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Esam Ahmed Zenhom

Address: Villa 32 , Al Andalus St., Al Nasr, Doha

Cell: +974/55669907
E-mail: Esamzenhom@gmail.com
Website: www.EsamAhmedZenhom.com.nu


(2009 ~ 2012)
- Graduation
- University
- Major
- Studying Lang.

(2006 ~ 2008)
High school
Degree of
Studying Lang.

: Faculty of commerce
: Cairo University
: Accounting
: Arabic
: El Obour Experimental
Language School, Shobra, Cairo
: Physical sciences
: English


Arabic ( Mother language )

- Written : Excellent
- Spoken
: Excellent

Playing Piano, Programming, surfing internet, Fishing and Playing Bowling
To contribute towards the success of your organization and to seek a challenging and promising oriented
position in a dynamic organization to enhance my knowledge, skills.

o From (27th of March 2011) till (25th of February 2012) - 11 months.
- From level 2 - 8 (of 10 levels).
Communicate effectively and appropriately even in demanding oral tasks and situations, like
conducting a meeting, and can participate easily in social and professional conversations, and can
deal comfortably with a lot of subjects over the telephone.

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

o At (25th of March 2012).
- Skill Card no.: EGY001140394.

EDU Egypt project

o Period from (27th of March 2011) till (15th of June 2012).
- BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).
- Human Resources
- English (BERLITZ).

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Accounting cycle through IFRS

- IAS 1 : Presentation of financial statements
- IAS 7 : Cash flow statements
- IAS 16 : Property, plant and equipment
SMS model (stock market simulation)
- Ability to deal with stock shares (Beginner mode).
Human Resources session named: How to be effective.
- By Dr. Amr Othman ( Professor at the French university in Cairo)


Very Creative thinking.

- Was the first one who introduced Arabic translated mobile application for the website:
- Qualified to a research and development membership at Spettro Academy
- Affecting the surroundings to be used in a more effective and efficient ways.
Communication and Negotiation skills
- Leaded the organization of the musical band at the closing party of Spettro academy 2012.
Presentation skills.
Confidence and Reliability.
Learning skills.
- Self-learned: Photoshop, office and visual basic.
- Learned 80% of a computer software called Multimedia Builder in just 3 days.
Sequential reasoning skills.
Analytical thinking.
Kinesthetic person.
Team Work.
Risk Taking.

An excellent computer skill includes:

Office 2007 and 2003

- Word , Excel, PowerPoint and Access
Database Designing
- Databases planning and designing Through Microsoft Access and Visual Basic
- Ability to get any information through internet using advanced search ways.
- Dealing with different kinds of websites (Informational Websites, Community Building
Websites, Mobile Device Websites, Ecommerce Websites etc.).
- Dealing with English and Arabic websites.
Speed typing
- Arabic and English
- Good sense of Designing Using brushes and patterns.
VB.net 2005 and Visual basic 6
- Implementing applications linked with databases, for ease of resources managing.
- Implementing accounting solutions through visual basic and MS Access

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Dealing with different kinds of computer issues

- Installing or removing a computer hardware or software.
- Installing different operating systems and dealing with them effectively.
- Ability to understand a lot of computers new software
- Dealing with a lot of computers issues (Bad sectors, Formatting and partitioning, recovering
important data in case of system failure etc.)
Server PC DNS Installation


January 2013 February 2013

Customer service representative (call center)
Wasla Outsourcing (Vodafone Egypt 888 Account) - Egypt

February 2013 March 2013

Junior Accountant
Nile Tours Egypt

March 2013 Now

Accountant, Systems Developer and MS Access Support
International Travel and Tourism - Qatar
Tasks done:
- Creating Customers Invoices
- Updating General Ledger ( Journal Vouchers and Bank Vouchers )
- Handling customers inquiries
- Handling suppliers inquiries
- Preparing all kind of reports for management
- Reconciling all ledger accounts
- Holding petty cash and cash accounts
- Developing new ideas for the companys development
- Handling administrative staff
- Human resources and system development ideas
- Holding companys website development
- Development of accounting system and designing new more efficient and effective
accounting system
- Developing new invoicing system
- Checking trial balance and balance sheet status every period
- Checking for ledger entry mistakes
- Solution Center and problems handling
- Resources managing


Cairo Bank
"Salaries & Pensions" department

Egyptian Saudi Finance Bank (Al Baraka Bank now)
"Trade Finance" department

* Trainees dont have a specific task.

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May 2012
Research & Development member
SPETTRO academy
(A nonprofit community providing courses for pre-graduated students)
- Creativity in responding to diverse students needs.
- Developing new ideas and put it into action.
- Finding easy and smooth ways for resolving problems.

October 2012
COURSAT DELIVERY blog and page
(Voluntary page, Helps students for getting studies and courses for free)

Marital status
Date of birth
Military service

: Single
: Egyptian
: December 24, 1990
: Exempted

* References available upon request

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