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Chiron: much more than the Wounded Healer


Chiron: much more than the Wounded Healer

I was sent a gift of a book on Chiron recently, which opened

up my view on this planet/asteroid. When something turns up in life like this, I believe
the time must be ripe to learn more about it. I must admit I did read Melanie
Reinharts book a few years ago, but I never used it in my astrology work. This book by
Barbara Hand Clow has recaptured my interest. Both books give in-depth information
about Chiron but my knowledge is still sparse, However, I would like to share some
thoughts and insights I have gleaned from reading both books.
Chiron symbolizes the Human Race
There are many insights to be gained from the mythology of Chiron. He being half
horse and half human represents us as a human race. We, like him, bring mind and
body together and it is the synthesis of these two that make us human. Thus Chiron is
the archetypal pattern that is the bridge between our animal and spiritual self. Animus
(Latin spirit mind) Human means man with mind.
The Wounds of Chiron
The wounds are formed in the process of the animal side of our evolution and are
products of our raw instinctual self that can go so deep we fail to recognize them. In

ways of self protection or cultural refinement we repress them, which often manifest in
projection on others or the world.
Being half animal he could connect with his instinctive side, he understood the wounds
of rejection, being an outcast and what is was like to be different. Adopted by the Sun
god Apollo, he would have been taught to develop his mind; therefore he was able to
use this to become a great teacher and healer because he was able to bring in the mind
in understanding matter. Life is a great teacher and time is a great healer. As a human
race we are developing and using mind to master matter.
To heal a wound we must first find its cause. Also you cannot solve a problem on the
same level in which it is at. Getting to the root is often the emotion we felt when we first
encountered the pain. Emotions are that of our animal self and we need our minds to
understand it before we can begin to heal. Chiron could heal others but not himself.
Being objective and not emotionally involved we can see clearly the problems of others
and what they should do! Yet we often fail to see this in our own dilemma. We are
often driven by our deep wound in helping others and by so doing we are self healing.
Alternatively having gone through crisis or pain we then have the knowledge to assist
others. All elements of Chiron representing the growing stage of our human evolution.
Chiron was only relieved from his physical pain when he gave up his immortality by
changing places with Prometheus. Being punished by stealing fire from the Gods to
give to humans gives Prometheus an Uranain quality. This brings in another level of
our evolution. The mental stride we must make toward our higher faculties. Chiron is
the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. I will share my thoughts on this next week.
To summarize, Chiron links the mind with the body and represents us as a human
race. He was a centaur, who apparently were a lecherous, unruly lot, which I think
depicts our animal nature. His rejection gave the opportunity to be conditioned by
Apollo, where he developed the mind. Showing how adversity can cultivate abilities
within us. The wounds we receive from our evolutionary journey can only be healed
from the light and power of the mind. This being a higher level, that of the Gods! Yet
our instinctive nature must not be neglected, it has a purpose and it holds much
knowledge. Chiron is a symbol of our own human development it bridges our animal
nature to our human nature and this to our soul and spirit.
Chiron, because of his wound, was able to synthesize instinct and intellect. Is this not
what we humans aspire to do?
Reference Books:
Chiron and the healing Journey by Melanie

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Hand Clow