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How to

Gain 10 lbs
Of Muscle
Jason Maxwell, CPT


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How to Gain 10 lbs of Muscle

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We All Need to Start Somewhere

Getting fit is a drug. If I was speaking to a stadium packed full of 1 million people
and said, Everyone who looks exactly the way they want to and is perfectly
happy with their body, put up your hands, youd hear crickets. No one would
raise their hand.
Thats why Im writing this report. Everyone has a goal. The problem is, most
people head to the gym and do machines, cardio and sit-ups to try to build muscle
and get a more defined body and show off their abs. On top of this, they go in
without a plan and just do random exercises with the dumbbells. This is the slow
way of doing it and it doesnt work wellat all. The 3 methods in this report are
simple tips that I use with my own clients to get quick, easy, and fast results.
Before we dive in, we need to determine what the heck muscle gain really is.
What the Heck is Muscle Gain?
Muscle gain is the act of increasing the size of your muscles. There are two types
of muscle growth: functional and non-functional. Functional means that you build
strength and size. Non-functional means the muscles only get bigger, without the
added strength. In order to gain as much muscle in as little time as possible, you
need to focus on both functional and non-functional muscle gain.
Im going to let you in on a little secret. When it comes to looking awesome, you
want to lower your body fat percentage (higher amounts of muscle and lower
amounts of fat). If you gain muscle without gaining or losing fat, your body fat
percentage will lower automatically. If you want a six-pack, then you should have
a lower body fat percentage.


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Method #1:
Its Easier to Build Muscle When You Have a Lower Body
Fat Percentage
Ideally, through trial and error with myself and my clients, weve found that the
fastest muscular gains occur when your body fat percentage is between 8% and
14%. The reason behind this is because when you are leaner, your body is able to
handle the food you eat better, and is more likely to store it as muscle as opposed
to fat. The hormones in your body dictate this, and hormones work better when
you are leaner (8%-14%). This doesnt mean that you cant build muscle if you are
20% body fat though. You still can, but it just isnt optimal for the fastest
muscular gains.
In order to get down to 8%-14% bodyfat, you can take an approach that will lose
fat and build muscle. In this approach, I recommend pairing an upper body lift
with a lower body lift in a superset fashion. For example, try this:
1A: Reverse Lunge 4
60 sec
1B: Barbell Bench 4
60 sec
The combination of the upper and lower body lifts will really get your heart going.
On top of this, the action of lifting weights will allow you to build muscle.


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Method #1 Case Study

My nutrition coaching client Brian wanted to put some lean muscle onto his
frame. Our goal was to lean him out first, so he could put on muscle as fast as
possible. We measured his body fat percentage by measuring different skinfolds
with callipers (youve probably seen this on TV) and used a formula to calculate
his body fat percentage (the amount of fat on his body).
Here are his results:

As you can see, Brian lost 8.3% body fat in 3 weeks. Brian started out at 172 lbs.
This means that he lost approximately 16 lbs. of fat in 3 weeks. Not too shabby.

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Method #2
Build Muscle with Muscular Tension, Muscle Damage, and
Metabolic Stress
Recent studies have shown that the three keys to muscle growth are muscular
tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. Lets break these bad boys down:
Muscular Tension

This is when you squeeze and contract your muscles. The harder the contraction,
the more you will stimulate muscle growth. On top of this, you want the
contraction to last through a full range of motion.
For example, lets look at a biceps curl. When your arm is straight, you should fire
your biceps muscle before even bending your arm. Then, you will start to bend
your arm, maintaining the contraction in your biceps. When you cannot bend
your arm any further, contract your biceps even harder. Now, start to straighten
your arm again. Keep the biceps muscles contracted. This is harder than it
seems. Master this with every exercise and you will start to see impressive gains
in size and strength.
Muscle Damage

Have you ever worked out and then been sore the next day? This is partially
caused by muscle damage. Breaking down the muscle in the workout and causing
muscle damage will cause your body to respond and repair the muscles bigger
and stronger.
Metabolic Stress

This is the burning feeling and the pump you get when working out. The burning
feeling is caused by lactate in your muscles. The pump is caused by your muscles
filling up with blood. Both of these will cause your muscles to grow.
Combining the 3
Keeping tension in the muscles, try a dropset. We will use a standing overhead
press as an example. Use a weight that you can lift for 8 reps. Lets say you can
lift 40lbs for 8 reps. Here is what you will do:

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Lift 40lbs for 8 reps.

