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Management for a Competitive Edge (MgtEdge)

Module 1: Introduction to Management

TOPIC 1: What will we cover in the next four weeks of this subject?
Human Resources Management
Marketing and promotional strategies
Project Management
Management, management tools, strategy , leading and leadership

TOPIC 2: What are the four main functions in management outlined in this topic?
Planning, scheduling, administration and motivation
Administration, organising, motivation and controlling
Planning, organising, leading and controlling
Planning, leading, motivating and scheduling

TOPIC 3: What skills are important for successful managers?

Conceptual skills and the ability to think critically
Motivational skills and the ability to inspire others
Interpersonal or human skills
All of the given answers

TOPIC 4: What is the main focus of researchers in the field of scientific

Primarily focused on increasing efficiencies
They were all male

They all lived in the 17th century

Primarily focused on increasing effectiveness

TOPIC 5: What management approach did Elton Mayo embrace?

Bureaucratic management
Scientific management
Human relations management
Assertive management

TOPIC 6: Which of the following is the best description of corporate culture?

Corporate culture is defined by the values, norms and behaviours of
individuals that collectively form and define the unique social environment of an
Corporate culture is about social activities in an organisation
Corporate culture only relates to management
Corporate culture has solely negative impact on businesses

TOPIC 7: Ethical decision making in organisations should be based on?

Individual interests only
Entirely on financial benefits for the company
Sustainable outcomes that positively contribute to the organisation but also to
the society as a whole
Short term benefits and profitability that enable the business to operate
successfully and provide shareholder returns

TOPIC 8: Which of the following statements accurately characterises Management

by Objectives (MBO)?
Managers should tell employees exactly how to do their job
Managers should tell staff what they want and how to do it
MBO is an outdated management approach that is hardly used these days
MBO is based on the principle that managers should not tell employees how to
do their job but set clear objectives and allow staff to accomplish goals in their own
TOPIC 9: Which of the following statements characterises a SWOT analysis most
SWOT identifies challenges and opportunities for businesses
A SWOT identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for an
Enables management to supervise staff more effectively
SWOT analysis defines threats and strengths