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Ethics in Islam is the principles and rules governing human behavior, which is determined by

the revelation to organize human life so as to achieve the purpose of his existence in this
world fully and fullest, the Islamic system and is characterized by the ethics Btabaan:
First, it is a divine nature, in the sense that it Mourad God Almighty.
Second: it is of a humanitarian nature, any effort to humans and income in determining the
system in practice.
This system is a system of work for charity Life, a model of behavior and how to deal with
.the soul and God and the community
It is a system theoretical side integrates it with the practical side of it, which is not part of the
overall Islamic system only, it is the essence of Islam and its core and spirit of applicable in
all respects: the Islamic regime - on the whole -mbena on moral principles in the foundation,
.but that morality is the essence of the divine messages at all
The purpose of his mission, peace be upon him - is the completion of ethics, and work on
straightened, and rumor Mkarmea, but the goal of all messages moral goal, and religion itself
.is good manners
Because of the importance of ethics found at the side of faith where connecting Almighty
,Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him - between faith and good manners
Then count the faith of Islam by land, and land recipe for moral action or is the name of the
.collector types goodness
As we find the connection between morality and faith, we find as well as between morality
and worship as the moral spirit of worship in essence; because it is the performance of the
duties of the divine. And we find in the transaction - the second part of Islamic law more
Thus we see that Islam has been associated with the bond of moral aspects, to achieve the
very moral, which asserts that morality is the spirit of Islam, and the Islamic legal system is
.embodied entity to these ethical spirit
Creation of two types
create good: a literature and virtue, and the result in words and deeds of a beautiful mind .1
.and religiously
create bad: It is bad manners and vice, and produce his words and deeds ugly mind and .2
And good manners of the most and the best means a receipt for one to win the love of the
Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and the nail near it the Day of Resurrection

Ethics and practice of faith

The morality in Islam is not based on doctrinal theories, and individual interests, and
environmental factors changed and colored according to her, it is a flood of the fountain of
faith shines its light within oneself and outside, is no morality separate virtues, but they are
connected to loops in one series, creed, morals, His law and ethics, Muslim does not violate
the one only the latest in a breach of faith. Morality Islam guide and translate the process, the
.more faith in a strong yielded strong ethics
Time morality and persistence
The morality in Islam is not a color of luxury can be indispensable when environmental

variation, and not a dress worn by human attitude then dispelled when he wants, but it will
constants like the universe and the orbits of the planets which move does not change with
time because it is instinct

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