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FAM | Curricular Vitae

Age : 40, Single
Mobile telephone : +6012-242 1897

Career Objective
After ten years of working, my immediate objective is to strive for the opportunity to gain
additional experience, challenge and exposure that would enable me to be amongst senior
management team of multinational company or to lead and manage a medium size business
organization belonging to a proprietor or partnership of entrepreneurs.

Educational Background
April 1993

Received an Outstanding Academic Award from Ministry of Education

Wilayah Persekutuan upon successful completion of secondary
education at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur with a Grade 1 in

Working Experience
Nov. 06 to Current

Worked as Senior Asset Management cum Commercial Leasing

Executive, Building & Facilities Services Division, Scorpio Assets,
Scorpio Tower, New York, USA.
The primary job responsibility was to manage the maintenance
operations team in performing preventive and corrective maintenance
and checklists on all M & E facilities, equipment and systems. Plan
and manage outsourcing services related to building maintenance
activities to ensure efficient delivery. Initiate, direct and monitor the
performance of sub-contractors. Build rapport and good partnership
with relevant government agencies and facility companies. Develop
and institute meaningful cost reduction programs and implement
budgetary control for building maintenance expenditures. Ensure
building services and store equipment are in good condition and
ensure offices as well as stores are in compliance to statuary
requirements. Perform all responsibilities with a focus on the wants
and needs of our residence and in accordance with Scorpio Assets
Management Quality Standards. Assisted the Property Manager in the
marketing and promotion of the Groups properties and maintaining
the entire property maintenance division with a team of twelve
supporting staffs. Double up as Commercial Leasing Executive which
entail identifying, conceptualize, review, evaluate and recommend the
appropriate Commercial Leasing Strategy to meet the long term
investment objectives. Manages the overall Commercial Leasing
Strategy and effectively monitor the performance of the commercial
property investment as well as tasked with responsibilities to develop
a strong professional working relationships with owners, tenants,
facility managers, other internal and external stakeholders and related

professional bodies and to ensure rental collection in timely and

professional manner; maintained up to date records of collection
activities and tenants' financial status. Issuance of reminder letters to
notify tenants on due payment and to prepare the monthly tenants'
performance report.

Mar. 01 Oct. 06

Worked as Executive Officer, Overseas Property Group, Australian

owned government agency of the Australian Government.
My overall responsibilities was to oversee the Group asset
management development, which involved major plant and equipment
refurbishment and replacement of the cooling towers, elevator
controls, sewerage eject pumps, batteries for emergency lighting. I also
undertook and provided specifications for the maintenance of the
Groups vehicle fleets, conduct feasibility studies on domestic as well
as international property development.

Aug. 97 Feb. 01

Worked as Asset Management Executive within the Property Division

of Insas Berhad, Menara Shahzan Prudential Tower, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, an investment holding and public listed company listed on
the Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.
My overall responsibility was to ensure the safekeeping of the
companys contract, land tittles and agreements as well as follow up
work on the renewal and termination. Report on the monthly progress
of the management company. Conduct feasibility studies on domestic
as well as international property development. Assist the Property
Manager in marketing and promotion of the companys properties.
Provide assistance to the Project Engineer in sourcing, compiling and
updating the computerized data file on domestic projects development
and requirement as well as preparing tender documents and
managing the property division with five supporting staff.

Jan. 95 Jul. 97

Worked as Senior Cabin Crew on board Singapore Airlines,

Singapore, Singapore National airline.
The job responsibility was to render in flight customer service onboard
wide bodied aircraft plying the various international routes and to
maintained the high level of expected customer services.

Computer Skills
Able to operate IBM compatible PC using software such as Symphony, Harvard Graphics, Lotus
123, Quattro-Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I am also familiar with electronic
mails via localized computer network.

Personal Interest
Enjoy various activities like swimming, bowling, reading and golf.

Personal Attributes And Other Value-Add Considerations

I am adaptable and a fast learner, effective communicator with ability to craft message
according to the needs of audience coupled with good understanding of business strategies and
how best to achieve them through sound corporate assurance practices. I posses strong
interpersonal skills and able to network effectively.

1. The Executive Chairman of Groupe Scorpio
To Puan Sri Datin Seri Jacqueline Helena Minjoot
#23 Jalan Sri Semantan
Damansara Heights
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6012-685 9679
2. The Managing Director of Scorpio Assets
Ms Sophie Larrieau
Level 36 Menara Maxis
Kuala LumpurCity Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6012-380 3367
3. The Operations Manager of Scorpio Assets
Cik Nina Zarina Hassan
Level 36 Menara Maxis
Kuala LumpurCity Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6012-368 5976

Other references are available upon request.

Phone :+6012-242 1897

E-mail :roystonfam@live.com