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CE120 Controller


Easy to operate with logical and functional front panel layout

Specially designed for the synthesis of analogue and digital control systems
Built-in 3 digit DVM, power supply and low frequency signal generators
Short-circuit and overload protected inputs and outputs
Dedicated menu driven software with virtual instrumentation
User application development via C source files for the communications core
MATLAB compatible data file format
Self-contained control and measurement centre for the whole Control Engineering Range, CE103CE110
Two year warranty

The CE120 Controller is one of a range of modular units designed to practically investigate the basic and
advanced principles of control engineering. It is primarily intended as the analogue/digital control element for
use with TecQuipment's Control Engineering Range, CE103-CE110. It may also be used as a stand alone general
purpose laboratory analogue/digital controller with any other compatible laboratory equipment.
Facilities available at the front panel for connection as required by the user include;
Analogue section containing the following circuits mounted in functional, and appropriately labelled, control
Four summing amplifiers - each with 3 '+ve' inputs and 1 '-ve' input. Unity gain.
Three integrating amplifiers - with selectable gain obtained through range switches and continuously variable
Four proportional amplifiers - with variable gain through range switches and continuously variable
Four potentiometers - for general purpose applications such as adjusting the 'Set Points' or attenuating a signal.
3 digit, 7 segment digital voltmeter - measurement range - 15V.

Three term controller (P.I.D.) - with fully adjustable proportional, integral and differential gain amplifiers.
Phase Lead Network - used to vary the transfer function of a control circuit.
Function generator - for calibrated sinewave, squarewave and sawtooth output signals. Signal levels and offsets
10V d.c. output - +10V and - 10V, with ground, constant voltage.
Digital Section includes;
8 A-D inputs - 12 bit, 10V.
4 D-A outputs - 12 bit, each 0-10V or 10V, software selectable.
An RS232 Interface - Standard format. Includes handshake facility to synchronise data transmission between the
CE120 and the host computer.
All circuits are proof against short circuit and over-load and are accessed at 2mm terminals mounted on the front
panel of the CE120. The legend clearly details the function of each of these circuits.
The CE120 is supplied with general purpose applications software for data acquisition and control with
additional software packages which are supplied with and dedicated to each of the TecQuipment Control
Engineering Range, CE103-CE110, using an IBM PC, or 100% compatible. The packages are menu driven
program suites which allow the user to interactively investigate various aspects of digital servo control. The on
screen options allow for various control system configurations to be set up and then run in real time. Virtual
instruments display the relevant system parameters in digital and graphical formats. Experimental data may be
saved, processed or output to a printer to provide a hard copy of results. The data files are saved in a format
which allows them to be input to a wide selection of text editing and spreadsheet software packages, including
dedicated control applications such as MATLAB. The software is supplied with a manual describing the
functionality of the software as well providing typical experiments.
Users may develop further applications for data acquisition and real time control by linking their own software to
the communications code source files written in Borland Turbo C.
The respective Data Sheets/ Manuals for each of these items provide details of this software.
Supporting Teaching Material
The CE120 Controller is supplied with comprehensive operating instructions.
Additional operating and experimental information is given in each of the manuals supplied with the major
Control Engineering Range items, CE103-CE110. The applications provided in these manuals is specific to those
particular pieces of equipment.
Range of Experiments
The CE120 is an ancillary to the Control Engineering Range and as such is covered by specific experimental
details given in the respective CE103-CE110 manuals.

Additional Equipment Required

The CE120 is self-contained and as such requires no additional equipment to function other than an external
computer. The minimum requirements for this being an IBM AT 286 Computer, or 100% compatible with VGA,
hard disc available and an RS232 Serial Port.
Within the Control Engineering Range, the CE120 is an ancillary to the experiments detailed in the main
experimental manuals supplied with the CE103-CE110 apparatus.
When used with any other equipment it will be necessary for additional items to be sourced by the user as
Services Required
Single phase 85-250V, 50/60 Hz single phase supply, with earth.
Space Required
For satisfactory operation of the CE120 it will require an area of 800 mm x 600 mm immediately adjacent to any
other elements of the test/experimental circuit.
Dimensions and Weight
Nett: 540 x 330 x 140mm, 10kg
Gross 0.18m3, 20kg (approx - packed for export)
Tender Specification
A self-contained analogue and digital controller designed for use with Control Engineering apparatus for data
acquisition and open/closed-loop control.
Analogue facilities include:
a three term controller (P.I.D.), a phase lead network, 4 summing amplifiers, 3 integrating amplifiers, 4
proportional amplifiers, four potentiometers, a 3 digit DVM with full scale of 15V and a variable frequency
waveform generator.
Digital facilities include:
4 D-A channels; (12 bit, 10V), 8 A-D channels; (12 bit 10V) and an RS232 interface for direct connection to
an IBM PC, or 100% compatible computer (not supplied).
Menu driven control software included with C source files of the communications core to assist user application