I would do my best. Joshua understood and took it well.
It wasnt long after that Joshua started looking for other dealers that carried that line of equipment. He found one close by
that I didnt know even carried it.
I called him up and shortly thereafter he came to our farm.
He looked at our old blower and gave me a price quote for a
new one. Now was I ever in for a surprise.
He quoted me $850 less than what the other dealer originally
quoted me. I bought it right there on the spot. And true to his
word, when spring came he delivered us our new blower.
Joshua was all smiles, he got his big Christmas present after
all, and I must say that the new blower worked excellently. Since
then he has thanked me a number of times for getting it and we
are all thankful that we didnt get it from a man we couldnt
Tom Heck and his family have a small dairy farm in Wisconsin. Contact Tom at: lifeonthefamilyfarm@gmail.com. To view
Toms past articles go to: tomheckfarm.com. Copyright 2014
by Tom Heck. All rights reserved.

Big Ts Ultimate
Bloody Marys
The Best You Will Ever Have!


Every Sunday
6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Big Ts North
116 Main Street
Cornell, WI

Flambeau Valley Arts Association

is Proud to Present

Lynn Trefzger

ventriloquist and comedienne

Lynn Trefzger is a ventriloquist/comedienne with a trunk full of
zany characters that have accompanied her to stages throughout
the country for over 30 years. During her
performance there will be five other featured
guests, of Chloe, Camelot, Emily, Judd
and Grunt.
Lynn has appeared in the NBC Universal
comedy/documentary about the art of ventriloquism alongside of Jay Johnson and Jeff
Dunham. She will be uproariously funny as
one of the best ventriloquists in the country.

Friday, Jan. 16, 2015 7:30 p.m.

Ladysmith High School Auditorium
Tickets - $15 adult, $3 students for this performance.
(As always, students under 18 are free with paid adult)



4 - 7:30 p.m.

Batter Fried Fish, Coleslaw, Baked Beans,
Jan. 9
Feb. 13 March 13 French Fries, Scalloped Potatoes, Baked Potatoes,
Pickles, Rolls, Dessert, Coffee & Milk
April 3


Adults $9.00, Children 6-12 $3.00, Under 6 Free

At Boyd Legion Hall
Av h Ba
aila r
EVENINGS 667-3495 DAYTIME 839-2173

sh e
Ca ilabl

Tickets are available at the door.

Hall Rental Air Conditioned Call this number 667-3528

This performance is sponsored by a grant from Xcel Energy, a grant from the Wisconsin
Arts Board, by the National Endowment for the Arts, and our loyal ticket holders.

Visit our Web site at www.boydlegionfamily.org

Courier Sentinel

Page 9

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wrestlers take sixth at Northern Badger Classic

By Kayla Peche
The Cadott Hornets Wrestling team placed sixth in Division 3 and 17th overall at the Northern Badger Classic held
in River Falls.
The boys wrestled hard and keep getting better, said Josh
Spaeth, Cadott head coach.
Cadotts Austin Najbrt, a senior, grabbed a third-place
finish at 126 pounds, and defeated the No. 1 ranked
wrestler in Division 2.
Austin wrestled with a lot of heart and determination
this weekend, Spaeth said. Austin lost a heartbreaking match to two-time state champion Cal
Gerber by the score of 4-0. In my eyes he
dominated most of the match.
Najbrt finished the tournament with
Nick Seng, one of three juniors for the Chieftains,
makes his starter run through the lines of teammates and coaches at the beginning of the Jan. 5
game against the Prairie Farm Panthers. Seng led
the team with points for the night, banking 23 of 74.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

To the right, Cadott junior

Brandon Pederson pins
his opponent by taking
his hand control during
the Dec. 11 home match.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

a 4-1 record, capped with a decision win over Spartas John

Roddick to finish in third place.
Freshman Andrew Gunderson took fifth for the Hornets,
going 6-1 for the tournament including victories in his final
five matches. Freshman Bailey Gillett, who received the team
award for best takedown, and junior Tyler Gillett finished in
11th place.
Cadott senior Alex Licht, sophomore Adam
Shakal, sophomore Dominick Grimm, and senior
Blake Borntrager all won matches, but did not
Cadott was back in action Dec. 6 at
Glenwood City, and hosted a home tournament over the weekend, Dec. 10.
Below, Tyler Gillett, a Hornet
junior, took 11th place
at the Dec. 29 &30
Northern Badger Classic tournament.
(Photo by Kayla

Chieftains tally second overtime conquest

By Kayla Peche
points, including an 11 of 15 performance at the free-throw
The Lake Holcombe Chieftains Boys Basketball team line. Sophomore Jeremiah Reedy added 21 points and senior
trailed behind in the first quarter, but rallied back to defeat Jay Kent scored 10 for the Chieftains.
the Prairie Farm Panthers, 74-67, Jan. 5, in a non-conference
After starting 0-3 this season, Lake Holcombe has won
three straight games. The Chieftains traveled to Cadott for
The win was Lake Holcombes second in a row over the another non-conference game Jan. 6, followed by East LakePanthers, both coming in overtime. Lake Holcombe defeated land Conference play Jan. 9, at Flambeau.
Prairie Farm, 61-59, Dec. 18, at Prairie
Our defensive pressure created
turnovers throughout the whole game,
said Dave Engel, Lake Holcombe head
coach. I was never at all scared in the
first half, we were just missing baskets.
It was guys just not hitting the right
spots at the right time.
Prairie Farm closed a seven-point
gap in the final quarter of the game,
topped off by a basket to force overtime.
The Chieftains jumped to an early
lead in overtime, starting the period
with six points from junior Nick Seng,
moving the Chieftains to a 66-58 lead.
Nick Seng came alive in overtime
and took the game over, Engel said. It
was very impressive to watch.
However, Prairie Farm again closed John Stender Jr., Lake Holcombe senior, made a quick break with a
the gap, but Lake Holcombe never gave stolen ball, but a Panther defender hit the ball away from Stender beup and took the second victory in a row fore he could make a shot. Although they trailed at half-time, the Chiefover the Panthers.
tains won the Jan. 5 non-conference game in overtime, 74-67.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)
Seng led Lake Holcombe with 23

Wisconsin Free Fishing

Weekend Jan. 17-18
Calling all ice anglers.
Wisconsin residents and non-residents alike may fish anywhere in the
state without a license or trout stamp
during Free Fishing Weekend Jan. 1718. That includes all inland waters and
Wisconsins side of the Great Lakes
and Mississippi River.
Other fishing rules apply, such as
limits on the number and size of fish
you can keep, and any seasons
when you must release certain fish
Visit dnr.wi.gov for more information and free fishing event details.

