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Greater Cincinnati


Serving the Cincinnati LGBT Community since 1996

Two popular Swing On

radio programs for Mardi Gras
change stations Enjoy a HOT evening of COOL
music! Enjoy swing, big band
Alternating Currents (AC), a and pop music by the Queen City
program directed to the Greater Rainbow Band’s Jazz Ensemble
Cincinnati GLBT Community and on Saturday, February 20th from
Every Woman, a program 8 to 11 p.m.
dedicated to local women, will A $5 cover will be requested
soon be heard on the new WVQC at the door of Below Zero for the
FM. The shows are currently evening of music, free beads and
streaming on the station’s a door prize ticket.
Website. Beyond fun, folks and carnival
Cheryl Eagleson, producer for atmosphere, the band again
AC, explains that it is a public features “Lois and Tess’s famous
affairs program. “We act as a raffle items.” A hit every year at
source for resources and we Amy Ketchum, left and Cheryl Eagleson at Media Bridges the band’s Mardi Gras celebra-
provide information about news, EW has interviewed local artists WVQC-FM because Media tion, Lois and Tess present
Calendar of Events items, in the past but will now include Bridges, which houses both local gorgeous gift baskets, groovy gift
interviews and play music and all national acts as well. However, Public Access TV (cable) and certificates, and other surprises
those elements are focussed on they have interviewed national now the FM station, is plugged — some of which might vibrate
the interests of the GLBT acts such as Le Tigre and Bikini into the community. — but fabulous things that you
Community and our straight Kill. Local artists have included Eagleson, who works in Over can’t wait to take home.
allies.” Tracy Walker who has been on the Rhine where Community The band is aware that this year
The program is on 3 to 5 p.m. several times. She plays Bridges is located (northeast Mardi Gras is technically over by
every Saturday and has been on Alternative Folk Rock. corner of Central Parkway and February 20th. Unfortunately, the
the air for 34 years. It was Both moved their shows to See Radio, Page 5, Col. 2 See Band, Page 4, Col. 4
broadcast on WAIF until
December. AC followed in the
footsteps of a program called Gay STOP AIDS!!! thing about the HIV/AIDS
epidemic, is that thousands more
importance of knowing your
status. I am also committed to
Dreams, created by the late John Zeh. By Ashley Miller people are infected with the virus serving the population of people
Amy Ketchum is producer of Miss Black Ohio USA 2010 and do not know their status. already diagnosed with HIV/
Every Woman (EW). It has been HIV and AIDS are diseases that When it is a fact that young AIDS whom have tremendous
on the air for 32 years and are currently plaguing more than Americans ages 13-25 are healthcare needs.
focuses on women and music— forty million people worldwide. contracting HIV at the rate of Something to
artists that gain little exposure on In the United States alone, there two per hour and more than half think about:
other stations and also has a are more than forty thousand of all new HIV infections are in Globally, a person
Calendar of Events. They try to new HIV cases reported each persons under the age 25; it is contracts HIV
get in as many interviews as they year, and an estimated 1.1 million time that someone stands up and every 6 1/2
can. Music is a mixture of all persons living with HIV. speaks out about this issue! seconds and every
kinds of tunes featuring local and Although the exact number of As Miss Black Ohio USA 10 seconds, a Miller
national artists. persons living with HIV is 2010, and as the spokesperson person dies from
AC schedules quarterly virtually unknown, there are for STOP AIDS of Cincinnati, I AIDS. For a disease that is
interviews with representatives more than seven thousand am committed to serving the preventable, it has taken entirely
from a wide variety of local persons living in Ohio with community as an educator to too many lives.
GLBT, community service and AIDS. While these numbers are raise awareness and hopefully as Protect yourself and KNOW
social organizations. very striking, the most alarming a voice to teach about the YOUR STATUS!!!!

February, 2010 GLBT News —Page 1

Page 2—GLBT NEWS February, 2010

GLBT News Opinion Page

Mother Nature the cynical. Though in reality it’s
the feast day of St. Valentine (all
time to the ‘nati. He has a special
affection for us folks from the
drawing for $100. You can
purchase additional tickets at the

