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ALTL, Inc.

Blue Streak
Living the Dream
Volume 1, Issue 8

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Mills Benefit Group

November 2014

Clarens Corner
Can you believe its November already? Where in the heck has 2014 gone? Since the
next newsletter wont publish until December, I thought Id write a little something
that connects with the Thanksgiving holiday. Like many of you, my conception of
Thanksgiving was instilled in me very early in my youth. I heard the same story you
probably didthe story of the Pilgrims and the harvest and how the Pilgrims had a
feast with the Native Americansetc. The story has gotten some press over the years
and everyone seems to have a different take on what really happened and who was
involved. Im not a big fan of conspiracy theorists and for methe true meaning of
Thanksgiving has never changed. Its a time to be grateful and a time to give thanks
for all the blessings in my life. That is why this months article is about my gratitude
for you and everything that you do here at ALTL. I understand the real meaning of
Thanksgiving is a time, for me at least, to reflect and think about all the positives in
my life that I have to be grateful for. When I think about my first week at ALTL and
the way I was welcomed here, I am grateful for everyone that made me feel like I was
home. I am grateful for the ever present attitude of not just getting bybut getting
better. I am grateful for the strong work ethic that abounds here. We clearly have a
team at ALTL that not only wants to succeed but wants to leave an impression. There
is a level of commitment here that Ive only seen a few times in my career and that
makes a huge difference when it comes to performance.
During this season of ThanksgivingI am giving thanks for you. Every one of you. We
have a great team here at ALTL and I am
grateful to be a part of it.

Kathy Pupel
Account Executive

The Sherman and Martindale
Financial Group
Wells Fargo Advisors
2025 East Beltline Ave SE, Suite
Grand Rapids MI 49546
Direct: (616) 975-2032
Toll Free: (800) 411-4610

ALTL Wellness
ALTL has extended its wellness requirements until December 31, 2014. That means
there is still time to get your physical done and all your online requirements to avoid
the health premium penalty.
For those of you who are non compliant look for a letter in the coming weeks on how to
fulfill your requirements.



V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 8

Shop Talk
Equipment updatesIve been asked by many people lately, regarding what is happening with our new truck order of International
Prostars that we have been talking about since this past spring. Yes, they are on order and hopefully we should see
them starting to trickle in here at the beginning of December. There are 24 trucks on order replacing 24 trucks. As
these trucks get put in service, we will be pulling the trade trucks off the road. Im hoping the complete exchange of
trucks will be done by the end of December.
Winter WeatherI know this is something I dont even want to bring up, but soon winter is going to be here. Even as Im writing this,
we are getting our first dusting of snow outside. Here are a few tips of operating during the winter months:
Fuel Tanks
-Try to keep your fuel tanks as full as possible. You may not realize it, but if fuel tanks are run low, the warm return
fuel causes the tanks to sweat or creates condensation on the inside of the tanks from the warm fuel against the very
cold metal of the tanks. When you refuel, this pushes all that moisture on the inside walls of the tanks to the bottom
and it gets pulled into the cold fuel lines causing it to turn to ice and stopping the truck from running within 10 miles
of where you got fuel, even if you have anti gel fuel additives in your tanks.
-Anti gel fuel additives: It is the drivers responsibility to make sure you have two bottles of fuel additive in your truck
before you leave out on a trip. A couple extra if you are going on a very long trip. Both shops stock additives, so you
can restock at either shop. I would suggest using additives when the temperatures reach 20 degrees and below. When
temperatures reach 0 degrees and below it is a good idea to use double the additives that you would normally put in
under normally operation, you should put the additives in when fueling. Fuel additives are cheap compared to a
broken down truck because the fuel system is froze up. I would also advise to keep the truck idling instead of running
the trucks APU unit when the temperatures are 0 and below.
Air Tanks
-Drain your air tanks daily. Even a small amount of moisture can cause big problems when the temperatures get very
-Make sure any time you are parked, even if just for a short time, that all your wheels are rolling or turning freely on
both your truck and trailer when you take off again. Each year we spend thousands of dollars because of dragged tires
due to frozen brakes. It doesnt take much moisture to cause a brake shoe to freeze to a brake drum when you are
parked. All drivers should carry a larger hammer and a pry bar or heavy duty screw driver with them in case you
have a frozen brake. If this happens to you, make sure you chock the wheels of the vehicle with the frozen brake,
release the parking brakes on that vehicle, then you will need to crawl under that vehicle by the frozen wheel. You
will need to hit hard on the side of the lower brake shoe until you hear a popping sounds. You should notice when it is
freed up, the brake shoe will wiggle or shake. Most times it is the lower shoe that freezes because gravity pulls the
moisture down. If the upper shoe is frozen, then you will need to use the pry bar or screw driver to reach the upper
shoe. Again hit on the side of the shoe until it breaks free.