Drop the weight and pick up 35lbs.
Lift 35lbs for 8 reps.
Drop the weight and pick up 30lbs.
Lift 30lbs for 8 reps.


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Method #2 Case Study

I had my client Paul on a lifting program prioritizing muscular tension, muscle
damage, and metabolic stress. Within 3 months, he added 29lbs to his frame.

And heres what he had to say:

Before Jasons workouts and nutrition, I

fluctuated between 133 and 134 lbs. Ive made
significant progress and now weigh 162 lbs
with much more muscle and have even lost fat.
Ive made significant strength gains. I started
out with really light weights and now Im able
to lift over 200lbs in the deadlift. Id highly
recommend Jasons workouts and nutrition
programs. Paul T.


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Method #3
Prioritize Ideal Proportions
There are certain muscular proportions that make you instantly give the illusion
that youve gained 20 lbs of muscle, when in fact, you may have only gained 3 lbs.
This is a very powerful concept.
For example, the ideal ratio of your waist to your shoulders should be 1:1.618.
This is also known as the golden ratio or the Grecian ideal. When this ratio is
satisfied, you will always look jacked. In recent studies, women and men were
both asked to rate the attractiveness of mens bodies, and sure enough, this
golden ratio was proven to be the most attractive body type.
Here are other ratios that you should strive for:
Body Part

Ideal Measurement (all

measurements are the
circumference of the body part)

Arm (cold; flexed)

2.52 x Wrist Size


2.52 x Wrist Size


2.52 x Wrist Size


Measure While Lean (8%-12%)


1.618 x Waist (Golden Ratio)


1.75 x Knee Size

Pelvis (Where you wear your pants)

Measure While Lean (8%-12%)


1.48 x Pelvis Size


2.02 x Wrist Size


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Method #3 Case Study

My goal with Scott was to get him closer to his ideal proportions. We prioritized
bringing up the size of his chest, shoulders, arms, and legs, while minimizing his
waist. In only 30 days, Scott gained 8lbs of muscle and accidentally lost 9lbs of
fat. Pay close attention to his 2nd After Photo. Look at how we developed the Vtaper on the back, making his upper body look a lot bigger.


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How to Gain 5, 10, 15, or even 20 lbs

of Lean Muscle and Solve All of
Your Muscle Building Problems
I can tell that youre a person who is serious about building muscle. Click here to
learn how to build muscle and lose fat at the same
time: http://www.jmaxfitness.com/books/the-hybrid-muscle-cycle/


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About the Author

My name is Jason Maxwell and I am a Certified Personal
Trainer (CPT) under the National Strength and
Conditioning Association (NSCA) and am a certified
Functional Movement Screen practitioner. Fitness
health, nutrition, and helping people to lose fat and gain
muscle are my passions. Its just way too much fun
helping people to look better naked.
My Story
Grew up in a small town with less than 3500 people.
Was a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan as a kid Actually, I still am
Was fat until I hit puberty, then I kind of grew out of my tubbiness.
Was skinnyfat all through high school (even though I played every sport).
I started lifting weights in my senior year of high school in order to get stronger
for football.
After starting to lift weights, I was seeing some results, but I was still skinnyfat.
Went to Ryerson University in Toronto (for Aerospace Engineering) and got my
nutrition and lifting dialled in.
Gained 20lbs of muscle my first semester and got leaner in the process. I wasnt
skinnyfat anymore.
I became obsessed with everything to do with fitness and nutrition.
I started personal training, online coaching, and writing. To date, Ive helped
100s of people transform their bodies.
This book was the result of me consistently screwing up with my own fitness
and nutrition until I finally got it right.


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Everyone always asks me, Why dont you be an astronaut instead of a fitness
professional?. Heres what Ive realized: throughout my degree, Ive found
myself studying and reading fitness, health, and nutrition literature at times when
I should have been studying for aerodynamics, aircraft performance etc. Some
people in my program go home and read about airplanes. I read about health.
That is where my passion lies. The path of health and fitness that Ive chosen will
inevitably help people improve the quality of their life. Sure, aerospace
engineering can inevitably help people, but not on the same degree and
magnitude as health and fitness. Theres no way it can help someone live a
longer, happier life. For more info on health, fitness, and nutrition, subscribe to
my website: http://www.JMaxFitness.com/


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