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A Guide To Busking According To Adi Cox

12th April 2015

Adi Cox at Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, England.

There is a great sense of freedom to be able to go busking in so

many cities and towns at any time that you like. There is no
interview and no licence needed to work the streets. There are many
problems encountered though. Here in England we have alot of cold
and windy days and rain fall. Just to clarify:
England is a part of Britain. Britain is the island that is
divided into England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain is Britain
plus Northern Island which is part of the Island next to the island
that is Britain and all these places are part of Europe. So I am
English, British and European all at the same time, but I digress.
So if we are lucky enough to be going out busking on a nice weather
day then we may encounter other buskers plying for a pitch to play.
The best place to set your pitch is in a medium sized town with a
padestrian precinct commonly known as a pedestrian zone in other
countries. This is as opposed to those shopping centres/shopping
malls that are privately owned and have security. These shopping
centres are usually indoors and have music playing anyway through
their own sound system, but sometimes these private shopping areas
are outdoors and so not part of the public domain and the right to
busk is for the owners of the site to decide. The security guard
usually tells you to move on because you need written permission
to play here. In some cases it may only be a step away before you
are on public domain and so different laws then apply.

The police are in charge of the public domain and they only move you
on if there are complaints about you and your playing. Some buskers
use amplification and can be quite loud. I tend not to amplify
myself when I am busking. It is frustrating when other buskers are
so loud that you can hear them five blocks away because they take up
all that space and so you become limited to where you can play.
Bagpipes are loud they even trump the trumpet for volume but some of
these guitarists with amplifiers are the loudest.
Parking is always an issue. It costs alot of money to park your car.
I tend to park away from the town/city centre to where it is free to
park and then walk in to the city centre. There is also a charge for
going to the toilet in some places. The local public library is
usually free to use their toilet facilities.
A letter I received from a local neighbourhood watch:

Even if you manage to get a good pitch on a good weather day and
there are many pedestrians walking past you as you play, in my
experience there is not much money to be made. Now that my be
because I do not posess the X factor. I do posess the Y factor and
the Z factor though because people wonder why I bother and then I
send them to sleep with boredom. No, I am joking, I am quite good
at my craft really! : )
At the time of writing this the places that I have busked in are:
Barking, Greater London.
New Street, Birmingham.
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.
Altrincham, Greater Manchester.
Sale, Greater Manchester.

Pilrig Park, Edinburgh.

Fargate, Sheffield.
The Moor, Sheffield.
Long Row, Nottingham.
Clumber Street, Nottingham.
Arnold, Nottingham.
Beeston, Nottingham.
High Street, Lincoln.
The equipment that I use for busking:
Martin Smith Acoustic guitar Model 401E-N
(I usually only use the guitar above and sing without a mic, but
sometimes I use the PA amp below to amplify my singing)
Sub Zero PA81 portable PA system for ipod
(I do not have an I pod)
Some of the songs that I play are:
House Of The Rising Sun
Golden Brown
Princess Of The Street
No More Heroes
Hanging Around
Should I Stay Or Should I go?
London Calling
Guns Of Brixton
English Civil War
Hersham Boys
Hurry Up Harry
Rat Trap
Like Clockwork
Knocking On Heavens Door
Nights In White Satin
Ever Fallen In Love?
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Down In A Tube Sation At Midnight
Boulavard Of Broken Dreams

People Are Strange

The One I Love
Keep On Rocking In The Free World
White Wedding
Sound Of The Suburbs
Class War (own original song)
The Miners'Song (own original song)

The Higher Ground

written by Adi Cox
12th April 2015

It is a shame to see people who are full of themselves for all the
wrong reasons. People generally like people who are happy. We like
people to be happy and celebrate their happiness with them when we
can. To be proud, jovial and boastfull are some great qualities to
live by if we can share these feelings and give others some
satisfaction, encouragement to be who and how they want to be.
There are some lowly people who have positions of power. With their
positions of power they have become corrupt. Their behaviour is
justified by the tolerance and moderate behaviour by those around
Quality people who conscienciously keep themselves in check can open
the way for a weak and bullying boss to be tolerated. The problem is
when these weak and bullying bosses are oblivious to their faults.
We all make mistakes and when we do we usually regret our mistakes
and hopefully correct ourselves. The corruption occures when twisted
ideas take hold. Those traits that make a strong boss does not
always make a strong person. Personally people should come first
before intolerance, greed and selfishness. Any society that reveres
those traits that subjugate people is twisted and morally bankrupt.
Milkmen used to deliver milk to peoples houses early in the morning.
People would wake up to pints of milk on their doorstep. The Milkman
would come round on a Saturday to collect the money that was owed.

