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Aligns teeth in
the permanent

Immediate retainer for
regular orthodontic treatment
after debanding
Anterior dental correction for
minor orthodontic relapse
Cosmetic alignment of
the anterior dentition
without brackets
Myofunctional habit correction
tongue thrust, reverse swallow
Bite settling after orthodontic
treatment can be used with
bonded retainers
The T4A by Myofunctional Research Co is
another appliance in the TRAINER System
designed to align the anterior dentition while
simultaneously re-training the oral musculature.
It is similar in function to the T4K (mixed
dentition) and T4B (used with xed appliances)
and is designed for use in the permanent dentition.

ZERO chair time;
applied immediately
SINGLE SIZE for all patients
LOW COST no lab fees,
immediate applications
No acrylic or wire
that can break
2 grades of hardness
Recommended minimum use

Visit www.myoresearch.com for more information.

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The T4A has a built in Tooth
Guidance System (similar in
function to orthondontic archwire).
Tooth Channels are premoulded
to the correct dental arch and
maintain proper jaw position
when in place.
Labial Bows (impart a light
force on misaligned front teeth).


Tongue Tag for the correct positioning of the
tongue tip as in myofunctional and speech therapies.
Tongue Guard stops tongue thrusting when
in place and encourages
nose breathing.
Lip Bumpers discourage
overactive lip muscle

T4A Appliance
Cosmetic alignment of the anterior
dentition without brackets

TWO PHASE system

Many adults have misalignment of the anterior teeth but

do not want to undergo complex orthodontic treatment
with xed braces. The T4A can be used to treat these
patients with mild anterior crowding and some mild Class
II malocclusions. This broadens the possibilities for both
orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Correction of anterior alignment in

conjunction with arch development appliances
Arch development can be useful to gain space and limit
the need for extractions. Additional anterior alignment
is usually needed following this with xed brackets.
The T4A can be used simultaneously with wire type
arch developers for anterior alignment.

Anterior dental correction for minor

orthodontic relapse
Minor relapse often occurs when retainers are lost or
incorrectly used. Retreatments can be avoided in many
cases using the T4A. Patients are motivated not to
have rebanding.
Many of these relapses can occur because poor oral
habits have not been treated. The T4A addresses the
myofunctional training (as does the T4K and T4B)
and treats relapse effectively into better stability.

T4A Appliance
Cross Section

The T4A is made from super elastic, high memory

polyurethane material. This allows adaption to the
patients arch form without special fabrication.
The material imparts a light force on misaligned
anterior teeth similar to the action of arch wire.
Phase 1 T4A (blue or clear) is a softer material with
the exibility to adapt to misaligned anterior teeth.
When used, light forces are applied to the anterior
teeth to assist their alignment into the correct arch
form. The T4A Phase 1 can also be used simultaneously
with specic arch development appliances. Extra spacing
in the palatal area means it can be used with Crozat,
LAD, Q-Helix and BWS (Bent Wire System see video)
appliances. Combined with the myofunctional habit
correction of the T4A, these light intermittent forces
produce dental alignment improvements within 3-6 months.
Phase 2 T4A (red or clear) is the same design but
made in a harder material putting more force on the
anterior teeth. It is to be used after the phase 1 T4A
once more aligning force is required. This further
improves the tooth and Class II correction (minor) while
continuing the myofunctional habit correction. It can be
phased into use starting with 1-4 hours during the day
while continuing with the softer starting T4A at night.
Treatment period varies and can be a further 3-6 months
plus retention.

Myofunctional habit correction i.e.

tongue thrust, reverse swallow

The T4A can be used as a retainer immediately after
debanding to hold the anterior dental position while
allowing settling of the occlusion. This can be used
as the sole retention for highly compliant patients, or
supplemented with bonded 3-3 retainers.
Being more than just a retainer, the T4A simultaneously
treats myofunctional habits that cause relapse,
maintains Class II correction and does not break like
conventional retainers.

The forces of the tongue and peri-oral

musculature can always overpower any
orthodontic correction. For example,
once an open bite is closed, the tongue thrust must
continue to be treated in order to prevent relapse.
The T4A can be used in conjunction with xed lingual
retainers to treat these oral habits in the retention phase
of treatment. It also simultaneously retains CII correction.

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