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Mid-West Screw Products Achieves ARM 9009 Quality

Mid-West Screw Products, Inc., earns the most highly regarded
quality certification in the firearms industry; ARM 9009.
(IndustrialPR) Chicago, IL (USA), February 24th, 2015 -- G-PMC
Registrars, LLC, an internationally accredited certification body announced
today the approval of Chicago-based Mid-West Screw Products, for ARM 9009
certification. ARM 9009 is considered the world's leading firearms and
armoring standard accepted by firearm manufacturers, gun dealers, gun
owners, and fabricators of armoring systems. Daryl Guberman, President of
G-PMC Registrars said Mid-West Screw Products passed all necessary quality
system management requirements which is mandatory for ARM 9009
An introduction video indicating the manufacturing capabilities of Mid-West
Screw Products can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?

According to Guberman, Mid-West Screw Products is the first automatic screw

machine shop in Minnesota to achieve ARM 9009 registration which enables

the company to supply quality approved precision parts used in firearms and
body armor applications as well as armoring system. As both an ARM 9009
and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Mid-West Screw Products has proven
itself to be a reliable and trusted supplier capable of producing precision
parts used in firearms and armored vehicles, said Guberman.
ARM 9009 system accreditation is based on highly specialized standards that
have been universally accepted as essential for quality-focused
manufacturers, subcontractors and suppliers of firearms, body armor and
armored vehicles, as well as allied application where performance is critical.
ARM 9009 is overseen by the American Board of Accredited Certifications
(http://www.aboac.org), the leading independent accreditation body in the
United States and the only accreditor jointly recognized by the Industrial
Leaders Group (ILG) and the Global Quality Assurance Council.
Companies interested in ARM 9009 certification may submit an application
for consideration at http://www.arm9009.com
About Mid-West Screw Products, Inc.:
When Walter A. Lisowski founded Mid-West Screw Products in 1946 he
realized that to excel in this competitive industry his customers must always
receive uncompromised perfection in all their machined parts. He also
offered assistance and creative ideas to help his valued Customer reduce
costs. So the story continues. The second generation, Walter E. and Kenneth,
have experienced continued growth as they have expanded and replaced
their equipment to the latest industry standards. Zero-defect manufacturing,
Statistical Process Control (SPC), as well as TQM and the newest Just-in-Time
(JIT) manufacturing techniques and software, as well as becoming ISO
9001:2008 certified makes Mid-West Screw Products a reliable supplier. The
company's primary goal was then and now, continues to be total customer
satisfaction while continuing to input ideas that can result in cost savings.
Equipment includes Single Spindle B&S, Multiple Spindle ACME & New Britain
Screw machines. CON Turning and Milling, and Light assembly is available.
Complete state-of-the-art QC Department. Mid-West Screw Products currently
employs 39 individuals from all walks of life and cultures from around the
world. Customers consist of being in: High Voltage electrical components as
well as low voltage components. Products are used in marine, pneumatic,
welding, medical, elevator, railroad, sight and flashlight mounting hardware
for firearms, electrical connector bodies and military, and other markets.
Contact Information:
Walter Lisowski, President
Mid-West Screw Products Inc
3523 N. Kenton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60641 - USA