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Why Scientific Illuminism Isn't Really For Sissies

by Eric Young

this release is sort of a sideways direction for me, an outgrowth of what i do normally. most
of my time in music is spent working with other people, trying to fit their visions together into
something that is pleasing to others also. it's a facilitative career that i am in. producers do a lot of
work that goes unrecognized in making an album, whether it is sculpting the sounds of multiple
voices into sultry smoothness or adjusting compression ratio on an overanxious bass groove so that
it nestles snugly in with the drums. on the social side, i come into contact with many people who
influence what i do in many ways. on most albums, i feature a number of different vocalists, in other
cases featuring producers with whom i collaborate. this involves having a vision of what the finished
product will be well before the start of production, yet remaining open to collaborators' influences
and ideas during the creation, recording, and finalization processes. it's like being a map-maker,
and having to constantly rewrite the maps you spend your time on.
Scientific Illuminism is a sort of map-making. it's an experimental method of living your life.
it's a way to reflect upon what you know about yourself, and ask how you know it. it's a pair of fresh
new contacts, right out of the package.

Scientific Illuminism is defined, according to Wikipedia, as:

Did you mean: scientific humanism

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well, then... that leads us to ask: what the hell is scientific illuminism? how can i find out?
why am i spending my whole afternoon in front of the computer again, instead of walking my dog
like i have been meaning to for two days? he's been going out into the yard and i just know i'm
going to have to scoop all that dog crap up eventually.


Scientific Illuminism can be loosely defined as:

1. a modern version of gnosticism
2. a science based upon subjectivity
3. the most ancient and ultimate science by the use of which a man attains profound Understanding
of the Universe and his own being, obtains power and wisdom to rule his way in eternity, conquer
the conditions of existence and become a God incarnate upon the earth
that last one might be a little over the top, but it's got a good point. every branch of modern
science has derived from ancient forms of magick. chemistry originated within European medieval
alchemy. mathematics and astronomy came from Hebrew Qabala and Arabian astrology. Modern
medicine started with traditional healer's wisdom and herbalism, while psychology began with the
Mystery cults and Eastern thought.
great pioneers of science and philosophy are well-known to have been initiated in various
mystical societies. Isaac Newton, Bruno, Johann Von Goethe, Michael Faraday, Benjamin
Franklin... the list goes on.
The Scientific Method has given the world many blessings. we have obtained knowledge of
how to harness the elements, explore outer space, and create material objects of physical
convenience. All of these came from the Great Science that was the cornerstone of our ancient and
modern worlds.
The Science of Magick offers us what no other science can offer, however. Magick can offer
us mere animals, naked apes, the ability to evolve into something infinitely larger. by the correct
understanding and application of Magick, one can attain to new horizons of consciousness and
spiritual enlightenment, as well as effectively changing the world around into a much more liveable

left unchecked, the "spiritual and revelatory" qualities of a magickal existence can lead into
terrible wastelands of self-limiting beliefs. therefore, it is adviseable to explore this new science
using the standard Scientific Method:
Use your experience
Form a conjecture
Deduce a prediction from that explanation

With a Method of Science spirituality becomes a strict discipline of research and evolution,
not a matter of blind faith and fear. there is still a place for faith, but you will find faith in your own
experience to be of infinitely more value than faith based on ignorance and superstition. fear
resolves into surprise and anticipation. knowledge resolves into wisdom and bliss. mystery turns into
to engage in the practice of Scientific Illuminism does not require enrollment or initiation
into any cults or religious movement. all it requires is a spirit of discovery and an open-minded
attitude to new information and experience.
the days of self-discovery and the search for enlightenment and divinity within being seen as
"occult" or somehow connected to evil are over. in today's age of instant connection and knowledge
literally at our fingertips, we should be using this connectivity to gain knowledge and fellowship
throughout the world. every culture around the world has its roots in the Ancient Mysteries, so one
wouldn't have to look too far to find ideas and people to connect with.
there are communities worldwide that are taking on the banner of Scientific Illuminism, in
order to grow and realize their fullest potentials. there are collections of techniques available on the
internet that will set people on their way to understanding themselves and the world around them in
a relatively small period of time.

your brain

-copyright 2009 eric young