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Albert’s Story

I was in a nursing home.

My life was four walls and a ceiling,
laying on my back,
watching Oprah and tube feeding.
I couldn’t talk. Couldn’t move.
Ranken Jordan – A Pediatric Specialty Hospital
11365 Dorsett Road Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
One day Doc Holekamp came to visit.
tel: 314.872.6400 www.rankenjordan.org
He asked me if I’d be interested
The Ranken-Jordan Home for Convalescent Crippled Children
in coming to Ranken Jordan.
Next day, I was here.
The stories you read in our ill and injured children regardless
2009 Annual Report show the of their families’ ability to pay.
power of Ranken Jordan. It is As we all know, these are
a power we can all be proud of. challenging times. Together
The power that comes from with you — our volunteers,
all of us working together. staff, donors and the whole
Ranken Jordan is a pediatric Ranken Jordan family — we
specialty hospital providing continue to meet our challenges.
rehabilitation and subacute As we will continue to meet
medical treatment for seriously them in the future.
2 3
Albert was on his way to get his grandmother
a hamburger when he suffered a severe spinal cord injury

in a car accident. He was not expected to be able

to move or even breathe on his own again.

The first thing I remember after My goal is to get back into society,
coming to Ranken Jordan was continue my education and become
the whirlpool tub. It was the first a motivational speaker.
real bath I’d had in four months. I want to present myself as an
I didn’t want to get out. example. They say those who can’t
Today, my main drive is therapy. do, teach. I want to do both.
4 5
What would my life be like
without Ranken Jordan?
What life?

working together, we were able

to help more kids this year with more serious

issues than ever before. kids like albert.

Dr. Amy Zimmermann’s Story

When I found out about

Ranken Jordan,
my first reaction was,
“Wow. Are you kidding me?”
I didn’t know a facility
like this existed.

As a pediatric physiatrist, Dr. Amy Zimmermann

is a vital part of Ranken Jordan ’s “big team ” approach.
Just the concept is fascinating. Every kid has a comprehensive
The nurse can go find the kid playing plan. That means a rehab plan and
with the whipped cream and give a medicine plan and a “Where do
them their meds. Therapy can go we go when we’re done with Ranken
into the clinical area and work with Jordan?” plan all rolled into one.
the kid who’s too sick to come out
of their room that day.
Our thought process is never
about a leg that doesn’t work or
a leg that’s missing.
ranken jordan delivers all
It’s about a child. It’s about a family.
the elements of care our kids need

to reach their highest potential.

10 11
Ella’s Story
As told by Ella’s Mom

Ella kept telling me,

“Feather doesn’t know the word no.”
I finally figured it out. She was
talking about her therapist at
Ranken Jordan, Heather.
Ella was born with epidermolysis
bullosa. Her skin can’t tolerate
even slight pressures. Her feet
When Ella first came to therapy
blister so it’s hard for her to walk.
she wouldn ’ t put her face in the water.
Now she ’s working on swimming
the whole length of the pool. It’s hard for her to eat.
Dr. Evra took an interest in Ella right
away. He’s even called me on my cell
phone to talk. So often you get so
little time nowadays. And here’s this
doctor at Ranken Jordan, coming to us.
Everyone, right down to the
receptionist, is always friendly and
smiling and helpful.

with the help of our families, our kids, the entire

care team and you — the people who support ranken jordan —

we help make life better for kids like ella now.

Dear Friends,

All It’s never just an arm or a leg or a belly or a heart we treat at Ranken Jordan.
Every physical challenge and ailment affects a whole child. Working together,
we combine all the elements of care that a child needs to achieve a whole life.

As you know, our kids are among the sickest of the sick. Some walk out the
doors of our place when no one (except us) thought it possible. Some, like Albert,
whose story you read in this report, get to be a whiz at operating a motorized
wheelchair. Others, like Ella, swim laps in the pool. Others come to respond to
a touch or a smile from their mom or dad.

We’ve added another physiatrist to our team this year. In addition to

Dr. Eugene Evra, we now have Dr. Amy Zimmermann with us. That means
we’re even better at what we do best: coordinating multiple therapies and
medical care from a variety of specialties to achieve the very best outcome for
kids for whom the term “medically complex” is an understatement.

Overall, it has been a challenging year. Good challenging: For most of the year
we’ve run at or close to full capacity. This year, we are able to help more kids with
more serious issues than ever and we are serving an even broader geographic area.
We’ve seen real growth in our ability to work with kids with brain and spinal cord
injuries. We’ve also increased outpatient visits by over 50 percent in the past year.

Out in the world, the way healthcare is delivered and paid for is in the midst Financial Highlights
of a transformation. Budgets are under huge stress. Medicaid supports 84 percent
(For fiscal years ended June 30, 2009 and June 30, 2008;
of our kids, so we do feel vulnerable; however, we continue to believe our model derived from audited financial statements)
speaks directly to the goals of healthcare reform: the wisest use of resources to
promote the optimal health of kids. revenues June 30, 2009 June 30, 2008 sources of patient services
revenue — 6/30/09
Patient services $ 24,618,128 $ 21,548,125
Ultimately, we need to grow because the needs of the kids are growing.
Trusts $ 899,963 $ 914,126
We will be patient. But we will not stop. Contributions $ 743,825 $ 1,326,322 16%

15% 42%
Through it all, your generosity continues to amaze and humble us. other income

Interest & dividends $ 313,422 $ 447,099

Nearly 100 people came to our Mary Ranken Jordan Society dinner this year. Unrealized gain (loss) on investments $ (1,290,189) $ (515,997)