is confused?! 5 plus of them) and they all

shared the feast day at least until
Queen City, so he’s giving
something back!
rate of $1 for one ticket or $5 for
six tickets. We thank Tom and
February is here, a month where 1969. Hopefully you have On April 13th, he will be joined Jeremiah not only for sharing
Mother Nature is confused. I’m someone to share the day with; if by Jeremiah Clark as they give a their musical talent with us, but
still waiting for that last ice storm not, share it with yourself. benefit concert for The Center at for putting on this wonderful
that we tend to Speaking of Below Zero. The fun doesn’t event. Also, there have been
get in February
or March.
love, have you
seen that
start or stop there! We have a
special bartender 6 p.m.— 8 p.m.
some desserts that have already
been donated for the event.
The month of The Center
wonderful video with all tips going to The Center.
After all that musical fun, stay
Hope to see you there!
As we approach Spring I want
February is also “Till the End”
By Rusty Lockett
known as the by Tom Goss? for the premiere of Glee. There to encourage each of you to
month of love. If not check it will be a $5 cover charge. You’ll support The Center or your
Many folks find that this is a out on YouTube. Tom is making receive 6 tickets for entry in a favorite GLBTQ2S organization.
“Hallmark Holiday” especially his third appearance in a year’s
Greater Cincinnati GLBT News Magazine February issue + e.mailer
“Always be yourself,” from Billy Elliot By Worley Rodehaver News Magazine is costly but I
MAP Publications, P.O. Box 14971, Cincinnati, OH 45250-0971 I write this Commentary feel it is a necessary part of what
is published monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
map@ella.net before entering the hospital for a MAPublications does.
Publisher/Editor—Worley Rodehaver; Associate—Michael X. Chanak, long-awaited operation. I report We print 5,000 copies and
Transportation—Joe Wilks; Web—Jamie Wilkinson this fact because many of have about 175 distribu-
This Newspaper is supported entirely by income from our Advertisers. Editorials/Opinions are the opinions of the writer or organization and my readers knew an oper- tion points in Southwest-
the publisher assumes responsibility only for Editorials, Opinions or Commentary written by the publisher or editor(s). Views expressed in
Organizational or Independent columns or in Letters to the Editor are those of the organizations or writers. ation was forthcoming. ern Ohio and Northern
This Newspaper is distributed FREE at Advertisers' locations, through community organizations and other outlets. The publisher assumes
no responsibility for content, accuracy or validity of Advertising.
It will hopefully be an “in Kentucky.
ad out” procedure and I In addition, MAPubli-
Vol. 14, No. 2, February,2010
Contents © GLBT News, 2010 should be back to normal cations send it via e.mail to
(whatever that is) in a few more than 1,000 individu-
This publication is dedicated to those days. als ourselves and it goes
Rodehaver beyond that sent by
who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes I thank two long-time
It is our goal to record the positive contributions GLBT people friends, Don Deters and Joe others. And, there is a weekly
make to their community and the local community at large. While Wilks for shuffling me back and e.mailer UPDATE, usually
AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek
to draw the positive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and forth. I have to remain flat on e.mailed on Tuesdays.
Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human my back for at least one day. Because of the cost of print-
beings should or could react to each other and how families should Anyway, this commentary is ing,we are going to limit the print
support loved ones whose lives are not in the box right wing
religious zealots want them in. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian,
about the magazine, not me, at editiion to the number of pages
died of AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care least from this point forward. that allow us to pay our bills and
Paul for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hate Crime and his mother Matthew As I have commented before, a any additional pages will go only
Delph worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which Shepard print medium such as GLBT to the e.mailer list. (See below.)
is now law.

We’ll tailor a mortgage for you

Home for Sale Hurry—take advantage of of the
City View. Prospect Hill — Historic neighborhood federal First-time Homebuyer’s
i New kitchen i 2+ Bedrooms Credit (up to $8,000)
i 2 Full Baths + sauna Before it expires Dec. 1st, 2009
i Custom built library/office
i 2 decks & patio garden ÿi Off street parking
Milton Street, off Sycamore.
$298,500.00. Priced to sell.
Call 513 321 3128 to schedule a house tour. 513-542-7800 lÿ Northside’s original Bank...since 1891

Subscribe FREE ro our e.mailer at MAP@ella.net

February, 20l0 GLBT News —Page 3
On being alone Many have never heard of a
Dihedral angle. Simply put, if
was that they both were having a
ball flying. They both were doing
ate and admire greatly, the
iconoclast who disregards all the
What makes something you look at virtually any aircraft, quite intricate maneuvers with “laws” of flight and by sheer guts
disreputable, what makes it model or full size, there is a considerable skill at high speeds and determination makes the
perfect? I guess it’s the context. slight V shape to the wings and considering the difference impossible possible, the improb-
Last year, I hung around a local tail looked at from the front or between a small battery powered able probable, the disreputable
park in Las Vegas, devoted to the back. This angle is called the motor and a high-octane large reputable and the ‘unable’ able to
flying of radio controlled model Dihedral angle and helps in internal combustion model fly like a bird through the air
airplanes, trying to learn to fly. maintaining the aircraft’s stability engine. There was a difference in with the greatest of fun. I am no
Most of the planes were in the air. This crudely built the two planes but not in the longer concerned with making a
magnificent. It was obvious at a airplane had NO dihedral angle, enjoyment derived by the two. perfect model. As long as it gets
glance that many the wings and tail Red did a hammerhead stall and into being and gives me enjoy-
hours had been
poured into each
Georgia on were both flat as a came in for a landing with a ment, I will be content. Perhaps
there is a moral here for us all in
tabletop. A tiny malfunction in his rudder.
and every airplane My Mind rechargeable Careful flying got Red’s $600 our many diverse endeavors. Do
there. Colors were By Georgia W battery powered plane on the ground in one piece your best but not to the exclusion
authentic, brilliant, Dahlberg the electric motor to the applause of all. The little of having some fun. It isn’t
and artistic, surfaces with a few control red disreputable plane came in necessary to spend the most or
slick and the planes could be servos stuck in crude holes for a controlled crash landing, accomplish the most exquisite to
seen for several thousand feet carved in the foam. The few not having wheels to roll to a have fun. If it’s worth doing, it’s
straight up against the deep blue control rods were simple wires stop and to the applause of only worth doing and one doesn’t
Nevada sky. The engines started strung thru paperclip wire guides yours truly. . have to do it to the exclusion of
with a roar and beat with power to elevator and ailerons held on Please understand, I appreci- enjoyment whatever your pursuit.
that made your heart palpitate. by scotch tape hinges. The
Walking down the path to the impression was that this plane
shaded picnic tables, I would would make a very rapid trip
typically see, from the underside, straight into the asphalt runway.
a Japanese Zero screaming My friend Red had taken his
towards me at more than 100 beautiful model of a highly
miles per hour, trailed by a P-51 acrobatic airplane off with a rush
Mustang hot on its tail, straight and a roar, up into the sky with a
out of a movie or history books. snap loop 10 feet off the runway
I was introduced to this older and his usual intricate maneuvers
gentleman with long hair in a to complete a standard acrobatic
pony tail, a straw hat and shorts. course. My new acquaintance
I noticed his airplane on one of took his rather disreputable
the work spools, painted red with looking plane into the air a few
white trim and very rough minutes later. What impressed me
looking. On further examination,
this plane was the antithesis of all

