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Omega-3 Breakthrough

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May 4, 2006 Volume 2 : Issue 5

A Nutrition third of the important EPA listed on

The Eight Omega-3’s the label. This fatty acid is essen-
ALA-Alphalinolenic acid tial to derive the important anti-in-
Literally thousands of research flammatory benefits from fish oils.
papers on the benefits of fish oil DHA-Docosahexaenoic acid
DPA-Docosapentaenoic acid A study at that time revealed
supplementation have been writ- that GNLD Salmon Oil met or ex-
ten since GNLD first introduced EPA- Eicosapentaenoic acid
ceeded label declarations going
Salmon Oil over 20 years ago. In a ETA-Eicosatetraenoic acid back two years. This was not a sur-
research project which has spanned ETA(3)-Eicosatrienoic acid prise as GNLD operates under a
many years GNLD has sought to HPA-Heneicosapentaenoic acid pharmaceutical license despite the
concentrate the beneficial compo- SDA-Stearadonic acid fact that this level of sophistica-
nents of the fish oil, while removing tion is not required for food sup-
those that cause burping and fish tion with heavy metals and fat-loving plements. GNLD’s Salmon Oil Plus
odor. This research project has now (or lipophyllic) toxins such as PCB’s, product takes a major step forward
come to fruition with the develop- dioxin, and DDE. There is no purer in the area of product potency.
ment of an advanced technology product on the market than GNLD Not only will the new Salmon
called “molecular differentiation.” Salmon Oil Plus. All sources for this Oil Plus provide the complete-
This exclusive GNLD technol- product are screened for more than ness of all 8 members of the
ogy has made it possible for GNLD 160 potential contaminants with an omega-3 family in standardized
to pick and choose the compo- allowable detection limit of ZERO! amounts, but there is also a tre-
nents of fish oil desired in a supple- mendous boost in the potency of
ment. This has made it possible Potency the product--Ultra-high potency!
to create a totally unique and dif- A number of years ago Tufts GNLD Salmon Oil Plus will con-
ferent kind of fish oil supplement. University shocked the health food tain 33% more DHA, a key brain
For example, there are actually marketplace when their studies building nutrient, than current Salm-
eight members of the omega-3 fatty revealed that the average fish oil on Oil capsules. All of this will be in
acid family which are of nutritional supplement had an average of a a smaller capsule (1/3 smaller) which
significance. GNLD’s new Salmon Oil+ will eliminate a lot of the “repeating”
will deliver standardized amounts which some people find objection-
of all eight of these fatty acids. able with fish oil supplementation.
Potency of this product is as-
Purity sured with GNLD’s leading edge
One of the key issues which cen- technology “molecular differentia-
ters around fish oil supplementation tion” which selects specific nutrient
is the frequency of contamination of molecules from salmon, tuna, sar-
these products. Numerous studies dines, and anchovies while eliminat-
suggest that fish and fish oil supple- ing or reducing others. This product
ments are susceptible to contamina- insures unsurpassed potency and

Copyright 2006 by Jim McAfee. All rights reserved. 