Area Basketball Standings

2014-15 West Cloverbelt
Conference Boys Basketball
8 0
5 3
Fall Creek
4 1
4 6
McDonell Central
3 4
3 4
3 5
0 6
2014-15 West Cloverbelt
Conference Girls Basketball
Fall Creek
9 0
8 2
5 4
4 2
3 4
3 6
McDonell Central
3 7
1 7

2014-15 East Lakeland

Conference Boys Basketball
6 2
New Auburn
5 0
Lake Holcombe
2 3
1 3
1 5
1 6
1 7
2014-15 East Lakeland
Conference Girls Basketball
7 3
6 2
4 1
3 6
1 6
Lake Holcombe
0 5

Tournament gives
Chiefs good outlook
By Kayla Peche
The Glenwood City Classic basketball tournament may not
have brought the Cornell boys basketball team a win, but junior Cortland Spletter says the first game showed the team
what they are capable of.
If we can play every game like we played on Monday,
Spletter said, we will be hard to beat.
Dec. 29 vs. Somerset (Glenwood City Classic)
At Glenwood City, the Chiefs took on Somerset, for part
one of the holiday tournament.
Spletter says Cornell played well against this tough team,
and they need to keep that momentum.
Cornell fought hard but Somerset senior Heaven Hunt was
too much for the Chiefs to handle, scoring 31 points himself.
The Chiefs were defeated by Somerset, 54-72.
Sophomore Noah Nohr scored 21 points for Cornell with
Spletter adding 15.
Dec. 30 vs. Osceola (Glenwood City Classic)
Spletter said game two against Osceola was not as positive
for the team.
After the first quarter, Cornell was only down by seven
points, but the next few quarters the Osceola defense kept
them under three baskets each period.
I think overall we played alright, but we couldve been
better, Spletter said.
With only 25 total points, Cornell was defeated by Osceola,
who scored 63 during the game.
Sophomore Colton Hetke led the Chiefs with five points
while Spletter and sophomore Trenton Glaus each had four.




Thursday, January 8, 2015


Season high score with double points

By Kayla Peche
The Lake Holcombe Chieftain Girls Basketball team received another shot against Prairie Farm Jan. 5, and this time
they had home court advantage.

After grabbing the rebound amongst Panther players, Lake Holcombe senior Sam Dixon dribbles the
ball away from the defenders during a Jan. 5 nonconference match-up.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Unfortunately, the Chieftains still havent found the winning formula, but put up a season-high point total in the loss,
32-59, and doubled their output from their last game, a 1631 fall against Prairie Farm.
Lake Holcombe jumped to an early lead on the Panthers,
using baskets from junior Sara Stender and sophomore Hannah Lee to lead 4-2 early. Prairie Farm responded with a 150 run that stretched into the second quarter.
We couldnt get a good run to go and last long enough,
said Jay Geist, Lake Holcombe head coach.
The Chieftains reduced the Panthers lead to fewer than 10
points late in the second quarter when junior Jordan Geist
came away with a steal and a layup to bring the Chieftains
within nine points at 24-15.
We just started hustling and we hit a few shots while running the offense right, Geist said. We made just a few adjustments on defense at the end of the first quarter to start
helping them out.
After trading baskets in the beginning of the third, Prairie
Farm put the game out of reach and didnt trail by fewer than
20 points the rest of the way.
Jordan Geist had a team-high 12 points for Lake Holcombe
while Lee, who fouled out late in the fourth quarter, finished
in double figures at 11. Stender followed with four points.
Geist says that going forward the Chieftains focus is simple putting more points on the board.
Weve just got to put the ball in the basket, its that simple, Geist said. We had opportunities, we didnt put it in.

Chieftain Bailey Viegut, junior, tries to steal the ball
from a Prairie Farm Panther during the first game
of the new year, Jan. 5. Lake Holcombe led early in
the non-conference match-up, but got into foul
trouble at the end, finishing 32-59.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Cornell girls take on Glenwood City Classic

By Kayla Peche
Marcus Leland, Cornell Chiefs Girls Basketball head
coach, says although the team didnt get a win during a twoday tournament in Glenwood City Dec. 29 and 30, they still
played really well.

I am still proud of how the girls played overall, Leland

Dec. 29 vs. McDonell Central (Glenwood City Classic)
The Chiefs suffered defeat during their first game of the
tournament against McDonell Central, 52-64.
We played really well against them, said Leland. But
McDonell shot the ball really well.
Junior Elizabeth Sproul led Cornell with 21 points. Seniors
Jane Hickethier and Makenzie Ewings each had nine points.
Dec. 30 vs. Glenwood City (Glenwood City Classic)
Cornell took on the hosting team, Glenwood City, during
the second day of the classic.
The Chiefs kept the score close throughout the game, but
fell, 41-54, to end the tournament.
Leland says the team just couldnt handle the pressure very
well and thats what led to the loss.
Sophomore Alexis Short led the team with eight points,
followed by Sproul with six. Seniors Samantha Sippy and
Ewings each had five.
The girls traveled to Winter Jan. 8, for an East Lakeland
Conference game, before bringing it back home Jan. 13, to
take on Flambeau.