Scott E. Knox
other planes on the field. I asked
him about the construction. “All
Art Foam and Scotch tape” with
the most expensive part of the
body, a carbon fiber rod from one ATTORNEY AT LAW
wing tip to the other. The plane
showed much evidence of
General Practice including:
mishaps, crashes and damage. He l Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney
showed me where the wing had
been ripped in half from a mid air
l Disability (Social Security/SSI/Disability Insurance)
collision and many encounters l Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal Issues
with the ground. The plane
consisted of a foam board profile l HIV Legal Issues
of an airplane with rudder, cabin
and an amusing piston to repre- Honored as one of Lawyers Weekly USA’s Attorneys of the Year for 2002
sent an engine. Another profile in 13 E. Court St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202
plan included the wings, a body
and the elevator on the back. All Tel: 513-241-3800 FAX: 513-241-4032 e.mail: sknox@choice.net
edges were rather rough-cut out FREE Initial Consultation
of inexpensive foam board.
Page 4 —GLBT NEWS February, 2010
Converting 2.) For 2010 only, you get extra account is five years old and you
This is your time to pay the conversion tax by reach age 59 ½.

retirement fund spreading the conversion income 2.) You can contribute to a Roth
GLBT News over two years, half in 2011 and even after you turn age 70 ½ (if

to a Roth IRA half in 2012.

You can convert funds from
you’re still working and
otherwise qualify)
This is the year to convert your most employer retirement 3.) You have complete tax-free
old taxable retirement accounts accounts, regular IRA accounts, access to your contributions at
to Roth IRA accounts. Two rule profit sharing plans, and tax any time (but special rules apply
changes take sheltered to the conversion funds and any
place in 2010 annuities. earnings)
that make this There are 4.) Your heirs do not have to pay
the best time TAX TALK several income taxes (although inherit-
in years to By Scott Renno advantages to ance taxes still do apply), with
convert: Enrolled Agent, 1 TAX Roth IRAs over exceptions.
1.) Starting in regular 5.) You do not have to take
2010, the $100K income retirement accounts: Required Minimum Distributions
limitation for Roth conversions is 1.) Although you don’t receive a on a Roth when you reach age 70
lifted. ANYONE can convert tax deduction for your Roth ½, so you can keep the funds in
their taxable retirement funds to a contributions, the earnings are the account for your heirs or for
Roth. completely tax-free once the when you really need them.
Tip – you can start the clock
ticking on the five year rule by
opening a Roth IRA account and
making a 2009 contribution if
you otherwise qualify. This
shaves a year off of the five year
Roth conversions are not for
everyone, but many people will
benefit from this window of
opportunity. Check with your
investment advisor or financial
institution, and as always, consult
with a competent tax professional
so you know what kind of tax
you’ll have to pay on the

Band—from Page 1
final Saturday night of Mardi
Gras falls on Valentine’s Day
weekend. The band opted to not-
compete and will celebrate this
Mardi ‘After Party’ in a big way.
Carnivale in Rio is still going on
this night, so the QCRB will join
them with a party spirit, too!
For more information about
this event or about the QCRB
(Cincinnati’s GLBT & Allies
Concert, Marching and Jazz
band) go to www.qcrb.org. All
are welcome to join anytime!

Home to share
GWM share house, 65 yrs,
Colerain farm area, complete
remodel, garage, $475. + 1/2 util,
February, 2010 GLBT News —Page 5
Gas Giant
Bloviating is a fine art. I ought
p Hosts endless social/political
actions the fodder of great
Facebook pictures, but always
lacking follow up news coverage
to know. I’m a Gas Giant. You or fact checking. After all, there
remember your high school is another event to attend.
science p Always
courses on the chatting
“Jupiter like about being
planets” that Mother Says... invited to
have no solid By Michael Chanak speak here or
inner core but there on
are well, some topic
mostly gas? I’m certainly not that seems momentarily relevant.
alone in our social system, or the p Talking about – usually in a
universe. public forum of “how you’ve
Having had the benefit of years never been more full or rage.”
on the couch, I’m just aware Should you manifest three or
enough to admit my inner Gas more of these symptoms – know
Giant. I’d like to share some that you are not alone in the
easy clues to avoid being caught universe for you are a Gas
in the magnetosphere of such a Giant. I ought to know. Words
celestial object. are cheap. Bloviating is a fine art.
My internal detector – alarms
when I hear (check those that Radio—from Page 1
apply): Race Street). They strive to
p Begins a statement with “My make public media available to all
Community…” voices. Eagleson said, “I find
p Manages in writing or in that to be such a welcome change
speech to say “I’ve been an that I wanted to bring my
activist xx years.”
p Anoints another as “The next
program here.”
Amy added, “It is a progressive Looking for
Harvey Milk.”
p Offers “You need to….”
quickly followed by canned
environment and the management
is very forward thinking.”
Cheryl said they are moving
a way to save?
advice, but no work. toward a progressive environ- You need to insure both
p Claims a vague social ment—not running away from your auto and your home, Rick D McDermott Agency
entitlement based on a self WAIF. so why not save money in 1375 State Route 131
proclaimed ethnicity, gender She said, “WAIF has been a Milford, OH 45150
identity or diagnosis. home for AC for 34 years and that the process? Call today for (513) 722-9200 Bus
p Makes statements based on a is saying something...but the a free, no-obligation look at rmcdermo@amfam.com
difference “I’m x times more current board is not so welcom- auto and home discounts
likely to be subject to violence ing.”
than anyone in this room.” WVQC will share air time with from American Family.
p Refers to an organization they other stations and will broadcast
lead/or are on board as “My on 95.7 on the FM dial. Media
Organization.” Bridges is looking for an antenna
p Claims “X person is a more location so the station can begin
an acceptable choice to the broadcasting.
Community.” The station is streaming on the
p Promotes a public “activist” Web and will continue to do so
organization of the minute but even when the FM station is on
not willing to share meeting the air. Programs will be
times, or claims meetings are simulcast. American Family Mutual Insurance Company
and its Subsidiaries
informal. WVQC.org or Mediabridges- American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin
Being a Gas Giant isn’t just a .org are the web addresses. American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio
matter of lacking a rocky inner EW precedes AC on Saturdays. American Family Insurance Company
core, but the ability to create the Cheryl is a member of the Radio Home Office — Madison, WI 53783
illusion of importance and Advisory Committee at Commu-
immediacy. Other clues: nity Bridges. © 2008 001726 — Rev. 11/08
Page 6—GLBT News February, 2010

