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FLDS Priesthood History for 3rd – 8th Grade Students

Taught by Warren Jeffs

Tape # 29 – March 6, 1996 (Tape # 28 is blank)

Subject: Celestial Laws vs. the Law of Moses
We are very blessed to live in a day when the fullness of the preparatory gospel is given us, for
we have every law, every power offered us - needed to become like God and qualified to redeem Zion.
It hasn't always been so. Not all the people of the earth have been given what seems to be natural to
you. You young people haven't seen the great persecutions against this priesthood. You have been
protected. Your parents or grandparents were persecuted, put in jail.
This priesthood has been driven and persecuted - even the prophet Joseph killed by the world. I
remind you what it was like during all those hundreds of years, from the time Moses left, until Jesus
came. They had what they called the "law of Moses", a lesser law. It was a curse upon them because
they were offered the celestial law and they rejected it. Jesus obeyed the Law of Moses by celebrating
the Passover, offering sacrifices and doing the things needed. He submitted to the key holder of the
Aaronic priesthood to get baptized. He fulfilled the Law of Moses and did away with it.
Jesus replaced the lesser law by restoring the higher law. The celestial law is contained into
those two great commandments. Notice how everything I describe here is involved in the two great
commandments: "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength" and "Love thy
neighbor as thyself." The Law of Moses was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." A man could
run to one of the six cities of refuge, if he killed someone, and be protected until he could try and prove
his innocence.
The Lord came and restored the heavenly law - the celestial law. Our prophet says, "Keep
sweet no matter what - it's a matter of life or death." Yes, it's a matter of your eternal life. None of
you have killed anybody. If you and I, who know the higher law, call each other "stupid" and call each
other names and tear each other down, we're in danger to be cast out of Heaven and not allowed into
the celestial kingdom. Loving God and loving one another is the celestial law, and you can't go where
God dwells unless you love one another.
The Lord said, "Behold, it is written by them of old time that thou shalt not commit adultery -
where the boys and girls get together. That is a law still, but what's the greater law? Where you must
live more strict - but I say unto you, “whosoever look upon a woman to lust after her, hath committed
adultery with her already in his heart." If a boy just wants a girl and thinks about her and desires her, he
has committed a great sin. If a girl thinks about a boy and wants him and dwells on those thoughts, she
has committed a great sin and the spirit of God leaves. Even if you haven't touched, you have still
committed the sin in your heart. That is why you must pray always. The Lord said, "I give you a
commandment that ye suffer none of these things - these kind of thoughts and desires - to enter into
your heart, for it is better that ye should deny yourselves these things than that ye should be cast into
hell." Do you see the greater law? To live the heavenly way, it requires a strictness, not justifying our
The Lord said, "If thy right eye offend thee - if you have something wrong in you - pluck it out
and cast it from thee, for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish and not that thy
whole body should be cast into hell." Even if it seems hard to get rid of that weakness or wrong, cast it
from you so that you won't sink down to evil.
In the Law of Moses, it said if a man felt like his wife wasn't faithful to him, all he had to do is
sign a paper and she was divorced - she was no longer his wife. It's called a bill of divorcement, where
he could just say, "go away." That's how the people lived for a long time, if they weren't doing right,
especially. Here's what the Lord said: "Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of
divorcement", but in the celestial law of plural marriage, there isn't divorce if the husband is faithful
and if the wife keeps her covenants. Verily, verily, I say unto you that whosoever puts away his wife
solely for the cause of fornication, or adultery, causeth her to commit adultery. Whosoever shall marry
who that is divorced, commiteth adultery." That's one thing He was correcting. The people thought they
could just put away their wife, but no - in celestial marriage, you cannot - the bond is forever. If both
stay true and faithful to the priesthood, nothing can separate them. There's no such thing as divorce if
the man is faithful. The woman can only have her blessings through that man she is sealed to.
