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S. Raja
Mobile : 0432562891
Email: vsrajah@hotmail.com
Personal & Professional Profile
 More than 17 years of experience in IT: 10 years of overseas experience in Banking / Finance industry
 Experienced in project management, application design, development, quality assurance, product
implementation, system administration, production support and data ware house.
 Excellent knowledge in banking/Finance sector as a software developer
 Experience on BANCS, Branch Automation system implementation and BANCS Link including data migration
 Experience in Data Migration from mainframe to RDBMS environment and New server migration
 Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing & motivating teams to achieve their objectives
 First class analytical, design and problem solving skills and Leading & dealing effectively with multicultural
Career Progression

March 2003 till date Amlak Finance, Dubai, UAE, System Executive - Software Development

Job Responsibilities:

 Current involved in Oracle Financial (GL and HR module) gap analysis and requirement gathering..
 Implementation of Finnone CAS and Collection system and interfacing the application with Bancs..
 Amlak International expansion, Bancs and bancslink implementation done in Cairo.
 Business Objects implementation and support. System integration and Enhancements with various systems.
 Upgrading the BANCS from version 6.3 to 9.3 (Islamic finance system) as per the Sharia committee.
 Finance1 (GL accounting system) support and enhancement.
 Design and developed the new MIS reporting system (Amlak Report System - ARS) for Amlak users.
 Business Objects (BO) implementation and customization.
 Escrow account setup and testing in system.
 Implementation of CRM (Accpac) system and MIS reports.
 Design and developed the system for Amlak Right Issue, this system contains the data loading from banks,
share allotment, refund and many MIS reports.
 Ijara Calculator - Islamic way of loan calculator, this calculator will provides repayment schedule for the various
type of products, like fixed/flexi/Murabaha with different lease terms.
 Product setup, parameter maintenance, CGL Qualifier changes, ED1 and ED2 maintenance in system.
 Automation of the repayment posting into BANCS using trickle feed.
 Enhancements of CIF module customization and implementation in BANCS system.
 Data ware house design and maintenance.
 Implementation, maintenance and production support of BancsLink system (front end of BANCS)
 Bancs Link development using HTML Architect and XML.
 Developed centralized system for cheque printing (for disbursement and payments).
 Data extract and statistical analysis reports for EMCREDIT, ENSEC and CEDAR.
 Gap analysis and implementation experience on core banking solution, LOS (case and collection) systems.
 Disaster Recovery system setup (DR Site) and testing.
 Region management of BancsLinks
 Central Bank (RB5) reporting on each quarter.
 Software version controls.

April 1999 to January 2003 Orient Information Technology, Dubai, UAE

Software Consultant – Client: National Bank of Dubai, Main Office
BA Enhancement:
 The Existing BA system will communicate with BANCS core system. Capbanc is replaced by BANCS (Financial
Network Service - FNS, Australia), with re-engineered version of the existing BA system with some additional
functionality, BAR system is successfully implemented on 15th June 2002
Branch Automation System (BAS)
 The Branch Automation System (BAS) solution will provide on-line branch functions which include teller
transactions, and teller support functions.
 The solution will be integrated with SignBank, a signature storage and retrieval system.
 The BAS solution will be interfaced with NBD's host systems, i.e. Capbanc, Cardman, ERS, and Fastwire.

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Curriculum Vitae
 Facility will be provided to process transactions within NBD defined security constraints when communication
with Capbanc system is not available, i.e. when the branch system is off-line.
 This includes the facility to tank transactions in the off-line mode, and to enter the same when the Capbanc
system becomes available.
 Exchange Rate System (ERS) updates the daily rates to BA central database, using SQL replication technology
will update all branch servers.
 The BAS is interfaced with NBD's existing host system, CAPBANC, via MessageBroker using TCP/IP network
 The instructions are converted into a particular message format as required by the MB interface and are sent to
the main host.
 It will also be interfaced with NBD's other existing systems i.e. CARDMAN and Fastwire using TCP/IP network.
 The other facilities to be provided by BAS include transaction journal maintenance and search, totals
maintenance, cash balancing, and override by authorized user.
 It allows Deposit/Withdrawals for cross branches. It provides multi currency deposit, withdrawals &
 It provides additional security approval for exceeding the teller limit. Approval can be made from local or remote
places (branches). It generates various reports like FTS report, Cash In/Out report currency wise, cumulative
report for Account holders, Summary report for Tellers and it covers all MIS reports.
 Stored procedures and functions are used for updating the transaction data to branch server and replicates in to
the central server. Successfully implemented on 13th May 2000.
Utility for Financial Transaction Summary Report
 It generates the report from central server for all the financial transaction performed during the day. This report
is used for reconciliation purpose with BANCS extract.
Data Maintenance System Apr’ 2002 to May 2002
 Enhanced version of the existing DMS application, few additional transaction are added with the existing
system, This application will be used by the Central Maintenance Team (CMT) to maintain some of the static
and reference data where re-engineered BA does not allow maintenance, system integrated with central
Database and will replicate to Branch database using SQL replication.
Data Migration System (DMS) Dec’ 1999 to Mar’ 2000
 This System converts the data from Capbanc to Branch Automation system, it transfers all the accounts and
other attributes.
 Branch Automation System requires some of the account attributes and other reference information, besides
the transaction details, to be available locally.
 System allows updating the attributes, which is not available in Capbanc System.
 Card account relationship also maintained by the system.
 Daily basis the new cards and accounts are loaded into the BA system, account attributes and reference
information are populated through the file transfers, where data are available in existing electronic systems. It
generates various reports for the bank and CMT.
Year 2000 testing for CardMan System Apr’ 1999 to Nov’ 1999
 CardMan Issuer, Online and Acquirer successfully tested and verified all the reports. Y2K test performed for the
Airport Pay Office System (APO).

