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No.18, Poornapragna, Veeranjaneya Temple Street,

Balajinagar, Ittamadu, BSK 3rd stage
Mobile: 9986787125
Email: ajaykr87@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajayrao1

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological
University (VTU) in 2009

October 2010 Present:

Working at Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd as Senior Project Engineer

(CAE) deported at GMTCI Bangalore (General Motors Technical center

Altair Product Design is an engineering & design company with an integrated global team of over
500 staff located in over 30 offices worldwide.
The organization provides product design support from the component level up to full design and
engineering responsibility, process automation, using software expertise and facilitates which
increases the efficiency of existing design processes.

Expertise Overview

4 years of experience in Automotive CAE

3.5 years of experience in working with GMTCI vehicle integration projects.

Single handedly managed full vehicle integration projects.

Good knowledge in LS-Dyna & FEM.

Work Experience
Senior Project Engineer - Altair Engineering India Limited

Project lead for Full vehicle and subsystem deliveries.

Handled vehicle integration projects single handedly.

Single handedly handled few projects with 10ms debug.

Typically each project includes:

Understanding the SOR, Build plan, deliverables.

Planning the full vehicle integration projects, assignment of work to engineers

Doing second level checks on the includes.

Performing vehicle integration activities such as connect file creation, intersections, cross
sections, time history, mass updates.

Debugging the full vehicle & running it for 10ms.

Vehicle crash simulation model assembly, simulation and results post processing.

During post processing, the full vehicle model is validated by checking the following:

Possible failure of contacts

Energy plots

Mass scaling.

Tool Skills: Hypermesh, LS Pre post, Primer, Ansa, Animator

Have worked on building include for the subsystems like Closures, Fascia, Chassis,
suspensions, Steering, Exhaust ,Power train and other 70 subsystem of a full vehicle in
detail starting from meshing till connection with in the assembly till connection with full

Building subsystems for full vehicle in Dyna.

Full vehicle include file preparation and vehicle debugging for Dyna run.

Have handled full vehicle programs starting from receiving data from customer till
delivering the full vehicle for dyna run.


: Ajay K Rao

Gender / Marital status

: Male/Single

Languages known

: English, Hindi, Kannada,


: 9986787125


: ajaykr87@gmail.com