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Shawn Staples
Ethics of Muphasta Mond
1. We only focus our resources and energy on the new methods because we want to become more
efficient and more advanced. Whether its technologically, methodically, industrially, no matter
what it is; we as a society believe that there is always room for improvement. So as we update
the current norm; everyone has to get the newest thing so that we wont be left in the past. As we
try to create methods, however, I feel that we do look back to older models/methods and evaluate
how we can make things better.
2. It takes away human desire and eliminates all emotional connections to the principles of
having a family. Conditioning becomes important so that they do not realize what they are doing
is not really of their own logic. It is also important so that they desire to remain in their social
class and not become envious of another. As a result of the conditioning, society becomes more
of a utopia.
3. He does not like the idea of mother, monogamy, and romance. Mond feels the pre-moderns
were an unstable society. He believed that the entire society was miserable because of their
principles. The democratic society would be miserable because they would still have to deal with
poverty, disease, hunger, and more devastating plagues. Monds society, however, is virtuous
because they are conditioned and conformed to hate love, family, and all thoughts that would
attach anyone/anything emotionally. Being conditioned such as that creates structure within their
4. I completely agree with the statement that stability is the most important thing for society. I
believe stability is key in order to create a perfect society. There cannot be a stable society with

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unstable people in it. A true stable society has no flaw in it and conditioning eliminates all flaws
and creates structure. In Brave New World, emotion is removed by the society being conditioned
to dislike words like: mother, father, parent, family, and more emotional attaching words. Also,
every class is conditioned to love that specific class and desire to be in it. Therefore they will not
desire to be in a different class or have envy of any kind. They are perfectly content with who
they are and with what they have. In order for our society to become stable we would have to
become Communists. Communism has equal classes so there would be no poor people, there
would be no hungry people, and there would be no homeless. So the question would be this:
Would you rather prevent world hunger, poverty, and homelessness or would you like to be
selfish and strive for personal advancement? When everything is controlled, everyone is taken
care of- and that is a stable society.
5. The achievement that Mond boasts about is the process in which his society systematically
eliminates emotion from infancy. Mond believes that they are fortunate that they are preserved
from having emotions at all. Also, Mond has eliminated the pains of pregnancy by creating the
children on an assembly line. As a result, it eliminates attachment between mother and child
because in reality there is no parent. The ramifications are that the society is ignorant of was
going on because they have no emotion; such as grief, pain, peace, pleasure, etc. They are
perfectly content with every aspect of life because they lack consciousness so they are not able to
utilize discernment.
6. I believe that there are many things that cause us to skip from desire to fulfillment rapidly.
Some examples are teenagers wanting to get to be able to drive without a parent in the car so
they drive without a license. Another example would be desiring money without taking the time
to earn it so someone robs a bank. One more example would be to desire sex but not want to wait

Staples 3
until marriage so they commit fornication. These desires are all around us some of them are sins
some are not. In Brave New World, the solution to this problem was by eliminating desires. We
cannot eliminate desire; it is a part of our human nature. The only thing that we can do is be
patient and pray to the Lord for the strength to resist temptation.
The cost of creating the World States stability is very high. BNWs society had to give up
many things that are in high demand in our society. Things like family and live birth are both
things that people look forward to their whole life. Many people desire having a family and
having kids as early as when they are little playing with baby dolls as a child. They eliminated
museums, historical monuments, books, and Shakespeare. Many people in our society, such as
historians, love to discover and study the earlier generations buildings, culture, and more. They
most importantly eliminated God and crosses from society. They replaced God with Ford and
crosses with T. Christianity is non-existent.
The few benefits from this society are that plagues are eliminated. Because of
their processes they have eliminated sickness and disease. These are two key things that our
society battles to contain currently. Ebola is spreading and killing people daily and we are
struggling to find a way to make it stop. They also benefit because they control the population
numbers so that they wont ever face a problem like under-consumption. This is good so that
they dont leave anyone starving or without clothing.
In my opinion, the cost of stability for the Brave New World society outweighs the benefits.

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