Here's another thing the Savior corrected: In the Law of Moses it said, "It hath been written by
them of old time, thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shall perform unto the Lord thine oaths...' For that
thousand years while they lived the Law of Moses, they were told to swear in the name of the Lord -
use His name - to make their promises. They would say "I promise in the name of the Lord, this is so..."
and when they gave that kind of promise, it was supposed to be strong and bonding and true and had to
happen. We don't go around using the Lord's name, making our promises. We make our promises
through priesthood ordinances of baptism, laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, eating the
sacrament - the sacrament is amen, agreeing with the words that were said. We don't all stand up and
say (sarcasm) "I promise in the name of the Lord that I'm going to do this..." This is what He wants us
to do instead: "I say unto you, swear not at all – neither by heaven, for it is God’s throne – nor by the
earth, for it is his footstool…etc.” Here's what we should do: "Let your communication when you
speak, let it be 'Yea, yea and nay, nay, for whatsoever is more than these, cometh of evil." You don't
have to make all these promises and swear up and down that you're going to do good. Just say, "Yes, I
will." You don't have to promise that you haven't done wrong over and over, in anybody's name. Just
say, "No, I didn't." Let your communication be simple and not with swearing.
Next, the Law of Moses taught this: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." If somebody
hits you, the Law of Moses said you could hit them back. If they steal your things, the Law of Moses
said you can take theirs. If they kill one of your relatives, you can kill them. That was the lesser law,
and in our families today, some of us live the lesser law, not the celestial law. Here's the celestial law: "I
say unto you, resist not evil - that means don't fight back when somebody does evil to you - but
whosoever smites thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also... etc." Summarized, in the Law of
Moses, he said, "Hate the gentiles, stay away from them, they are filthy." He said that because the
Israelites kept wanting to follow the gentiles.
"Our neighbors" are the members of our own family. Here's the celestial law: "I say unto you,
love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you..." You are living the lesser
law if you only love those who are kind to you. "... Ye are therefore commanded to be perfect." Jesus
taught thousands of people (Sermon on the Mount) and taught them the celestial law, and replaced the
Law of Moses with the higher law.
2 (# 29)
If you truly repent, you will be visited with the fire of the Holy Ghost. "Yea, blessed are the
poor in spirit who come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." The Lord said those that come
unto Him do so by coming to His prophet and obeying Him.
"Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted." In other words, if you are persecuted
or have sorrow while you're obedient, you will be blessed. Not the disobedient - the obedient. "Blessed
are the meek - or humble - for they shall inherit the earth." Who are the humble? President Jeffs said
they are the perfectly obedient. "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they
shall be filled with the Holy Ghost. Blessed are the merciful - those that love one another - for they
shall obtain mercy... pure in heart... peacemakers... all that are persecuted for ye shall have great joy, etc
for so persecuted they, the prophets, which were before you ( read to verse 14, inspired version). By
keeping sweet, you will be humble - which is poor in spirit - and meek, perfectly obedient. You will be
tempted and tried and you will mourn, even in your challenges. He promises if you'll stay obedient,
you'll be comforted. Wanting the right, no matter what, is called faith - where you're determined to keep
What will be the reward? You will come into the presence of God, but know this: Any person
who tells Heavenly Father they're determined to do right - you will be persecuted. Even members of
your family might persecute you, make fun of you, call you names, "goody goody” you, accuse you
when you haven't done a wrong. You must take it peaceably. You must be persecuted in order to
pass the test and prove your faith. Blessed are those who are persecuted, and take their
persecutions the right way, returning good for evil. Young people, I call upon all of us - stop living
the lesser laws. You have the fullness of the gospel. You know in a plural family where celestial, plural
marriage is being lived - if you live the lesser law of fighting, hitting back, it just makes a hell, not a
heaven. It's no fun to live the lesser law when you're told to live the higher law.
There's a warning: When you're taught the higher law and will not live it - choosing to live
a lesser law - you will be cursed. The cursing will be to simply be shut out of Heaven and have to
live like the world and with the world.