More than 500 people came to our dog walk with the kids. Staff came in on Gain (loss) on investments $ (353,423) $ 137,948
l 42% Missouri Medicaid
their day off and paid money to walk around this place. Families brought their l 27% Illinois Department
Total $ 24,931,726 $ 23,857,623 of Public Aid
children — along with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpa and grandma. l 15% MC Plus
l 16% Commercial and
It was beautiful. Private Insurance

Together we will keep our promise to care for all children who need us —
Salaries & benefits $ 12,697,476 $ 10,368,311
regardless of their families’ ability to pay. We will continue to accomplish miracles. Operations $ 5,230,138 $ 4,801,876
The time is now. Professional fees $ 931,399 $ 723,339
Provision for bad debt $ – $ 94,235
Depreciation/interest $ 1,832,109 $ 1,780,341
Total $ 20,691,122 $ 17,768,102

Change in Net Assets $ 4,240,604 $ 6,089,521

Laureen K. Tanner, r.n., m.s.n. Net Assets, Beginning of Year $ 20,845,953 $ 14,756,432
Net Assets, End of Year $ 25,086,557 $ 20,845,953
President and Chief Executive Officer

18 19
To each person and organization Thank you. individuals Ms. Melika Baumgarten Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brody
Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Bazan, Jr. Ms. Carol A. Brokaw
Mr. Walter Bazan, Sr. Ms. Cindy Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Bearden Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brown
the mary ranken jordan society Mr. & Mrs. David C. Abel Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Becker Mr. & Mrs. Adam Brown

who has contributed to our recognizes those individuals who, like Mary,
“consider the children first in all that we do.”
Society Members are committed to ensuring that no
Ms. Doris T. Abrams
Mr. & Mrs. Marc B. Abrams
Ms. Stephanie Ackerman
Ms. Lucille E. Ackerman
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adamitis
Mr. & Mrs. John Becvar
Ms. Cynthia Bednarczy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Beemer
Ms. Pam Beil
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Bell*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E.
Brucker, III
Mrs. Mary Ellen Brucker
Ms. Grace Buchheit

financial well being this fiscal

child will ever be turned away. The Mary Ranken Jordan
Society honors members who have provided exceptional Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Adkerson Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Berger Mr. & Mrs. David Buckel
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Adkinson Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bernhoester Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Buckley
support, $1,000 and above, to Ranken Jordan –
Mr. Patrick W. Albright Mr. & Mrs. Chris Berry Ms. Katie Buehler
A Pediatric Specialty Hospital. Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Mr. Dan Buescher
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Allen

year between July 1, 2008 and

Members of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society are Mr. & Mrs. Marc H. Alper Besancenez Mr. Jeff J. Bunten &
denoted with an asterisk (*) following their name Mrs. Karen Altmansberger Ms. Nickole Beseau Mrs. Carol Birmingham
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Altmayer Mr. Chris Best Dr. & Mrs. Dean B. Burgess
on the following pages.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ms. Mindy R. Biethman Mr. & Mrs. Jon Burgmann
Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ray Birch Dr. & Mrs. Leo J. Burke*

June 30, 2009, we offer our

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Birkel Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Busch
major donors – McCarthy Building Mr. & Mrs. George M. Andre Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bittle Ms. Tina Busche
gifts of $5,000 or more Companies, Inc.* Ms. Marybill Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Larry Blair Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bush
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse* Mr. & Mrs. David Andrzejewski Mr. & Mrs. Larry Block* Ms. Beth A. Bushke
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kloster* Dr. & Mrs. John Appelbaum Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bloom* Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Bussmann

gratitude. It is your generous

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Grewe* Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ashworth Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Blum Mr. Danny Byrne
Anheuser-Busch Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dean* Ms. Andrea Aston Mr. Thomas Boeckelmann Ms. Lynn Campbell
Anonymous* Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer* Mr. Muhammad Attique Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Mr. & Mrs. Justin Cannavan
ApexIT Consulting Group, Inc.* Mr. & Mrs. Shane Russell* Dr. & Mrs. Craig Aubuchon Boeckelmann Mr. & Mrs. Doug Carlson
Bank of America Private Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cortopassi* Mr. & Mrs. Brock E. Ayers Mr. & Mrs. Jack G. Boeger Ms. Adrienne Carlson

support that allows us to

Wealth Management* Mr. George A. Schwetz* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O. Ayres Mr. & Mrs. Tom Boehmer Ms. Britni J. Carnako
Carney’s Kids* Mrs. Joyce D. Gagliarducci* Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Bacich Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bollinger* Mr. & Mrs. Marty Carrow*
Centene Managment Mrs. Lauri Tanner* Dr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Bacon Dr. & Mrs. Terry Bond* Ms. Elizabeth Carter
Company, LLC* Ms. Carol Graeser* Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bader Mr. & Mrs. James C. Bonzon Mr. & Mrs. Marty Carter
Christopher & Dana Reeve Ms. Marie D. Jacobs* Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bahr Mr. Chris Bosworth Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Carsey

continue and expand our work

Paralysis Resource Center* Outrider* Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bahr Ms. Susan Bowles Ms. Patricia Chambers
Covidien* Saigh Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bahr Ms. Lisa Bowles Ms. Allison Chancellor
Drs. Nicholas & Nancy St. John’s Pediatrix Group* Ms. Lorne Baker Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Perry Cheatam
Holekamp* St. Louis Blues Ms. Andrea Balf Ms. Becky Braddock Dr. & Mrs. Micheal J. Chehval
E. Reuben & Gladys Flora Fourteen Fund* Ms. Sheila Ball Mrs. Donna Bradnan Dr. & Mrs. John Chiapel

