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Sweet ' Master I
0 Savior of the of it. ah 10tlll'-o -ferred yet ever-immisinners: save me from the pit of hell nent Day of judgment! 0 Treasnrewhich blirns cea seles~ly in tbe lim bo of HOllse 'of Grace, wilt Thon not tllTn
my self . What pest.lential fires bllrn me once again into the pure Gold that
there, what c hoking I(ases and be J Otlce was bv. Ihe mystic tOllch of the
d!\ I<l!ll illg clouds gush out from .hat Philosopher's Stone which Tho n hold
hidde n f Ut\\Z\" e I 0 deadly fi~es which est in the palm of Thine Hand, which
crackle and e lItl1ne. 0 sulp huro us Thou offerest to one 2nd all, if ollly
vapoun, 0 confnsed I'llmbli ngs of the .hey pray for it 1 How wonoerful
perverted self! Save me, 0 L~ fro m Thin e all.en li!l'htening Touch, 0 Founthe volcanic upheaval of the Resh alld mi n of Li g1.t, 0 Sat-Guru! !
its all-cous uming lava!
5. AJmij!'bty Jnd!l'e. and Master!
wilt TIIOIl not step i n and save sOllls
doomed to eternal perd i Iion even as For ever}' sin tbat I have done, J see
Sodom and Gomorrah of old, 0 Redeem- a Sword of Damocfes banJ1:ing on my
bead; th e whole atmospneno .... indeed,
ing Saviollr 1
a suffocating array of serried sWl!>lI\!k.
2 . Father! Thy son who ;s not wor- I see hundred and one spectres seethingthy of being so-called, erred and erred in the air, every inch of the grou nd
grievollsl", he went astray and wander- is crammed with apparitions of my
ed aillllessly all these years like a street evil tbongbts. 0 movin!l' bell, 0 weird
dog, he ill -spent the riches that Thou witch's dance of evil passions, 0 blooddid . t so lavishly shed on him. Verily, Slicking of the rapacions harpies! Comhe lived the incontinent life of the passionate Gurll ! pour forth Tbine cool
Prodigal Son, 0 Fa.her, wilt Thou not stream of blissful Am,it from the
open Tb y doors to bim, wilt Tbou not bowls of compassion in Tbine everhug bim to Thine loving breasl, wilt meltin!l' mood of l ,,\~ng kindness.
Thou not treat him even as one of the
6. Father! ThOll didst fill the gramany se rvan ts cf Thi"e world-wide
Household ? 0 merciful Guru who narv of mv heart with milk-white wheat
watches and waits at the cro;sways of bllt' I wen't to the market of the world
Eternity ready 10 forget and forgive! I and bartered it for cbeap oats which I
sowed wild in the barren soil of my
3. Fathe< ! Thou did,t give the feverish self. The ctop has come up
very KeYB of Thine HousellOld 10 Thin e and m y heart is now a tangled web of
son, but he did not so mu ch as look most noxious weeds of illassorted
at them, and he let th.e m rust in the oreams anQ fr~tful fancies. 0 Gardener
vest-pocket of his hea~t. The child Guru ! wjlt Thou not return to Thine
who thus sh ut " ut, self locked. s lf- erstwhi le arahl" land burn it, plou!l'h
imprisoned beggeth and crieth : Father, il a nd sow it a fresh with the seed of
wilt Thou not repol'sh. Thine Kevs Thy love?
and re-entl ust them to T1;tine heedless
7.' Father ! Thou didst f.eed the
child 1 0 time ill-spent. 0 opportuniferlile
Inri of mv h'art witll the life-.
ties wasted! ! 0 ever-kind Guru! !
giving waters of the Holy Ga nges,
4. Father! Thou didst decorate the but 1 hllrnt lip the sweet orchards
treasute of mine he~rt with all that i , planted bv 1'hee, and tmned it into
go,!d. great and swee t, but how foolisb a howlini desert of worldliness, w'here
was 1 when under the spell of tbe old jackals of byroer;sv and reindeers of
Magician, the wizard Maya, I eKchanll'- evil thoughts abound. Soft-hearted
ed the old Lamp of Allahdin, tlldt Master . wilt ThoT! not shed on it the
wonderful lamp of devotion, for the Mon <oo n of T~ine Grace and turn thi s
new lamp . of so called learning, and sun-scorched Sahara: into the lana of
preferred the pleasant to the good, leal orce again I I
tinsel instead o( gold. ! ,...b, the folly
8. Father. ! Thou didst tarn th~

._.--- - .~ "

winit-s",ept laud of the five ~ivers:J(

my heart into a verila ble hea;en, b" ,
I let loose in it incendiary ~es of
passions, and the blasting si mo ' .< ~r '
evil thoughts Tender-hearted
wilt T hou not come back to
hine ~
Home within me, and turn it one .ore ~
into Sachkha"d ! !
9. Father I Thou did st make !at i
heavenly Pool of Immor ta lity on e th \\
where the thirsty could driuk
It "
Nectar of I.He and die no more.
). .
ful ;'la ster wilt Thou not reveal e \ .
!'Oame Tank in the innermost reces s
of mv heart, for as Thcu knowest J
am niaim and cannot waik, ]
cripple and caTlnqt creep, I am bli
and cannot see , I am deaf and cann
hear .. ... ,but withal I have a parch
so ul which hath long dog-like tongu
thirsting for the Life-giving Juice!
Graud Architect, the Maker of tho
A mritsar Pool on this sordid earth I! .


10. Falber I Th~ didst make Ihat

all-holy Bible whie~ is the Bi~ I. of
all.Bi bJes, quintesserlee of the \TnlVerse
dependable raft for crossing the storm y.
ocean of life, raft whi ch is self-pro- '
pelled from aye to ave to endless eter - t.
nity; wilt Thou den y to me th e lift ,q
for which I am crawling from amceba..'.
upwards in endless eons of time, wat c h~ '.
ing and Voaiting for my turn I Gre"t l
Reckoner, w ilt Thou not take me up
on that Raft, at last, at long last ! !
U. Father! this little pen _QL!l!.~
I\e'anff iiuUJa thirst for but one Beetin~ .
g limpse <!If ttih.al: ,Pe~ which brough'!,
the Ad-Grantli f'llll'&> ~!"''i.\.!Ince. the Lord"
tbe Gurl! and the ~ast~:jf ~r,<l l1 time, '
for all eternity 1 lOut how e.A\1 (t;\ is
little self dare look in the face of tl1\a\l
august Self that Divine Effulgen ce:
The Inscrutable Pen lhat writest
Is in Thine sweet hands, 0 Dear,
Lo I that immaculate Presence,
over-Booding Beauty


Is here, there and everywhere I !

(P,mah8, ,J')

Election of Office-bearers
Annual election
S ikh Association
bearers was held
following result:-

of the Youn g Men

Chakwal for officeon J -6-34 with the

Doctor Amar Singh, .president.

Ram Singh, General Secretary:" S .
Gopal Singh. Secretary. . B. Milkhi
Chand, cashier.

tri Sohan Sin'gh,