Jan. 8 - 14
Boys Varsity Basketball
Tuesday, Jan. 13
at Augusta
7:30 p.m.
Boys JV Basketball
Tuesday, Jan. 13
at Augusta
5:45 p.m.
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Jan. 8
at Stanley-Boyd
7:30 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 9
at Spring Valley
7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 13
at McDonell C.C. 7:30 p.m.
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Jan. 8
at Stanley-Boyd
5:45 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 9
at Spring Valley
5:55 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 13
at McDonell C.C. 5:45 p.m.
Varsity Wrestling
Saturday, Jan. 10 Invitational
10 a.m.
Saturday, Jan. 10 at Eau Claire North 10 a.m.
JV Wrestling
Saturday, Jan. 10 Invitational
10 a.m.

Boys Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Jan. 8
at Winter
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Boys JV Basketball
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Jan. 8
at Winter
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Girls JV Basketball
Tuesday, Jan. 13

7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.

Lake Holcombe

Wisconsin Winter Fact

After stealing the ball from an opponent, Kaitlin Peterson fast breaks to the basket during a Dec. 5
game. The Chiefs defeated Birchwood during the
game, earning their first conference victory of the
season, 52-7.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Upson had the most

snow with 171.1
inches in the 2013-14
winter season, while
Juneau had the least
with only 33.6 inches.
Most of the central
and southern counties
had 50 to 70 inches,
which was well above

Boys Varsity Basketball

Friday, Jan. 9
at Flambeau
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Boys JV Basketball
Friday, Jan. 9
at Flambeau
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Girls Varsity Basketball
Friday, Jan. 9
at Flambeau
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Girls JV Basketball
Friday, Jan. 9
at Flambeau
Tuesday, Jan. 13
Varsity Wrestling
Thursday, Jan. 8
Saturday, Jan. 10 at Cadott

5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
7 p.m.
10 a.m.


Thursday, January 8, 2015




Its a Girls Hunting

By: Monique Westaby
A Youths Curiosity
It was the second night of
coon season, and following
the 15 coon adventure from the night before, our spirits
were high. I messaged our friend Jerry to join my husband
and me, and told him to be at the homestead by dark.
His car pulled into the driveway just as night fell, and
I, of course, was still in my pajamas on the couch.
After finally getting everything together GPS, goodie
bag, shock collars, tracking collars, lights, gloves, knives,
scale and camera I pulled my brand new boots over my
jeans, buttoned up my flannel, and gave the boys a
thumbs up. I was ready.
We headed to the neighbors to pick up two more passengers, including Kendra, a nine-year-old who was more
than excited to join the hunting crew. They followed us
down the road and we pulled off next to a small field.
Just a month or so prior, we had been in this same field,
helping look for a black bear a hunter thought he had shot.
Wisconsin law allows the use of a dog to track a shot bear
at night, as long as the dog remains on a leash and no guns
are carried.
Cordellia, our black and tan bear hound, tried her best
but the mud and cornfield proved too much and we never
found the bear. In her defense, there was no blood trail either, so the bear lived to be seen another day. We only
hoped tonight wasnt that day.
Blaze and Chaos, our two strictly coon dogs, jumped
out of the truck and took off into the small field. After
turning Cordellias collar on and off several times, we finally picked it up and off she went, barking with her sisters.
Kendra asked question after question about what was
happening. More than happy to respond, I explained what
the dogs were doing, why they were barking and what we
wanted them to do.
Several questions later, the three dogs crossed the desert
town road and headed to a bean field, just a few yards
down from where we parked.
I showed Kendra the GPS, and explained we had permission to be on both sides of the road. After a short run,
the three dogs started showing treed on the GPS, but their
barking said otherwise.
How do you know by their barking if they have a raccoon or not, our young passenger asked.
They bark different, Scott explained.
The dogs were only about 100 yards away, but sounded
400 yards in the distance. And then, someone mentioned
the unsafe fallen down barn in that area, a perfect coon
havenand dog trap

The Cadott Hornets Girls Fourth Grade Basketball team finished play in Bloomer for the last three
games of the season. Coach Karen Moldrem says the team made some great strides and worked hard
all season. The fourth grade team, left to right, in front, are, Hannah Woodford, Holly Nesvacil, Anna
Shakal, Breanna Check, Lauryn Goettl, Anna Glenz and Madison Mayry; in the back, are, coach Kari
Moldrem, Elly Ellier, Lilly Olson, Kaydence Davis, Morgan Moldrem, Jayda Nesvacil, Laken Ryan, Lucy
Lindeman, Natalie Stieger and coach Chad Ellier.
(Submitted Photo)

An Outdoorsmans Journal By Mark Walters

2014 and Beyond
Hello friends,
This is my annual summary of the past years highlights, and
some thoughts on what I will do in 2015.
I participate in camping trips every month of the year, and last
winter was brutal for man, beast and fish. In the 25 years I have
been writing this column, last winter was the first time I saw
massive amounts of outdoorsmen say to heck with it by midJanuary, and spend more time inside than they normally would
Because of the 40 inches of ice, and 2 to 4 feet of snow on the
ice, there was very little oxygen left in the water, which shuts
down fish feeding. Simply put, when the lake you are fishing is
running out of oxygen, the fish in it quit feeding. If the oxygen
level gets too low (shallow lakes are hit hardest), the fish in it
die. The warm spell we just experienced should keep a good bite
going well into the winter of 2015.
Last June I returned to Shultz Lake in northwest Ontario,
Canada, where I have flown to, and fished with family and
friends since 1982. There is a portage lake that can be reached
by walking from Shultz, and it has lake trout in it. Until the summer of 2013, no one in our gang had ever caught one.
I was fishing with my 13-year-old daughter, Selina, when we
broke ice on that subject. Last year I watched my nephew, Riley
Schuster, net a beautiful 30 inch laker for Selina.
The story behind the story is that I had a surprise for Selina; I
was having it mounted for her for a Christmas present. I was at
deer camp when my taxidermist called and said my laker was
not a laker, but actually a brook trout. My friends, the state record
brook trout is 24 inches.
I contacted some friends in early December and was told if
this was a brookie, it was going to be huge news. My taxidermist,
who is a very respected man, put his guarantee on it that Selina
had a world-class trophy. I made some calls and had a good
friend with the WisDNR work with another. They
determined that Selinas brookie was a laker.
On Christmas day, I gave
Selina her mount, which is
truly beautiful. As of this writing, she has never heard the
story I just wrote.

