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9th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management

XXI International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

International IIE Conference 2015
Aveiro, Portugal. July 6-8, 2015

Analysis of the production system of a intimate parts industry

within the Paraba
Abstract the choice of physical arrangement for a production process can not only influence but also determine
the productivity of the Organization, since the characteristic of task allocation within the production system of a
company may provide success and longevity of the same. This article proposes to analyze the relationship of the
productive processes and their elements in the productivity of the production and sale of underwear Belo Tok
Intimo. Is based on the view that identifying the way the production process is prepared in organizations, as well
as the physical arrangement used for each type of product is paramount to later analyze the implications of the use
of these. Through the analysis of the current reality of the company studied and diagnosed the productive process,
yearns to, using the theory, recommend improvements based on the assumption that productivity is a decisive
factor to ensure the good performance of organizations.

Keywords: Productive process; Physical arrangement; Organizational structure;

1. Introduction
The administration of the production is an area that should always be thoroughly evaluated and have
special attention, because it comprises basic principles in realization of goods or services to be provided to
consumers in order to satisfy the needs, desires and expectations of same due to meet your needs at the desired
time, the expected quality and affordable costs and the disposition of clients.
As established by Slack et al. (2009) "the production is the central function of the organizations since it
is the one that will instruct to achieve the main goal of the company, i.e. its reason to exist". So the production
management interferes crucially so positively as negatively, leading the same Ascension and leadership in your
market or to fail and leading to negative results and subsequently to cases of bankruptcy of the organization.
Production management becomes important, mainly for being directly responsible in the success of a
company. She goes and must evaluate several conditions and approve projects, case provide success of production
for the company, but also reject if provide success to the same uncertainties, acting thus, the decision-making
system of a company, of tactical and operational dies, along with the other areas that compose it: marketing,
finance, among others.
In an analysis of production management systems should be kept in mind the careful checking of basic
criteria and the means that are used to establish the evaluation of performance of such systems. The main criteria
are: the price, service and quality.
Other factors can also be tested for the analysis of the production system, they are: the reliability and
flexibility of service that are considered complementary trial methods.
The company chosen for the analysis was the Belo Tok Intimo, located in the municipality of Brazil in
the State of Paraba, which operates in the production and sale of underwear male as well as female both. The
report will emphasize the part of production of the products that are the responsibility of the same company.

Thus, the objective of this work is to show how the establishment of the production of the undertaking
concerned in the form of provision of its physical arrangement since the characteristic of task allocation within the
production system of a company may provide success and longevity of the same.
2. Methodological Procedures
For the drafting of this article was used the qualitative method which Marconi and Lakatos (2007) "is
concerned with analyzing and interpreting deeper aspects, describing the complexity of human behavior". Based
on this method, an approach was used in the case study, in which it is defined as an empirical study that investigates
a current phenomenon within the context of reality (YIN, 2005).
Vergara (2005) points out that there are several types of searches with different characteristics. However,
ibidem emphasizes two basic criteria: the purposes and as to the means. Thus, it was proposed, as the explanatory
research purposes which aims to identify the factors that determine or contribute to the occurrence of phenomena.
As to the means, we used the field research that aims to deepen the issues proposed in research (GIL, 1999).
3. Theoretical foundation
3.1 Characterization of the company
The organization is the Belo Tok Intimo is 17 years working in the market of production of underwear.
Located in the Centre of the city of Guarabira-PB, the Belo Tok Intimo, is in an area of easy visualization and
accessibility, a highlight compared to other companies in the business of manufacturing. It was created after the
success with resale of the same products by the wife of the owner of the organization today.
The first productions were sold under the name Rainbow and were marketed both regionally as the
customers acquired, logo on your home in the State of Maranho, being the same focused, in large part, to the
market of Maranho State, since the resistance of regional products by local consumers and the acceptability of
the product by external market resellers.
After the arrival of competitors, the company has adopted as the differential application of details in his
pieces produced, following fashion trend at the moment. She later spent using materials also used by its
competitors: the lycra, fiber that has great elasticity.
For viability on the market, the company will change the material used since its beginning, cotton, for a
smaller percentage of the composite product and with lowest price of raw materials, increased the margin of
profitability as well accepted in the market as a product substitute.
Nowadays, are involved in producing 68 employees, who are scattered from the production cell to the
part of supervision of products for sales, wrapped in sixty active machines at the moment.
The company today produces seven different items, among them: underwear, panties, baby-dolls, "out of
shower," bikinis, swimwear and lingerie having them color varieties and styles differentials between themselves
and these are sold both in own factory shop as regional markets spread by resellers and also in regions previously
highlighted. The main focus is the quality above the productivity, aimed at consumer satisfaction by purchasing
and using a product manufactured by it, avoiding as much as possible, faults in the production of each piece.
The daily production ranges from 1800 to 2000 different pieces per day. This variation is given for
possible problems that may have on production system during a day of production and/or the complexity of some