to help every child and family

Grant Charitable Trust* The Charles W. Frees & Jean Mr. & Mrs. Geoff B. Baltz* Mr. Keith Brandon Mr. & Mrs. Lalit Chouhan
Edward Jones* H. Frees Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brauchle Mr. & Mrs. Charles E.
Employees Community Fund The Herman T. & Phenie R. Bandera Mr. Greg Brauner Ciecalone
of Boeing-St. Louis* Pott Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Dennis T. Barbeau Mr. Tom Breckenridge Miss Madeline Cioffi
Energizer Battery Company, Inc.* Thompson Coburn LLP* Mr. Steven J. Barco Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Ms. Evette Clark

who needs us. Together, we are

Fred Weber, Inc.* United Seating & Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bardwell* Bredenkoetter Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Cockrell
Guth Foundation* Mobility LLC* Mr. & Mrs. William Barrett Dr. & Mrs. Jay A. Brenner Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cofman
Hammond Associates, Inc.* United Way of Greater Ms. Eleanor Bars Mr. & Mrs. Joel Brett Ms. Rebecca Coker
Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.* St. Louis* Ms. Beverly Bates Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brinkley* Ms. LeTory Coleman
Mark Joseph James Foundation* US Bank* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Batson* Mr. & Mrs. Earl Britton Ms. Shannon Coleman

making a difference. Mary Ranken Jordan & Ettie

A. Jordan Charitable
US Bank Foundation*
Variety The Children’s Charity
of St. Louis*
Mr. & Mrs. Craig J. Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Bauman
Ms. Shiryl Brock
Mr. D.D. Brock
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Broderick, Jr.
Mr. Matt & Dr. Susan Conger*
Mr. Ryan M. Cook
Ms. Danielle Cooley

20 21 *denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society

Ms. Arlene Cooper Ms. Erin Donovan & Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Frazer* Ms. Margaret Hachman Mr. & Mrs. Jesse D. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jung Ms. Claire Kostyshock Mr. & Mrs. Jorden Lewis Ms. Vicki McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Ron Moorehouse
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Corbett Mr. Gordon Gale Mr. W. Thomas Frogge Mr. John Hagan & Hodges, III* Ms. Anitra Jynes Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kotthoff Ms. Tiffany Lewis Ms. Cindy McCoy Mr. Ed Coates & Ms. Penny
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Ms. Sarah Cortopassi Ms. Claudia J. Dougherty Mr. Michael Fullwell Ms. Jennifer Hagan Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Mr. & Mrs. Keith Kalkbrenner Ms. Melanie Kozak Ms. Julia J. Lively Mrs. Donna McDonald Mr. M.J. Moormann
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costa, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Downey Mr. & Mrs. Dan Fusz Mr. & Mrs. Oscar P. Hoelscher Mr. & Mrs. Kurt J. Kallaus Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kozma Ms. Kim Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McEvoy Mr. & Mrs. Chris Morelli
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Mr. Jeffrey C. Dobner, Jr. Mr. George L. Fonyo Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Guest Mr. & Mrs. William C. Mr. & Mrs. Henry O. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. David Kolnik Mrs. Lorraine Lemke Mr. & Mrs. Tom McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mohan Ms. Bonnie Osterhage
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Doherty Dr. & Mrs. James W. Mr. Charles A. Gulas Hippisley Mr. Dean Jones Mr. & Mrs. William G. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lemley Ms. Elizabeth A. McCaslin Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Mohr Ms. Diane Osterholt
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Dohrmann Forsen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Gunther Ms. Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart Mr. Paul Juang Konieczny Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Lenzen, Jr. Mrs. Virginia McCloud Ms. Mary Mohrmann Ms. Jennifer Ott
Dr. & Mrs. Paul G. Dolan, Jr. Ms. Lisa C. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Gutjahr Mr. & Mrs. Garry S. Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Judge Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kopsky, Jr. Dr. Jeffrey Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Scott McClure Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Ott, III
Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Donatelli Mr. Todd Fox Mr. Frank J. Guyol, III Ms. Jennifer A. Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Tom Judkins Mr. Bud Koste Mr. Mark Levin Ms. Carrie L. McCollom Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pantazi

