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Zadankai March 2015 Concept HUMAN REVOLUTION


Human Revolution is a transformation in our fundamental mindset. It is a change in our
attitude or determination, which changes our life. This causes a positive impact in our health
and vigor further allowing us to bring forth limitless wisdom. It is opening our eyes wide and
looking beyond our ordinary concerns, striving for and directing our action to something
higher, deeper and broader.
Revolution means turning things around. It signifies a sudden and radical change. It's not a
gradual process, its a rapid improvement, which has no end point. Our Buddhist practice is
the engine, the driving force for our Human Revolution. The true benefit of faith is this
fundamental inner transformation and human revolution.
According to the principle of the oneness of life and its environment, when our life states
changes, we are able to change our environment as well, and thereby solve all of our
problems. Happiness for the individual alone is not possible, and peace in terms of the
environment alone is not possible. There can be no happiness exclusively for the self, or
unhappiness exclusively for others.
The happier we make others, the happier we are, as long as a single miserable person exists,
our own happiness cannot be complete.
Explained in simpler terms: suppose there is a BOY who is always playing and never studies. One
day he takes a decision that from now on he will study or he will make efforts for the sake of his
future. And when he does that it is HIS human revolution.
Another example is that there is a mother who is only concerned about the welfare about her family,
one days thinks to herself that there is no way her present happiness will last forever and thus strives
in her BUDDHIST faith and practice so that she goes on to become a powerful support for her family.
This is human revolution for her,


The Gosho states "if minds of living beings are impure, their land is also impure. But if their
minds are pure, so is their land. There are no two lands, pure or impure in themselves". Land

means our society and natural environment in which we live. This means that our land is not
inherently pure or impure. The minds of the people residing there, makes it pure or impure.
Thus the key to changing our society lies in revolutionizing the minds of human being. And
when I as an individual pledge to do my human revolution, I m moving towards changing and
transforming my society.
As humans we are a complex fabric- our personality, habits, karmas and family connections
affect us. Most of us spend days fretting over various problems of our lives and before we
know it, life is over. Its the Human Revolution, which breaks our cycle of paths and brings
us in the worlds of infinite wisdom, compassion and courage. Because we are changing, our
changing actions and behaviors, keep us grounded in compassion.
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Zadankai March 2015 Concept HUMAN REVOLUTION

Only human beings have the ability to seek growth and self improvement, we have the
capacity to consciously change the direction of our lives, to enrich and deepen our lives
instead of just allowing them to flow on aimlessly. Human revolution is bettering us in a
more profound, inner way. This will change the views of life, society and peace. It will orient
a new and positive direction.
What matters is who we are humans, when all external things are taken away, so we
must strengthen ourselves as humans.
It was while reading the Osaka campaign I understood that Human revolution is important so that we
accept who we are and then we create value out of that. I would like to share an experience of a
member who was striving alongside Sensei. This person was admonished that he is like a sieve and is
always forgetting things. He thought to himself as to what he should do and sat in front of the
Gohonzon chanting for many hours. He then realised that he was a sieve but he will become useful in
this way only and determined to become the greatest sieve in Japan. According to me he decided that
he will retain everything that is important and will let the unimportant stuff slip away, thereby
becoming the greatest sieve.


The times when we are suffering intensely, when we dont know what to do or which way to
turn, can become an important opportunity for making great stride in our human revolution.
Sensei says as a practitioner of Nichren Daishonins Buddhism we turn our problem and
suffering in a source of compassion and wisdom with which we encourage others. We change
karma into mission. We pursue the path of human revolution. The most difficult and
fundamental challenge of inner transformation. And seek to inspire others to do the same
Relating to the question, now I would like to share an experience of men's division member who was
under serious economic problems. His company had just gone bankrupt and he was in depths of
poverty. When he shared his problem then sensei explained to him: Dose beautiful flower bloom
thinking it wants to be seen by people? No it doesnt. its mission is simply to bloom beautifully. Even
in the depths of poverty, regardless of what other may think, you are important. You have a mission.
What matters is for you to bloom beautifully. Say to yourself it does not matter whether people look
at me or not, but I will bloom. This is the spirit I must have. From that moment on he put his
everything to Gakkai activities, he used to walk two hours to attend a meeting. He realised sensei was
always chanting daimoku and then he determined to chant 10,000 daimoku everyday with the
conviction that he would never face poverty again. Thus three years later he managed to buy a car and
never looked back.

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Zadankai March 2015 Concept HUMAN REVOLUTION


Human Revolution is achieved by uniting with the life of the Buddha. Through attaining the
fusion of reality and wisdom with the Buddha, the power for self-transformation wells up
within us.
It is by believing in the Gohonzon and dedicating ourselves to the mission of helping all
people achieve happiness that we bring forth the Buddhahood within our lives. As we do best
for the welfare of others, we break out of our narrow lesser self, that is focused only on
personal concerns and gradually expand and elevate our own life state as well.
Also, when discouraged, one just needs to refresh ones determination. People who are
resolved to see problems as opportunities and keep trying again and again, forging ahead with
unflagging optimism, always succeed in their human revolution.
So the key is Human Revolution of ourselves, achieved by creating value under any
circumstances and changing ones state of mind.
Needless to say, living in the real world as we do, none of us is perfect. Those who achieve
their human revolution have not attained perfection, either. Human Revolution entails a clear
awakening to our purpose in life, followed by the effort to approach the state of perfection a
little at a time, keeping that purpose clearly on mind. Human Revolution is not a final goal
that can be realized; rather, it is a change in the course, the direction of our lives.

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Zadankai March 2015 Concept HUMAN REVOLUTION

Ikeda Sensei has given 7 clear indicators that tell us we are on the path of achieving our
Human Revolution. They are:
1. First is HEALTH: In our Buddhist Practice, we are determined to give our 100% in
every area. Sensei says to work our hardest we need good health. So we should
always pray and make efforts to lead a healthy and well balanced life.
2. Second Indicator is YOUTHFULLNESS: Sensei has urged us to have a youthful spirit
in lives irrespective of our age. This can be achieved when we strive energetically in
our Buddhist practice and this energy is transmitted in evry area of our life.
3. Third point Sensei specified is GOOD FORTUNE: Sensei says that when we continue
to chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, strive in our kosen-rufu activities we overcome
obstacles thereby adorn our lives and our families with good fortune.

Forth Sensei cited WISDOM: We must polish our wisdom & intellect thereby
assuring our victory in life and society

5. Fifth indicator listed by Sensei is PASSION: When we have a burning desire to help
others achieve happiness and bring peace in my surroundings then we always progress
towards happiness. As when I change the surroundings I become happy.
6. Sixth Indicator Sensei mentioned is CONVICTION: Human revolution is a clear
reflection in our firm belief. It is when we have correct philosophy for life and we
strongly believe in it then we are a ship with a compass to direct us. Without this
compass or firm belief we can be easily blown away by the winds of karma and end
us wrecked.
7. And the last indicator is VICTORY: When we do our Human revolution then we
achieve victory. We don't have to stop at one victory but continue to do our Human
revolution so we achieve victories after victories and these victories assure us that
how correct this philosophy is.

I determine on this Kosen rufu day that rather than compromising with any situation
in my life I will stand up to change it.

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Zadankai March 2015 Concept HUMAN REVOLUTION

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