I watched my 21-year-old stepson, Joey Dushek, go through

the grueling and expensive sport of bear baiting last May through
early September as he had his first bear tag.
I helped Joey early in the game, but he soon proved he didnt
need me. Once the season rolled around, I was Joeys cameraman and filmed him harvesting a 260 pound bear with his bow.
The footage is awesome, as is the memory.
Mid-October, I had my first wolf tag. My buddy, Jody Bigalke, and I spent six days beating the heck out of my truck and
our bodies. On the last day of the season, as I pulled traps, one
of them had a beautiful wolf in it. Unless you pursue these critters, you cannot even describe the emotion and satisfaction of
harvesting a wolf.
About all I can say about the loss of our wolf hunting and trapping seasons this past December is, I do not trust our current
president or anyone in his administration. They ignored biology.
If you think Wisconsin has dwindling numbers of grey wolf, you
are mistaken.
This past week I hunted bobcat for the first time, as I received
my first bobcat tag. I will hunt them until I put a tag on one, or
the season closes January 31. I am hunting with The Bloomer
Houndsmen, and am very impressed.
Selinas, or mine, well, our golden retriever, Fire, is bred and
due around January 10.
Fire looks to have a belly full of pups and no matter what the
numbers are, we are going to have a really cool January and February as we watch the pups next to the woodstove in our living
On the matter of the wolf hunting and trapping season removal for those of you who think it is cool that hunters and
trappers cannot harvest a limited number of grey wolf, what our
WisDNR biologists determine works in each zone. I have spent
more time camping in more locations in Wisconsins forests and
marshes than most people.
Grey wolf numbers have to
be managed by hunters and
Common sense does not always rule the day.


Teds Timber
Lodge & Resort

Where the Chippewa &

Flambeau Rivers Meet
Scott gets the GPS collar ready for Chaos as
Kendra keeps an eye from behind. Kids are always more than welcome to join us, and weve
never brought one who didnt have fun.

Cty. Hwy. M
Holcombe, Wis.

Joe & Dawn Flater, Owners

270 N. Cty. E, Holcombe, Wis.

(715) 595-4771

July 4, 2014 Selina Walters caught this Lake Trout

on her annual Canadian fishing trip last summer

(715) 595-4424




Thursday, January 8, 2015


Boyd League
Saturday Mixed Couples
Dec. 21, 2014
Won Lost
High Team Game: OemigSteinke, 777; Gully-Seichter, 776; McQuillan-Pederson,

High TeamSeries: Gully-Seichter, 2,167; Oemig-Steinke,

High Individual Game Men:
K. Hera, 269; G. Steinke, 259; C.
Gully, 247
High Individual Series Men:
K. Hera, 718; G. Steinke, 685; C.
Gully, 660
Women: S. Wanish, 209; K.
Milas, 193; J. McQuillan, 181
Women: S. Wanish, 539; J. McQuillan, 529; C. Bauer, 469

Boyd League
Monday Ladies National
Dec. 22, 2014
Won Lost
Bobs Riverview
34 14
Quality Towing
24 24
Quality Truck & Auto
23 25
Village Haus
20.5 27.5
Boyd Feed &Supply 18.5 29.5
Team High Game: Quality
Truck & Auto, 695; Boyd Feed &
Supply, 599; Bobs Riverview,
Team HighSeries: Quality
Truck &Auto, 1,860; Boyd Feed

Riverview, 1,478
Individual High Game: A.
Goodman, 230; J. McQuillan,
192; L. Seichter, 179
Individual High Series: J.
McQuillan, 558; A. Goodman,
521; P. Stytz, 449
Boyd League
Tuesday Ladies
Dec. 23, 2014
Won Lost
Village Haus
Family Hair Design
Dennys Bowl

Team High Game: Village

Haus, 801; Bliss, 765; Family
Hair Design, 761
Team HighSeries: Village
Haus, 2,316; Bliss, 2,222;
Dennys Bowl, 2,103
Individual High Game: V.
Welke, 204; L. Seichter, 198; J.
McQuillan, 193
Individual High Series: V.
Welke, 534; R. Dement, 503; J.
McQuillan, 495
Schicks Bowl & Brew
Tuesday Night
Ladies League Standings

Area Business Directory




Have an Accident?
Its YOUR choice
where your vehicle is
repaired not your
insurance company.
Serving Chippewa Falls
Since 1997

Its the law.

224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, WI

PHONE: 715.289.5148 FAX: 715.289.5149
24-Hour Towing - 715.271.0731

The Right Choice.

Corner of Hwy. 124 & S

Free Estimates Free Loaner Cars

Lifetime Paint Guarantee
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(715) 720-0456

Dr. Shawn M. Kromrey
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Shane Mathison, D.C.

128 W Ginty St.,
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Fax (715) 289-4099
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All Types of Excavation

Farm Work & Land Clearing
D-4-6-8 Dozers Available
Scrappers & Excavators
For all your excavating needs.

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Cadott Color



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Full Service

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John S. Olynick, Inc.

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Romigs, Inc.
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Dec. 30, 2014

Cliffs Maple Sugars 15
Lisas Beauty Salon 14
Hellands Hellions
Schicks Bowl & Brew 9
Heaven Help Us
High Team Game: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 591; Cliffs Maple
Sugars, 517; Hellands Hellions,
High Team Series: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 1,700; Cliffs
Maple Sugars, 1,411; Schicks
Bowl & Brew, 1,395
High Individual Game: Lisa
Martino, 219; Jenna Velie, 185;
Tina Bergeron, 184
High Individual Series: Lisa
Martino, 511; Jenna Velie, 454;
Tina Bergeron, 420

Mud Brook Pool League
Dec. 17, 2014
Big Swedes, 5 vs Bogies I, 4;
Cookies, 5 vs. Bogies II, 4;
Flaters, 4 vs. Big Minnow, 5;
Arnold, 7 vs. Black Bear, 2
Big Swedes
Bogies I
Big Minnow
Bogies II
Black Bear



Courier Sentinel


Cornell office 715-239-6688

Cadott office 715-289-4978

(715) 289-4470
Truck and Trailer Repair Services/
Maintenance & Hydraulic Hoses
Farm Bedding
Colored Mulches/Bark
Various Landscaping Materials


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be your
or 289-4978

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Call Cadott office
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Chippewa, Rusk & Eau Claire
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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Public Notices
C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Arthur

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the

Town of Arthur, that the caucus for the Town of
Arthur will be held Monday, Jan. 26, 2015, at 7 p.m.,
at the Arthur Town Hall per WI SS 8.05(l). This is for
the purpose of nominations for town offices for the
Spring Election. The public is urged to attend.
Glen Sikorski, clerk


Public Notices

A real deer story? Ithink?