22 *denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society 23 *denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Parent Mr. Stephen E. Ricci* Mr. & Mrs. W. Stevens Schmid Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Smith, II Mr. Martin Thomason Ms. Kathleen Waton Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Zerr Paul Bussmann LLC* Tributes in Honor Of: Master Parker Germann
Ms. Sandee Patton Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Schmidt Mr. Jon Smith & Drs. Chris & Shilpa Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Wayant Ms. Janet L. Zerr Planet Reef LLC* Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Germann
Mr. & Mrs. Scott B. Paulsell Ms. Anna M. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Tony Schmitz* Ms. Mariann Stone Mrs. Arlene Tice Dr. & Mrs. Tim M. Weber Ms. Janet Zielinski Quest Diagnostics, Inc.* Chris Grills
Mr. Bobby Pavelones Mr. & Mrs. Robert Richards Mrs. Donna L. Schneider Ms. Diane Smith Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tice* Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Mr. & Mrs. W. David Ziervogel The Perfect Wedding Guide* Mr. & Mrs. Myron Grills
Ms. Angela L. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Terry Richardson Mr. & Mrs. William I. Mr. & Mrs. Andy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmermann Wehrfritz Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan S. Zigman Personal Care Products, Inc.* Stephanie Ackerman Jim Gunn
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Peipert Mr. & Mrs. Mark Richert Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mike Todt Ms. Diane Weidle Ms. Marci Zimmerman Premier Rentals, LLC Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pelikan Ms. Caron Riganti Ms. Sandra J. Schneider Mr. Ryan Smith Ms. Laura Tomlinson Mr. & Mrs. Harry Weier Mr. & Mrs. Stanford RAI Insurance Group* Mason William Bahr Kim Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Riley Ms. Marnie Schneider Mr. Bob Smith Ms. Wilamina Torrez Mrs. Rosemarie Weil Zimmerman Southwest Bank of St. Louis* Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Pennington Mr. Michael Roane & Mr. & Mrs. Harvey G. Mr. Steven K. Smull Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Mr. & Mrs. Tim Weir Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Space Architecture Milo Brucker Erynn Michelle Hausman
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pennington Ms. Chris Uthoven Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Gary Solomon Trochtenberg Ms. Michelle L. Weisberg Ziulkowski and Design Studio* Dr. Bruce Wilking Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perez Ms. Opal Roberts Ms. Marilyn Schnuck Dr. & Mrs. Tom Sommers Mr. & Mrs. Darrel A. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. Wellen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zmuda Sunrise Medical* Mr. & Mrs. W. David Ziervogel McArthur
Mrs. Lawrence Petri Mr. & Mrs. Vernon D. Mr. Thomas Schoen Mr. & Mrs. James Sosnoff Trowbridge Ms. Sherris S. Welsh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zuniga TakeIt Design Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buergler Claire Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Petri Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schofield Mr. & Mrs. John Souris Ms. Stephanie Troyer Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wenzel Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Zwick Trainwreck Saloon* Employees at Thomas Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Picus Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Schoor Mr. & Mrs. Ted Spaid Mr. Ryan Tucker Mr. Eric Werly Wallis Companies Marketing Cara Holdener
Ms. Melba Pierce Dr. & Mrs. David B. Robson Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Schraier Mr. & Mrs. Richard Spitznagle Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Tucker Ms. Deborah Westling Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bussmann Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Dr. & Mrs. Jose Pineda Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rodemann Ms. Amy C. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. David Sprehe Ms. Annette Turner Mr. & Mrs. Tom Westphal Corporations Ms. Kim Lloyd Dr. Nancy Holekamp
Mr. William R. Piper Ms. Janine Roe Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sprowls Mr. & Mrs. Claude Ussery Ms. Jessica Wheeler Foundations Dr. & Mrs. Peter Carich Barnes Retina Institute
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Pitlyk Ms. Patricia Roerig Mr. & Mr. John Schulte Mr. Brian Spurgeon Ms. Virginia M. Vandegrift Mrs. Anita B. Whitcomb Mr. & Mrs. Garry Hitt Staff
Mr. Thomas Plank Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Stafford* Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Mr. Matthew White Mrs. James Carter Dr. Nick Holekamp
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Pleimann Mrs. Evalyn S. Rogers Ms. Debbie Schuster Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stanard Vandegrift* Ms. Tammie White Advantage Nursing Services* Ms. Elizabeth Carter Dr. & Mrs. Dean Burgess
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pohlman Mr. Joseph P. Roggi Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Ms. Laura Stanton Mr. & Mrs. Tim Varady Mrs. Gloria P. White AmerenUE* The Joseph M. Arndt Foundation* Bill Chambers Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff
Mr. Jack Pohrer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roggi Schwartzman Ms. Lynn Stegmann Mr. Richard Veden Ms. LaVonne White Angle Enterprises, LLC Bank of America ITW Foundation Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Holekamp
Mr. Grant Colvin & Mr. & Mrs. David Roither Ms. Cheryl Schwegel Ms. Darlene Stoddard Mr. & Mrs. Jaime and Ms. Carolyn L. Whitmore ARCH Express Dale J. Wernig Charitable Dr. Sue Conger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rosenthal
Dr. Juanita Polito-Colvin Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ronollo Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Ms. Diane Stokes Staci Venatta Mr. Thomas Whittington, Sr. AT&T Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff Lindsey Hunsicker
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Polson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rooney Schwendeman Ms. Cynthia L. Stork Mr. & Mrs. Eric Verhulst Ms. Laura K. Wichlinski Bank of America United Harry Edison Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cortopassi Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. Dick Porzel Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Roseberry Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Schwetz* Ms. Gerti Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Mark Viehman Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wiederkehr Way Campaign Merrill Lynch & Co. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sprowls Kelly Imo
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Potter* Mr. Rand Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mr. John Streett Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Villarreal Ms. Jill Wiethuchter Barnes Retina Institute Foundation, Inc. Ed Costigan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day