March 7,1996
Subject: Life of the Savior (Stories)
To show you how we're taught more than any other people, notice when He started chapter six
of Matthew, He turned to His disciples. These teachings were spoken to the twelve. He taught approx.
five thousand people the 'Sermon on the Mount', but sometimes He would stop talking to the crowd and
just turn to the twelve. You and I have the privilege of learning what He taught the twelve. He told them
to be honest in living their religion. The apostate church was such that they would get power and great
glory from men if they would pray in front of everybody. When they gave gold to the poor, they would
make sure everybody was watching, just like in our day - when a business gives a million dollars to the
poor or sick, they send out an advertisement on TV: "look what we did." Those kind of people are
called hypocrites. They try to show they're good, but they're really not good.
The Savior said, "Do not do as the hypocrites - who pray only when people watch so everybody
thinks they're humble. When you do good, then advertise it, you're a hypocrite. The way you know you
are doing it for the right reason is, how you do it - giving freely, not being seen of men. Jesus could
3 (# 29)
read people's minds, whenever they did certain things. He was God in the flesh. He taught how to pray.
(Read the Lord's Prayer). You have to be honest - you really want His will. You actually ask that
His will be done, and the will of the priesthood over you. "Suffereth not to be led into temptation, but
deliver us from evil." Some bibles read "And lead us not into temptation." This is Joseph Smith's
translation. You pray night and day from deliverance, as Uncle Roy said.
I want to give you a great secret that President Jeffs has described. I notice that in some of your
prayers in school - President Jeffs said, "Don't use the word please. "Please bless us with this, please
bless us with that..." It's like convincing God against His will - it's just like saying, "Give it to me
anyway." You're begging that your will be done and not His. Next, is about fasting. When you fast,
it's a rejoicing prayer where you quietly fast and don't let people know you're hungry or
suffering. You always fast according to the permission and direction of your priesthood head. For
instance, an elder can't get a hold of the prophet; he should be led by the spirit of God to do so. In your
families, you can easily go to your fathers. You can fast and pray, asking your priesthood head to join
with you in that prayer. That's the proper way.
He told the disciples to not lay up treasures on earth and try to get rich with monies and land
and houses here - but to lay up treasures in Heaven. In other words, do good to others, sacrifice and
give your all to the priesthood, and you will have worlds given you in eternity. And then this strong
warning: You must have an eye single to His glory and not wear two yokes. Uncle Roy says, "Don't
ride two horses." Some people - they get on the priesthood horse when people are watching, then when
they go away from meeting or school, they get on the gentile horse - or of the world.
Light is Heavenly Father's spirit. The spirit of God will be in you - it will be a power in you, if
you do all things with an eye single to His glory, desiring to obey the priesthood over you. "You cannot
serve two masters - God and mammon, the devil. If we do our part and just obey, then the Lord will
give the increase. If you hold back and say, "Oh bless me, bless me, give me a blessing" and then you
do nothing, He won't come near you, and you won't get the blessing. You have to go and do your part,
and obey. Do you see this is real? There are really evil spirits that can get in you if you don't say your
prayers, if you don't obey. When you're wild and naughty, when you're discouraged and complaining,
there is an evil spirit around you and if you let them in, you don't know what you'll do. You must be
obedient and prayerful.
I want you to believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is trying to bring us to our Father
Michael, into the celestial kingdom. He has sent President Jeffs to teach us how to come unto Him.
Young people, I hope you will take mornings class seriously today - that warning of the prophet Alma -
to awake and take these stories personally. Remember, all the miracles happened only when there was
faith and confidence and knowing that it could be done. When you need a blessing - when you're sick,
when you're down, needing help - if you've been obedient, have faith and confidence where you know
the Lord can bless you, He will answer your prayer.
Teachers, I'd like a report sometime, on how they (students) are responding, absorbing the
lessons and passing tests. I'm anxious for everyone to treat this training with a seriousness. He will
bring you into His presence if you'll keep sweet and become like Him. Keeping sweet means saying
your prayers and obeying the priesthood over you. Have a good day, today. Let me hear a good report.
4 (# 29)