A guest outdoor column by Chuck Peterlik, Cadott
This past deer hunting season was quite historical, or at
least hysterical.
Iwas back up on the old deer stand on the hill north of
Drywood. After missing at least a half dozen deer, Idecided
Imust be crowned the worlds worst deer hunter. It was so
bad I decided there must be something wrong with my deer
rifle an old 30-30 Ive had 100 years.
So, I went and got a target and put it down where Iwas
shooting at the deer. Naturally, when Ishot at it, Ihit right
next to the bullseye. Now, what does that tell you? Youre
right, something is wrong with the shooter, not the gun.
One morning Icalled my brother Kenny and asked him to
come up and sit with me on the hill.
I think the neighbors are going to drive our brothers
woods and Ican use all the help I can get, I said.
Sure,he said. Ill be right up there.
Shortly after Ken showed up, his son-in-law, Allen, from
Tomahawk, also showed up; the more the merrier.
Its 10:30 in the morning and Allen is complaining about
over sleeping at Kennys place.
Hey, whats wrong with the clock in that bedroom I was
in? Allen asks.
Oh,said Kenny. That clock dont work.
I give Allen a chair and he sits there awhile and I says,
Hey Allen, what kind of gun you got there?
Its a little 44 Magnum,he says.
Im thinking its not too good a gun to shoot a couple hundred yards, but it must be a good brush gun. Ipoint down
the in the creek bottom by my brother Dannys old farm machinery graveyard and tell Allen, Why dont you go down
there by that old green corn planter? You can see down in
the brush over the creek and maybe get a shot at one down
Sure, he says, and goes down there.
All of a sudden we hear a shot. Pretty soon we dont see
Allen anymore; he must be down in the brush and Ken says,
Hey, Ibet Allen shot and maybe he got one down there.
Pretty soon, here comes Allen out of the brush and back
up the hill.
Anybody got a knife? he asks.I shot a big doe across
the creek in Dannys corn field. Ya, I could hardly see her
through the brush, but Iwhistled and she stopped and I got
a bead on her and down she went right there.
Ken and Allen go back down there and Iradio my son,
Lance, who has the four-wheeler. I tell him to go down in
the cornfield, behind the barn by the creek. Allen just shot
a big doe and you can drag it out for him.
Pretty soon I see him dragging the deer across the cornfield into brother Dans yard and after a bit, I see Allen and
Kenny go down the road with Allens deer on the back of
Kens car. Theyre going over to Allens mother-in-laws
place for Thanksgiving dinner.
Now, Ilook at my watch and its not even noon yet, and
Im thinking, hey, he wasnt even here an hour and a half.
He didnt get here until 10:30 and he shoots a nice deer and
his hunting season is over just that quick.
Now what is the moral of this story? Or is there one? All
these years, Ive been told to get the bigs ones, you got to
get up early, 5 a.m., get your business done and get out there
at the crack of dawn. Is it all BS or what?
Brother Ken tells me the deer Allen shot was the same one
I missed the day before.
Thanks Kenny.


C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Sigel

The Town of Sigel will hold an audit Monday, Jan.

12, 2015, at 6 p.m., at the Sigel Town Hall. The regular meeting will follow.
Paula Krouse, clerk
C2-1c wnaxlp

The Cornell Boys eighth grade basketball team, left

to right, in the front, are, Ryan Larson, Ty Anderson
and Cooper Boehm; in the back, are, Braxton Short,
Kyle Glaus and Luke Thompson. Missing is Charlie
Garrett. The team holds a winning record of 8-6.
(Submitted Photo)

Public Notices
C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Ruby

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of

the Town of Ruby, Chippewa County, that a Town
Caucus will be held Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015, at 1
p.m. at the Ruby Town Hall to nominate candidates
for the following town offices to be elected April 7,
2015: Chairman, 2 Supervisors, Treasurer and
Clerk. Terms are for two years.
Joy Jones,
C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Goetz
Caucus Meeting


Goetz will hold its caucus meeting Monday, Jan. 12,
2015, at 7:30 p.m., at the Goetz Town Hall. The following positions are up for election. The election will
take place April 7, 2015. Our regular monthly board
meeting to follow.
Town Board Chairman
Town Board Supervisor
Town Board Supervisor
Town Clerk
Town Treasurer

Paul Helminski
Leslie Danielson
Mike Roth
Cara Sikora
Shannon Hoel
Steve Siddons
Cara Sikora, clerk

Town of Estella


12, 2015, at 7:30 p.m., at the Estella Town Hall, a
Town Caucus for the purpose of nominations for
Town Board position will be held. A regular town
board meeting will follow the Town Caucus. All
Town of Estella residents are encouraged to attend.
Dated this 5th day of January.
Elizabeth S. Hillebrand,
C1-2c wnaxlp

Town of Cleveland

A caucus for the purpose of nominating candidates for all town offices will be held at the town hall
Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. The Spring
Election is April 7, 2015.
Present incumbents are:
Town Chairman
William Jenneman
Supervisor I
Mike Beighley
Supervisor II
Everett Larson, Jr
Joyce Raatz
Linda Laird
Jon Jenneman
All terms are for 2 years beginning Tuesday, April
21, 2015.
C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Sigel