Our Faith Too!


A loving, inclusive faith community.

Embracing life. Seeking Justice.
Sharing the journey. Black History scriptures. That consistent
theme is quite simple: God is

Month....win solely and singularly focused on

Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church is committed to serving Greater Cincinnati s
GLBT community. We welcome persons to full ministry and life of our church
regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin or worldly condition. the well-being of the human

The Rev. Susan Quinn Bryan, pastor

Sunday Worship at 11 a.m.
equality for all condition.  And, if there is a
moral command from the Jewish
Worship, 10:00 a.m., followed by coffee hour in our social
Education Hour at 10 a.m. (coffee hour following worship)
room By the Rev. Doug Slagle and Christian God in terms of
103 William Howard Taft Road (near UC) 513.281.5945 February is Black History how we should act, it is to
month and, for many in the simply follow two ethics: love
WWW.MTAUBURNPRESBY.ORG GLBT community, it offers the Divine with all of
an opportunity to view our one’s being and, second,
struggle for equal rights as a love other humans as
Clifton United Methodist Church continuation of the historic much as one loves himself
3416 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45220 effort to win equality for or herself.  This variation
We believe God’s love is expansive and unconditional;
that through Christ, God has called us to love one another as God all humans. of the Golden Rule is
loves us. We welcome all people, regardless of gender, race, age, It is not an exaggeration Slagle found in most world
culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic to claim that Martin Luther religions and it was
circumstances, or difference of faith perspective. We King and the African-American echoed by Jesus as the two
celebrate the worth, dignity and gifts of every person as a
Child of God. Civil Rights movement were heirs greatest and most important
CUMC is a reconciling Congregation to the legacy, leadership and commands of God.
Worship Services, Sundays, 10 a.m. martyrdom of Jesus and I believe that the moral
The Rev. Suzanne Fontaine, minister Mahatmas Gandhi.  The arc of imagination in our world demands
Phone: 513-961--2998 e.mail: office@cliftonumc.com human progress, as King once that all people be treated with
said, moves onward towards equality. I believe that spiritual-
Website: www.cliftonumc.com
justice and equality.  In that ity and Divine morality demands
regard, King was a spiritual that all people have the right to
prophet. love whom they wish. As the

The Gathering — UCC

His was a vision of, in his
words, a “beloved community”
writer Gore Vidal expressed, it
should not matter whom we love
Services where all people work together but whether we love at ALL!
Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for peace and justice.   For King, And Coretta Scott King said,
the persecution of black just before her death, “Ho-
We are located at Americans was and is an mophobia is like racism and anti-
1431 Main St. opportunity to create good from Semitism and other forms of
just south of Liberty evil. For Martin Luther King, the bigotry in that it seeks to
513-502-7535 civil rights movement was dehumanize a large group of
fundamentally a spiritual one and people, to deny their humanity,
it is for that reason that he called their dignity and personhood.”
A Progressive on the examples of Jesus and Our efforts to establish
Christian Church Gandhi to inspire others. equality for Gays, Lesbians and
Together, he foretold, whites the Transgendered is a spiritual
and blacks will one day be not endeavor. May we continue the
just equal but bound in the holy crusade of Jesus, Gandhi

Grace Episcopal Church universal effort to win the rights

of economic, religious and social
and Martin Luther King to be
people of peace, love and
“A Welcoming Community—Come Join Us” freedom for all humankind. God compassion for all of creation’s
alone had established the truth children.
Each Sunday, 10 a.m.—Holy Eucharist that all are created in the divine
image.  All people are worthy of The Rev. Doug Slagle is the new
1st Saturday each month, 5 p.m.—Hip Hop Mass
God’s love.  pastor at The Gathering. Contin-
2nd Wednesday each month, 6:30 p.m.—African For us in the GLBT commu- uing our invitation for all “Our
Drumming, Reiki and Traditional Healing Service nity, I believe that the use of a Faith Too” family to write
few verses in the Bible to attack columns, next month we will
5501 Hamilton Avenue www.gracecollegehill.org homosexuality ignores the feature the Rev. Paula Jackson,
513-514-2415 office@gracecollegehill.org consistent theme and message of rector of the Episcopal Church of
the Jewish and Christian Our Saviour.
February, 2010 GLBT News —Page 7