Mr. & Mrs. G. Potthoff* Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rosenthal Scognamiglio Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stroud Mr. Warren Vincent Ms. Mary Wildberger Bazan Painting Co.* Millstone Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Smith, II Carrie Kettler
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Prange Mr. & Mrs. James P. Rotter Ms. Debbie Scott Drs. Pedro & Rosa Mr. & Mrs. John A. Virant Dr. Bruce A. Wilking Bemes, Inc.* Armarie B. Murphy Trust Valerie Denton Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Prasch Mrs. Ruth Rotter Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Scully Suarez-Solar Ms. Jean Vitale Ms. Nicole Wilkinson BKD, LLP* Old Newsboys Fund for Children* Mrs. Lauri Tanner Miss Nicole Eva Knop
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Price Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rubin Mr. Curtis Searcy Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sucher Mr. Paul Vogel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Williams C & R Mechanical Company* Sidener Foundation* Sue Eager Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Prideaux Mr. & Mrs. Howard Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Sedej Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sullivan* Mr. & Mrs. Andy Vogeli Ms. Gail Williams Clinical Solutions, LLC* Stupp Bros. Bridge & Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brody Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Profumo Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Rucker Mr. & Mrs. Fred S. Seigel Ms. Aisha Sultan Dr. & Mrs. John P. Vogl Mr. & Mrs. James J. Williams Code Consultants, Inc. Iron Co., Foundation Ray Finney Liz Kramer
Mr. Vince Prosperi Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Ryan Mrs. Virginia S. Senkosky Mr. & Mrs. James Summers Ms. Patricia Vogt Ms. Samantha Wilson Color Art Integrated Tracy Family Foundation Ms. Samantha Wilson Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. John Prosperi* Ms. Renee Ryterski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sepe Ms. Jane E. Sutter Ms. Sue Volmert Mr. John Wilson Interiors, LLC* Master Logan & Will Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lasater
Mr. & Mrs. John Pupillo Ms. Dinesh Saini Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore M. Sesti Ms. Dana Sutter Ms. Julie Volz Ms. Sarah Wind Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Bachich Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vandegrift
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Quagliata Ms. Annette Sak Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Shadow* Mr. Dan Swanger Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wade Mrs. Mildred Winter Cooperative Home Care* Organizations Mr. Darren Drexler Mr. & Mrs. Norman Leve
Mr. Jeff & Dr. Jennifer Quinn* Ms. Dorothy L. Sample Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shelton Ms. Damika Swink Ms. Anne M. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Woehrle Food with Finesse, LLC* Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Fischer Mrs. Patricia Gregowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Tom J. Raftery Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Samuel Ms. Reneé Shields Ms. Rosemary Switzer Mr. & Mrs. David Wahl Mr. & Mrs. Don Wohltman Hooters Ms. Lisa Foster David Loiterstein
Mrs. Rose Ragin Mr. & Mrs. Joshua R. Sanden Rabbi & Mrs. Mark L. Shook Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Taluc Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Waks* Dr. Carolyn Wolff of Maryland Heights* Mr. & Mrs. Troy Hupp Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Loiterstein
Mr. & Mrs. Nick G. Rallo Ms. Sondra Sanders Ms. Patty Short Mr. Rickard Tarzwell Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ms. Lisa R. Woodson Industrial Sheet Metal American Legion Auxiliary Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lohse Gabrielle Longo
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ralph Mr. & Mrs. V. Richard Scarfino Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Sicking Mr. Frank F. Taterka Walcott, Jr. Ms. Erica Wright Erectors, Inc.* Thoman-Boothe Unit 338 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mr. & Mrs. Michael Longo
Mr. & Mrs. Tim E. Randolph Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Gary Siddens Mr. & Mrs. John Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wald* Mr. Glenn Wright Kohl’s Department Stores Bellerive Elementary School  Scognamiglio Nick Lorenz
Ms. Katie Rapp Mr. & Mrs. David Schaeg Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sieckhaus Mr. & Mrs. Tony Taylor Mrs. Susan Walker Ms. Kathleen Young L. Grasse & Associates Inc. Coachmen Car Club St. Louis* Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith Ms. Deborah Westling
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Rathert Ms. Kimberly Schalk Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Signorelli Ms. Andrea M. Tebeau Mr. Jim Wall Ms. Lisa Young Lockton Companies, LLC* Cherry Pits Chapter of the Master Logan Garman Patrick McCarthy
Ms. Joanne H. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Mr. & Mrs. Kraig A. Simmons Ms. Rachel Tedeschi Ms. Mary A. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Gregor D. Yuska* Lyon Sheet Metal Works Red Hat Society Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mrs. Lauri Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Don Rebman Schamburg Dr. Connie Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Terry Ms. Gina Walton Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Maxim Healthcare Services* Kodner Gallery* Master Lucas Garman Paige McGrady
Mr. Ryan Redmond Ms. Carla H. Schenk Drs. Binwant and Prithvi Singh Mr. & Mrs. Dixon Terry Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wanko Zaccarello Metal Culverts, Inc.* John Weldon Elementary School* Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Wade McGrady
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Reed Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Ms. Jayne Singleton Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zadell Molina Healthcare* La Petite Salon No. 116, 8/40 Charles Gasper Chad McKenzie, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Scherrer Mr. & Mrs. Alvin J. Siteman Terschluse Ms. Patti Warden Dr. Barb Zehnbauer Omega Plumbing Company* Lions Club Southside St. Louis CSPRC Mr. Dan Swanger
Reisinger, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Ms. Laurie Slattery Ms. Debbie Thomas Ms. Ann Warren Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Orlando’s Catering Overland Lions Club Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gassel Connie Mueller
Ms. Shirrelle W. Rhodes Schillinger, Jr. Ms. Sheryl Sliepen Mr. & Mrs. Tim Thomas* Mr. & Mrs. William D. Watkins Zehnder Overland Metals, Inc.* Webster Groves Soccer Club Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vandegrift Ms. Kimberly Mueller