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the

Town of Sigel that a Town Caucus will be held Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, at 7 p.m., at the Sigel Town Hall
for the purpose of nominating candidates for the offices.
Present incumbents are:
Town Chairman: Lennis Ramseier
Supervisor 1: Steve Evjen
Supervisor 2: Tim Woodford
Treasurer: Janet Weltzin
Clerk: Paula Krouse
Animal Control: Ralph Glenz
All terms are for 2 years following the April 2015
Paula Krouse,


Advertising / News Deadline

The deadline for news articles and display ad copy is 12 p.m. on Monday. Classified ads must
be in no later than 12 p.m. on Monday. All copy must be placed in the Cornell/Lake Holcombe office or Cadott office
by deadline to ensure placement in the Courier Sentinel paper the same week




Thursday, January 8, 2015


Public Notices
School District of
Cornell Minutes
Nov. 24, 2014
The following are proceedings from the Cornell
School Board meeting
held Nov. 24, 2014.
Sikora, seconded by Wallerius to approve the minutes of the Oct. 27, 2014,
regular session; approve
resignation of MSVB
coach Chelsey Steinmetz; approve resignation
of VVB coach Tom Hall;
vouchers form Oct. 25,
C2-1c wnaxlp

2014-Nov. 21, 2014. Roll

call vote all aye. Motion
Motion moved by Baker,
seconded by Sikora to approve School Board Policy
5.06. Roll call vote all
aye. Motion carried.
Sikora, seconded by Wallerius to adjourn to executive session pursuant to
Wis. Statutes 19.85 1(c)
personnel personnel updates. Time 7:44 p.m.
Roll call vote all aye.
Motion carried.
Sikora, seconded by Sei-

C2-1c wnaxlp

Town of Birch Creek


Birch Creek will hold a Caucus Tuesday, Jan. 13,
2015, at 7 p.m., at the Birch Creek Town Hall located
at 26755 240th St. The purpose of the Caucus is to
nominate candidates for the Town Offices of Chairperson, 1st & 2nd Supervisors, Treasurer and Clerk.
Robin Stender, clerk
C2-1c wnaxlp

dlitz to adjourn. Roll call ried time 9:27 p.m.

vote all aye. Motion carC2-1c wnaxlp

Card of Thanks
Thank you for the visits,
calls, cards, flowers and food
sent to wish me a get well. Your
thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.
Marilyn Schroeder

Real Estate

Town of Goetz
Regular Board Meeting


Goetz Board will hold its regular monthly board
meeting Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, immediately after
the Caucus meeting at 7:30 p.m.
1) Roll Call
2) Minutes
3) Treasurer's Report
4) Roads
5) Payment of bills
6) Adjourn
*Also, at this time, the Town of Goetz Board would
like to send our deepest sympathies to the family
and friends of Mike Roth, Town of Goetz supervisor.
He will be greatly missed.
Cara Sikora, clerk

Town of Birch Creek
Monthly Meeting


Birch Creek will hold a regular monthly meeting
Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, immediately following the
caucus which begins at 7 p.m., at the Birch Creek
Town Hall at 26755 240th St.
1.Call meeting to order
2.Roll Call
3.Approve Minutes
4.Treasurers Report
5.Public Comment
6.Discussion and Action Items:
A. Xcel Entergy (timber sales)
B. Committee Reports
C. Correspondence
D. Payment of Bills
7.Set next meeting
8. Adjourn
Robin Stender, clerk

For Sale
Twin $99. Full $149. Queen
Twin $159. Full $195.
Queen $225. King $395. 28
years experience. Extra
Plush Pillow Top Mattress
Sets: Twin $195. Full $245.
Queen $275. King $445.
Call Dan 715-829-2571, or
at www.thebedbarn.com.
FOR SALE: Queen headboard and frame, chest and
dresser, box spring also. Call
(2) 48x102 trailers, 2

Real Estate

Your Cornell/Lake Holcombe
Area Realtors

Thane Page
Cell: 715.202.3194

with swing doors, 1 with

overhead door and (2)
28x102 trailers with swing
doors, roadable. 715-2292009 or 262-853-3853.
LLC.: Dish Network starting at $19.99/month. Free
install, HD DVR, 3 months
HBO, Cinemax, Showtime
and Starz. Call for more
information. Also available, local network antenna sales and service.
Phone 715-654-5600, cell

Sue Sutor

Your Holcombe Area Realtor

Coldwell Banker, Brenizer, Realtors

Kay Geist
Cell: 715.577.2193

Country living at its best! - Spacious, classic 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home near Lake Holcombe. Wooded,
secluded setting! This is a must see, stunning home! MLS
882443 .............................................................$315,900
42 acres - hunting land, borders Fisher River, very private
road, 3 miles east of Holcombe. MLS 878492.........$74,900
2 bedroom, waterfront - Lake Holcombe, view
from kitchen, dining area, living room and family
room. Easy access to big lake and county park. MLS
877809 .............................................................$179,900
Cornell - One bedroom home with 2 car attached
garage on corner lot. MLS 876283.....................$35,750
PRICE REDUCED: Cornell - 2 BR Corner Lot Home
maneuverability for wheelchairs, outside ramp, within
walking distance to grocery store, school, main highway.
Updated 2006; separate laundry room, kitchen has lower
(chair height counter) dining area, living room and a walkin shower. 2 car detached garage. MLS 881370$65,500
New Auburn - Looking for a place to hang out, have
fun and fish? This is it! 3 bedroom trailer, 2 car garage,
3 or 4 season porch or laundry room. Big yard with 2
firepits. Close to Long, Larrabee and Salisbury Lake. MLS
882013 ...............................................................$39,975
PRICE REDUCED: Jim Falls - Very unique octagon 2
story home, Deck wrap around upper & lower level. 40 x
60 garage. MLS#880489..................................$148,475
PRICE REDUCED: Tony - 152 acres of prime hunting
land in Tony, WI. In wet land reserve program. 2 acres of
buildable land, not in program. MLS#880517.....$78,900
Holcombe: 2 bedroom home on County Rd. M, double
lot, 11 acres across road. MLS#879485 .............$81,889