products, such as lingerie, that are rich in detail, and require a longer production according to the wealth of detail
that the same has, taking up more than a day assembling a piece.
Another important approach is the employee/employer relationship which is essential to increasing
productivity and to prevent various types of problems with the progress of the company's production, which is
held fairly structured. How, for example, employees are motivated to produce because the pieces that have
authorship drawing itself receive the label names of employee who designed the template.
3.2 Physical Arrangement
In the current context of competitiveness, companies need to optimize their production systems in order
to reduce its costs to the ideal point of production to be able to offer their products at a fair price with the quality
level established for her.
To do this, is of fundamental importance that organizations prepare their production in order to avoid
waste during the process of making their products and/or services with the process of physical arrangement.
Stevenson (2001) assesses which physical arrangement is the Division of productive systems in sectors, working
sections, distributing machines and staff for a great and adequate structure in order to avoid idleness and
unnecessary offsets.
Another important factor to be stressed are the results of a physical arrangement can bring to an
organization, as the authors Peinado and Graeml (2007):
On the basis principally of the increased productivity of machinery and consequent
reduction of manpower physical arrangements operating current production are
much more compact, taking up much less physical area that the arrangements of a
few decades ago.
In this sense, it is observed that in addition to the advantages of decreased movement of machinery and
personal, as emphasized in its concept, the use of layout also proposes a greater utilization of the area to be used
for production, thus lowering costs with large hangars for small excused production systems.
The importance of an appropriate physical arrangement makes the Organization has several benefits. In
this way, we can classify the physical arrangements in the productive sector into five types: per line, functional,
cellular, positional and mixed.
According to Martins and Laugeni (2005) the layout by product or line is indicated for productive
operations with little or no diversification in constant amount over time and in large quantity. Requires a high
investment in machinery and can present problems with regard to the quality of the products manufactured. For
operators usually generate monotony and stress.
According to Chiavenato (2005) the layout by process is used when the product undergoes subsequent
modifications and the production volume is low, for this reason it is often used in batch production system.
The physical arrangement for all cell production system of manufacture of a given product is allocated
within a single location, production cell, so that all machines involved in the total production of this product are
inserted in the same environment (MARTINS; LAUGENI, 2005).
In this way, Peinado and Graeml (2007) state that the main advantages of this model are linked directly
to its flexibility, low movement of products, employees and machines, cooling of stocks and, as a psychological
trait, ibid. at length of their importance for the better integration of the operational staff of the organization.

