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John F.

Raymond NH 603 895 6365 jpernod62@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/johnpernod/
Fleet/Equipment Maintenance Manager
Quality and results orientated fleet/equipment maintenance professional with 25 plus years experience in the maintenance
management field seeking a position that can utilize my experience, vast knowledge of what it takes to operate and support a
leading maintenance organization and my untiring drive towards continuous improvement. A proactive leader that predicts
problems and identifies opportunities for improvement. Understands the need to manage day to day operations in order to
ensure equipment reliability, efficiency, availability and minimize unplanned equipment downtime. Experienced in managing
multi-maintenance locations. US Army veteran. Areas of expertise include;

Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance

Environmental Compliance
Leadership/Team Building
Analyzing Financial Data
Conduct Equipment/Facility Audits
Employee Orientations and Development
Inventory Management/Purchasing

Fleet/Equipment Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
Labor Relations and Agreements
Organize and Conduct Staff meetings
Investigate Accidents and Injuries
Skills and Risk Assessments
Quality Assurance/Failure Analysis

Management Development
Fuel Management
KPI Management
Develop Policies and Procedures
Enforce Accountability
Develop Technical and Safety Training
Develop standards


Greyhound Lines, Northeast, USA

2012 11/2014

Northeast Region Fleet Maintenance Manager

Responsible for Fleet Maintenance operations and repairs in Northeastern United States which included seven maintenance
facilities, 400+ coaches, $2M material inventories and 375 employees for the Greyhound, Bolt Bus and YO bus operations.
Managed all aspects of the preventative maintenance program compliance, equipment campaigns and capital projects.
Reviewed fleet and garage performance reports and operating costs. Managed labor agreements and reviewed grievances at
pre-arbitration level. Handled management performance issues and provided guidance with employee discipline. Promoted
safe work behaviors and stellar customer service by frequently interacting with all levels of the workforce. Coordinated and
monitored efforts to insure fleet availability requirements are met. Key contributions;

Zero lost time injuries through the 1st and 2nd quarter of FY15 by creating a safety team and developing initiatives that
were directly related to maintenance employees, processes, tools and facilities.
Reduction in Greyhound roadside failures by developing a team that investigated and categorized each failures which
identified failure trends, training needs and manufacturer defects. Communicated and implemented corrective action
plans based on failure analysis.
Identified and reversed poor maintenance practices with BOLT BUS by developing and implementing guidelines and
closely monitoring adherence. Personally took responsibility for proper execution of action plan and upkeep of customer
and driver amenities.
Created Quality Assurance program which would monitor the quality of PMIs performed and labor hours used at each
interval. The initiative would identify training needs, identify workmanship issues and recommend changes to the PMI
program itself.
Reduced outside maintenance costs by getting all garages networking together and directing any normally outsourced
repairs back to in-house garages.

Greyhound Lines Inc. Boston, MA

2004 2012

Fleet Maintenance Manager-Boston

Oversaw the departments economic and operating performance. Actively tracked maintenance and repairs in our fleet
management system. Routinely reviewed operation to minimize unplanned downtime, anticipate problems and identify
opportunities for improvement. Ensured compliance with Safety, Health and Environmental agencies. Directly managed
training, parts inventory and purchasing, fueling operations, facility maintenance/repairs and coach cleanliness. Regularly got
involved with vehicle/equipment problems due to my understanding of mechanical systems and ability to lead troubleshooting.
Direct involvement with correcting workmanship and behavioral issues through training and/or disciplinary.

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John Pernod


Fleet Maintenance Manager (2004 -2012) Boston, continued

Experience with various state DOT offices and FMCSA inspections. Mentored and coached management staff. Key

Achieved 95% or better on-time performance for four years straight (2008-2012)
70% reduction in employee grievances, 100% reduction in grievances going to arbitration.
Successfully represented Greyhound vs. City of Boston lawsuit regarding commercial parking permits
Achieved 97% inventory accuracy and 95% warranty recovery
Personally insured all OSHA and Environmental training was done on time, correctly and properly documented.
Successfully implemented tire, wheel & fastener and brake reline procedures