consistency. The company boasts centers, in the part of the brain that dren fed formula without DHA. Pre-
UHPO3 “Ultra High Potency Omega- allows us to think (cerebral cortex), mature infants that are breast fed
3 fatty acids in the product informa- and in the internal energy factories have a 5-12 IQ point advantage.3
tion, an exclusive GNLD technology. of the brain cells called the mito- Breast-fed children can also see
chondria. This fat is also the primary the equivalent of one more line on
Deficiency ‘Signs’ building block of the photoreceptors the eye chart found in the optome-
Primary indications of ome- of the retina which allows us to see. trist’s office than can a formula-fed
ga-3 fatty acid deficiency which DHA is the most fluid of all fats. baby! Mother’s milk contains 30
can affect brain function accord- It’s dynamic activity makes it the ideal times more DHA than cows milk.
ing to Purdue researchers Drs. building block for tissues which con- Formula in the US is not fortified
Burgess and Stephens are “exces- trol mood and emotions, thinking with DHA. DHA levels in American
sive thirst; frequent urination; dry and learning. DHA has been shown women are only 1/3 those of Japa-
skin; dry, unmanageable, ‘strawlike’ to enhance learning in animals.1 nese women which may explain
hair; dandruff; small, hard bumps Barry Sears aptly described the why the average Japanese IQ is 110!
on the arms, thighs, or elbows.” importance of DHA for brain func- Deficiency of DHA in the diets of
Reference: tion: “Trying to maintain your brain American women and their infants is
Carper, Jean, Your Miracle Brain, New York: Harp- function without adequate DHA such a serious problem that one lead-
erCollins Publishers, 2000, 95. is like trying to build the sturdi- ing expert on omega-3 oils wrote,
est brick house in town without “It’s a scandal that infant formula
Omega-3: enough bricks. You might have is not fortified with omega-3. By failing
The Promise the best architect, the best loca- to give kids omega-3 we are breeding
The value of any supplement is tion, and the best contractor, but if them for mental disease, brain dys-
dependent upon the spectrum of you don’t have enough bricks, the function, low intelligence, low achieve-
benefits which it offers. No supple- dream house will never be built ment, and antisocial behavior.” (Dr.
ments have been shown to offer properly. Without adequate DHA, Andrew Stoll, Harvard University)4
more wide ranging benefits than your brain can’t function adequately It would be a serious mistake to
have high quality fish oils. Ome- and can’t form new neural connec- apply the benefits of omega-3 oils to
ga-3 oils are probably at the top tions, let alone maintain old ones.”2 infants alone. These oils can benefit
of the list as far as nutritional de- The brain of a baby is particular- brain function at any age. They have
ficiencies in the American diet. ly susceptible to damage from DHA been shown to increase test scores of
Omega-3 oils have demon- deficiency. In the mother’s womb, students who supplement, decrease
strated a wide range of benefits. a baby’s brain makes as many as the risk of postpartum depression,
These include improvements in 250,000 nerve cells every minute. At improve mood by upregulating se-
brain function, reduction of inflam- six weeks half the weight of the fetus rotonin, relieve bipolar symptoms,
mation and autoimmune disease, is brain tissue. By the third trimester
improvements in heart health, 70% of the energy reserves of the
and facilitation of weight loss. fetus are directed toward brain de-
velopment. All this rapid construc-
tion requires one very important
building material--DHA. A grow-
ing child will suck so much DHA
from the mother that it normally
takes four years of average dietary
DHA and the Brain intake to replace this essential fat.
The new Salmon Oil Plus almost Deficiency of DHA is a tremen-
doubles the amount of DHA over pre- dous risk for infants. Just the amount Dr. Joseph Hibbeln suggests that fish oil
vious supplements. DHA is the king of DHA in a mother’s milk has been is like fertilizer for brain cells, build-
of the brain fats governing almost shown to increase IQ of children be- ing healthy cell membranes, boosting
every conceivable mental function. tween 2-5 points. Breast-fed children serotonin, and increasing the number
DHA consists of half the fat in brain of connections or synapses in the brain.
score better on picture intelligence,
cell membranes. It is concentrated at Underwood, Anne, Living longer, living
mathematics, nonverbal ability, and better, Newsweek, 1/18/06, 52-59.
the critical synaptic communication sentence completion than do chil-
Copyright 2006 by Jim McAfee. All rights reserved. 
decrease the aggressiveness and period. Omega-3 supplementation monkeys were placed on a laborato-
irritability associated with stress, was shown in one study to benefit ry diet deficient in omega-3 oils for
improve dyslexia and attention defi- memory, mood, and other Alzheim- two years. Long term deficiency of
cit, protect the brain from alcohol er’s symptoms in 81% of patients. these oils resulted in diarrhea from
damage, improve concentration, Dr. Jacqueline Stordy, a Brit- intestinal inflammation in one out
increase the speed with which we ish nutrition researcher at the of four of the animals. Other animals
are able to think, improve learning, University of Surrey, found that became psychotic creating open,
preserve mental functioning into those with dyslexia are notably infected sores by gnawing at their
old age, and decrease the risk of Al- deficient in DHA. She was led to own bodies. All the animals devel-
zheimer’s and dementia as we age.1 this discovery as a result of a son oped dandruff. Research has shown
Tomohito Hamazaki of Toyama who suffered with the condition.1 the benefit of fish oil supplementa-
Medical and Pharmaceutical Univer- Lack of EPA has recently been tion in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative
sity found that students tend to be- associated with mental disor- colitis, although this is little known
come hostile and aggressive when ders, especially schizophrenia.5 and rarely practiced by physicians.
stressed out by taking difficult pa- References References
thology tests and finishing their 1. Carper, Jean, Your Miracle Brain, New York: Rudin, Donald, and Felix, Clara, Omega 3 Oils,
graduation thesis. Students supple- HarperCollins Publishers, 2000, 82-104. New York: Avery Publishing Group. 1996, 9, 67-68.
2, Sears Barry, The Omega Rx Zone, New York: Re- Stenson, W.F., et al, Dietary supplementation
mented with 1.8 grams of DHA per gan Collins, 2002, 41. with fish oil in ulcerative colitis, Annals of Internal
day transited this stressful time with- 3. Sears Barry, 194-6. Medicine 16:609-614, 1992.
out showing a trace of the expected 4. Carper, Jean, Your Miracle Brain, New York: Belluzzi, A., et al, Effect of an enteric-coated fish-
HarperCollins Publishers, 2000, 102. oil preparation on relapses in Crohn’s disease, New
spike in aggressiveness and hostility. England Journal of Medicine 334:1557, 1996.
5. Carper, Jean, 67-87.
A control group of students supple-
mented with soybean oil showed sig-
nificant increases in aggressiveness.
K. Myanaga, a Japanese re- Omega-3 and
searcher, demonstrated that fish oil the Heart
speeds a brain wave called “p300.”
This brain wave is closely linked to Nowhere is research more sound Autoimmune Disease
learning and memory and is known than the benefit of omega-3 oils for EPA plays a major role in pre-
to decline with age. DHA, but not the heart. Omega-3 oils decrease venting some of the complications
EPA, was shown to significantly in- the stickiness of blood platelets, dra- of autoimmune diseases. This was
crease the p300 rate within two matically reduce triglyceride levels, proven many years ago with an ani-
hours of the time it was ingested. decrease the thickness of the blood, mal model of lupus erythematosus.
DHA boosted levels of ace- decrease the tendency to form clots,
tylcholine, a key neurotrans- and increase the health of arterial Prickett, James D., et al, “Effects of dietary en-
mitter in the brain, in rats re- walls. Both EPA and DHA provide richment with eicosapentaenoic acid upon auto-

