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Recently, UAN has become a new ghost for third graders since the
standard graduation score has continually increased. As we know, in 2004
2005, in order to passed UAN, we need at least 4.25 in each lessons and in
2008 2011, the standard graduation score increased to 5.50. And both of
them 100% are based on UAN score test. This situation has made huge
controversies. Moreover, this year, the goverment is planning to raise the
score up to 5.75 in their new regulation. The standard graduation score is
not only from UAN test but also from the third graders score in their last
four semesters. In my opinion, this new UAN regulation is less burdensome
for the third graders to face UAN because it gives them bigger chance to
pass the exam and it makes them more optimistic to face UAN.
Firstly, the new UAN regulation that considering report and attitude
score, gives bigger chance for third graders to pass UAN . The report score
has a special role in supporting UAN score. It takes 40% from the whole
standarization UAN score. Therefore students should improve their report
score in order to expand their opportunity to pass UAN. They can do the
improvement during their time in school. As a result, theirs score will not
only depend on several days in UAN test but also will be based on their
effort for three years they have studied in school. Another thing which
really help is that their report score gives chance for the third graders who
cant consentrate well during the UAN test because of their unpleasent
situation. For example, Ami is one of cleaverest third grader stundet in her
school. Unfortunately, during UAN test she was sick. Consequently, she
couldnt do the test well, but she gets good scores report during her three
years in school. Her flying color scores helps her when her UAN score isnt
good. Another advantage that well get from considering report and attitude

scores to be a part of UAN score is it can increase the third graders score.
Because nowadays, students report not only contain lesson score but also
contains attitude score. This can influence the third graders repot score.
For instance, Bimo has a good attitude and behaviour. Everyone in school like
him very much. However, his lesson scores werent good enough, lucky him,
because of his good attitude, teacher had big simpathy on him and they give
him a help by presenting additional score in his report for some lessons
which take a part on his UAN score. So, he could pass UAN. Therefore,
adding report score and attitude score make the third grader easier to pass
Secondly, new UAN regulation makes the third graders more
optimistic to face UAN. That new UAN regulation make them believe that to
pass UAN isnt hard because they believe that their report scores will help
them to pass UAN. In addition, it builts their confidence to face UAN. When
the third graders feel confidence, they will get more spirit to study in order
to face UAN. Consequently, when they study hardly, they will get good score
and pass UAN. The other things that makes them more optimistic to face
UAN is the new UAN regulation relieves them from their pressure by
considering the attitude and report scores which take 40% parts from the
whole standarization UAN score. At least, it reduces half of their burden to
pass UAN. As the result, when they feel no pressure to face UAN, they will
be more optimistic to pass UAN. Furthermore, the new UAN regulation
makes them interested to compete with others. New UAN regulation which
count the report score as part of UAN standarization score will make them
fighters to get flying colors score in their report in order to reduce their
burden to face UAN. Thereby, this condition makes them feel in fire to
compete with others and it make them feel ready to face UAN. This new

UAN regulation can be an angel when their spirit going down. Admittedly, new
UAN regulation really helps the third graders to pass UAN.
In recapitulation, it is a wise consideration that the goverment has
changed the old UAN regulation with the new one that lessens the third
graders stress about UAN by making them more easily to escalate their
golden opportunity to pass UAN and increasing their confidence to face
UAN. In my point of view, when you want to pass UAN, you dont need to fear
because there are may ways for you to face it when you are in possitive