CoachUSA, New Brunswick, NJ

2001 - 2004

Director, Fleet Maintenance

Responsible for four fleet maintenance locations in New Jersey which provided commuter transportation into New York City
and charter operations all over the country and Canada. I was responsible for all aspects of fleet maintenance operations, labor
agreements, budgets, facilities and equipment. I worked closely with New Jersey Transit (NJT) acquiring and maintaining our
state subsidized contracts and worked to meet and exceed NJTs contractual maintenance guidelines. I was also responsible for
New Jersey and New York DOT guidelines governing our fleet with five managers and over 100 plus additional support
Academy Bus Lines, Hoboken, NJ

1999 2001

Chief of Maintenance
Responsible for nine fleet maintenance operations and 700+ coaches with nine managers and 200+ employees. I was
responsible for inventories, nine budgets, technical and safety trainings programs, development and implementation of PMI
programs and compliance standards, developed and performed fleet audits and was responsible for maintenance and capital
improvements of nine facilities and over 30 company cars/service vehicles. I was also on the company safety board overseeing
OSHA regulations, accidents/injuries and claims reviews. I worked closely with New Jersey Transit to meet and exceed NJTs
state subsidized maintenance requirements and maintained a good working relationship with NJ and NY DOT departments.
Greyhound Bus Lines, Various USA locations

1991 - 1999

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Started out in 1991 as a shift supervisor in the Dallas Texas Maintenance facility directly responsible for maintenance, repairs,
fueling and cleaning of inbound coaches. I was then promoted to Garage Manager in 1992 at the Jacksonville, Florida
Maintenance facility and later was transferred to the Miami, Florida Maintenance facility in 1994. Until 1999 I was responsible
for all fleet maintenance and repairs in the state of Florida which included maintenance sites in Tampa, Tallahassee,
Jacksonville and Orlando, Fl.
American Airlines, JFK Airport, NY

1986 - 1990

Ground Equipment Maintenance Manager

Responsible for the maintenance and repair of 382 powered and non-powered pieces of ground equipment and five cargo
warehouses with a staff of five supervisors and 36 mechanics, welders and facility technicians. I had developed technical, safety
and equipment training for all employees. I maintained all maintenance related records and equipment histories as well as Port
Authority inspections and licensing. Additional duties were de-icing operations and providing complete equipment
maintenance programs for Japan Air cargo and American Eagle operations.
Veteran US Army, West Germany

1981 - 1985

Sergeant -Honorable Discharge.

Assumed the position of team chief in charge of building, repairing, and issuing new vehicles to 7th Corp-Armed Forces Europe.
Became squad leader in charge of thirteen soldiers as well as the company Fire and Safety NCO. I was also assigned as the
primary trainer for the 13th S&S Combat Battalions long distance march team in 1984. I was a weapons trainer for a short time
with various NATO forces and was trained in terrorist prevention and countermeasures. At the end of my tour, I was acting
platoon sergeant for 45 soldiers and awaiting promotion at the age of 23.

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Central Texas College US Army/West Germany Campus Automotive Tech./ German Language
Newtown High School New York Graduate
US ARMY Aberdeen, MD -- 63W wheel vehicle diagnostics and repair course
St. Johns University Queens, NY -- Real Estate sales license
AMR Services Corporation JFK Airport Management Development course
American Airlines Arlington Texas Committing to leadership course
Detroit Diesel Miami, FL Detroit Diesel Electronic Control systems (DDEC)
Greyhound Lines Inc. Dallas, TX. -- Management Development course
MASS. DEP Boston, MA. Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures
UST Class A/B Operator certification
Forklift Operator License

State of Mass.
JJ Keller

Presidential Sports Award Ronald Reagan
Good Conduct Medal US Army
Army Achievement Medal US Army
1983 and 1984 100 mile march US Army
Mechanics Badge US Army
Mountaineering Badge US Army
Dutch & Swiss March Medals
Various certificates of achievement
Various letters of accommodation
1995 Manager of the Year Greyhound Bus Lines
March 1995 and March 1998 Manager of the Quarter Greyhound Bus Lines
2014 safety award for zero lost time injuries in entire Northeastern US

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