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Real Estate Seen to Boom in 2015

CEBU, Phln The continuous uturn of th rl estate sector wll n a wdr dr of

opportunity t bth dvlr nd bur n 2015, lr predict lwr dwnmnt
hm, rnt-t-wn ffr nd mr h.

A lt of dvlr will xnd or buld more residential rrt in Cebu n 2015. Ll dvlr
r lkl to gt hld of th mrkt compared t ntnl players, d Phln Alld Chmbr f Real
Estate Brkr nd Licensed Slmn (PhlAr) Prdnt Anthn Lutr.
Th mrkt wll a muh hghtnd mttn, while vlblt of land hrnkng wthn th
mtrl, dvlr wll be frd to buld kt ndmnum and pocket ubdvn.
Cndmnum wll tll b the top rrt f local developers. They n offer ttrtv payment
hm faster. Th dvntg f ll developers is th n l be negotiated nd mk decisions
faster, ddd Lutr.
Lkw, Philippine Atn of Rl Ett Board-Cebu Rl Estate Brd (PAREB-CEREB) rdnt
Samuel L d tht local dvlr hv mr advantages mrd t national players, lthugh
gnt rl estate mn r nw starting t make thr presence flt here.

Lao d that th gd Fng Shu forecast fr th 2015 r f th h, is n t uh tlt to

nvt mr on rl tt projects, and Cbu, nd thr key areas n th Suthrn Phln r n
t f th lt.
A muh bunt real tt mrkt seen n 2015, this environment wll rvd bttr, f not bt
rtunt for both bur and dvlr, d Leuterio.
The ASEAN Intgrtn wll l mk a more rfund presence n the sector, sensing that ntrt for
rl tt dvlmnt will only come frm ll nd ntnl dvlr, but real tt mn
frm th ASEAN untr are untng the Phln thr numbr n rrt for rgnl
In 2015, Lutr said th rl tt brokers are anticipating the entry f international players n the
rrt dvlmnt, th will ut more rur t th already mttv nvrnmnt, but n the
thr hand this wll l gv a gd brk t bur.
PAREB mmbr r already preparing to ntrt th ASEAN region wth its move t n up
htr in th region especially in Thlnd, Vtnm nd Malaysia.
PAREB t rdnt Tomasito Academia d that Fln wrkng and residing within th ASEAN
rgn wll b bl t gt thr ln without having to g hm, and n rmt nd sell properties
Academia d tht although th gvrnmnt-t-gvrnmnt grmnt on th matter h t t b
frmlzd, the rvt tr lr n th rl estate brokerage tr in the Phln are getting
ahead nd establishing their foundations wthn the ASEAN bl.
Th mv, h d, will rvd at lt two dvntg fr Fln t rmt nd market rrt
in the Phln, specifically condominiums, in preparation l fr the fr-flw f real tt market
exchanges n th integration is fully implemented.
On a chapter will be frmd brd, Academia d th Professional Regulations Cmmn will set
u an ffhr licensing xmntn.
The Philippines, specifically Cbu, is vn hd n the urb in terms of rvdng a l f rfnl
in th rl estate mngmnt, mjr unvrt r nw ffrng a full ur n rl tt
mngmnt, th B.S. Real Ett Mngmnt, whh wll have its frt graduates in 2016.
Th rl tt mngmnt expert ddd that the robust growth f th rl tt tr n th
Phln, which seen to hld a lngr trth, will l provide real estate mngmnt
rfnl bggr and brghtr opportunities ahead, gnfntl wth th ntgrtn.

Currntl, PAREB h vr fur thousand members across th untr, wth 62 mmbr boards
nludng CEREB.
Ovr Fln Wrkr will tll ld n th buyers profile, although frgnr r also getting mr
active n urng ndmnum rrt in Cbu, either for investment r nd hm units.
Whl th market is rrtbl active, Lutr wrnd that brkr nd gnt huld also be mr
rtv n promoting rrt, nd nnvtv mrktng strategies will b ntrdud fll to
th dllr-rnng market.
The thrt f n tv nd rtunt-flld rrt tr, l spotted nd bur huld be
clever nugh t nl dl wth licensed brkr nd agents, as th rn of fl-b-nght rl tt
rdut llr nnt l b vdd.
Meanwhile, demand fr property rental n bth commercial and rdntl project wll l gt more
exciting in 2015, d Lutr.
Rntl wll be a grt enterprise n 2015. Mr ff wll b nng in Cebu, nd mr will be
ndng hung unt, Leuterio said.
Th ft movement f rrt dvlmnt whh a dwnturn effect on lw moving
nfrtrutur huld be taken very seriously fll n 2015.
On the thr hand, a rl tt dvlr xrd confidence tht Cebu will b able to th u wth
th robust growth n rrt development, th local gvrnmnt unt ddrng th nrn.
Cbu Landmasters In., (CLM) President Jose Soberano III said th rblm f nfrtrutur, and th
u of flooding n the mtrl th nrml rtn of a bmng t lk Cebu, nd that
dvlmnt t fx th concern wll fllw ut.
Soberano, wh company one f th mt tv n trm of expansion, d tht what gd about
Cebu th private sector nd the gvrnmnt r coordinating.
W hw the gvrnmnt/uthrt are exerting ffrt in lvng th nfrtrutur problem,
d Sbrn, reiterating h blf that Cbu will b vd frm vrdvlmnt u, while the real
tt dvlmnt tr wll ntnu t nj brisk bun. /BRP (FREEMAN)
By Ehda M. Dagooc (The Freeman) | Updated January 2, 2015 - 12:00am
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