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Application Overview and


Business Information Warehouse

Configuration of DP and SNP

Demand Planning (DP)

Core Interface CIF

Supply Network Planning (SNP)

Capable to Match

Configuration of PPDS

Production Planning and Detailed Sc


Configuration of GATP

Actual Video Name

SCM application overview,master data
and Integration

Business Information Warehouse

Configuration of Demand Planning

Configuration of Supply Network Planning

Interactive planning table and additional

feature in DP

Forecasting process in DP
Generation of Proportional Factor -DP
Lifecycle planning in DP
Promotion planning in DP
Realliigbment in DP
Advanced macro in DP
Mass Processing in DP
Forecast Alerts profile in DP
Mass Processing-Release demand to SNP
Process Chain in SCM
Core Interface Functionality

SNP overview and Master data

SNP Master data and Transanction data
SNP Heuristic overview

CTM Overview
CTM Master Data

Configuration of PPDS

PPDS Overview and Master Data


Configuration of GATP

Topic Covered
SAP APO Overview and Function of Planning Appli

Internal SAP SCM Business Warehouse

Set up Demand and Supply planning in SCM APO-C

Set Up SNP

Apply Demand Planning DP for forcasting

Integration between SAP APO and ECC systems us

Apply supply network planing (SNP) for cross loca

Capable to Match (CTM) in SCM

Set up Production Planning and Detailed Schedul

ApplyProduction Planning and Detailed Scheduling

Set Up Global Available to Promise

Sub Topic Covered

Concepts of Supply Chain Management
List the Advantages of APO
Summarize the functions of the planning applications in APO
Integration and Technology (Live Cache,Integration with OLTP system
using CIF)
Modeling and Evaluation in APO (Overview of Master Data and
Transanction data for supply chain planning,Function of Model and
Overview of master data and transanction data in APO
Purpose of Internal Business warehouse and concept of extrcation of
transanctional data
Role and Function of Data warehousing workbench and Components
Structure of Characteristics and Key Figures
Overview of datasource and data extraction
Process of configuring LIS for data structure
Infosource,Infopackages and Infocube in detail
Creating Planning Object Structure
Planning levels of demand planning in POS
Task of planning object structure,master data and characteristics
values combinations
Creation of Characteristics values combinations
Create planning area and Planning Book with data view
Set aggregation and disaggregation for key figures
create time series in live cache
Key figures setting in planning area
Discribe aggregatin and disaggregation mehods
Calculate proportional factors
Planning Object structure
Planning area
Planning Book and Data view
Macro and Alerts
Demand Integrative planning Table and additional features in DP

Forecasting Process (Univariant Forecast,MLR,composite ,consensus

Generation of proportional factor in DP
Life Cycle planning (Reallignment,Lifecycle planning and Product
Advance Macros in DP
Promotion Planning
Mass Processing

Processc chain in DP
Architecture of the integration of the system SAP ECC with the
system SAP SCM: logical systems, target systems, queued RFC,
RFC-destinations, business system group
Generation of integration models for the core interface (selection of
master and transaction data which should be transferred)
Activation of integration models (transfer of the selected data)
Initial and change transfer of fundamental master data from the
SAP ECC (e.g. plant, distribution center, material)
Real-time transfer of transaction data (stocks, orders) from SAP
ECC as well as retransfer of transaction data like planning results
Reports for routine operation
Monitoring and treatment of errors during the transmission (CIF
cockpit, SCM queue manager, qRFC monitor, application log, and so
SNP Overview ,SNP Process flow.
Master data and Transanction data in SNP
Supply Network Planning Methods (Heuristic,optimizer and CTM)
Supply Network Planning Heuristic (Heuristic Run,Capacity Check and

Functionality of CTM
CTM master data selection
CTM planning process types
System landscape required for CTM
CTM demand and suuplyprocessing
CTM planning algorithim
Supply control with CTM
Maintain Number ranges for orders
Maintain Strategy Profiles
Maintain Planning Procedures and Planning Groups
Set up times
Maintain PPDS Heuristic setting and Profiles
Maintain work area
Maintain Period board profile and Time profiles
Set up maanagement and alert monitor
Set up propagation ranges
Role of PPDS in SCM
Master Data overview
Demand Management (PIR and sales orders,MTS & MTO)
Production planning (Prerequisite and Setting,Planning
Process,Heuristic for MRP planning and Firming)
Steps in PP (Net requirement calculation and lot size
calculation,Source determination,PPM/PDS explosion,Set up times
Tools and Production planning (Product view,Product planing
table,Pegging overview,Days supply,Detailed scheduling
board,Resource planing table,PPDS optimizer and Alert monitor)

Maintain Global Setting for Available check

Maintian Category,Check mode and Check instruction
Maintain ATP group and check control
Maintain Allocation object ,group and Procedure
Sequence of product allocation procedure
Maintain Rule strategy and sequence for rule-based avaivlable check
Parellelizing backorder processing

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