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case study: decommissioning

Waste from decommissioned Shell-operated

field no problem for Enviroco
As offshore oil and gas facilities
reach the end of their useful lives,
large-scale decommissioning
projects become necessary and
managing the resulting waste
presents complex challenges.

above sea structure

exceeding expectations

That is why when Shell came to

decommission five platforms in the
Indefatigable Field in the North Sea,
Enviroco was called in to manage the
disposal process. Enviroco was
subcontracted by AF Decom, which
had a contract with Shell, to dismantle
the assets and handle the disposal of
waste generated from the
decommissioning of platforms Mike,
November, Juliet, Kilo and Lima.
Production from the Indefatigable Field
(Shell Side) had ceased mid-2005.

Graham Heaton, Bid & Marketing

Manager at Enviroco, said:
The work on the Indefatigable Field
platforms was a large job for our Great
Yarmouth facility. With up to 18
deliveries of materials to process every
third day, the project was one which
required a well planned and
environmentally focused approach.
Were proud of the proven and trusted
technical support we can offer
customers as part of the complex
decommissioning process.

Enviroco took delivery of more than

3000 tonnes of piece small
decommissioning wastes,
disassembled offshore and brought in
via supply vessels. The project
involved the provision of specialist
offloading equipment for vessels
arriving at the shore base before
decontamination, recycling and
disposal could begin.

In full accordance with UK legislation

Enviroco arranged for the disposal
and, wherever possible, the recycling
of the waste over a seven-month
period in 2010. Full reporting and
documentation was of utmost
importance, with monthly summaries
and all statutory documents
processed for the customer in a timely
manner throughout the project.

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