24 *denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society 25 *denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society
Eugene Mueller Kathy Schoor Tributes in Memory Of: Master Markel I. Daniels Dr. & Mrs. Ron Garrett Ken Knirr Mrs. Arlene Tice Sheldon Pokres’ mother Marian Thompson Brentwood Parks & Recreation
Ms. Kimberly Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Schoor Mrs. Gloria White Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Hampton, III Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Becker Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tice Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Loiterstein Ms. Cindy McCoy Broadway Oyster Bar
Joan Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schroeder Charles Edward Dierker Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hickerson Ralph Krupke Mr. Paul Vogel Lenora Porter Norma Vogel Brunswick Zone Chesterfield
Mrs. Margie Nachman Ms. Doris Abrams Overland Metals, Inc. Ms. Elaine Holtmeyer Mrs. Patricia Krupke Dr. & Mrs. John Vogl Mr. & Mrs. James Eager Mrs. Lauri Tanner Bugs & Bloomers Boutique
Mr. & Mrs. Ben O’Day Ryan Schulte Dennis W. Ahearn James Dillick Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hunsicker Olivia Bequette Lansing Mr. & Mrs. Don Wohltman Mayme Pozzi Anna Wagner Build-A-Bear Workshop
Mrs. Virginia McCloud Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adamitis Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Tom Irvin BJC Corporate Health Jeanette Lasky Mrs. Patricia Krupke Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse Byron Cade Gifts
Master Liam Patton Karen Sepe Anonymous Laster Douglas Ms. Catherine Kannenberg  Services Mrs. Margie Nachman William Ratchford Joshua Ware Cadette Troop #1450
Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mrs. Lauri Tanner Ms. Nickole Beseau Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Integra Healthcare Inc. Gilbert Lorenz Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. Frank Taterka Caleco’s Restaurants & Bars
Mr. & Mrs. James Peavler Master Deven Shelton Ms. Ellen Cusumano Phyllis Elliot Dr. & Mrs. Brian Kelly Rainbow Village Properties Ms. Margaret Felder Theresa Rejent Joyce Weber Camden
Mrs. Donna Schneider Ms. Kimberly Marsh Ms. Jane Decker Mrs. Patricia Krupke Ms. Lucinda Klock Shop N’ Save Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lynch Ranken Jordan – A Pediatric Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Caroline Kelsey Designs
Bill Peck & Saundra Sandler Lauri Tanner Ms. Claudia Dougherty Teresa Shirlen Freed Mr. & Mrs. John LaBarge, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bandera Joseph Mastroianni  Specialty Hospital  Nachman Carol’s Corner Florist
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Edwards Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff Mr. Bo Drake Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Dr. & Mrs. M. Michael Mr. & Mrs. William Barrett Mr. Barry Mandel Ralph Rotter Marian Whitcomb Cattoor Consulting &
The Ranken Jordan Staff Mr. & Mrs. Tom Judkins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Groark Myrtle Gillam  Maurer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beardon Virginia Mazzola Ms. Jennifer Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dreste Associates
Anonymous Mr. Stephen Ricci Mr. & Mrs. James Kick Mrs. Donna Schneider Mrs. Elizabeth McRoberts Mr. & Mrs. Robert Besancenez The Standing Partnership, Inc. Tyland Rukezo Mr. & Mrs. C. Wayne Fletcher Challenge Girls Club
Tim Rankin Riley Thompson Mr. Elliot Kracko Cindy Harpel’s beloved father s/b Ms. Patricia Meyer & Mr. & Mrs. Tom Boehmer Vera McCarter Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Frances Lee Children’s Wish Foundation
Ms. Pamela Muertz Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. George Ms. Joyce Eisenberg  Ms. Mary Ellen Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Marty Carter Mrs. Donna Schneider Abe Rush Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Robertson International
Hugh Rogers Cheryl Timmermann  Kriegshauser Jodi Hickerson Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Michelman Dr. & Mrs. John Chiapel Timothy McCarthy Kodner Gallery Ms. Cynthia Stork Chris’ Pancake & Dining
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Downey Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Tom McCarthy Ms. Leann Horton Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mickel Mr. Grant Colvin and Mr. & Mrs. Walter Guest Ann Schneider Mrs. Lauri Tanner CiCi’s Pizza
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Ross Paul Tobin Mr. & Mrs. William Mueller Mrs. Lorraine Lemke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mihalich  Dr. Juanita Polito-Colvin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ms. Cheryl Schwegel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wayant City of Maryland Heights
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer Ms. Joanne Reardon Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Minogue Mr. & Mrs. Michael Crimmins  Vandegrift Corinne Schram Mrs. Anita Whitcomb Parks & Recreation
Anderson Mr. & Mrs. John Truex Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Sanden Catherine Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dean Dorothy Modglin Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Clayton Pet Emporium
Anonymous Ms. Beverly Bates Mr. & Mrs. Earl Schraier Mrs. Corine Duft Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ellis Mrs. Elizabeth McRoberts Mrs. Rose Ragin CODI Jewelry, LLC
Ms. Eleanor Bars Andrew Vetor Statre Corporation Ms. Jennifer Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Ms. Catherine Espinosa Vickie Lynn Nachman Jeffrey Shrode Gifts-In-Kind Covidien
Mr. John Hagan & Ms. Cynthia Bednarczy Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wanko Mr. & Mrs. Larry Petri Mr. & Mrs. John Prosperi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Essex Ms. Sondra Sanders Ms. Jennifer Hitt Creve Coeur Camera
 Ms. Deborah Bixler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vogler Mary Ahlers Mrs. Lawrence Petri Mr. & Mrs. Walter Reisinger, Jr. Ms. Joan Fick Harriet Nagle Jules Snitzer Dave & Buster’s of St. Louis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ciecalone Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Garry Hitt Mr. & Mrs. James Rotter Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rice Mr. & Mrs. James Fleming Elite Investment Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett Dave Grossman, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Konrad Dias Ms. Eleanor Bars Lucretia Armstrong Mrs. Ruth Rotter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Samuel Ms. Jo-Ann Goldstein Advisors, Inc. Gilbert Stewart A.K.S. Designs & Marketing Detachment of Missouri Sons