versing learning deficits. substantial benefits for the heart. immune nephritis in female NZBXNZW/F1 mice,”
Arthritis and Rheumatism, Vol. 26, No. 2, 133-139.
The Zutphen Elderly Study Reference
Harris, William S., and Connor, William, “The Ef-
found that daily fish consumption fect of Salmon Oil upon plasma lipids, lipopro-
reduced loss of mental functioning teins, and triglyceride clearance, Transactions of
in elderly men (60-84) by 40%. Con- the Association of American Physicians, xciii, 1980,
sumption of omega-6 fats increased Obesity
brain impairment 2 1/2 times.
A key hormone involved in obe-
Older people lose the ability to
sity called leptin was discovered in
synthesize DHA. Dr. Ernst Schaefer
1994. Leptin is responsible for sati-
and his associates at Tufts Univer-
ety signals telling the body we are
sity found that those diagnosed
full and do not need to eat any more
with Alzheimer’s were twice as
food. Resistance to the functioning
likely to have low DHA blood lev- Digestive Disorders of this hormone (similar to insulin re-
els. Those with low blood levels of In 1970 a significant study was sistance) is involved with becoming
DHA were also 67% more likely to conducted by the British. Capuchin obese. Recent research suggests that
develop Alzheimer’s over a 10 year
Copyright 2006 by Jim McAfee. All rights reserved. 
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omega-3 oils may be essential for the dition, the blood cholesterol levels of toration of the omega-3 oils to the
body to respond properly to leptin. the mice given the fish oil had lower diet offers great promise for im-
Other factors which are im- cholesterol levels than animals which proved health for all age groups.
portant for proper leptin function were fasting. Fish oil is the only nu- Simopoulous, Artemis P., et al, “Omega-3 Fatty
Acids in Health and Disease and in Growth and De-
include adequate sleep and dark- trient of which I am aware that has velopment,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
ness at night (melatonin produc- been shown in an actual study to 1991;54:438-63.
tion), exercise, and low intake of prolong life as effectively as fasting.
sugar. Sugar is a major factor in “No-fault fat: More praise for fish oil, Science
News, October 8, 1988.
Removal or Addition
causing surges of leptin which con- to this Newsletter
tribute to leptin resistance in much Only the Beginning If you wish to be removed from this health-
the same way that excessive sugar letter simply send us an email requesting to
intake causes insulin resistance. This paper only touches on the be removed. If you wish to add an email ad-
Winnicki, M., et al., Fish-rich diet, leptin, and benefits one can expect from GNLD’s dress send us the address with a request to
be added.
body mass, Circulation, July 2002; 106(3):289-91. new Salmon Oil Plus. Evaluations
have appeared in the medical litera- Web Resources
An Amazing Study ture with reference to the benefit of www.yourbodyssignlanguage.com
One of the more amazing stud- omega-3 oils in atherosclerosis, cor- www.imageawareness.com
ies of omega-3 oils was published in onary heart disease, hypertension,
1988. Mice were fed large quantities inflammatory and autoimmune dis- Disclaimer
of fish oils in the diet. Their health eases such as arthritis, psoriasis, ul- This publication contains the opinions and
ideas of its author. It is intended to provide
was compared to animals which cerative colitis and in animal models helpful and informative material on the sub-
were fasted. Fasting animals have of cancer. It is of interest that omega- jects addressed in the publication. It is pro-
a much longer life span and great- 3 oils decrease the size and number vided with the understanding that the author
and publisher are not engaged in rendering
ly reduced incidence of disease. of cancer tumors in animal models medical,health, or any other kind of personal
This study found that mice on a of the disease. The tumors also ap- professional services in this newsletter. The
reader should consult his or her medical,
fish oil diet lived twice as long as nor- pear later in the life of the animals. health or other competent professional be-
mal. They produced half the normal Sadly, discovery of many of fore adopting any of the suggestions in this
levels of harmful auto-antibodies as the benefits of these remarkable newsletter or drawing inferences from it.
The author and publisher specifically dis-
they aged and also manifested low- oils has come as the result of wide- claim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or
er than normal inflammation. The spread deficiencies in the American risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred
animals were free of kidney disease population due to dietary changes as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of
use and application of any of the contents of
which normally affects every one of resulting from food processing this newsletter.
this particular breed of mice. In ad- and changing dietary habits. Res-
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