Some organizations choose to use a join of more than one type of physical arrangement, this occurs
through the use of mixed physical arrangement which Peinado and Graeml (2007), this type of layout is used when
you want to take advantage of the various types of physical arrangement together. Is generally used a combination
of arranged by product, process and cell phone, but there are other types of productive systems in various
4. Presentation And Discussion Of The Results
4.1. physical arrangement
The choice of a basic type of physical arrangement serves as a support to the productive process to define
where each of the steps of the integral parts of production. This choice may be guided by comparing advantages
and disadvantages of each of the basic types of production arrangement is used, as well as, the type of process that
is executed (per-project process, process, process batch type jobbing type, bulk process and continuous process),
as well as the relationship of volume-variety that each has, depending on need and the main focus of the
Organization (SLACK et al, 2009).
The company analyzed, the Belo Tok Intimo uses, basically, of a physical phone arrangement, in order
that the manufacturing process and production steps are arranged in Division according to the type of piece
produced. This separation becomes necessary, since some pieces like panties and underwear, have little wealth in
detail in your sewing, others like lingerie, have several details in your sewing ranging from piece by piece, by its
The production is mounted by cells, groups of production within the production system, i.e. the production
of products are separated by their level of complexity and detail of the piece.
Within the cells there is an arrangement by product, which is characterized by following the steps in the
production process is equal to the result of the production of manufactured by Belo Tok Intimo.
As verified by Slack et al. (2009), the cellular physical arrangement is an attempt to establish some order
to the complexity of another type of flow layout, the per-process, which is characterized primarily by the Division
of production processes all arranged in one part, unlike the cell.
The main advantage for the Belo Tok Intimo in using physical arrangement cell phone is linked to
possibility that has below-normal cost combined with its flexibility in production and towards your variety of types
of intimate parts manufactured by the company.
That kind of physical arrangement increases the motivation of the employees of the factory, because they
feel important in the process of production of the play, for playing each of them important steps.
Within this physical arrangement mobile, the Belo Tok Intimo uses the template per product, bearing in
mind that this layout presents a quickness of larger production within the production cells and result in lower costs
to the company on adoption of this in relation to the other basic types.

4.2. operation performance Goal

The Belo Tok Intimo quality always visa above all, using it as a differentiator for the company in relation
to other of the same branch of production, which, for the most part, prioritize the reduced cost, to try to get the
attention of the customers towards their respective products.
How do you define Slack et al. (2009), "quality means ' do it right ' things, but things that production
needs to do it right will vary according to the type of operation", i.e. the production needs to give special attention
to the customer in order to meet customer needs in the best possible way.
As previously mentioned, within the production plan of Beautiful Intimate search quality she Tok, in
order that the final customer to obtain a product that conforms to the taste of the most demanding customers,
without noticing the increase in the price of the product. Likewise, she expects its consumer really believe it
worthwhile to buy the product for this relationship between price/consumer satisfaction, i.e. an aggregate price
that if you note a successful ' investment ' in the play.
Thus, quality acquired within the operation brings benefits for itself mainly by increasing customer
satisfaction, reducing costs in production by reducing errors in parts to be produced, increasing the flexibility of
operation, mainly.
4.3. Equipment
The equipment of a system produced show his growth monitoring with the use of new technologies,
deploying new production techniques which also become a differential between production systems of the same
or equivalent products, leaving a company ahead or behind the other with a view to their adoption in production
or not.
The equipment used by the Belo Tok Intimo are according to what is best in new production technologies
of manufacture and specifically in underwear. The company's machinery undergoes progressive renewal
processes, as well as for annual reviews, aiming always, good performance and to avoid future problems with the
production, as production stoppage or reduction of it. By doing so, allows maximum idle capacity decrease which
it may perchance be.
In Table 1 for a listing of all the machines involved in the production process of the Belo Tok Intimo as
well as their quantities and their conditions of State of the same.
Table 1-Equipment used in the production


Description of the conditions

Cutting machine (large pieces)

Old machine, medium condition

Cutting machine (small parts)

New machinery

Fagot machine

Well-kept machines

Serger machine


Machines purchased less than two years



Machinery periodically reviewed

By-passing any machine


New machines

Straight machine

Very good equipment conditions

Zig zag machine

Recently renovated machines

Galoneira BT

Newly released machinery on the market

Source: Prepared by author (2015)