The milk that we used to get was whole milk and the cream would rise
to the top of the bottle. It would be a treat to open a new bottle
of milk and put the cream of the milk in a coffee. Sometimes we
would shake up the milk so that the cream was evenly distributed
amongst the milk for everyone. "The cream will always rise to the
top." is a phrase often cited to justify the status quo. This is an
attempt to reassure people in a patronizing way that if you have a
talent or a quality then you will naturally find your just place in
society. Well that all depends on the society that you live in. The
milk that I drink now is semi skimmed so some of the fat has been
taken out, as we are told that too much fat in your diet is bad for
you. This is what cream is. It is decades since I have poured the
cream of the top of the milk in my coffee and there are no milkman
now. Milk is bought from the shop with all the other food items. So
the conclusion is that the cream does not always rise to the top and
in turn this means that not all societies allow the best, brightest,
most talented and most deserving to rise to the top positions in
that society. In some cases it is only the scum that will rise to
the top positions and I believe in Britain today that we really need
to keep this in check.
People and power is an oxymoronic combination because power by its
nature is corrupt and creates struggles within society, whereas
people are by nature usually a force for the good of others. My last
point can easily be overlooked in a society where its media hypes
and sensationalizes everything that it can in order to sell and to
make money. The depths to which the press will go to is astounding.
It is easy to lose faith in people when the media circus that
surrounds us is constantly bombarding us with the worst of human
nature. The world is full of great people and to base your life on
any other assumption will constrict your life.

What It Is To Be A Northerner?
Written by Adi Cox
6th April 2015
What it is to
Lincoln and I
Ollerton near
in the miners
It is like we

be a northerner? I am a midlander. I was born in

now live in Nottinghamshire near mansfield, but my
are as a northerner. I live in an old pit town called
sherwood forest. The heart of Ollerton was ripped out
dispute. A community spirit has been changed forever.
are excluded from the political table. I feel
in a Britain that is dominated by a london centric

At one time the north had a proud working tradition with the
trawlermen, miners, steel workers, engineering and ship builders.
The new north has lost its industrious identity, which in turn has
given way to baseless less solid foundation of business and
entrepreneurship. The new culture is led by the financial south east
which is a very dubious culture of quantitative easing (printing
money) and many more corrupt practices which lay at the heart of
westminster and the politicians of our day who think it is okay to
be bought and payed for by big business in the form of lobbying and
who on a daily basis refuse to use any political will to address
such blatant and obvious malpractices that our corrupt system has
The upshot is that we have a financial system that is based on a
very insecure foundation of debt. The political climate has moved
from a traditional leftist working agenda championed by the north,
through a capitalist system based on the foundations of wealth and
then finally where we are now: A very sick nation that is based on
debt. Like a drug addict who will not get their self clean, we are
not dealing with the problem. Whilst we have corrupt self serving
politicians that are usually above the law and a press that has been
censored by a wealthy elite this sick nation will just carry on this
unhealthy path. The only way it can change is if there is a major
catastrophic event to revolutionize and get our once proud nation
back on track.
Adi Cox 6th April 2015

Self Promotion.
written by Adi Cox
30th January 2015.
I have tried to promote myself in many different ways over the
years. First was to play guitar in a punk band. I would have been a
young teen still at school. My friends and I formed a punk band.
We were given little support at the time although Punk Rock was the
music of the time. This would have been the late 1970's.
In my early twenties I became a DJ. There was a distinct lack of
opportunities to play my guitar and so I took a chance of becoming a
DJ with a mobile disco. Again it was self promotion. I became a self
employed DJ. There was a market for Dj's because there were many
pubs, clubs and social events that could use the services of a
mobile DJ. I got to know many other DJ's and became part of the DJ
culture in the city of Lincoln, England. This lasted for fifteen
years between 1986 and 2001.
Thirdly I decided to promote myself to do mathematics. This was
daunting at first, to be in a maths class, but over the years and
with the support of the Open University I managed to pay for a
degree in mathematics. I finished my degree in 2008 and soon after
the course fees went up five fold and so this avenue of self
promotion in education became a closed door to me.
I am fifty years old this year (2015) and my new venture is to go
busking. I have spent about seven years improvising on my guitar,
singing and uploading videos on the internet, mainly You Tube. for
the last year I have been getting a set together of about fifty
songs to sing along to and play on my acoustic guitar. It is January
now and very cold outside, but still I go out and play my guitar.
All that remains for me to do is to hand my notice in, so that I can
go out to promote myself by busking. I have saved some money over
the years on my minimum wage, care work job. So now I am ready to go
out to try my luck busking in the city centres of the north and east
midlands of England. Let's see what this self promotion will bring
I have never wanted any promotion in my capacity as an employee but,
if you feel that you are not getting anywhere, my advice is to not
wait for those in charge to give you promotion, but to be more proactive and imaginative. My successes are minimal, but they are my
own and not by the appointment of someone else.