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How can Masterprint resolve its current unfair allocation of allowances among its employees to
induce workers satisfaction and productivity?
Suggested problems:
1. Unfair allocation of allowances
2. Improve Reward and compensation system
3. Improve relationship among employees
*must consider the effect of wage increase
*consider nature of work/position
Time Frame: 1990s
Point of View: Allan Villanueva
-most concern about their employees
-knows about the operation of company and nature of the different jobs and position
-right position to evaluate the performance of employees
Suggested POV: Consultant (If si Allan Villanueva mismo, wouldnt his decisions be biased
considering na biased na siya from the start? Like kinoconsider niya ung personal stuff. Kaya
nga nagkaroon ng conflicts among the employees.)
Areas of Consideration:
-Basis of the current allocation of allowances among employees
-Trust, performance, and satisfaction of the employees
-Wage increase as required by the government
-Current relationship of the company with its employees (Company knows so much the lives of
each employees)
-Financial budget of the company (how much allowance can it give to the employees)
-Growing conflicts between the employees
-Benefits and salaries that the employees are currently receiving
-The nature of the position of the employees (whether or not they should receive a higher
Alternative course of action Adv


New allocation plan

*must specify what and basis
-based on market
-Job evaluation(Education,
Skills, Physical Demand, Job
-based on needs of
-managerial incentive,
symbolic rewards

-will you change the

allocation abruptly? How
will you establish the
-planning might be neededentail cost
-Bad feedback may be
received current from
employees who already
receive allowances

-more effective
-more efficient
-allowances will not be
based on personal
-will not be bias
-employees will be more
encouraged to work well

-other benefits

since they know the basis

to be able to get the
-will directly cater the
needs of the employees

-operations of the company

may be disrupted

Consult lawyer/expert on
labor cases

The company will learn and

implement rules based on

Cost/legal fees

Formulate based on market

(According to prevailing wage
and salary level paid for that
type of work in the

Serve as a reference point

May not fit the company,

not always satisfactorily

Formulate new allocation

based on Job evaluation
(Hindi ba to under ng new
allocation plan?)

Objective involves analysis

of job contents and job
Fits the structure of

Consult/talk with the labor

union (ask them what they
think about the current
allocation of allowance and
what they think the
management should do to
solve the unfair allowance

-Awareness to how
employees/workers view
the policies of the company
-May achieve better
relationship with the
-May obtain good
suggestions from the labor
union as to what actions
can be done to improve the
allocation of allowances

-Disagreement may arise

between the management
and the labor union.