Finally, one realizes that the equipment used in the production of parts is sufficient to offer a good
production capacity of machinery that allied to labour supply within the production system makes it possible to
meet the needs of the manufacturing organization.
4.4. Description of conditions of physical facilities
Productive space of Belo Tok Intimo facilities had to help increase the quality of life for employees within
the workplace, factor of great importance to the good performance of employees on productivity and on the search
for quality, the main objective of the company.
Although retired for a short time, the workplace has some deficiencies which may affect employee
productivity. The facilities are very hot, in an area with poor ventilation, although having exhaust fans, which can
hinder productivity, especially in conditions of a workday possibly greater, as in periods of greater demands that
require a larger production and extra hours operation, namely, in addition to the journey of eight hours per day
However, employees are required by the company to use equipment that prevent other physical and
mechanical damage. Within the workspace, all employees use long pants, which avoid mechanical hazards in the
workplace. In addition, they use headphones that reduce noise in productive space, in order, the high degree of
noise transmitted by machines throughout time within the production. They also serve to caps during all stages of
the production process.
Thus, it appears that the Belo Tok Intimo is well prepared and worried about the risks that a productive
system can bring to those directly involved, leaving your employees safer and providing a better quality of life
within the workplace, production system.
4.5. Description of the production process
The Belo Tok Intimo has a simple, but efficient productive process, considering the simplicity of
manufacture of underwear. However, she have in their production the differential nature of small details that make
his plays were unique in the market.
The production begins with the acquisition of inputs that will be used, soon after purchasing and receiving
of raw materials by the company for the production of underwear, they are taken to cutting machines, where there
will be cut and shaped according to the proposal of models drawn parts. Then the pieces are separated by type of
parts to be produced and for color of fabric used, and without the different production cells taken in crates.
In their cells, the pieces go through Assembly process according to each and closing process and seam
finishing of parts, being taken to the control part of quality. The pieces are reviewed and if case found no defects
that may occur during the production stage, the label is placed on the piece to therefore be made a last inspection
and placed at the disposal of its customers. However, if there are any problems in the play, some badly made or

detail stitching error, the same back to your production cell to be repaired and passes through the production
process again.
As the production is quite varied, was chosen a single product to demonstrate the production of the same
system, although most other items use procedures similar with a few differences. About flowchart allows you to
show the activity of production of underwear, using different symbols to adapt to the different modes of activities
present (Slack et. al, 2009).
Thus, proves the simplicity of Belo Tok Intimo parts production, however it is important to note that an
organization and a good planning in steps allows the company produces a continuous flow with a reduction of
waste in its productive sector.
4.6. Dimensional Characteristics
The Belo Tok Intimo can produce, as already highlighted previously, around 1800 to 2000 pieces among
its different types during the day. this production can, without difficulty, meet the demands that it has throughout
the year for its customers. The level of productivity of each type of product varies according to the complexity of
each of the products.
The production system offers a variety of products according to the market segment that she acts. The
factory produces a wide variety of underwear, standing in front of several other companies in the State and in the
region for that reason. In addition to the vast number of pieces, there is also variation between them, such as
finishing and details varied models, all to serve customers of different tastes.
Variation of the demand of the company is marked by a period of seasonality in the summer, this period
in which pieces of swimwear, bikinis, swimsuits and swimwear as, are most commonly used by the final consumer
by increasing demand of products in stores, especially for that period be more propitious people attend swimming
pools, beaches and clubs. The other parts produced for everyday use have a sales amount without many changes
in volume of orders, showing considerable increase only when the release of different models.
The company Belo Tok Intimo direct has provided with the consumer by own factory, the organization
aims to further promote the trends that the main thread factories are releasing on the market as well as the
production of own styles. However, by owning a shop factory itself, she can also meet the search requests by
consumers, producing more a particular cut and changing the style of pieces that don't have many sales in your
5. Final Considerations
The structure of production is a fundamental part to an organization based primarily in the manufacture
of products being vital special care to her. Thus, it is very important that she be well administered and recognized
as such by leading members in addition to providing special care to those involved in this sector of the company,
to satisfaciton.
With that, it was observed that despite the simplicity of a productive system, it can be so effective and
bring success to the company adopts, as noted in the case of Belo Tok Intimo. In this way, the proper functioning
of the layout features deployed allow the same gain competitive advantage, with prices appropriate to its quality.

Finally, it should be noted that proper use of the physical space of production organization offers several
mainly fixed costs reduction by enabling better use of internal space designated for that purpose, in addition to
providing the reduction of staff and allocation of machines in the productive environment.
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