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Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

By Jeffrey D. Dean, Sr.

Christianity almost unanimously touts their version of Christ as having claimed to be

God! Their main argument being that Christ claimed many attributes that belong ONLY
to God and therefore he was either God or an incredible liar!

This has been an extremely complex debate that has raged literally for centuries and yet,
amazingly the truth of the matter is so simple that even a child can see it!

The Jewish Messiah, Yahshua (whom men call “Jesus”) did indeed claim many
attributes, rights, works, and words that belong ONLY to God yet this does NOT make
him “God incarnate.” Where Christians go intrinsically astray on this subject is
fundamentally a lack of understanding of the HOLY SPIRIT!

Yahshua Messiah was the “PROXY” of the Father! He was most definitely the “son of
God,” yet he made it clear that all who follow him in the Holy Spirit of love are ALSO
the “sons of God.” (Does this make all the followers God incarnate as well? Of course
not). When Messiah spoke, his words were not his own but came directly from the
Father. Where Christians trip up is in their failure to see that we have a command to do
likewise! The same goes for the WORKS of Messiah! It was “the father” who “did the
works” according to Messiah and so should it be for HIS followers! This truth is
repeated so many times in the New Testament anyone who denies it is merely self-

Messiah stated clearly that “I and the Father are one,” and this is just one of the quotes
attributed to him that Christians use to bolster the notion that Christ was God. Yet, they
ignore the truth and wash over the fact that Messiah also stated clearly that those who
follow him in the New Covenant of the Holy Spirit should also be “one with the Father.”
Again, this does NOT make the followers of Messiah “God incarnate,” and therefore,
“oneness” with the Father is not necessarily a claim to Godhead!

The most important truth the organized Christians wash over is that Messiah continually
spoke of the Father as someone else entirely, stating clearly that it was NOT HIM that did
the works but the Father. If Messiah WAS the Father it would make these statements of
Messiah completely meaningless and in fact truly would make not only CHRIST a liar
but the FATHER would be a liar as well, passing himself off as someone else entirely
while dwelling on the earth in bodily form.

Christians have invented the concept of the “Trinity” to defeat this logical conclusion,
however, the word trinity does not appear in the Scripture and furthermore, the trinity
idea completely contradicts the entire body of the Tanakh and the Torah which teach
emphatically that there is but ONE God and no other! The Trinity also cannot explain
how, in Revelation, God is clearly seen on the throne and the Lamb of God actually
approaches the throne and takes “the book” from “him that sits on the throne!” It is clear
from the entire body of the New Testament that the Messiah was regarded as a
SEPARATE PERSON from God the Father, with his own body, his own will and with
the complete ability to DISOBEY THE FATHER’S WILL if he so chose (something that
Messiah could NEVER have done if he was IN FACT the Father dwelling in Bodily
form)! How does one disobey one’s own will? The entire notion is ridiculous!

Christians disregard all of these arguments as some great unexplainable “mystery” that
we can never understand being mortal!

I regard this Christian “mystery” as “the mystery of iniquity” spoken of by the Apostles
in reference to the great falling away and the arise of the “antichrist.” The wickedness of
making Messiah “God incarnate” is that it completely nullifies and renders meaningless
the “oneness” that the followers of Messiah have with the Father! “Messiah in you, the
hope of Glory” is completely eradicated and forgotten by the Christian tradition of
Messiah as God! Never mind the basic idolatry of the worshipping of a man as God! (As
the scriptures warn not to worship the creation over the creator and further command us
not to reduce the image of God to that of the image of a corruptible man).

There is so much more that could be said on this. There is the basic logic that if Christ
was God he could not die (for God is eternal). We therefore reduce the resurrection of
Christ to a complete and utter sham. Furthermore, if Christ did not truly die (being the
eternal Father in reality) then he did not truly rise from the dead, and if Christ did not rise
than we have no hope and are yet in our sins! Making Christ “God incarnate” makes a
complete and utter mockery of his words, his works, his ministry, it further mocks God
and turns him into a flim-flam man, for why send the Holy Spirit to descend on the
Messiah in the form of a dove and why utter from heaven these words “this is my
beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” if Messiah was ACTUALLY GOD IN
PERSON? (Oh, yes, again that’s part of that elusive mystery Christians keep talking
about, I forgot).

After reading this small expose many will now better understand my book “Another
Jesus,” for clearly the prophecies found in the New Testament predict a day when the
world would turn the Jewish Messiah into “God Incarnate” and worship him as such!