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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Science VI


Objectives: At the lesson, the pupil should able to:

1. Explain how the Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Cycle works.
2. Justify the importance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
3. Enumerate the sources of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.


Subject Matter:
Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide Cycle
Into the Future: Science and Health 6, pp. 67, 70-72
Pictures, Diagram, Diorama
Science Process:
Observing, Describing, and Working cooperatively on a given task
in a group.
Science Ideas:
Oxygen is a gas released in photosynthesis.
Carbon dioxide is released when decomposition and
respiration occurs.
Oxygen released by plants is taken in by human and
The Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide Cycle is the continuous cycle
of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide between plants
and animals through the process of photosynthesis and


Learning Experience

Teachers Activity

Students Activity

A. Preparation
1. Checking of Attendance
Good morning Grade VI !
Okay, now you need to
keep away all non-living

Good morning Maam!

things around you for us

Yes, Maam.

to have a healthy and

lively discussion.

2. Review
Last meeting we tackled
about photosynthesis and
respiration. Who can give
me a brief description of
photosynthesis? of

Photosynthesis is the process

where green plants trap the
suns energy by means of
chlorophyll present in their
leaves. They use this energy to
convert raw materials such as
water and carbon dioxide to
water and starch.
Respiration is the process by
which food molecules are
broken down to release energy

So now that you know

those two processes, we
can now move on to the
next topic.
3. Motivation
Who is watching Happy,
Yipee, Yehey here? Do you
know the game Tanging

Yes, Maam!

Hinga Mo?
I need three volunteers to
play the game the winner
will have a prize.
Lets play!


Nice game! Later Ill give

you your prize!

We have here different

pictures of living things,

Lion, fish, plants..

choose one and describe it

to the class.
How do we, living things
survive? Except the need
of food.

Human beings and animals

needs oxygen to live and plants
need carbon dioxide to
produce energy that man

B. Lesson Proper

1. Presentation
On this day we are going to
talk about Oxygen-Carbon
Dioxide Cycle. Well explain
how it works.

Yes Maam!

A while ago we had a game

The players had a hard
time to hold their breath.
Here at the board we have
digits and the composition
of air. Will you match it to
their specific percentage?

Oxygen 20.92 %
Nitrogen 78.084 %
Carbon Dioxide - .03 %

As you can see the graph

represents the
corresponding percentage
of the components of air.
From the living thing at
the board can you separate
the one who gives off
oxygen and carbon dioxide.
2. Discussion
You had separated the
different living things. Now

Plants gives off oxygen as a

by- product of photosynthesis.

who can give me how these

living things on the oxygen
block gives off oxygen?
How about the living
things along the carbon
dioxide block?

Correct answers! Now I

have here a diagram of the
Oxygen- Carbon-Dioxide
Plants give off oxygen as
their by-product of
photosynthesis. Animals
and humans take in these
important gas to be
utilized during the process
of respiration. The by-

Carbon dioxide is released in

respiration. Breathing, farting
and burping.

product of animal
respiration is carbon
dioxide. This gas is taken
in by plants. This exchange
of gas is what we call the
Oxygen- Carbon Dioxide
3. Generalization
We have here a diorama
showing a typical
environment. What
benefits do plants give to
What do animals give in

4. Application
Fill in the blanks with the
appropriate words. Select
from the list of words in
the box.
Photosynthesis Animals
Plants Carbon Dioxide
In the process of 1)______
animals take in 2) ______
and gives off 3) ________
which is taken in by 4)
_______ for them to use in
the process of food-making
called 5) ________.


Plants give off oxygen while

animals give carbon dioxide in

Determine if the statement

is true or false. If it is true
write T, if it is false
underline the word that
made it wrong.
1. The air that we inhale
contains oxygen and the
air that you breathe out
contains carbon dioxide.
2. Oxygen is also released
from dead body of plants
and animals.
3. Carbon dioxide is used by
man and animals for
4. During the process of
photosynthesis, the leaf
makes carbon dioxide into
5. Carbon dioxide is used by
plants and oxygen is used
by animals over an
endless cycle and this is
called Nitrogen Cycle.
Give three possible results
when plants will no longer
release oxygen. Give
instances where there is a
tendency you may have
difficulty in breathing.

Construct an oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle. Use arrows to represent it.

Zaila Cheska Madayag

Karen Sacris