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18/10/2009=New Delhi: warned by intelligence agencies of movement of terrorists who could

carry out another 26/11-type attack, the navy and the coast guard are carrying out 'operation
raksha' along the Gujarat coast scanning for militants.

Why the Pakistani’s terrorists are for the Mumbai 26 /11 type attack of Gujarat? The Pakistan is having
already their Pakistan’s trained Indian Mujahideen's / Semi available in the region of Surat and
Vadodara as per IB reports.
Mr. Manmohan Singh Hon. Prime Minister also stated that a Mumbai-like
attack was imminent in India.
The National / International Human Right Activists are doing following propaganda to tarnish the secular
image of India / Gujarat / Hindus and Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat.
Gujarat Government Sponsored Terrorism 2002. Narendra Modi, Babu Bajrangi, Arvind Pandya,
Haresh Batt, Ramesh Dave and more arranged in Gujarat.

For creating this fear of attack in Gujarat, the Gujarat bureaucrats are responsible those have not taken
any preventive actions from the attacks in Ahmadabad on 26 / 7 serial bomb blasts. The Indian
Mujahedeen's are giving repeated warnings in their e-mails to take revenge of post Godhra riots of 2002
and the chief minister Mr.Narendra Modi and others so called Hindus are on their hit list.

RKDGOEL saw this article on HindustanTimes ePaper, and thought you would find it interesting. You
can find it at: 'E-mail warns of more attacks'

RKDGOEL also sent the following message:

This important E-mail of terrorists attack Mumbai on 26.11.2008. What Vadodara did by the VMSS to
demolish the Dargah on 1.05.2006 should be remembered. This all the reactions for which we are
responsible only. Dr.R.K.D.Goel. Please bring this in the knowledge of present VMSS Mayor Sri
Balkrishna Sukla The atrocities on Muslims started by the VMSS only during the time of Mr. Sunil
Solanki Mayor. Now we are paying the cost to the Muslim terrorists those are taking the revenge from
us those are INOCENT HINDUS OF INDIAN. Dr.R.K.D.Goel
HindustanTimes ePaper - Digital replica of Print Edition.
Terror at doorstep: Indian PM tells forces to stay alert


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Gujarat is a region of truth and non violence. Mahamta Gandhi's legacy of
truth and non violence has been assaulted by Modi Narendra every now and
then, Now his latest lie has been exposed. It is shameful for a Chief
Minister to have a ...

Shaktisinh Gohil- Leader of Oppositio...


Post Copy f.w.c, to: -
1. Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat for information pleases.
2. Mr. P.Chidambram, Hon’ble Home Minister of India.
3. Mr. Balkrishna Sukla, Hon. Mayor and MP Vadodara
4. Mr. R.N.Das IAS, Chief Information Commissioner, Gujarat State
5. Dr. M.Ramchandran IAS, Secretary, Urban deptt. Government of India.
6. Mr. D.Rajagopalan IAS, Chief Secretary to Govt. of Gujarat.
7. Mr. P.Paneerval IAS, Principal Secretary, Revenue deptt, Govt of Gujarat,
8. Mr. G.R.Aloria IAS, Principal Secretary, Revenue deptt, Land Reform.
9. Mrs. Gauri Kumar IAS, Principal Secretary, U.D. & U.H.Deptt.Govt of Gujarat.
10. Mr. M.K.Das IAS, Municipal Commissioner, VMSS Vadodara for urgent action.
11. Mr. Vijay Nehra IAS, Collector of Vadodara for urgent necessary actions.
12. CEO-GSDMA Govt of Gujarat for removing encroachments from Masia Kans.
13. Chairman. Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar to remove pollution...
14. Mr. A.O.Sharma IFS, Dy, Municipal Commissioner VMSS Vadodara.