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Syllabus for Junior Executive (ATC):

The Question paper comprises of 4 parts:

Elective paper from concerned engineering branch

General English
General Knowledge
Mental ability Test which is numerical or logic based

Technical Exam Syllabus:

Microwave ,
Digital electronics ,
Computer ,
Control system ,
Information technology
Electronics ,
Communication ,
Modern Physics:
o Quantum Mechanics,
o Electrical conductivity in metals,
o Dielectric and magnetic properties of materials,
o Lasers,
o super conductivity and
o optical Fibers
o Battery Technology
o Fuel Cell
o Corrosion Science & Control
o Chemical Energy Sources
o Solar Energy
o Electrochemical Energy Systems
o Metal finishing &
o Electroless Plating.
o Differential Calculus
o Vector Calculus & Infinite Series
o Laplace Transform
o Partial Differentiation
o Integral Calculus &Application
o Differential Equation
o Vector Integration
o Integral Calculus.

o Operation Systems
o Networks of an Internets
o Computer peripherals
o Data Processing
o Data storage
o Algorithms & Flow charts
o Computer aided sketching.
o Number System and Digital Logic DC Circuits
o Electromagnetism
o Single phase AC Circuits
o Three phaseCircuits
o Measuring Instruments
o Semiconductors diodes
o Transistor
o Amp & oscillators
o OP Amp,Communication Systems
o Domestic Wiring
o DC Machine Transformer
o Synchronous Generation
o Three phase Induction motor.

Non Technical Exam Syllabus:

General knowledge,
o Indian and World Geography,
o History,
o Places,
o Indian Politics and
o Economy
English language,
Reasoning and
General mathematics
General Aptitude
General English