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ISBN: 978-15-076833-85

Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology

Date: 24.1.2015

Intelligent Transport System

Elevated bus system
S.Priya, Padma Janani.J
Dept. of Cvil Engineering.
Velammal Engineering College.
Chennai ,India

AbstractThe elevated bus is an innovative mode of transport which facilitates efficient , safe and economic method of transport.
Smart and sustainable street design. It takes into account the transit-oriented development, parking management, sustainable
transportation planning and various other factors. Basically, the 6.5 meter wide elevated bus is designed for sophisticated high
traffic routes.



At present , in India we have 3 major terrestrial transportation systems. They are private vehicles, bridges and metro rails.
They have advantages and disadvantages. For example, subway costs a lot and takes long time to build; private vehicles take
up road spaces and produces noises as well as pollution to the air. How do we develop environmental-friendly public
transportation? The elevated bus provides a solution.
The worldwide economic vitality, urbanization, globalization population explosion and technological innovations are driving
changes in the transportation industry. Today there are 476 urban areas with at least one million people. Over half the
population lives in these urban areas. The international trade and manufactured goods rose from 95 billion to 12 trillion
dollars in fifty years following 1955. As we continue to move people and things than ever before, demands on transportation
providers will increase. By 2020 there may be demand for 7 billion air passenger trips, but airports and airlines will only have
capacity for six billion. The need for progress is necessary. We should move to transportation that is more instrumental,
interconnected and intelligent. The elevated bus system when put into use, will provide end to end customer experience,
improve operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact.



ISBN: 978-15-076833-85
Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology

Date: 24.1.2015

The elevated bus combines the advantages of BRT, it is also a substitution for BRT and subway in the future. The majority
vehicle on the road is car, the shortest vehicle is also car. Normally our overpass is 4.5-5.5 m high. The highlight innovation
of this bus is that it runs above car and under overpass. Its biggest strength is saving road spaces, efficient and high in
capacity. There are two parts in building the straddling bus. One is remodeling the road; the other is building station



The bus can save up to 860 ton of fuel per year, reducing 2,640 ton of carbon emission. Two ways to remodel the road: we
can go with laying rails on both sides of car lane, which save 30% energy; or we can paint two white lines on both sides and
use auto-pilot technology in the bus, which will follow the lines and run stable.

Another strength of the elevated bus is its short construction life cycle is that it takes only 1 year to build 40 km. Whereas
building 40-km subway will take 3 years at best. Also the elevated bus will not need the large parking lot that normal buses
demand. It can park at its own stop without affecting the passage of cars. This is what the interior looks like: it has huge
skylight that will eliminate passengers sense of dampness.



There are also two ways in dealing with station platform. One is to load/unload through the sides; the other is using the
built-in ladder so that passengers can go up and to the overpass through the ceiling door. About the ultrasonic waves put
forth from the end of the bus, that is to keep those high cars or trucks away from entering the tunnel. Using laser ray to
scan, cars get too close to the passage will activate the alarm on the bus end. Inside the bus, there are turning lights that
indicate a the bus is intending to make a turn to warn the cars inside. Also radar scanning system is embedded on the walls
to warn cars from getting too close to the bus wheels.



ISBN: 978-15-076833-85
Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology


Date: 24.1.2015


Elevated bus is completely powered by municipal electricity and solar energy system. In terms of electricity, the setting is
called relay direct current electrification. The bus itself is electrical conductor, two rails built on top to allow the charging
post to run along with the bus, the next charging post will be on the rails before the earlier one leaves that is why we call it
relay charging. It is new invention, not available yet in other places.

The set here is super capacitor, a device that can charge, discharge and store electricity quickly. The power it stores during
the stop can support the bus till the next stop where another round of charging takes place, achieving zero toxic gas
throughout the process.





ISBN: 978-15-076833-85
Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology

Date: 24.1.2015

Nowadays many big cities have remodeled their traffic signaling system, to prioritize public buses, that is to say when a bus
reaches a crossing, red light on the other side of the fork will turn on automatically to give buses the right of way. Our
elevated bus can learn from this BRT method. The car can make the turn with the bus if that is the direction it wants to go
too; if not, the red light will be on to stop the cars beneath while the bus take the turn.

The bus is 6 m in width and 4-4.5 m high. How will people get off the bus if an accident happens to such a huge bus? Here
we introduce the most advanced escaping system in the world. In the case of fire or other emergencies, the escaping door
will open automatically as in aeroplanes. Planes are equipped with inflated ladder so people can slide down on it in
emergency. I put the escaping concept into the elevated bus. It is the fastest way to escape


. Now we'll have to see if it can be pulled off without too many cost overruns and technical problems. Elevated bus
provides economic, eco friendly, safe, versatile transportation system.




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