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gollihur, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lawton Drury, Jr. Mrs. Donna Schneider Mr. & Mrs. V. Richard Scarfino Ms. Kimberly Schalk Mr. & Mrs. John Gunther Brian Michael O’Dell Mrs. Donna Bradnan Alden R. Brown Elementary of the American Legion
Mr. Charles Gulas Mr. & Mrs. Al Haushalter Kathryn Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Tim Varady Mr. & Mrs. W. Stevens Schmid Ms. Margaret Hachman Ms. Doris Abrams Mr. & Mrs. Joel Brett Amant’s Floor Care Squadron
Mr. & Mrs. Al Haushalter Ms. Linda Hoernig Ms. Jennifer Hitt Mrs. Rosemarie Weil Mrs. Donna Schneider Ms. Jennifer Hitt Aaron O’Neal Mr. Gordan Gale & America’s Incredible DIBA Imports
Mr. Richard Hayes Ms. Claire Kostyshock Harry Bean Betty Hogan Ms. Cheryl Schwegel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Holdener Mrs. Lauri Tanner  Ms. Erin Donovan Pizza Company Dierbergs Markets
Ms. Linda Hoernig Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kozmo Kodner Gallery Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sepe Ms. Julia Hymes Kathleen Orr Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hoover Ameristar Casino St. Charles Down Under Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Holtmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lehenbauer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hess Mrs. Virginia Kreuzer Drs. Pedro & Rosa Suarez-Solar Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bittle Mr. Dean Jones Amini’s Home Rugs & Dr. Pepper/Snapple
Ms. Claire Kostyshock Mr. & Mrs. Jorden Lewis Mrs. Lauri Tanner Barbara Holekamp Mrs. Lauri Tanner Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Mr. & Mrs. Larry Blair Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mohr Game Room Dr. & Mrs. Ron Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. Jorden Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Polson Mary Ann Beck Barnes Retina Institute Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmermann Mr. Jeff Kelly Mr. D.D. Brock Ms. Margaret Oney Andre Agassi Charitable Dr. Maya Angelou
Ms. Shannon Loso Mr. Joseph Roggi Ms. Laurie Slattery C & R Mechanical Company Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vandegrift Ms. Bethany King Mr. Ed. Coates & Ms. Penny Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pitlyk Foundation Dr. Thomas Krapu
Mr. & Mrs. John Milla Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roggi Eve Bleich Cardinal Glennon Children’s Mrs. Virginia Vandegrift Mr. & Mrs. Jason Kinker  Moorehouse-Coates Ms. Anna Rice Annex Two Drury Inns, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Polson Peter von Gontard Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman  Foundation Footprints Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wehrfritz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leitner Ms. Jane Hense Ms. Opal Roberts ApexIT Consulting Group, Inc. Edy’s Grand Ice Cream
Mr. Joseph Roggi Ms. Tina Busche Florence Black Boschert   Program Mrs. Gloria White Mr. & Mrs. John Massera, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Koch Travis Tanner Applebee’s Eleven Mile House
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sicking Patricia Weier Ms. Mary Ann Kuhlmann Ms. Marybill Andrews Ms. Janet Zerr Ms. Karen Massey Mr. & Mrs. Brett C & R Mechanical Company Baileys’ Chocolate Bar/ EmbroidMe
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Woehrle Mr. & Mrs. Harry Weier Jay Bower Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bardwell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zuniga Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mayer  Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Rooster Energizer Battery Company, Inc.
Mary Jane Roth Mr. & Mrs. Ron Weil Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Broderick, Jr. Eleanora Jobusch Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morris Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Edwards Basket Creations, Inc. Essex Dental Benefits
Mrs. Donna Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Neal Nathanson William Burns Ms. Rebecca Coker Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Barbeau Mr. & Mrs. David Price  Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. Leland Macon Baxter Farms and Nurseries Fitz’s American Grill and
Ruth Rotter Miss Mary Louise Wiederkehr Mrs. Elizabeth McRoberts Mr. Matt & Dr. Susan Conger Dr. Joyce Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Tim Randolph Mr. & Mrs. Ron Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mihalich Bentley Studio, Ltd. Bottling Works
Ms. Jennifer Hitt Mrs. Lauri Tanner Harriett Butler Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cortopassi Mrs. Virginia Vandegrift Mr. & Mrs. David Schaeg Mr. & Mrs. Terry Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse Big Sky Café Food With Finesse, LLC
Cathy Samuel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Witte Dr. & Mrs. Ron Garrett Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff Vineita Jones Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Pat Orr Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day Bissell Mansion Restaurant Frazer’s Restaurant & Lounge
Ms. Karen Goodman Mr. John Streett Joseph Cassell Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Davis Mr. & Mrs. Doug Mullikin  Schillinger, Jr. Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino and Dinner Theatre Fred Weber, Inc.
Joe Schenberg Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Jonathan Kapper Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Signorelli Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ziulkowski Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rice Black Sheep Foundation GenXmex Taco Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Michael C. Cioffi Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Denk Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Simmons Ben Peck Mrs. Donna Schneider Botanicals Design Studio Girl Scout Troop #3274
Loiterstein Mr. & Mrs. James O’Connor, III Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Dominic Kleiber Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stanard Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmermann Boxing Cat Entertainment Girl Scout Troop #782
Donna Schneider Master Jeremiah Cross Mr. & Mrs. James Eager Kaemmerlen Electric Ms. Lynn Stegmann Lawrence Petri Leo Tarzwell Bradburn’s Parent/Teacher Gus’ Pretzel Shop
Ms. Martha Dyer Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Keith Esarey Company Mrs. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Garry Hitt Mr. Rickard Tarzwell Store H & H Health Associates

