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Memorandum of understanding (MOU)

University of Burao (UB)
Camel Livestock and Animal Support Services (CLASS).

This memorandum of understanding (herewith referred to as the

memorandum) is made on the 30/09/2009 between “CLASS” a development
organization and UB particularly the College of Animal Sciences (CAS) a
higher education institution in Burao, Somaliland.

Where as CLASS is an organization striving to upgrade livestock support

services consisting Camel husbandry, feed resource production, camel milk
production and livestock promotion. Where as UB is a high education
institution aiming to provide opportunities and technical expertise to
livestock stakeholders (SH). This is particularly so for neglected rural and
urban poor local development (SH) through NGOs such as CLASS.

Now therefore the two parties have agreed as follows.

1.0 -Objectives of the memorandum.

1.1 The overall objective of this is to develop a network between

CLASS and UB on the following areas
1.2 Creation and promotion of livestock support services with the
emphasis on Camel development.
1.3 Creation of livestock feed resources, firstly, for the urban
domestic animals and secondly to build up a reserve feed
resources for the nomadic livestock/animals.
1.4 To establish sustainable VET or AH services/centers in the
regional capital, Burao, and subsequently upstream AH services to
rural areas, pastoral villages and localities.
1.5 To do capacity building (CB) relevant/interested groups or
individuals whereas in all these initiatives CLASS will assume the
delivery/administration of the activities and UB (through CAS)
will assume the overall supervision and control of the programs.
2.0 Appointments and contacts.

2.1 CLASS will appoint in writing their contact person while the UB
will similarly appoint their contact person in writing.
2.2 Setup a Steering Group (SG) for each program activity(ies) to
smooth operations and ensure participation of relevant local SH,
service user in particular.
2.3 Select SG members from relevant expert professionals within
CLASS, UB, Funding Inst.(if possible) and responsible local SH-
program users, community leaders/elders and officials.

3.0 Duration of the memorandum.

3.1 The MOU will continue through time until one or other of the
partners decides to terminate
3.2 Each party may terminate the present MOU should any of the
conditions above not be fulfilled by one of the parties.

4.0 Dispute resolution.

4.1The two parties agreed in the event of any controversy between

the partners, they will accept the mediation of a commission
composed of;

-A representative of CLASS’s executive committee.

-A representative of UB.
-And a third person chosen by the parties.

Chairman of CLASS,
Mohamed Muse Qasal

Deputy Vice Chancellor
Abdilaziz Mohame Jama

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