March 1997 to March 1999 Concourse Information Technology International Ltd, Mumbai, India
System Analyst – Client: Birla Global Finance Limited
Project 1: Bill Discounting System (BDS)
 The system capturing all activities of Bill Discounting, Bill Broking, ICD Broking and Bill Rediscounting (inclusive
of rediscounting) aspects of the system viz., enquiry tracking, proposal evaluation, bill approval memo, bill
discounting voucher etc.
 Interface accounting system with the BDS to provide automatic generation of Accounting entries.
 Keeping track of receivable and outstanding bills and Comprehensive MIS reporting including consolidation
reports, to view and control the business position.
 Provide online query facility on status of client and transactions.
 Operations of same system at different branch consolation of branch data at head office.
 It generates the following reports : Letter of Credit Bills, Business Done for the period, Pay Due Details, Debit
Note Recoverable, Drawer/ Drawee Outstanding, Bills Outstanding, Bill Discounting Income, Brokerage Income/

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Curriculum Vitae
Project 2: Maintenance Management System, Client - Sabero Organics Limited., Mumbai
Duration: August 1997 to February 1998
 The system is being developed for maintenance of management.
 It gives complete solution for maintenance planning, maintenance history, work schedule and inventory control.
 The various modules are EDB (Equipment Database):
 To maintain and manipulate the equivalent hierarchical tree structure in the plant with their specifications
PM (Preventive maintenance).
 Scheduling the standards and non-standard jobs specified by the user for the specified equipment
according to the respective frequency (i.e weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually).
 Reporting the maintenance request given by the maintenance workers to the maintenance department and
scheduling them accordingly.
 BDM (Break down Maintenance) : Accepting the breakdown information provided by the user and using the
data in the EP module. EP (Equipment performance).
 Generating reports of various rolls and their grinding, also incorporates reports like weekly maintenance
schedule, monthly report, breakdown report, preventive maintenance, yearly history, spares management,
condition monitoring, stock maintenance, etc.

September 1993 to February 1997 United Phosphorous Limited, Mumbai, India, Programmer
 Share Accounting system one of the team members of the development and testing.
 Developed the statistical package for Jai Research foundation based on their R & D experiment data.
 Developed and implemented the library automation system.

June 1991 to August 1993 Senthil Software Solutions, Madras, India, Programmer
 Developed and implemented the Accounting and payroll system. It contains different modules for cash book,
daily transaction list, outstanding statement, dues, purchase details and balance sheet.
 Microprocessor Based Electronic Vault Locker (M.Sc Project), this system helps to lock the safe vault in
bank and it gives high security. This system developed in Assembly Language in Intel 8086.
 Computerization of Saving Accounts in Post Office (PGDCA project), this system keeps of track of all the
master entries of customer opening new account and transaction entries and updating of ledger from time to
time giving individual balance and overall bank balances for all branches. The system developed by DBASE III.
Educational Qualification
 Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Electronics from Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu, India – 1991
 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application in Computer Science from Bharathidasan University,
Tamil Nadu, India –1989.
 Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) from Madras University, Tamil Nadu, India – 1987.
Technical Skills
RDBMS : Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 7.0, Sybase
Front End : PowerBuilder 9.0, Developer/2000, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5/3.0
Language : Java, COBOL, C, C++, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Assembly 8086
OS : AIX UNIX, Windows NT / 98.
Web Scripting : JavaScript, HTML, XML, JavaBeans, HTML Architect and BTM Architect
Other Tools : SQL * Plus, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL V2.0, SQL Navigator, ERWIN, Impromtu Reporting tool
 PMP certificate course from Cambridge institute, Dubai in April 2007.
 Internal Auditing of Quality System (ISO 9002 : 1994) at Jai Research Foundation in May 1996, conducted by
Nathan & Nathan Consultancies from Bangalore, India.
 Introduction & Update to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) at Jai Research Foundation, conducted by
Dr.N.J.Dent, Country Consultancy, Milton Malsor, England in December 1995.
Personal Details
 Visa status: Permanent Resident
 Driving Licence: Holding a valid International driving licence

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Curriculum Vitae