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Alexander Dooley

909 College Avenue | Wheaton, IL 60187 | (240) 577-1604 | alex@dooleynoted.co


B.A. Interpersonal Communication

Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

May 2015 (expected)

Deepened understanding of the value of diversity and cultural differences through

experience living in a multiracial, multiethnic housing community during the 2013-2014
academic year; month-long musical tour in Hong Kong from June-July 2010
Proficient in most major forms of social media, maintains active accounts on Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and WordPress

Employment History

Marketing Intern
June 2014-present
C. Grant & Company, Wheaton, IL
Developed proposal for a multiphase mobile marketing exhibit for area client
Prospected and performed outbound calls to various nonprofits, offering digital audit and
AdWords services
Created and implemented social media strategy for company LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+,
and Instagram profiles.
Researched and wrote articles for company blog
Participated in biweekly company meetings, learning and contributing in areas related to
branding, website development, local and national advertising campaigns, presentation, and
strategic planning
Wheaton College Phonathon, Wheaton, IL
September 2011-December 2014
Student Caller
Most all-time dollars raised by any caller in history of Wheaton Phonathon ($340,000+)
Highest all-time pledge percentage (89.7%)
Nominated for highest possible individual calling award all six semesters of employment
Awarded Caller of the Semester in Spring 2013; Spring 2014
Team Captain
Led a total of five six-member teams of student callers in achieving excellence in calling the
giving family of Wheaton College for the purpose of soliciting donations to the school
Two teams nominated for Most Improved Team of the Semester
Call Center Supervisor
Trained 50+ new callers in calling strategy and technique
Managed shifts of 15-20 student callers; monitored calls and gave personalized feedback
Collaborated with Phonathon director and fellow supervisors in rewriting portions of calling
scripts, resulting in a significant increase in upgraded gifts
Salesperson and Educational Consultant
May 2012-August 2012
Southwestern Advantage, Nashville, TN; Madison, WI
Completed seven days of intensive sales training in Nashville, TN
Consulted families regarding the educational needs and goals of their children
Sold over $19,000 worth of educational merchandise door-to-door over a ten-week period
Ranked among the top 10% of all current first-year dealers at conclusion of summer

Additional Abilities and Experience

Experience with AdWords and Facebook Ads

Created Facebook Ads campaign which achieved a 6.143% unique CTR across five
separate ads