Reggie Williams Sunday, March 7th from 4 to 7

Art Exhbit p.m. with Open House - 4 to 5
STOP AIDS, The Black AIDS p.m. with program at 5 p.m.
Institute, and other community More details to follow
partners are presenting during Film Program - Marlon Riggs
Black History Month 2010 the Retrospective
Reggie Williams Exhibit, “Life Admission Free - Every
and legacy of AIDS Activist Wednesday at 6 p.m. - Film and
Reggie Williams (1951-1999)”. Discussion
It is a multimedia exhibit February 10th - “Tongues
project fiscally sponsored by Untied”
The Black AIDS Institute, Los February 17th - “Affirmations” -
Angeles, www.blackaids.org. “Anthem” - “No Regret”
Curator is Wolfgang Schreiber, February 24th - “Black Is...Black
Amsterdam, Netherlands Ain’t”
Reggie was born and raised in March 3rd - “I Shall Not be
Cincinnati and he truly helped Removed: The Life of Marlon
bring the fight against AIDS into Riggs”
the forefront of many communi- Women’s Program
ties across our nation. Monday, February 22nd from 6
Help honoring Reggie’s life p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
and work by visiting this HIV & Women - Film, Discus-
inspiring multimedia exhibit. sion, Education

Exhibit Hours: Sunday, Come visit us!
February 7th to Sunday, March Group Tours & Education 169 W. McMillan
7th, 2010
It is open Mondays-Thursdays
8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m.
Bring your group to see the
exhibit and take part in an hour-
H 513-961-6111

to 1 p.m. at STOP AIDS - 220 long educational program on

Findlay Street, and is free to the HIV, Safer Sex Practices, STDs
public. and more. Call 513.421.2437 to
Exhibit Opening Ceremony is schedule.
on Black AIDS Awareness Day Additionally, groups are invited
Sunday, February 7th from 4 to hold meetings in the exhibit
p.m. to 7 p.m. There will be an space - nights and weekends
Open House - 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. available. Call to schedule.
followed by a brief program at 5
p.m. and HIV testing will be More Information:
available. www.reggiewilliams.net
Exhibit Closing Ceremony -
Black Church Week of Prayer for
the Healing of AIDS Kickoff
Page 8—GLBT News February, 2010

to Northern Kentucky
Join Mainstrasse Adonis The Nightclub, 4601
Kellogg Avenue, along the Ohio
Mardi Gras Parade River in eastern Cincinnati.

NKY PRIDE 2010 invites

everyone to march in the 14th
Music On
Annual MARDI GRAS the Avenue
PARADE in Mainstrasse Village St. John United Church of
in Covington. Christ (Bellevue, Kentucky)
If you want to enter a float call welcomes the community to its
Mainstrasse Village Association 11th annual Music on the Avenue
at 859-491-0458. Let’s all line Recital Series.
up together and make a BIG This year’s series will take
splash in our community. place over five Friday evenings
“United we stand, Divided we at 8 p.m., February 5 to March 5.
fall”. Join in the fun and get . An opening night reception
your costumes together and and community art showing
show your PRIDE. follow the February 5th concert.
For more information and to Music on the Avenue concerts
line up in parade with NKY provide a unique variety of
PRIDE call 859-466-6172. classical and jazz musicians
This will be a great evening so performing vocal and instrumen-
get your beads ready to throw to tal music. Performances are free
crowd and we will be marching of charge.
to the hottest music in the St. John Church is located at
parade. 520 Fairfield Ave. (Route 8) in
Bellevue, one mile east of
A Night Interstate 471 and Newport on
the Levee. For detailed direc-
to Remember tions or other information,
contact Theo Baldwin, Series
You are invited to “A Night to chair, at theobaldwin@aol.com,
Remember V” on Saturday, 859-581-0493, or visit
March 6 at 7:30 p.m., a www.StJohnChurch.net/events/
fundraiser for Northern Kentucky 2010recitalseries.html.
PRIDE Saturday, March 6 from All are welcome and it is free to
7:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at the public.
February, 2010 GLBT News e.mailer —Page E9
‘Reel Love’ is A Many Splendored Thing
Comedy Night Show, ANT is the only
d.. You Light Up My Life comedian to appear on all
Valentine’s Day from You Light Up My Life Laughing Out Loud five seasons of NBC’s hit
e.. Sooner or Later from Dick series Last Comic Standing.
weekend Tracy “Laughing OUT Loud,” is Currently he can be seen as
Cincinnati Men’s Chorus “Whether you are celebrat- Greater Cincinnati’s 3rd the host of VH1’s juggernaut
presents “Reel Love,” a ing true romance or just annual Comedy Night smash Celebrity Fit Club,
cabaret featuring love songs looking for a good time, this membership event and now in it’s 6th season, and in
that won or were nominated is the Gayest Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Below Zero the LOGO series, U.S. of
for an Academy Award, on party in the Queen City,” said Lounge’s second level will be ANT. Consistently rated as
Saturday, Februaty 13 at Preston, one of the hosts of transformed into a comedy one of the top 10 celebrity
Below Zero Lounge, 1122 Alternating Currents, the club for the night’s festivities blogs on MySpace and at
Walnut Street in the historic weekly GLBT news/talk show featuring comedians Dana mirror site www.nbc.com/ant,
Over-the-Rhine neighbor- on WVQC.org. Goldberg and ANT. The ANT Colony garners
hood. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Last year Dana was the over a million visitors per
“The cabaret will mix the and the show will begin at opening act and proved so month. www.antcomic.com
sultry with the sassy for an 8:30 p.m. Desserts will be popular she was invited back
evening that is not to be provided; a cash bar also will for 2010. Recently voted one Tickets are available for
missed,” said Bruce Preston, be available. of the top five funniest purchase online at
who will again be the event’s Tickets are $25 and can be Lesbians in America by www.hrc.org/lol at several
emcee and ringmaster. reserved by calling the CMC Curve readers, Dana is based levels including VIP
Chorus member Eric hotline at 513- 542-2626 or in Los Angeles and is in (includes a catered party
DeForest is producing the by visiting CMC’s Web site, demand all over the country. starting with Dana Goldberg
cabaret, featuring the men of www.cincinnatimens A contributor to “Out on the and ANT). Prices range from
CMC and some surprise chorus.org. Tickets also will Edge; America’s Rebel $35-$240.
special guests. The event also be available at the door. Comics,” and host and
will showcase Steve Milloy Parking is available across producer of the Southwest The Human Rights Campaign
on keyboards. Milloy, a the street from the lounge at Funnyfest in Albuquerque, is America’s largest civil
former CMC assistant Below Zero’s lot. New Mexico, Dana is rights organization working
director, has worked on The cabaret is an annual entertaining audiences from to achieve Lesbian, Gay,
countless musicals locally and fundraising event by CMC, a Los Angeles to New York Bisexual and Transgender
in other cities, as well as voluntary, not-for-profit City and everywhere in equality. By inspiring and
being a noted choral arranger community chorus organized between. engaging all Americans,
and vocal coach. to provide the opportunity for www.danagoldberg.com HRC strives to end
Musical numbers will Gay men and Gay-supportive Hyper, irreverent, and discrimination against LGBT
include: men to sing together. The downright fabulous, ANT has citizens and realize a nation
a.. Evergreen from A Star is chorus’ regularly scheduled steadily climbed the comedy that achieves fundamental
Born subscription series perfor- hill to become one of the fairness and equality for all.
b.. Baby, It’s Cold Outside mances are held at the most successful comedians of
from Neptune’s Daughter National Underground our time. A regular guest on
c.. Love is A Many Railroad Freedom Center’s The Tonight Show with Jay
Splendored Thing from Love Harriet Tubman Theater. Leno and The Tyra Banks

