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There is a new teacher at school. Jim is interviewing him for the school magazine. Read
the dialogue.
Jim: Good morning, Mr Morgan. Can I ask you some
questions for the school magazine?
Mr. Morgan: Yes, sure.
Jim: Where are you from?
Mr. Morgan: Im from Los Angeles, in the U.S.A.
Jim: Where do you live?
Mr. Morgan: I live in a country house near Reading.
Jim: Do you live alone?
Mr. Morgan: No, I live with my wife and my son, Tommy.
Jim: Do you have a busy life? What do you do everyday?
Mr Morgan: I usually get up at 7 oclock. I prepare breakfast for the three of us: eggs and bacon, orange juice,
cereal, coffee and some toast. Then I ride my bike to school.
Jim: Where do you have lunch?
Mr. Morgan: I have lunch in the school canteen. I finish classes at half past three, but I stay in school till 5 or
6 p.m. Teaching is hard work, you know, but I like it. We have dinner at 7 p.m. On Tuesday and Thursday
evenings I play handball with some friends.
Jim: Thank you, Mr. Morgan and welcome to our school.

A. Answer these questions about the interview.

1. Whats his job? _____________________________________________________
2. Where does he live? _________________________________________________
3. Does he live alone? __________________________________________________
4. What time does he get up? ____________________________________________
5. What does he have for breakfast? ______________________________________
6. How does he go to school? _____________________________________________
7. Where does he have lunch? ____________________________________________
8. When does he play handball? ___________________________________________

B. Write the NEGATIVE FORM of the following sentences.

1. He has a shower. ____________________________________________________

2. They go to school by bus. ______________________________________________

3. Tommy studies English. _______________________________________________
4. She is a dancer. ___________________________________________________


1. They play the piano. _________________________________________________
2. We are at the cinema. ________________________________________________
3. She likes hip-hop. ___________________________________________________
4. He washes the car. __________________________________________________

D. Complete with: DO / DOES / DONT / DOESNT.

1. ______________ you go to the cinema on Sundays? Yes, I ____________.
2. ________________ he speak French? No, he ______________.
3. Where ______________ she live?
4. What ______________ they eat at school?
5. _______________ your parents work at weekends? No, they ____________.
6. ______________ your mother cook everyday? Yes, she _______________.

E. Rewrite the sentences using the adverbs of frequency in the correct position.
1. Mary wakes up early in the morning. (ALWAYS)
2. They go to the Algarve on holidays. (SOMETIMES)
3. He is at school on time. (USUALLY)
4. We have a bath before dinner. (OFTEN)

F. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs.

Eve is Mr Morgans friend. She is thirty years old. She ____________ (be) a student, but she also
_________________ (work) in a bookshop. Eve _________________ (get up) very early. She usually
__________________ (do) jogging in the morning. She ________________ (have) breakfast at 7.30. For
breakfast she usually ____________ (drink) fruit juice and ____________ (eat) a sandwich. Then she
___________ (go) to school by bus. School ____________ (finish) at 4 oclock. She ____________
(arrive) at 4.30. In the afternoon she _____________ (study) and _____________ (go) swimming. Before

dinner she _____________ (set) the table and _____________ (help) her mother in the kitchen. Eve and
her mother ____________ (have) dinner at 8 oclock. After that they ____________ (play) cards,
____________ (watch) TV and _____________ (read). Finally she ______________ (have) a shower and
________________ (clean) her teeth.

G. Whats the time?

I Read the letter.

Los Angeles, 5th January 2013

Dear penfriend,
My names Linda Green. I am twelve years old and I go to a school
in Los Angeles in California. Its a nice school and Ive got lots of

sentences TRUE (T)
or FALSE (F)? Mark
correct the false

friends there. I live1 with my parents and

T my Ftwo brothers,CORRECT
and Greg. My father is a teacher and my mother is a nurse. My
1. Linda lives in England.
brothers are students and they are fourteen and sixteen. We are good
2. Lindas father works in a school.
3. Mr. Green is Normans father.
My favourite hobby is playing basketball. I play basketball twice a
4. Linda doesnt like listening to music.
week goes
and to
I am
5. Linda
on good
foot. at it. I also like music and talking to my
friends. In fact, I love music: I listen to music every day.

school. My favourite school subject is Science. I would like to be a

B Ask or answer
the questions about

scientist. I dont go home for lunch, I have it at school. You know, I


Every morning I get up at 7:20. At 8:00 I take the 24 bus to

have lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. They finish at 4:30
pm. After dinner I watch TV, listen to music or surf the net. I go to
sleep at 11:20 because I get up early in the morning.
What about you? What do you do everyday?
Write to me soon. Its great to have a penfriend.
Love Linda
Linda is 12 years old.
2. ___________________________________________________________________?
She is American.
3. How many brothers has she got?
4. How old are they?
5. ___________________________________________________________________?
Linda gets up at half past seven.
6. Where does she have lunch?
7. What time does she go to sleep?

II A reporter is interviewing Greg, Lindas brother. Complete the dialogue.

REPORTER: Can I ask you some questions about your daily routine?
GREG: Yes, of course.
REPORTER: ___________________________________________________________?
GREG: I get up at half past seven.

REPORTER: ___________________________________________________________?
GREG: I go to school by bike.

REPORTER: ___________________________________________________________?

GREG: I have lunch at school.

REPORTER: ___________________________________________________________?
GREG: I do my homework before dinner.

REPORTER: Thank you very much.

GREG: Youre welcome.
III Linda is doing homework. Help her.
Write the sentences in the negative and interrogative forms.
1. She is from the USA.
NEG.: ______________________________________________________________.
INT.: ______________________________________________________________?
2. She listens to music every day.
NEG.: ______________________________________________________________.
INT.: ______________________________________________________________?
3. She has got two pets.
NEG.: ______________________________________________________________.
INT.: ______________________________________________________________?
4. She has dinner at home.
NEG.: _____________________________________________________________.
INT.: _____________________________________________________________?
IV Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple.
1. In this school students _______________ (not / have) lessons on Saturday.
They always ______________ (have) sport activities.
1. Linda _______________ (not / like) football but she ______________
(love) basketball .

I _______________ (not / go) to school on foot. I always ______________ (ride)

my bike.

V Write the words in order to make correct sentences.

1. never / basketball / Linda / plays / in the morning / .
2. go / home / Norman and Greg / usually / on foot / do / ?
3. is / to school / late / sometimes / Norman / .

VI Kate is Lindas friend. Look at the pictures and write about her daily


Kate _______________________ at ____________________________________.


VII Write about your daily routine. Write at least 10 sentences.

My daily routine