1021 Regis Ct., Eau Claire, WI 54701

(715) 829-4427 (715) 838-2141

REDUCED- 6 acres in the City of Cornell. Starting out

or sizing down with this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. This
is the home for you! 2 decks, 2 car garage, walking distance to the Chippewa River. 879129...............$63,500
Your piece of heaven! Spectacular views, watch the
sunrise over Lake Holcombe in the morning. 194 ft. of
waterfront, 3 bedroom, 2+ bath, 4 car detached garage
is 1/2 heated & insulated, TV room, 3 season room.
Patio & deck for summer. All on 3 acres of woods and
water. 878062 .................................................$489,900
Dream starter - sunsets galore from this very large lot
in a much desired area. 1.57 acres, low elevation with
sandy frontage. Large boat house and a 3 bedroom, 2
bath home sits on this wooded lot. 882617 ....$369,900
So much for so little - 3 bedroom, 3 bath, very large
living and kitchen, dining areas on 4.5 acres with 500 ft.
of Lake Holcombe frontage. Come check it out. Unique
home or cabin built into the hill next to hundreds of Xcel
land. 877814 ...................................................$349,900
Clean as a whistle - Beautifully landscaped property
with sprinkler system. Blacktop driveway with over
200 ft. of Lake Holcombe frontage. 3 bedroom, 1 bath,
brick & stone fireplace, full basement & 2 car garage.


Homes for Sale


Thursday, January 8, 2015


Industrial - Commercial - Residential - Farm
21692 Cty. Hwy. E
Cornell, WI 54732

(715) 288-6064


In house Machine Shop for
cylinder & Crankshaft Repair
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Closed Sundays
Phone: (715) 288-6863 Fax: (715) 288-5999


Call Wolfes Sewer Service

for all sewer, drainfield
and septic problems.
22 Years Experience
Guaranteed Work

Willie (715) 239-3121

Cell (715) 827-0225


715-568-3646. Reasonable
rates. Repair refrigerators,
freezers, walk-ins, ice makers and air conditioners.
LLC: Residential, commercial, remodeling, farms,
pump installation. Rick Petska, MP143877, 16163
190th Ave., Bloomer, WI
54724. Phone 715-288-

STORAGE: Highway 27
in Holcombe and Cornell.
6x10, 10x12 and 10x24. $25
to $50. Call 715-595-4945
or 715-828-0163.
Stanley, Allis Chalmers,
New Holland, New Idea,
Kover, McCulloch chain
saws; Little Giant; Kelly
Ryan and Spread-Master
spreaders. Good farm
equipment at all times. For
a better deal, see us now.
Expert repair service on all
makes and models. 715644-3347.
handyman service provider.
We provide interior and exterior home repair and
maintenance. No job is too
small. CALL NOW to
schedule your winter interior projects and repairs.
Sidewalk and driveway
snow removal available.
Call Jason @ 715-429-0802
or Matt @ 715-512-1244.

FOR RENT: 2 bedroom

upper apartment at 822
North Main St., Cadott. Rent
is $535 per month and includes garbage and heat. No
pets allowed. Call 715-2894384.
FOR RENT: Cornell 1
bedroom. Heat, sewer, water,
garbage and hot water included. Newer building.
$520/month plus deposit.
FOR RENT: 1/2 months
free rent on 1 and 2 bedroom
apartments available in
Cadott or Stanley. Security
deposit specials. 2 great locations. Close to school. Call
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom
apartment, 1 car garage,
$400 month. Call 715-2020050.
FOR RENT: 1 bedroom


apartment on Main Street in

Cornell. Within walking distance of schools, pharmacy
and post office. Call CPMC
at 715-858-3445.
bedroom in Cadott. W/D
hook-up, car garage, stove,
refriferator, $425 plus utilities. 715-559-6366. Available now.
FOR RENT: One bedroom apartment with entrance to an attached garage,
available 2/1/15, close to
Gordys and the laundromat.
$340 monthly, includes
water only. Call Lori at 715403-3160.
FOR RENT: One bedroom upper apartment with
garage, available 2/1/15,
close to Gordys and the
laundromat. $300 monthly,
includes water only. Call
Lori at 715-403-3160.

Help Wanted

Servers, dishwasher, bus boy,

part-time cook. Apply in person.
No phone calls please.
See Steve or Wendy.
Wendys Stacker Cafe | Cornell
LPNs & RNs Part-time


Join the team at the Augusta Area Home, a 50-bed

nursing and rehab facility 20 miles east of Eau Claire. We
are taking applications for part-time LPNs and RNs. The
ideal candidate will have experience in long-term care.
Current WI licensure and caregiver background check required for all positions. Apply in person or send resume
to 215 East Brown Street, Augusta, WI 54722. You can
also email your resume to the director of
nursing at: vickis@augustaareahome.com

Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k,
Free Life Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement
and many career advancement opportunities!

In Memoriam
In memory of Lonny Amdahl
Jan. 10, 2008
We remember your smile and fun nature,
We remember you at the start of each day,
We remember you at the end of each night,
You will always be in our hearts forever.
Mom, Dad, Payton, your sisters, your brothers,
your grandma, your aunts and uncles,
all your family & friends

**Please note, you must be Certified as a Nursing

Assistant in the State of WI to be considered. **
Call us for more information at 715-239-0836 or send your
resum to CShane@Extendicare.com. To apply please
visit us online at www.extendicareus.com/jobs.aspx.

We are located at:

320 N. 7th St. , Cornell, WI 54732 715-239-083


See us for your Business Cards!