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Page E10—GLBT News e.mailer February, 2010

Regional GLAAD, United Activists march

National Church of Christ at Notre Dame
News protest Super Bowl Ad SOUTH BEND — Waving
rainbow flags and carrying a
Gay & Lesbian Alliance CBS recently reversed its banner reading, “No home under
Gay businessman Against Defamation (GLAAD)
has issued a Call to Action Call
position, telling the Associated
Press: “We have for some time
the dome,” about 225 students,
faculty and community residents
guest of Obama on CBS asking the network to
explain a Super Bowl advertising
moderated our approach to
advocacy submissions after it
demonstrated at the University of
Notre Dame in favor of adding
INDIANAPOLIS—An Indian- decision became apparent that our stance sexual orientation to the campus
apolis businessman invited to CBS spent years denying a did not reflect public sentiment anti-discrimination policy,
attend the State of the Union platform to the LGBT-inclusive or industry norms.” CBS also according to a story in the South
speech found President Barack United Church of Christ that told the AP that, under its new Bend Tribune
Obama’s performance “very wanted to share a message of policies, the UCC ads would The activists also are asking
impressive,” especially his call to inclusion with a national have been accepted for airing. that the university formally
help small business amid a audience. “CBS’s about-face only recognize a student group to
struggling economy, according to Now, when it happens to be underscores the arbitrary way the serve the needs of Gay, Lesbian
a story in the Indianapolis Star. financially inconvenient for CBS networks approach these and Bisexual students and their
to hold to the standard it had decisions, and the result is a allies.
“There were a lot of good things previously imposed, according to woeful lack of religious diversity “It’s a very important cause.
he plans to do for small busi- GLAAD, the network’s expedi- in our nation’s media,” said the Everyone here deserves to feel
nesses, to make more money ency benefits a virulently anti- Rev. J. Bennett Guess, Director safe and respected,” said
available for loans to small Gay organization whose of Communications for the participant Chris Collins, a Notre
businesses, which is very advocacy on these issues is the United Church of Christ. “Such Dame junior from Virginia.
important,” said Trevor antithesis of that of the United flip-flops only lead the public to The group then marched in
Yager, head of TrendyMinds Church of Christ. believe that broadcasters own the silence to the Main Building to
advertising and public relations. In 2004 CBS rejected ads airwaves when, in theory at least, deliver a letter stating their
submitted by the United Church they do not.” concerns to the Rev. John I.
Yager was one of 23 guests of Christ as “unacceptable for Guess continued: “This April, Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president.
invited by the White House to sit broadcast” because the ads in an attempt to reach newer At the front door of the
with first lady Michelle Obama promoted LGBT equality. CBS’s audiences, the UCC does plan to building, they were stopped by a
during the speech. Yager said the explanation to the UCC stated unveil a new 30-second commer- campus security police officer.
White House found him through that, “Because this commercial cial with purchased spots on About 40 faculty members then
the National Gay & Lesbian touches on the exclusion of Gay internet sites; however, our attempted to enter the building to
Chamber of Commerce, which couples and other minority media-buying plan, at present, deliver the letter, and they also
was asked to identify businesses groups by other individuals and does not include national TV. were stopped.
that have had significant growth. organizations, and the fact the But the larger issue of access
Bush Administration has remains, not just for the UCC but An administrative assistant in
Yager also was pleased with the recently proposed a Constitu- for all religious groups. When Jenkins’ office eventually came
president’s call for eliminating the tional Amendment to define and if the UCC does return again to the front steps, accepted the
“don’t ask, don’t tell” policy marriage as a union between a to CBS or another network, will letter and said she would deliver
toward Gays serving in the man and a woman, this spot is our distinctive religious view- it to Jenkins.
military, the article read. unacceptable for broadcast on the point be heard or will there be
CBS and UPN networks.” yet another policy change?”

