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HR Directorate:Human Resource Directorate at NADRA provide management support to its

highly specialized and diverse workforce, which is a part of Pakistans largest
IT based public sector organization, and geographically spread across the
length and breadth of Pakistan.

Aims & Goals:Our Goals are:

Focusing on its IT and public sector base
To increase the current female representation to 20% at NADRA
Providing an organizational framework to recruit, select, reward, train,
develop and retain a diverse workforce
Our aim is to create the environment of:
Culture of Business Excellence
Belief in Performance Improvement
Optimization and values productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

Objectives: Reach out to diverse group of workers across Pakistan, while recruiting
to achieve fairness and diversity in an efficient manner.
Increase women participation in NADRA up to 20% to facilitate its 54%
customer base.
Constitute and maintain a comprehensive market competitive reward
system to ensure attraction and retention of qualified and experienced
Standardization of Directorates internal practices and procedures to
improve its customer satisfaction level.
Enable employees to maximize their career potential by offering
increased number of training and development opportunities from
renowned trainers within the available resources.
Introduce in house training programs.
Introduce a performance management process across NADRA to
ensure objectivity and fairness in performance evaluation and career

Establish and








HR Diversity Management Program (HRDMP):NADRA is operating a separate program named as, HR Diversity
Management Program (HRDMP). Workplace diversity refers to the differences
between people in an organization. This sounds simple; however, diversity
encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style,
tenure, organizational function, education and more.
Diversity involves how people perceive themselves and others. These
perceptions affect their interaction in a work place. For a wide assortment of
employees to function effectively in an organization, human resource
professionals need to deal effectively with issues of communication, cultural
fit and change. Understanding and appreciation of diversity helps HR
professionals to achieve this goal.
Understanding and respect for diversity has improved considerably in recent
years and learning organizations have responded positively by sensing this
subtle change in their external environment. They have recognized the need
for immediate action by preparing themselves to utilize human and financial