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Program name: FORMO V9.2
Release: 09/02/2015
Platform: HP49G.
Type: Library
Library ID number: 1010
Size on the calculator: 8319 Kb
Previous Version: FORMO V5.0
Author: Dante Camargo S.
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicols de Hidalgo (Civil Engineering).
Morelia Michoacn, Mxico.
E-Mail: dante_cs@yahoo.com

D E S C R I P T I O N:

FORMO V9.2 is freeware and its safe, but anyway Im not responsible for any memory damage this

program could cause to your calculator, up till now this has never happened to me or anyone else who has used
FORMO V9.2 works in both modes: RPN and ALGEBRAIC mode.

OK, What is << FORMO V9.2 >> ?

FORMO V9.2, is a program that helps you to create, store, execute, modify, transfer and erase

formulas:(equations), in your HP49G, all within an easy and user friendly environment. It Includes auto-help and
was made 100% in UserRPL. " FORMO ", now it is faster and has more options than the previous version 5.0;
besides I have tested it so many times and I think its bugless.
Now, just because I had some free time I made a few little improvements to it, and I believe this will be
the final version, unless I decide to re-write it in SYSTEM-RPL (maybe some day).
This program doesn't only store formulas anywhere, but it'll also ask you for a directory to store, execute,
modify or erase them; so you'll keep your stuff more organized ( I hate a messy calculator ). It also allows you to
send formulas or directories to another HP49G.
When deleting directories, it'll ask you for a confirmation, in order to prevent erasing any important
information by mistake.

C O N T E N T S:
After you have installed the Library, you'll see 4 elements in the soft menu area, which are:

EVIOR.... It'll change your stack environment, the font and the speed of the keyboard.
FORMO..... The Main program.
INFOR... Information the Author.
If you don't know how to install a library, you may download my program called: LIBKIT V3.1, from:
hpclac.org It'll guide you through the installation process of any library.
I recomend not to purge the directory called FORM because Ive designed this program to use it, and if it
doesnt exists, FORMO V9.2 will not work properly ... Perhaps you might have to get familiar with this
directory because as long as you use FORMO V9.2, the directory called: FORM must always be there..

Now, we go to the main menu of FORMO V9.2
If you want to: add a formula to an EXISTING directory then you choose the first option.

Here, the program will let you choose a directory

( you must have at least one directory.) and then you introduce the new formula
For this example; Im assuming that I have two directories Fluids and Mathematics.

Once you have introduced the formula, you press [ENTER], and now you have a new formula stored in a
sub-directory, in the main directory called FORM.
Now, FORMO V9.2 will send you to the main menu from where you must choose what to do next.
In case you choose to add a formula to an EXISTING directory but, the directory called FORM is
empty the program will send you the following message, so youll always have to have at least one directory
before adding a new formula. Ive designed this program to act like this because thats the only way to keep your
stuff organized.

This message doesnt mean

that every time you

want to add a formula you have to create a new directory, but
you always have to have at least one directory in order to
add a new formula.

If you choose to add a formula in a NEW directory., the program will ask you to introduce a name
for the new directory, which may contain more than 5 characters, and of course no spaces between
characters though, you may use dots .
For this example, lets create a directory called mathematics

After you have introduced the name for the new directory, the program gets you ready to input the
formula, using the HP49G Equation Writer Environment.

Now, all you have to do is type in the new formula, and

then give it a name ( Remember names cant have
paces between characters ) you may use dots though.

After you press [ENTER], the program will send you to the main menu, from where you can choose what
to do next.

To execute a formula, choose the second option from the main menu, then choose a directory.

Once you have chosen the right directory, select the right formula and the HP49G will show it to you in
pretty print form, so you can figure out how it was constructed..

Press [ENTER] again.

Here, you input the values for the known variable fields and leave the unknown variable field blank, then place
the cursor in the blank field and press F6(SOLVE). If the result doesnt fit in the field, you can press F5(INFO)
to see the entire result in a message box.

Once youre done using the formula, FORMO

V9.2 will ask you, if you want to execute another
formula form the same directory?, from another
directory?, or to go to the main menu.




To modify a formula, choose the third option from the main menu: MODIFY FORMULA. . .
Here, you have to choose a directory, in this case there are two directories: FLUIDS and MATHEMATICS.

Once you have chosen the correct directory, pick the formula you want to modify.

For this example, Im going to replace the A with an


Once you have modified the formula, press [ENTER] and your formula has been modified and re-stored in the
same place where it was before.




If you want to delete a single formula or a whole directory, choose the fourth option from the main

If you choose.. DELETE A FORMULA ? You will have to choose a directory and then pick the formula
you want to delete:

In this part of the program, theres no turning back so you

have to be very careful which formula you are currently
trying to delete.
When you press [ENTER] the formula have been
eliminated, but the directory called mathematics still

If you Choose.. DELETE A DIRECTORY? You will have to choose the directory you want to delete

Here, you have 2 choices

1).- If you choose NO, the program will NOT delete the directory and FORMO V9.2.0 will send you
back to the main menu.

2).- If you choose YES, the program WILL PURGE the directory along with ALL the formulas
that are stored in it. Be careful!!! theres no turning back, once you press [ENTER] the directory will be
gone forever, unless you have a backup somewhere.


Here you can send or receive a single formula or

whole directory between two HP49G calculators.

OK, heres how it works, Lets say you are the TRAMSMITTER and one of your friends is the RECEIVER,
both have HP49G calculators.

Select an option

NOTE: I assume the both of you has FORMO V9.2

installed onto your calculator. If so, then just follow these


1).- Connect both calculators

1).- Connect both calculators

using the provided cable.

2).- Select the correct FORMULA


you want to send.

3).- Press [ENTER]

using the provided cable.

2).- Select the correct option from

the main menu (RECEIVE)

3).- Press [ENTER]

I dare to say, that this program is totally harmless to your HP49G. So, Im sure you will never get the
annoying message try to recover memory unless you are working in very low-battery conditions.
You can check out some other programs of mine, like: ( LIBKIT V3.1 , RECTA 2000 ) and more to come in the
best HP49G's web page: http://www.hpcalc.org/
Ok, I have designed FORMO V9.2 in order to say thanks to all the people whose written programs have
been so useful to me over the years. So I thought that I should do something to thank these people as well as the
rest of the people in the world who are interested in programs like this one.

Thanks to Eric Rechlin for maintaining hpcalc.org, the: HP49G software archive.
Thanks to Roger Broncano Reyes for all his support and his great program UserEdit
Thanks to all the people who sent me E-mail letting me know about the bugs in previous
versions of FORMO.
NOTE: I apologize for my bad English but, I'm not

a native English speaker. Also, If you find a way

to improve this program, please let me know....
I'll appreciate it...!!!

HP49G RULES...!!!!!