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Community Resources And people we know!

Guide to GLBT Resources

Dayton Lesbian & Gay Community Center- 937-274-1776, www.daytonlgbtcenter.com
in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky 24X7 Cincinnati GLBT Automated Hotline—513-591-0222
National Gay/Lesbian Hotline—800-843-4564
STOP AIDS, Cincinnati (AVOC)—513-421-2437, www.avoc.org Alternating Currents GLBT Radio Program, Saturdays 3-5 p.m. on WVQC.org
AIDS Volunteers of N. Kentucky (AVNK)—513-483-5757 Everywoman Radio Program, Saturdays 1-3 p.m. on WVQC.org
Caracole Inc.—513-761-1480, www.caracole.org Greater Cincinnati GLBT News; MAP@ella.net—513-241-7539
Cincinnati Health Department (free/anonymous HIV testing); 3101 Burnet Ave.—513-357-7350 MUSIC, THEATER & ARTS GROUPS
Commonality HIV+ Support Group—513-421-2437 Cincinnati Men’s Chorus—513-542-2626, www.cincinnatimenschorus.org
FACE (For AIDS Children Everywhere)—513-584-3571 Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati (ETC), 1127 Vine Street —513-421-3555, www.cincyetc.com
INDY! Project (I’m Not Dead Yet)—513-343-9999 Know Theatre Tribe, 1120 Jackson Street—513-300-KNOW, www.knowtheatre.com
Men of Color Outreach at Urban League—513-487-6520 MUSE—Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir—513-221-1118, www.musechoir.org
Men in Touch HIV Discussion Group—513-421-2437, www.avoc.org Ovation Theatre Company—513-621-2787, www.cincinnatiovation.com
Minority AIDS Network of Ohio—937-684-4661 Queen City Rainbow Band—513-559-9987 or 859-331-5339, www.qcrb.org
Northern Kentucky Health Department- (free/anonymous HIV testing), 859-578-7660, TriState Womonfest, www.tristatewomonfest.com
www.nkyhealth.org Wen’s Way Productions, www.womenswayonline.org
Ohio AIDS Hotline—800-332-2437 Women Out Front, www.womenoutfront.com
Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati, 2314 Auburn Avenue—513-281-6484
ADVOCACY & EDUCATIONAL GROUPS Rainbow Cincinnati website, www.gaycincinnati.com
Bridges for a Just Community—513-381-4660, www.bridgescincinnati.org Out in Cincinnati website, www.outincincinnati.com
Center for Peace Education,103 Taft Road—513-221-4863 Gayellow Pages, www.gayellowpages.com
Cincinnati GLBT Coalition-—513-591-0200, www.glbtcentercincinnati.com Greater Cincinnati GLBT News, Subscribe FREE at MAP@ella.net
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) of Cincinnati —859-468-5659,
Martha Kidd Foundation—513-738-1971
Ohio Lesbian Archives—513-256-7695, ohiolesbianarchives@yahoo.com, www.geocities.com/
PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) of Cincinnati—513-721-7900,
1/10@Fifth Third (GLBT employes at Fifth Third Bank) 513-534-3921
GABLE (GLBT Employees at Proctor & Gamble)—513-983-6858
GALEN (GLBT Employees of Comair Airlines)—513-227-1670 Greater Cincinnati’s
Gay Chamber of Commerce (QCCA)—513-723-5073, www.qccainc.com
Sage Investment Club—859-485-7585
ONLY GLBT Public Affairs Radio Program
COMMUNITY CENTERS Saturdays, 3 to 5 p.m. on WVQC.org
Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati, 4119 Hamilton Ave.—513-591-0200,
www.glbtcentercincinnati.com Programmers: Cheryl Eagleson, Producer;
Bruce Preston, Maurice Harris, Jamie Royce, Emily Joy.