V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 8



November is American Diabetes Month

You may have heard of diabetes, and you might even know someone with the disease, but chances are youll still be
shocked by these statistics:
In the United States, nearly 29 million children and adults currently have diabetes.
Every 19 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes.
Another 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
Nearly one in three Americans are currently diagnosed or at risk.
Despite the growing prevalence of this disease, people still dont understand diabetes.
Test your knowledge as we separate diabetes fact from fiction.
Myth: Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar. Fact: While research has shown that there is a link between
sugary drinks and type 2 diabetes, sugar alone cant be blamed. A diet high in calories from any source contributes to
weight gain, and being overweight increases your risk for type 2 diabetes. Genetics and other lifestyle factors also
play a role.
Myth: Youll know if you have diabetes by your symptoms. Fact: Type 2 diabetes is often undiagnosed because people
may not feel any symptoms at first. Ask your health care provider if you think you should be tested for diabetes
Myth: Diabetes doesnt run in my family, so Im safe. Fact: Family history is only one of several risk factors. Your
physician can help you determine whether you are at risk for diabetes.
Myth: People with diabetes need to follow a special diet. Fact: Diabetics should follow the same basic balanced,
healthy diet as everyone else: lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and restricted fat and refined sugar.
Want more information? Visit stopdiabetes.com.

Business Development
ALTL is not alone when it comes to more work than we can handle. The current state of the industry created by
driver shortage and new hours of service has the potential to become the most significant event in trucking since
deregulation in 1980.
Truckload capacity utilization has steadily increased to very high levels causing a shift in how carriers go to market
with pricing. Throughout the recession, rates were driven by low volume, high capacity, allowing the shipper to
dictate what rate the carrier could and would haul for. The recent current of events, from last years extremely bad
weather to an all-time high driver shortage, coupled with the new hours of service has gave way for shippers having a
need to shore up their core carrier group and align themselves with only asset based transportation providers. With
this change the industry is seeing three types of carrier/shipper agreements. One being the standard rate
agreement- set rates with no commitments on either side for load volume or capacity. Two, a long term contract for
dedicated moves and load volumes and three a spot market.
With the opportunities in front of us for business in all three of these rate structures with our long term partners and
some new, ALTL is in a great position for business as we have never seen before. Thanks to each of you for going
above and beyond on a regular basis, because of this there are great things to come!!

Holland Logistic Center

3000 Corporate Grove Drive
PO Box 100
Hudsonville, MI 49426
Phone: 616-669-6060
Fax: 616-669-3559

Congratulations to the HLC Team! We achieved an overall score

of 1000 in the recent quality & compliance audit completed by
Mead Johnson. This 100% score is a first in Mead Johnsons
history. This was not an easy accomplishment and I would like to
thank our entire team for their leadership and dedication to
providing quality services to our customers.

2825 Maxx Road

Evansville, IN 47711
Phone: 812-423-5425
Fax: 812-423-0895

Welcome to ALTL
Briar Miller - Driver
Adam Greenwell - Driver
David Laning - Trailer Prep/
Cody Lindblad-Maintenance

Our team continues to provide excellent customer service to Nuvar

Manufacturing, our second largest client. Nuvar continues to focus
their resources on manufacturing and is utilizing ALTLs Logistic
Services for warehousing and supplying the daily raw materials
required for their 35 production lines.
As you can tell, the staff of HLC will not settle to be average. We
continue to strive towards excellence in serving our customers.
The future looks bright for HLC. Our current customers are asking
us to do more and we are engaged with some potential new
customers who are looking to outsource their logistics. All of this
activity and all of the success is really attributed to the team in
place at the HLC. Nice work folks!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

Steve Smith

November 2

Rob Hurd

4 years

Steve Mackay

November 15

Dick Reinhart

4 years

Richard Knight

November 15

Al Dykema

3 years

Nolan Newcomb

November 16

Kimberly Creed

3 years

Joe Casey

November 16

John Kerr

2 years

Jeff Ingles

November 19

Rick Licata

November 22

Denny Riley

November 23

Clark Newman

November 25

Rob Hurd

November 30