26 27
Happy Joe’s Pizza Mr. & Mrs. Brian Knop Mr. Ronnie Wren Sage Ventures LLC The Painted Zebra Board of Directors 2009 Chairman Members-at-Large
Happy Tails Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Carl Miller Mr. Tom Watson Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra The Pasta House Co.
Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Corey Vaughn Mrs. Gloria P. White Sam’s West County The Perfect Wedding Guide Richard A. Vandegrift Beverly Bates Clarice Patterson
Harrah’s Casino & Hotel Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rigdon Mrs. Karla Werre Sears Portrait Studio The Racket Man
retired, McCarthy Consultant Parent
Harvest Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmermann Mrs. Lauri Tanner Seven Gables Inn The Tenderloin Room
Hillyard Mr. & Mrs. David C. Abel Mrs. Maurie Cofman Shaare Emeth Temple The Time Boutique & Salon Building Companies, Inc. Walter Bazan Jr. Betsy Prosperi
Hodak’s Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. David Schaeg Mrs. Mickey Aach Youth Group Tiffany & Co.
Holiday Inn South Mr. & Mrs. David Vogelsang Ms. Adrienne Carlson Shedd The World’s Aquarium Tom James Clothier Vice Chairman Bazan Painting Co. Community Volunteer
Hollyhocks Flowers & Gifts Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brinkley Ms. Barbara Tarter Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Top Care Construction &
ICS, Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fretz Ms. Beverly Roth Shop ‘n Save Landscaping John Prosperi Jim Burdiss Jeana Reisinger
IL Vicino Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Kassabaum Ms. Bobbie Hamilton Silver Dollar City, Inc. Trader Joe’s Alliance Bernstein Affinia Group, Inc. Community Volunteer
Imo’s Pizza Mr. & Mrs. Eric Vondruska Ms. Brandi J. Gregory Silver Maple Farm Trainwreck Saloon
J Buck’s Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Buckley Ms. Candaice Kinder Six Flags Great America Tropik Sun Investment Management Chris Cioffi Paul Schwetz
Jewish Community Center Mr. & Mrs. Gary Saettele Ms. Christy Drake Six Flags St. Louis Universal Business Supply, Inc.
Centene Corporation Data Connection
John Pils Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Lairmore Ms. Evail Boyd Sophia M. Sachs Vie Secretary
June’s Greenery Mr. & Mrs. Jack Phillipe Ms. Jamie Mayden Butterfly House Vivian’s Vineyard Sondra M. Denk Corporation
Kansas City Chiefs Mr. & Mrs. James Kienker Ms. Margaret Oney Southwest Airlines Walter Knoll Florist Thomas J. Minogue
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Virant Ms. Mary Caldwell Space Architecture and Wapango Restaurant Wachovia Bank Rabbi Mark L. Shook
Football Club Thompson Coburn, L.L.P.
Kennelwood Pet Resorts Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Mulligan Ms. Mimi Mednikow Design Studio Weber’s Front Row Temple Israel
Ms. Mindy McNance St. Louis Blues 14 Fund & Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa
George R. Edinger, Sr.
Kenny Wallace Fan Club Mr. & Mrs. Keith Esarey Treasurer
Kirkwood Florist, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Holman Ms. Myra Moscowitz St. Louis Blues Wildflowers C & R Mechanical Co. Mark Stafford
Knodel’s Bakery Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ellis Ms. Nancy Eisen St. Louis Brewery Woodard Cleaning & Steve Cortopassi
Kreis’ Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Emas Ms. Norma Vavra Schlafly Beer Restoration Services R. Bruce Frazer retired, Anheuser-Busch
Krispy Kreme Donuts Mr. & Mrs. Matt Cowick Ms. Patti Hummert St. Louis Cardinals, LLC Woodbury Financial Services Overland Metals, Inc. Companies, Inc.
Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.
KTRS The Big 550 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Ms. Sara Hollenberg St. Louis Cigars World Aquarium
La Tropicana Market Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sepe Ms. Susan Walters St. Louis Corvette Club Yellowstone Café – Steven Harpole Andrew Stroud, Jr.
Ladue Florist Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vitale Ms. Tayona Mayhew St. Louis Rams Foundation Lazy River Grill
Ernst & Young, L.L.P. DHR International
Lemon Spalon Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Goewert Mulligan’s Grill St. Louis Sports Zone
Lids/Hat World Mr. & Mrs. Rich Braun Neiman Marcus St. Louis Suburban Timothy J. Wehrfritz
Nestlé Purina Barbershop Chorus
John I. Izuchukwu, PhD
Llywelyn’s Pub Mr. & Mrs. Roman Clarkson Ranken Jordan thanks
Maggiano’s Little Italy Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Clark Newborns In Need, Inc. St. Louis Zoo and recognizes all donors; Missouri University of Pretium Packaging, LLC
Mary Tuttle’s Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Cortopassi Niche Restaurant Stan the Man, Inc. if your name was omitted Science and Technology
Maryland Heights Church Mr. & Mrs. T. Scott Poole Norwood Hills Country Club Strauss Peyton, Inc. or erroneously spelled, please
of Christ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Murphy Nurses to Go Studio Branca contact the Development Nita Fowler Johnson, D.D.S. Laureen K. Tanner, R.N., M.S.N.
McArthur’s Bakery Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Nolan Outrider Sweet Be’s Office at 314.872.6414.

Photography & Design: Paul Bussmann LLC, St. Louis

McDonald’s Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Paul Manno’s St. Louis Sysco Food Services St. Louis It is our intent to accurately Dentist, St. Louis County President & CEO
Medical Specialties Reisinger, Jr. Penn Station East Coast Subs TakeIt Design acknowledge all donors. Health Dept. Nicholas A. Holekamp, M.D.
Distributors, LLC Mr. Arnold Palmer Petropolis Ted Drewes Inc.
Melanie’s Mr. Bernhard Langer Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity Rho The Bug Store Michael Maurer, Jr., M.D. Chief Medical Officer
Meleanas Flowers Mr. Brian Orr Lambda Chapter The Cakery
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Albert’s Story

I was in a nursing home.

My life was four walls and a ceiling,
laying on my back,
watching Oprah and tube feeding.
I couldn’t talk. Couldn’t move.
Ranken Jordan – A Pediatric Specialty Hospital
11365 Dorsett Road Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
One day Doc Holekamp came to visit.
tel: 314.872.6400 www.rankenjordan.org
He asked me if I’d be interested
The Ranken-Jordan Home for Convalescent Crippled Children
in coming to Ranken Jordan.