Equality Cincinnati—513-591-FAIR, www.equalitycincinnati.org
Equality Northern Kentucky—859-814-1975, www.equalitynky.org
Equality Ohio, 50 W. Broad St. Ste. 1970, Columbus, OH 43215, contactus@equalityohio.org,
Human Rights Campaign (HRC), www.hrc.org/cincinnati , hrc-cincinnati@fuse.net
Log Cabin Republicans of Cincinnati—513-321-5997
Ohio Citizen Action, 513-221-2100
Beacon of Life Spiritual Center, 5701 Murray Avenue—513-218-2128, www.beaconoflife.org
Buddhist Dharma Center, 15 Moline.—513-541-1650, www.cincinnatidharma.org
Calvary Episcopal Church, 3766 Clifton Ave.—513-861-4437, www.calvaryclifton.org
Church of Our Saviour (Episcopal), 65 E. Hollister—513-241-1870,
Clifton United Methodist Church, 3416 Clifton Ave.— 513-961-2998, www.cliftonumc.com
Commuity Friends Quaker Meeting, 3960 Winding Way—513-861-4353
Dignity of Cincinnati (GLBT Catholics)—513-557-2111,
First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati, 526 Linton St. at Reading Road—513-281-1564, www.firstuu.com
Garden Park Unity Church, 3581 West Galbraith Rd.—513-385-8889
The Gathering—513-502-7535, www.thegathering-church.com

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Page E12—GLBT News e.mailer February, 2010
From Page E11

Gay Interfaith Clergy Group—859-441-649, Grace Episcopal Church, 5501 Hamilton Ave.—513-541-
2415, www.gracecollegehill.org
Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church, 2710 Newtown Road—513-231-8634, www.huuc.net
Integrity of Cincinnati (GLBT Episcopalians)—513-648-0790, www.geocities.com/integritygc/
Jewish Family Service—513-469-1188, www.jfscinti.org
Keshet (GLBT Jewish Group)—513-791-1330
Madison Avenue Christian Church, 1530 Madison, Covington, KY 859-261-0226, www.mchurch.com
Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church,103 Taft Rd.—513-281-5945, www.mtauburnpresby.org
New Spirit Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), 4033 Hamilton Avenue—513-661-6464,
New Thought Unity Center, 1401 East McMillan—513-961-2527, www.ntunity.org
Northern Hills Fellowship (Unitarian Universalist), 460 Fleming Rd, —513-931-6651, www.uunhf.org
Northern Hills Synagogue, 5714 Fields Ertel Road—513-931-6038, www.nhs-cba.org JAC Bruce Lester
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Mission, 1959 Anderson Ferry Rd.—513-451-7952 Stringer Beisner Ballance
Rockdale Temple, 8501 Ridge Road—513-891-9900
Soulforce of the Tristate (Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana)—859-630-7789, www.soulforce.org
St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church, 320 Resor Avenue—513-961-1938, www.stjohnsuu.org
St. John United Church of Christ, 520 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue, KY. —859-261-2066, www.stjohnchurch.net
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 7 Court Place, Newport, KY 859-581-7610, www.pauls.church@fuse.net
St. Peters United Church of Christ, 6120 Ridge Avenue—513-631-8569
Temple Beth Adam, 10001 Loveland-Maderia Road—513-985-0400, www.bethadam.org
Trinity Episcopal Church, 16 East 4th Street in Covington, Kentucky—859-431-1786
Truth & Destiny Covenant Ministries, 4663 Kirby Road, 513-541-5052
Valley Temple, 145 Springfield Pike—513-761-3555
Wise Temple, 8929 Ridge Avenue in Amberly—513-793-2556, www.wisetemple.org
Beta Gamma Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity, www.dlp.org/betagamma Devin Adam Samuel
ChicOut—513-321-1025, www.chicout.com Rodgers Reilly Clemons
Cincinnati River Bears—513-470-0733, www.riverbears.com
Fightclub Ohio: Group for younger kinksters in Cincinnati/Dayton/NKY area, www.fightclubohio.org
Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court—859-581-2716, www.isqccbe.org
Men’s Group, Community Center—4119 Hamilton Ave.—513-591-0200, www.glbtcentercincinnati.com
MidStates Leather Association—513-281-7340, www.midstatesleather.com
Rivertown Wranglers Country Dancing—513-533-3872
Tristate Primetimers—513-956-4398, primetimersww.org/tristate
Women Out Front Social Group–www.womenoutfront.com
Cincinnati Frontrunners—513-621-6363, www.frontrunners.org
Cincinnati Alternative Volleyball League, www.cavaleague.com
Queers n’ Gears Bicycling Club, bikecincyq@hotmail.com
Cincinnati Pink Pistols, Cincinnati@pinkpistols.org
River City Softball League, Contact@myrivercitysoftball.net Rex VanAlstine Ronn Rucker Jeff Caywood
TriState Alternative Bowling League—513-281-0300,
KBrawner@fuse.net, www.BowlOnSundays..com
Spectrum Alliance at Miami University—513-529-3823, www.orgs.muohio.edu/spectrum
1809 GLBT Alumni of Miami University, www.1809lgbtalumni.org
University of Cincinnati Alliance (UC) (social group), www.outoncampus.org
GenderBloc at UC, www.genderbloc.org
Northern Kentucky University Common Ground—859-572-5218
University of Dayton Student Allies,www.studentallies.com
Wright State University Lambda Union—937-755-5565
Cincy Boyz FTM Support Group, cincyboyz@gmail.com
Matthew Michael
Crossport—513-919-4850, www.transgender.org/crossprt/ David
Stuckey Cotrell
Transsexual Support Group, cynthialeigh2@yahoo.com Weaver
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) of Cincinnati —859-468-5659,
National Gay/Lesbian Youth Hotline—800-347-8336
Your Forefront—513-322-1030, www.yfnow.org
Local High School Organizations
Cincinnati Country Day School—513-561-7298
Lakota East (still in formation)
Oak Hills High School Teens 4 Tolerance—513-922-2300
Princeton High School—513-552-8250
Saint Ursula Academy—513-961-3410 x22126
Saint Xavier High School Hands Across the Campus—513-761-7815 x410 Brian Josh Rev. Sharon
Kuennemeier Wagoner Dittmar