Cornell Office 715-239-6688

121 Main St., Cornell, Wis.


Wanted To Buy

For Rent

WANTED: Guns, ammo

and related items, old or
new, any quantity. Private

collector. 715-229-2009,

YORKIE CROSS puppies, also another litter of
specialty, unique, designer
puppies now available.
W4775 Elm Ave., Stet-

sonville, 1 1/2 miles east of

13. 271-226-DS. No Sunday

Help Wanted
HELP WANTED: Parttime bartenders, waitresses
and cooks. Please apply in
person at Paradise Shores in
person needed to take care of
developmentally disabled
people in Boyd. Call Tim at



OPENINGS: Now hiring for
cook, server, bartender, hostess and dishwasher positions.
Call 715-568-4064 and ask for
Kristin or Rosa Lea.
HELP WANTED: Livein manager. Apply at Paradise
Shores in Holcombe.

CNAs Full-time and Part-time

Join the team at the Augusta Area Home, a 50-bed

nursing and rehab facility 20 miles east of Eau Claire. We
are taking applications for full-time and part-time CNAs.
The ideal candidate will have experience in long-term
care. Current WI licensure and caregiver background
check required for all positions. Apply in person or send
rsum to 215 East Brown Street, Augusta, WI 54722. You
can also email your resum to the director of
nursing at: vickis@augustaareahome.com




Thursday, January 8, 2015


Ventriloquist makes an
appearance through FVAA

Continued from Front

The Flambeau Valley Arts Association will host a performance by ventriloquist Lynn Trefzger Friday, Jan. 16, at 7:30
p.m., at the Ladysmith High School.
Trefzger has been featured on the NBC Universal comedy/documentary Im No dummy, along with Jay Johnson
and Jeff Dunham. Trefzger also has appeared throughout the
country on cruise ships at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, and
other events.
When she is not performing for audiences, she is the managing director for her family of five children and a husband.
The event is sponsored, in part, by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the state of Wisconsin
and the National Endowment for the Arts, ticket holders and
a grant from Xcel Energy.
Tickets can be purchased at the door.

be willing to not have the apartments to make more room,

and she agreed to make changes that are needed.
I want to be neighbor friendly for sure, said Murkley.
And Iknow Liz does too.
Before adjourning the public hearing, the board requested
a layout of the business with the neighboring buildings to see
exact plans.
Once Murkley brings the plans, the board can decide on
how they want to move forward.
Also on the agenda, the board received two bids for the
clearing and grubbing of trees and stumps on the land on
Tower Drive.
In a previous meeting, the board asked Rolly Tichy, public
works director, and Jeff Nussbaum, village engineer, to make
a work description for the contractors. The village recommended the project to clear up the land and make it presentable for potential business prospects.
The board approved the lower bid of $9,948 from Bowe
Trucking and Excavating, Inc., with the contingency that
Tichy reviews the bids and the engineers receive an amendment for erosion control.

Advertising / News Deadline

Cadott Village Board

Jo Ellen Jerome, Cornell, waits patiently while a

Red Cross technician preps her for donation at the
Our Saviors Lutheran Church Blood Drive in Cornell, Jan. 5. Volunteers surpassed their goal with
more than 35 donated pints, and had a full waiting
area for most of the day. Event organizer Sue
Jensen said the drive was very successful, especially for such a cold day, and saw more walk-ins
and Cornell student volunteers than in the past.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

The deadline for news articles and display ad copy is 12 p.m.

on Monday. Classified ads must be in no later than 12 p.m. on
Monday. All copy must be placed in the Cornell/Lake Holcombe and
Cadott offices by deadline to ensure placement in the Courier Sentinel paper the same week.

Subscribe to your
hometown newspaper

Local News Sports Leisure
Classifieds and More

and stay informed!


$32.00 Chippewa, Rusk, Eau Claire & Western Taylor Counties

$35.00 Other Areas in Wisconsin
$42.00 Out of State

Cornell Office
P.O. Box 546
Cornell, WI 54732

The Cadott High School Jazz Band traveled to Chippewa Falls just before Christmas Monday, Dec. 22, to
perform for residents of the Rutledge Home. The group, consisting of 18 students, played jazz arrangements of Christmas carols such as The First Noel, Santa Baby and God Rest Ye Jazzy Gentlemen. The
performance was the groups gift to the residents, and was set up by Autumn Harvey, who works at the
Rutledge Home and is parent to one of the jazz players. Members and instruments are, Courtney Pederson, Megan Holcomb, Kolton Dupey and Brandon Peak, alto sax; Ty Weiss and Sean Dunlap, tenor sax;
Riley Rudnick, bari sax; Sawyer Roth, Joey Hinzmann, Bryce Hager and Henry Wojtczak, trumpet; Matt
Klahr, trombone; Jacob Peak, tuba; Maia Schroeder, drums; Leighton Harvey, bass; Savannah Gruber,
piano; and Leah Pilgrim and Stacy Pogodzinski, flute.
(Submitted Photo)

CVTC announces fall

term Presidents List

Cadott Office
P.O. Box 70
Cadott, WI 54727

SAVE $1.00
****************CAR-RT LOT**R 001
000 08-01-10 0000A00 00A 00A
ANYTOWN, USA 12345-6789

Expiration Date
Located Here

Courier Sentinel
PO Box 546 Cornell, WI

PO Box 70 Cadott, WI

Chippewa Valley Technical College has announced its

Presidents List for the 2014 fall term.
To be eligible, students must complete a minimum of
six credits with a semester grade point average of 3.5 or
From Cadott: Deborah K. Anderson, Amanda K. Bremness, Cheri Bremness, Jessie J. Chapek, Kevin M. Crowell,
Makayla M. Eckwright, Laken M. Geissler, Hannah M.
Gilles, Courtney M. Hager, Kimberlee L. Hale, Jonathan A.
Hanson, Zachary W. Holstein, Logan C. Mackie, Michael E.
Marion, Victoria M. Marion, Aleasha M. Pecha, Erin M.
Simpson, Joshua T. Stangret, Craig A. Tomczak, Alissa I.
Urbanek and Thomas W. Vesely.
From Cornell: Hannah R. Ash, Anna M. Bobb, Edward P.
Dumholt, Morgan E. Ewings, Trish J. Moss, Kevin G. Olson,
Britta M. Pahl, Stacy L. Schroeder, Tonya J. Short and Mandy
J. Wundrow.
From Jim Falls: Krista L. Huppert.